1994-10-31: Firecall Frenzy


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Scene Title Firecall Frenzy
Synopsis Immediately after the Feast, Siobhan rushes to try and make contact with her family.
Location Floo between Slytherin Dorm Room and the DMLE
Date Oct 31, 1994
Watch For Unfinished sentences and harried doubletalk
Logger the Bad Wolf herself

Furious at the situation, worried for her family and even angrier at herself for a situation that's bound to cause her no end of troubles in her House, Siobhan storms from the Hall and down into the dungeons. Having worn her school uniform for the special occasion seems to have been a fitting choice. As she moves around corners and down stairs, the black school robes billow out behind her. It lends an added ferocity to her already thunderous expression - she finally understands the logic behind Snape's billowing and storming. People get out of your way; fast.
Once inside her dormitory, she snags a pouch from her night table draw, drops to her knees and throws powder from said pouch into the fire. "Torchwood Offices!" she calls, sticking her head in. "Jack! Jack!" No answer. She tries again, but with no success. Pulling back out, she banks the fire, restarts it and tries again. "Torchwood Estate!" No response - her mother had a gala tonight, so that isn't too worrisome. "Department of Magical Law Enforcement - Auror Division!" And that's a mouthful. They should get a shorter address. Sticking her head into the green fire, she hopes that the third time's the charm. "Hullo?"

Lucky Sio, there happens to be a dumpy little witch passing by. She blinks and she glances down at the green head in the fire. "May I help you," she asks, her nasal voice not doing at all to make her sound less snotty. Sio might noticed that there's a /fury/ of activity in the Auror division.

Not in the mood to deal with snotty witches on top of everything else that's happened, Siobhan cannot summon her usual charm and cheer. "I need to speak with Auror Phoenix. Is he in?" Her gaze doesn't leave the older witch's, only the teeth worrying the inside of her mouth give away her true nervousness. This has not been a good night for anyone, it seems; at least if the chaos surrounding the dumpy witch is indicative of anything.

The witch eyes Sio from over her glasses. "We're very busy right now, is this of any importance?" Still she sighs, "I will ask." And she does. She just grabs the closest person and just asks them. From the looks of it, he's not in the office itself, but the person isn't sure where he is. The witch, in her nasal voice, repeats it. And then behind her, there's a clear, "Step off, Audrey."
Not the person she pulled over, but definitely walking into view is Tonks, who seemed to have been chatting, quite vigoruosly, with a tall, black man. He excudes calm while Tonks looks like she's a barely contained mess of jitters.

"Dammit!" Siobhan hisses under her breath. Just as she's about to pull out of the fire, however, she catches sight of just the person she can talk to - second best only to Ali, in fact. "Tonks!" she cries, relief and worry mingling in her voice. "Tonks, can you spare a second?" Brown eyes tainted a sickly color by the green of the flames dart around the office. It's plain to see that there's not much time to be spared.

Tonks shoos Audry away and the man next to her just gives her a look. "I won't do anything, promise," says the young Auror as she goes to the floo that's really only for communication and crouches down. Tonks frowns for a moment, then looks behind her at Kingsley, then back. Suspecting what this might be, she simply keeps things quiet, "S'up?"

"Normally, I'd love to open with a joke on your own department's lack of discretion." You know, considering the quips on her own secret keeping abilities. Siobhan smiles, but it lacks all of it's usual 'oomph' and sparkle. "But this time it worked to my advantage. It is true, isn't it?" After all, the patronus and voice were not ones she recognized. Best get the preliminaries out of the way first.

All Tonks gives is a curt nod. "Can't give specifics right now, though." Especially over something as insecure as Floo. And she knows Sio's a smart girl, and careful, so Tonks is pretty sure nothing out of the ordinairy won't be said here. She doesn't ask how she knows, but considering she was likely with the man who cast that patronus when he did, she already knows.

Her disembodied head in the flames gives a sharp nod - probably a funny thing to bear witness to, were the circumstances not so dire. "Understood." She darts her gaze beyond Tonks then, checking for lingering eavesdroppers before continuing. It's a mark, perhaps, of Tonks' multiple warnings that even with a clear coast, she still lowers her voice. "The whole school knows. The Patronus announced it just after the Tournament Champions were chosen." She frowns. "If you were trying to keep that thing a secret, that was a funny way to go about it."

"Not so much secret, I'd think," Tonks offers. The man behind her does not look abashed. "more like a warning," she finishes off quietly. Dumbledore'll know what to do in such a case, really. "How did that go," she says, rather out of the blue, and conversationally.

A derisive snort seems to be the best summation of Siobhan's feelings on 'how it went'. "Over most of their heads, thankfully." She can see the blessing of that now, but that doesn't ease the frustration. "Dumbledore offered a nice, calming sentence about Hogwarts remaining a 'sanctum of learning' or some such rot." Her irritation shows plainly now. "When I asked him about the world outside the school, he just said 'they would not be forgotten'." Heaving a sigh, Siobhan lets her eyes meet the young Auror's and for a fleeting moment, there's the naked fear of a child for her family. "The message sounded bad Tonks. Is…have you seen my brothers or my Da? Or Alistaire?" Blink, and the fear is gone from her eyes; smothered to a dark corner as any good snake would do.

The young auror is quiet for a moment, simply trying to figure out what to say, how to say it and how much it'll affect her right now. "I've not seen them. Then agian, I've kept to my own stomping grounds for the most part. I'll see if I can keep an eye out for any of them. Alistaire might be out on a mission, so I'll check." Again, she doesn't really address what Dumbledore says, because she has a good feeling things'll be 'interesting' from here on out. "Best advice I can give you, though, is keep your chin up."

That seems to amuse Siobhan - in some twisted way - because she chokes back a strangled sort of laugh. "Actually, I'd say the better advice right now is to keep my head down." She pulls back a moment to check something. "I left the feast early so I'd have time to myself, but I have the feeling that things are gonna be a little rougher in the snake pit for a while, yet… Especially - " but she cuts herself off. No need to worry Tonks with her own stupidity. "Listen, if you can, try and get on detail for the Tournament, yeah? It'd…be nice to see you again." And be able to discuss the things they just can't right now. "Silly cup went and yanked my name out of it, but don't tell anybody yet."

There's a surprsied look at the request, which just compounds when Sio says her name was chosen. She simply gives a curt nod, acknowledging her request. "I'll see if I can get some time to pop in the next time you guys have a Hogsmeade Weekend," She might also be able to peek in a bit, should she need to talk to Moody. Which she has a feeling might happen anyway. "Chin up, head down, all works the same in the end. If I see any of your boys, I'll send 'em your way."

Nodding again, Siobhan pulls out to check another noise, then hastily shoves her face back into the fire. "They're back now, I've gotta run. Damage control." Tonks will understand, right? "I'll see you soon!" Her head disappears and then pops back in again. "Tonks!" she hisses, in case the witch has turned to leave already. "Thank you." It's sincere; it's heartfelt and it's in almost the same, unguarded tone she uses with Jack. Almost. Then, her head is gone, the fire extinguished and Siobhan scrambling to pull the soot out of her hair before the dorm room door can open.

Tonks certainly can understand damage control. She stands up and sure enough she was about to leave until her name was called. All Sio gets is a beaming grin in exchange for her thanks, mainly because Tonks suspects she's in a hurry. And with that Sio's head's gone and the floo stands quiet. She glances to Kingsley, and then they carry on to wherever they were going previously. As if they didn't have enough on their hands with Voldemort's possible return…yeesh.

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