1994-12-21: First Kiss


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Scene Title First Kiss
Synopsis Harry and Ginny take a walk on the wild side. AKA the Lake.
Location Hogwarts Grounds, Lake
Date December 21, 1994
Watch For The lean-in!
Logger Ginny

After the Yule Ball let out, some students decided to drift off to other parts of the castle. Still others opted to go back to their dorms. And a few others decided to take advantage of the extended curfew by heading to the lake. Harry was one of those few. And as the nearly full moon shines brightly, reflecting off the water's surface, he comes upon the shoreline.

Ginny has encountered very few students on the way to the lake. It seems many had other plans, which was perfectly fine with Ginny. More privacy, if one didn't count the giant squid. Every so often, she sneaks shy smiles at Harry, but is also concentrating on not getting the skirt of her dress or her shoes wet.

Harry makes it a point to try and steer them clear of any puddles or big piles of dirt. During the walk, he caught the smiles, a few which caused his cheeks to pinken, even if not noticeable under the light of the moon. "I guess people wanted to stay inside." he comments, glancing around and noticing only one other couple that are slowly disappearing into the darkness around the side of the lake.

Ginny grins at Harry, and nods. "Seems that way." She glances up across the lake, eyeing the moon and its reflection upon the water. "It's a lovely evening, isn't it? The water is so still." She adjusts her gold jacket absently, smoothing the fabric.

Glancing out over the surface as it's mention, Harry nods his head, allowing the moonlight to pseudo-highlight his hair in it's silvery light. "It is. The squid must be sleeping." he says, darting his gaze over to Ginny with a smile on his face. "I had a good time tonight."

Ginny's smile turns shy, but doesn't vanish from her face. She nods, perhaps a tad more vigorously than strictly necessary. "I did, too. It was very nice. I'm.." Ginny pauses, glancing away from Harry to focus on something more safe, then briefly back again. "I'm glad you asked me."

Harry can't keep his cheeks from showing the redness this time. Not even in the light. In an act of nervousness he digs the toe of his shoe into the dirt as he grins. "I'm glad you said yes." he admits, trying to keep his smile from looking goofy. "I wasn't sure how you would react."

Ginny seems to catch the blushing from him, as her own cheeks begin to redden. Nevertheless, she manages not to stammer when she replies, "I'm surprised. I've never been entirely subtle about my feelings for you." Unbidden, her eyes widen. Had that actually come out of her mouth?!

Whoa. Harry can't believe that came out either. And if his cheeks weren't already red, they'd probably go a shade deeper. "I thought that…maybe..it was just that I was 'Harry Potter'." he starts, shifting and tugging at the long over-cloak that's part of his outfit.

Ginny fiddles absently with the cameo at her neck, twisting it this way and that. Her eyes focus on the shoreline as she mentally composes a reply. "Well.. it was that, at first," she admits. "But once I got to know you.. I found out that there was more to you than just being The Boy Who Lived." The capital letters are clear as she speaks.

"Sometimes I wish others would see that." Harry's reply is almost automatic, as his own gaze stares across the eerily still surface of the lake. "Which is funny because I've always been careful about showing my own feeling about anything or anyone, including you." His own 'thought to word' filter fails him and he realizes it soon as the last two words come out. He just wants to hide now.

Ginny scratches the tip of her nose with her finger, a nervous gesture. Her teeth bite down upon her lower lip as she thinks of what to answer. "Maybe it's harder to see that sort of thing when there's so much at stake." Feeling as if that were too vague, she clarifies, "If you really like someone, it's hard to believe they like you back. Even if there's supportive evidence."

Harry looks up, risking it as he brings his gaze to look at Ginny. "Maybe that's why I never noticed it." he says, letting the smile tug the corners of his lips. "It feels kinda weird though, knowing that you…have feelings for me. I mean, Ron's my best mate." He's not quite sure how that would even begin to play into things.
Ginny quirks an eyebrow upwards. "Are you saying you'd rather be with Ron?" It's a weak joke, but maybe it's enough to break the tension. She smiles hesitantly, running a finger over her wrist as the henna tattoo located there pulses. "I understand, though. It'll be difficult, but… we can try and make it work." Hastily she adds, "If you want."

There's a small snicker from Harry at the joke. He caught it, and yes, it broke the tension. "I don't think Ron wants me." he grins, shaking his head. "Between you and me, I think he's favoring Hermione." Or so he thinks. Watching her run over the tattoo, he looks up to see the smile. There's no denying the expression on his face that gives away his willingness to make it work. "I…..I'd like that. To make it work, that is."

Ginny grins and nods. "I think so, too. They bicker like they're already married. Not sure if either of them knows it, though." Drawing a random pattern in the sand with the ball of her foot, she glances up at Harry, unable to keep a goofy grin from her face. "Good. I.. good. Yes. Very good." She's nodding, and laughing a bit at her awkwardness.

"I know, right?" Harry grins, nodding his head as he starts to feel a bit more at ease. His grin even lightens up a bit more on his face and his cheeks lessen in coloring. Out on the lake, there's a small ripple as one of the tentacle from the squid barely breaks the surface. "I don't know which was scarier. Facing You Know Who, or asking you to the dance."

Ginny laughs as a blush returns to her cheeks. It seems to be easier to laugh now that the tension is broken, and it's a relief to laugh. Her eyebrows raise at the comparison. "I'm not that scary, am I? Little ol' me?" Yes, she's poking fun at him just a little. "I'm surprised Ron didn't tell you I'd say yes."

Harry chuckles and shakes his head. "No…no…that's not at all what I mea…" Trailing off, he realizes she was poking fun at him and smiles. There's just a small gleam in his eyes, thank you moonlight, as he glances from her, to the lake, and back to her. "Actually, he thought you would."

Ginny grins, reaching out to pat his shoulder as he begins to stammer. When Harry catches on, though, she just lets her hand hang in mid-air. She grins. "My brothers might be crazy, but they're occasionally accurate. Very occasionally. So occasionally, in fact, that that's pretty much his on-target statement for the entire year."

"I'll have to remember that for the next time he makes a prediction about something." Harry replies, watching as she pats him on the shoulder. The action shifts the cloak just a bit and he reaches up to adjust it. As he goes to lower his hand, it brushes her hand hanging in the air. And just sort of….stays there. Eyes lock on hands for a moment, before swiveling over to Ginny's face. Rendered momentarily speechless, all he can do is look at her.

Oh my. Ginny isn't quite sure what to do here. Brown eyes look heavenwards, as if asking for some sort of divine signal. Alas, there aren't any to be had. Holding her breath, she turns her wrist so her palm faces upward, and carefully - caaaaarefully - begins to lace her fingers through Harry's.

Harry's own eyes follow Ginny's as they glance upward. Bird, maybe? But as he feels her fingers start to mix with his, it draws his attention back down, as well as his gaze. Allowing the fingers to mix, his palm soon meets hers, as the expression on his face is a mix of different ones. AS if he doesn't exactly know how to react. Despite that, his fingers move to curl against her hand, and one foot makes a tiny step forward.

Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa. Ginny's eyes widen a bit as her gaze turns towards Harry. Her heart begins to beat more quickly, and her palms become ever so slightly damp. With a slight squeeze of his hand, Ginny also takes a step forward, nervously licking her lips.

Inside Harry's head, there's now a million and one thoughts running through his head. What are you doing? Ron's going to kill you. No girl wants a freak like you, cousin. Thank Dudley for that last one. All of them are ignored, as he follows what seems to be the proper course. His feet shuffle as he moves in closer towards Ginny, tilting his head just a bit as he does. As she licks her lips, he involuntarily does the same to his own. If anyone were to listen, his heart is practically pounding in his chest as his face inches closer.

Ginny feels like her heart is in her throat. She swallows hard, forcing her gaze upward to Harry's face. You can do it, Ginny. Just… do it! Emboldened by the mini pep talk, Ginny's free hand goes to the nape of Harry's neck, and she leans in closer to him. Her mouth is barely an inch away from his, and with equal parts boldness and terror, she closes the distance with a kiss.

Harry was just about to close the distance when Ginny does it for him. As their lips lock, his eyes go wide though only for a moment before they close. Feeling her hand on the back of his neck, his free hand moves to slide around her waist and onto the small of her back where he puts slight pressure as though to pull her closer.

Ginny smiles into the kiss, moving closer as she feels the pressure at her back. She squeezes his hand, and her own eyes close, lashes brushing against her cheekbones. Shivers start at her scalp and continue through her entire body, as she tries to mentally capture the perfect moment.

Letting out his breath slowly through his nose, Harry is totally lost in the moment. Letting his fingers unlace from hers, he lets that hand move towards Ginny's neck, likely brushing her cheek in the process. There's no perfect moment he's trying to capture. It's all just go with the flow.

As Harry releases her hand, she brings it up to wrap around his neck, linking with her other hand. Her mind stops working completely, and she goes purely by instinct now. Her head tilts a little more, and her entire body is focused on the parts where Harry is touching her.

When the one hand reaches her neck, Harry slides it up an through her red hair. Part of his wants to pull her closer. To keep going. But then there's the small voice that reminds him he's broken his promise to Ron of being a proper gentleman. Still, he allows himself to continue on for a moment longer before pulling back slightly to break the kiss. "I…uh…that…umm…" he stutters, looking for the right words, "…you are amazing."

Ginny pulls back from the kiss with a little sigh that's partly regret, but mostly just pure happiness. Aaand now she's grinning like a loon. She's grinning so hard her cheeks hurt. Acting purely on impulse, she takes his hand again, and just grins up at him. "You're not so bad yourself."

Harry's got a matching grin that's about three miles wide. Maybe longer. Lacing his fingers back with hers, he allows the tips to rub over her skin. "You realize I'm a dead man when we get back, right?" he asks, amusement evident in his voice. Even if Ron decks him, it was worth it.

"I'll protect you!" Ginny is giddy from the kiss, her cheeks flushed and her eyes bright. "Ron's got nothing on me." She puffs out her chest with false bravado. "Besides, it was totally worth it. Wow. No wonder the books fuss about kissing so much." Ginny is perhaps babbling a little, but dude! First kiss!

Snickering, Harry is about on cloud nine himself. "Yeah, but he's got a lot on me." he responds, swinging her hand lightly. "But yeah, totally worth it." he then adds, with such a cheesy grin you could make a sauce out of it. "Maybe we should head back up to the common room. I think it's getting close to the curfew anyhow."

Ginny grins. "And you think I don't have even more on him? We live together. Oh, the stories I could tell.." Also swinging the hand she held, she nods her red head. "Sounds good." She's so cheery that she actually waggles her fingers in a goodbye to the giant squid, before turning to walk back towards the school. And no, she doesn't let go of Harry's hand for even a moment.

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