1994-09-14: Firewhiskey And News


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Scene Title Firewhiskey And News
Synopsis Tonks and Lupin visit Sirius and get told about the Death Eater and muggles
Date Sept 14, 1994
Watch For The Albatross
Chronology N/A
Logger Snoopy

Mountain Caves outside of Hogsmeade

Pacing the cave, kicking up the scattered papers that litter the floor, Sirius shakes out his lengthy hair in agitation. Buckbeak is unconcerned with the pacing as he chomps on an unfortunate rat. Message sent to Dumbledore, the surviving muggles sent on their way with a slight memory charm adjustment. Now? All there really is to do is to sit around and wait, stewing in his own thoughts.

Tonks Apparated a safe distance away, in some shaded nook. A few detection spells have gone out, seeing if anyone's in the neighborhood, before she uses her own eyes to double check. Okay, looks safe. She clutches her satchel to her and begins making her way towards the cave mouth. She doesn't announce her presence, at least not vocally, but instead pulls her wand, waves it and casts a patronus to go barreling - literally - into the cave. She doesn't know the whole communication thing, but hopefully Sirius'll recognize an Albatross faceplanting into the ground in there.

It's about time that Remus Lupin went to visit his dear friend, Sirius. He, as yet, is still unaware of the happenstance with the Death Eater in the forest. As such, he's not as worried as he could be. He carries on his back a pack full of food and drink for Sirius and Buckbeak. Making his way through the hills, he counts the bumps he crosses over and the other caves he passes, to make sure he doesn't miss Sirius'. After a good, lengthy walk, he finally makes it to the cave that is occupied by his friend and the big bird. He appears behind Tonks and taps her shoulder. "Fancy seeing you here." He smiles before calling out into the cave. "Padfoot? It's Mooney and your dear cousin to visit." And thus starts walking slowly in.

Sirius goes for his wand at the flash of silver, but relaxes seeing the form going splat into the ground. "Come on up Tonks," he calls out, because who else could it be? Even her patronus is clumsy! "You too Remus," he adds, hearing the voice of his best friend. Buckbeak's given a pat on the neck before he exits the cave so that the pair can see exactly which one he's been calling home. "Did either of you see anything or anyone on your way here?," he asks in the manner of one who is teetering on the edge of paranoia.

Wand out, the tap of her shoulder earns Remus the wand's pointed tip aimed over her shoulder. "I'm not Moody, I don't have an eye that can see through the back of my head," Even with her head turned, though, it's obvious that Tonks is grinning. At the welcome from Sirius, she stashes her wand in her pocket and gives a 'shall we?' gesture of her head. Traipsing carefully, making sure not to trip and get a few extra bumps for her trouble, Tonks frowns slightly at the question. "NOt that I know of. Do you have the appropriate spells set up to detect intruders? I did a good deal of detection spells before I cast the patronus—didn't note anything out of the ordinary…" she glances to Remus to see how his answer fares.

Lupin raises an eyebrow at Tonks but doesn't move for his wand. He just smiles softly. "If only we could all be so lucky as Alastor." He say in kind, before moving on in with Tonks. "Any spells that we could cast to detect intruders would not work properly unless we walk around the area, casting them in important spots." He says firmly. He shakes his head at Sirius, though. "No. I don't believe anyone followed myself either." He places the backpack on the ground. "Brought you and Buckbeak some food, by the by." He motions to the pack. He steps towards Buckbeak and holds eye contact with him, bowing and waiting for the response.

Sirius waves his hand dismissively at Tonks. It's as if to say, OF COURSE, dur, he did set up detection spells. Maybe he didn't and he's annoyed that she reminded him to do such a thing. He's not terribly inclined towards retreating back into the cover of the cave. The sun feels like something he really needs right now. A glance is made towards the bag that Remus sets down, "Thanks. We've already been through the package that Harry sent from the castle."

The hippogriff blinks his eyes at Lupin, looking at the man as if sizing him up or just trying to make a decision. Finally, the beast inclines his head and bows in return.

Buckbeak's given a look, but she had to go through this when she first was allowed. Once he's done with Lupin, Tonks'll mimic the posture, and will hold it until she has the bird's leave to continue. Should that happen…
"'course, that begs the question," Tonks says, gripping the strap of the satchel, "Has Sirius black been a good boy the last week or so?" She eyes him carefully.

Lupin smiles softly, approaching Buckbeak to pet him lightly before going back to Sirius. "Yes, how have you been doing? Keeping yourself well hidden, obviously, or we surely would have heard of it. Any other news of worth?"

Buckbeak opens his beak and lets out a noise like a screech at Tonks. The hippogriff could just be messing with Tonks, or is annoyed at something. Regardless he bows in return. The petting from Remus is accepted.

"Nymphadora," Sirius says in a warning tone. If he were in a playful mood, he'd join in the teasing. "There was a Death Eater in the forest yesterday. Torturing some muggles and killed one. He was fully masked and cloaked, I drove him off before he killed the other two."

Dumb bird probably remembers the first flight together. Still, she looks to Sirius. "I don't know how to read minds." is tonks' response to Sirius' chastising of her about his activities. "Can you describe the muggles?" She'll see if she can get an investigation on it. "Do you know how they were killed?" It sounds almost like she's going to let Lupin deal with the whole 'you could've been caught'—at least for now. There's no questions about identity as Sirius made a point mention the cover. She does reach into her satchel, "So I guess you'll need this after all." The tell tale label of Old Odgen's flashes.

Screeching hippogriffs? That's never a good sign. Lupin turns back to look at Sirius. "Another Death Eater? They're becoming more and more active again. This just proves without a shadow of a doubt that something is happening. I wish there was more that could be told, however. I've not been able to get any information myself. The werewolves I have been grouping with are, like practically all werewolves, at the bottom of the chain."

Sirius sees no need to beat around the bush with this. "I attacked him, drove him off. Unfortunately before I got his identity. He killed one of the muggles by testing a potion on him." What he's not saying verbally, is how the scuffle made him feel alive. His eyes on the other hand, seem to be reflecting this emotion. "I used a memory charm on the two muggles and got them close to the nearest village. I let Dumbledore know as well." For Tonks, he then describes the three muggles, a man, woman and a child. At seeing the label of Firewhiskey, he grins in a manic fashion, "Not a mind reader? You did well enough bringing that, I could use a few drinks after narrowly getting a killing curse thrown my way." Like a greedy child, he holds out a hand for the bottle. While waiting to see if it's handed over, a grim sort of smile is given to Lupin. "Far too active old friend. Just take care with that lot you're trying to get information out of. They're being used as are any of Voldemort's followers. They just have special grievances and feel that he's their best hope."

"I was going to withhold it because you were out and about and could've been killed," Tonks frowns here, her expression carefully schooled to not show an over amount of information. "But then I realized I'd be down the only person in this family worth anything outside of Mum," Even if Sirius is completely nuts. The bottle is indeed handed over, and Sirius could probably tell there's still 'bottle weight' in a satchel that's meant to handle papers and portfolios. She does frown a bit in the handing over, for some reason potion catching her attention. "Potion…did you get a chance to look at it at all?" No she's not expecting an affirmative, but…
A concerned look is tossed over to Remus though. Who'd have thought that a chance run in in the Ministry's atrium (almost literally) would end up turning into rendezvous in caves giving hooch to escaped convicts and talking about werewolves, "That makes them eager to cling to anything that'll strike their fancy." She disapproves of this.

Lupin makes no mention of the alcohol. It's not that he disapproves, Sirius doesn't get to drink much out here no doubt, he just doesn't make comments of any kind. "Potions are the most difficult to discover when you don't have the potion that caused the trouble." He says quietly. He nods to both Sirius and Tonks. "I know better than anyone how they feel. They're dangerous, but not so dangerous that I cannot handle them. There are two who have not been werewolves for very long at all. They are but like mere cubs in the eyes of most werewolves. So I don't foresee many problems from them. The other two, though, have been werewolves for a long time, much like myself. I seem to have won over one of them, the leader, but the other could still present problems. But I know how they think. I can keep myself safe. I just have to show them as much anger, spite, and aggression as I can."

Sirius smirks just a little as he takes the bottle. No time is wasted in uncapping it. Taking a swallow, he winces at the burn. "Don't worry, I didn't let him know what he was dealing with other than a rather mean dog whose territory was invaded." Not that he caught on that Sechnall figured he wasn't an ordinary dog. "No, I didn't. As I found them, he was already pouring a measure down the throat of the first muggle. From all appearances, he was testing the potion on them and studying the results. Sounded surprised that it caused death. I should have bitten him harder." As if to wash the taste from his mouth, he takes another drink. He passes the bottle to Tonks, might as well make it a party of sorts. "I know Remus. It's just a dangerous game we're playing." So says the man who nearly got blasted to pieces just recently. "I did let Dumbledore know however, hopefully the body can at least give us some clue as to what potion was used."

Tonks remains, wisely, quiet about the whole dangerous line of work now that she's said her piece. OUt of all of them, hers is the easiest to be tossed back in her face. And what's worse, she has her /age/ working against her. A girl barely twenty-one, wrestling with dark wizards and creatures on a regular basis. Yeah, that'll give her ground to stand on bossing two men who are veterans of the First War. Wordlessly she takes the fire whiskey and takes a drink, before offering it over to Lupin. "There was a raid a few days ago, a Dark book was tossed into Knockturn Alley - it's pretty much lost now … Incidents might be related." She doesn't make the line between Sechnell and the fact she gave him the potion. A nod about Dumbledore, "Maybe he can make sure the Muggles are dealt with properly. the ministry probably won't. After all," She cops a mocking tone, "It's just /one/ Muggle death, and no proof or witnesses it was done by a Dark wizard."

Lupin takes the whiskey and downs a straight gulp. "Well, one way or another, something must be done." He says with a nod. "We'll not be able to link the Death Eater. It'll be too hard. Not seeing his face and all." What he's not saying just yet is his suspicions. He has ideas of who it could have been, but there's no way of knowing for sure."

"As if Fudge wants to acknowledge that things are turning south, might ruin his image. His adminstration doesn't care about a single muggle being killed," Sirius says in a rather sour tone. "First the Death Eaters are out in broad daylight in Diagon Alley, then one pretends to be me at the Cup. Now your raid, and the fellow in the forest. Just like old times." He turns to look at Lupin, and the bottle. Hey, drink, pass, drink, pass! "I did think about showing myself and fighting him properly," he says, almost sounding regretful about this decision to not do so.

"Wait until the timing's right," Tonks states, moving to settle down (away from Buckbeak) so she can drink and pass without the threat of toppling over. She does that sober enough as it is. She frowns here for a moment, not wanting to tell Sirius that he can't but… "It'd be best that you expose yourself when you're in a position to prove them you were innocent." Sucks not having proof.

Lupin passes the bottle off to Sirius. "Look, as much as I'd love to continue this, I need to get going once more. I wish I could have stayed longer." He sighs. "I'll keep you both posted."

Sirius starts to chuckle as Tonks speaks, but doesn't say why. He takes the bottle from Remus, another drink had, he passes on to Tonks. The chuckle fades as he looks disappointed, "I see. Take care of yourself Moony, and I'll let you know if I see anything else in the area." The disappointment rapidly turns into something like resentment.

And just like that, the three'll be two again. She finds it easier to keep Sirius occupied when she has /help/. And for what it's worth, Sirius does, sort of, listen to Lupin. "Please be careful, okay?" Werewolves - in general, not surprising - they're not to be trusted. Lupin may be one of them, but it's different, in her mind anyway. She glances back to Sirius, "I asked Mad-Eye to see if he remembers anything about the wizard we raided."

Lupin bows his head to both Sirius and Tonks and heads out.

"Good call, Moody has a good mind for remembering who and what he's fought." Although, sometimes things can run together. Sirius settles down on the floor across from Tonks once his old friend has left the cave. He's quiet for a few moments, then content to just chat and drink.

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