1994-10-11: Finite And Finite Incantatum


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Scene Title Finite and Finite Incantatum
Synopsis Charms class for years 4-7.
Location Charms Classroom
Date Oct 11, 1994
Watch For Wild bludgers!
Logger Flitwick

Through the window of the classroom one can tell it's obviously storming outside. That's the weather for you. Wait five minutes, it'll change. Or else someone might change it. Don't know. Inside the classroom, however, it's more cheery as candles light the room from a hovering chandelier above. Atop his usual stack of books, Flitwick stands ready for the students to arrive. On a stack of books next to him are two iron balls, resembling small cannon balls.

Ophelia makes her way into the classroom, and moves to take her usual seat. Her Head of House gets a fingerwaggle of greeting before she pulls out parchment and quill. The cannon balls are eyed.

Mei wanders into the class, smiling some and then ducking under one of the floating candles. "That one nearly gets me every time…" she mutters before moving to take her seat.

Looking unusually chipper - or at least as chipper as he's ever likely to get - Crane strides into the classroom, a half-smile tugging at his lips as he finds and takes a seat. He arches a brow at the cannon balls sitting on the professor's desk, but it hardly seems /that/ unusual. Besides, this is one of his favorite classes, and it's not likely a couple of cannon balls are going to deter him from enjoying it. The Slytherin sets his books, parchment, and quills on the wooden surface in front of him and turns in his seat to watch the other students arrive.

As the students start to filter in, Flitwick's face breaks into a wide smile. "Come in, everyone. Don't be shy." he says, waving his hands in a beckoning motion. "We've got a wonderful lesson today, one that I'm sure you all will find most entertaining and useful."

Mei blinks, cocking her head to one side as she considers the professor's balls. Shaking her head she sighs. "I think he shrunk some bludgers…"

Kevin grins at Flitwick as he enters and takes his seat. He does love lessons that are entertaining and useful. Or full of learning. He takes out standard class things: parchment, quill, and the book. Oooh, what chapter are -cannonballs- in?

Opening the door of the Charms, the hem of Zarina's robes brushes along the polished stone floor as the Slytherin girl walks in without a pause, heels clicking lightly on the stone floor. She releases a slow breath as she absently reaches up and brushes a lock a white hair from her face, climbing a few of the steps into one of the rows as she chooses a empty seat, shrugging a shoulder lightly to let the strap of her knapsack slide off her shoulder along her arm. Setting it on the floor, she pulls out the seat, lowering herself into the chair as she reaches for her back and pulls out a few rolls of parchment, her inkpot, and a fresh quill.

A late arrival, Stephen St. Claire strides into the classroom very Snape-like. That is to say with an overexaggerated wave of his cape and a scowl on his face. "Forgive me, Professor.", he says genially to Flitwick. "I was held back escorting some disobedient Gryffindors to Professor McGonagall.", he explains, going in and sitting next to Ophelia. "Ophelia.", he says, setting down his books and organizing his supplies.

Braeden passes through the doorway into Professor Flitwick's classroom with the duck of his head to avoid one of the floating candles within only to look about with an oddly curious glint in his eyes. A soft hum could be heard from the young man though he shrugs his shoulders afterward, drawing himself just a bit taller as he approaches one of the many seats in the room. "Charms. Favorite class." He comments to himself, seeming to be in a bit better of a mood than what he'd shown in the potions class and otherwise. The drop of his pack on the table would signify a dull *thump* sound before dropping himself into the seat he'd found.

Flitwick is smiled at, he's always so excitable and exuberant. When Stephen takes a seat next to her, Ophelia gives him a smiled greeting, as her fingers are too busy with the quill and parchment for note taking. She does have to chuckle a little bit at the Gryffindor thing. Ah well.

Flitwick darts his gaze to Mei and grins. "Not shrunk, Ms. Huang." he says, waggling a finger. "Those are indeed full size bludgers." As more enter and get seated, he starts the lesson. "Today, we will be discussing the Finite and Finite Incantatum charms. But first, who can tell me the difference between the two spells?" His eyes glance around for a volunteer.

Mei pulls out not parchment, but her trademark small pack and quill with pot. Opening it from back to front, odd how the girl writes, she makes a few notes before sitting back to see what comes next. Hopefully, someone will blow something up, turn a mouse pink, or manage to turn someone's (hopefully not hers) hair pink."

Zarina instantly shoots up her hand, without a glance around at any of the other students.

Since everyone else is still shuffling in, Crane has time to observe them all in turn as they enter. The boy leans far back in his desk, crossing one leg over the other and generally not making any effort to look especially attentive, although he does glance over at Flitwick occasionally. When Stephen seats himself it happens to be diagonally one chair to the right and behind him, so he leans over and whispers something to the other Slytherin before shooting his hand up in the air.

Ophelia's also raising her hand.

Bludgers. That would explain why Kevin didn't identify them at first. He stays off the quidditch pitch as a general rule, and particularly far from iron that wants to knock his brains in. Kevin's arm shoots up confidently at the question.

Braeden raises a hand into the air when the question is posed from Professor Flitwick, his gaze drifting across the smaller man with the press of his lips. Though, he didn't seem to be quite as…enthusiastic as a some of the other students. Otherwise, he remains as he is as he lounges back in his seat while picking out a sheet of parchment with his quills.

After a moment, Flitwick finds his volunteer. Nothing against Slytherin, but… "Yes, Ms. O'Mainnin?" he asks, picking the Ravenclaw girl. The others are noted, should she not get the answer right.

Mei takes a few notes, maybe two or three minor ones before looking curious at who ever it was that Flitwick called.

Lowering her arm, she answers. "Finite and Finite Incantatem both achieve the same result, that bein' an end to all spells. However, the difference between them is, Finite ceases all spells on a single target, while Finite Incatatem will cease all spells in an area." Ophelia makes sure to speak relatively slowly, trying not to let her accent get in the way of being understood properly.

Zarina lowers her chin slightly as she wraps her slender fingers around her quill, dipping the tip into her inkpot before posing above a fresh piece of parchment. She writes quickly, jotting down the definitions from memory before her bright sapphire eyes look back up at Professor Flitwick, eager for the next question or portion of lesson to write down.

Stephen looks over at Ophelia as she recites the answer to Flitwick. It was no surprise that Flitwick called on her, after all, Snape tended to favor his own students in the same manner. Besides, he thinks to himself, Zarina seems to be content to earn points for the House. Better opportunity for him to just take some notes. Others around could definitely notice that his usual arrogant or scowly impression softens a bit when looking in her direction. Interesting.

Frowning a little, Crane glances down from the rest of the students who still have their hands stretching ceiling-ward, and starts doodling something on his blank sheet of parchment. Something that looks rather like a cross-eyed raven with a leprechaun suit and top-hat on, complete with a four-leaf clover sticking out at a jaunty little angle.

Kevin sits back in his seat to look at his housemate as she answers. His parchment is still blank, though his quill sits ready in the inkpot. Why bother writing down what he already knew?

"Correct, Ms. O'Mainnin! Correct!" Flitwick grins, almost seeming to hop a bit. "Two points to Ravenclaw." he adds, turning his attention back to the class. With a wave of his wand, the two bludgers hover silently into the air and rotate around each other. "To start off, we're only going to use Finite. Each side of the room will have a bludger and I want you each to take turns stopping it. They are charmed so that once you stop it, a few seconds later it will resume." Apparently magic well above their levels.

Mei blinks and then ohs softly. Looking curiously first to the professor then the bludgers, Mei visibly gulps. Charms is not her best class, and she looks at somewhat nervous. Muttering softly under her breath so only one or two near her might hear "I hope I don't kill someone…"

Crane stares at the bludgers as they begin to circle threateningly. He's not certain as to whether the class is actually supposed to stand up or not, but he does scooch back in his chair a little, subconsciously, to move further away from the things. Not that he's that afraid of physical injury, but he's not exactly fond of the idea of getting a cracked skull, either.

Ophelia seems thankful she got the answer right, but there's no smugness about it. She simply nods her head in thanks to the teacher, before she regards what they're going to do. Her brows arch, wondering just how many busted noses, or other bones, the students'll be walking away with. "Interestin'," she mumbles under her breath, but she does glance next to her to see how Stephen's taking the news of possibly getting smacked with a bludger.

Flitwick waves his wand and the rotating bludgers separate and begin to made swopping trajectories down the wide isle between the two sides. Each makes sure to come close enough to a side to be cast upon, but nowhere near close enough to injure. "Whoever wants to go first….go ahead." He does keep a close eye to make sure the balls don't get out of control.

Mei blinks and then ahs softly. Closing her eyes the girl hangs her head some and then shakes it. Drawing out her wand she points at the bludger she's picked and with a slight flick states "Finite". Mei manages to completely miss the bludger in question, but does strike one on the opposite side of the target. Once hit the thing likely would drop to the floor with a rather sickening thud; but not before the girl casting the spell could slink back and hide. "I missed…" she even goes so far as to state.

Stephen isn't too worried about the Bludger hitting him in the skull, but Ophelia's looking over at him DOES cause him to color a bit and focus his mind on the task at hand. Didn't expect her to look around, obviously. He pulls out his wand and prepares to cast the charm against the Bludger if it does come after him, but he waits, not wanting to be the first to cast.

Braeden raises from his seat with the drop of his hand, his wand falling out of his sleeve as he looks at the bludger, "I'll go next professor." He offers before raising the wand in front of him. He actually seemed to be surprised Mei chose to go first this time around though he grins a bit at that. "Hm." He eyes the bludger itself for a moment as it flies towards him, seeming ready to dodge out of the way knowing fully well what those things could do from his Quidditch time before giving the wand a swish and a flick with the word, "Finite." The spell would smack into it dead on and cause it to stumble. It seemed -this- particular spell was one he had practiced, but when and where?

Ophelia removes her wand and stands up once a couple of students have already done so. She's not an overly eager one, as far as rushing into things. She waits until one is on it's way back before she flicks her wand with a stern, "Finite!" The spell hits it's mark, but it doesn't stop the bludger outright. Actually, it kind of looks like the bludger hit a speed bump instead, before carrying on like nobody's business. "Hm."

For now, Crane lets the other students attempt the spell, although he does rise from his seat slowly. However, rather than walking forward to test out his prowess on the bludgers, he takes a step back and folds his arms over his chest. His head tilts to one side a bit, and he glances at Mei, Braeden, and Ophelia in turn as each of them casts the charm on their respective targets.

Watching the ones who start practicing, Flitwick nods his approval. While the bludgers aren't stopped, they do show some reaction. "When you cast Finite, concentration is key. If you aren't focused, you won't do anything more than slow the effect down. Like such. Finite!" he says sternly, pointing his wand at one of the bludgers. It immediately stops, and drops to the floor, a few seconds later it spins and starts flying again.

Arching a brow lightly at the Professor's instructions, Zarina purses her full lips slightly in thought as she sets down her quill to pick up her want. Looking back to the hovering bludger for a moment, her eyes narrow at it slightly, her robed arm raising as her wrist sharply flicks the tip of her wand at the hovering bludger, "Finite!" she commands sharply, percisely, sending the white electric spell to slam into the bludger. It pauses its slow spinning for a moment, falling to thickly bounce on the stone floor and briefly roll to a stop, waiting for half a minute before it rises to hover in its slow spinning motion once more. Despite the sucessful spell, Zarina narrows her eyes at the ball firmly.

Mei hmms, opting to take a second turn. Pointing at a good target she ohs and then tries to focus. Aiming good and long the girl states the spell and then smiles. The bludger stops in the air and then suddenly makes a beeline for her head. Ducking in time the thing strikes the back of the seat before pelting straight up. Turning her head to follow it up, Mei manages to catch a bit of something heavy and hard right across the face, drawing a pretty bloody nose but nothing much else. Gleeping she sighs and pinches, turning to the professor. "Kab I cab ib a dab ab heb to tha nurbe?" She manages to grumble out through a rather messy bleed.

"FiiiiIIInite!" Kevin yells. He does not cast well under pressure. Or under fire. The bludger gradually decelerates like it ran in to unexpected air resistance, but keeps coming for him. Inches away from his face, it finally grinds to a halt and drops to the floor. Kevin's cringing look of fear relaxes. "Ha. Well. Take that."

"Oh!" Flitwick exclaims, as the bludger intercepts Mei's nose. This was not at all what he had planned. They weren't supposed to stray /towards/ students. Mental note to self, no bludgers next time. Too unpredictable. "Finite Incantatum!" he shouts, waving his wand and causing both bludgers to stop dead in their tracks. Another wave, and the balls are hovered back to in front of him. "Yes yes, Ms. Huang, hurry right away." he states, watching the girl exit the classroom.

Ouch, poor Mei. Ophelia makes a wincing face, and mumbles, "Glad t'wasn't my nose, I don't need it any bigger." While not /big/ it's definitely not in the realm of small, pert and cute. But right before she tries to get the spell to work, as she thinks she's got it this time—Flitwick cancells everything. Oh, bugger.

The Fifth-Year Slytherin is actually starting to look mildly enthused by this whole process once people start taking iron objects to the cranium (as long as it's not him!), but just as he's about to cast his own spell, Flitwick re-summons the bludgers to the front of the room. That leaves Crane standing in place with his wand-arm extended uselessly; eventually he lowers it to his side and awaits further instruction with a slight sigh.

"I'm sorry for all that, everyone." Flitwick starts, shaking his head at what happened. "We'll give it one more shot for those that didn't get a try, and then I'll tell you what to do for homework." As he says that, he waves the two bludgers back into the air, ensuring that this time they only track between the two rows and not at students.

Well, considering he's one of the only students who hasn't taken his turn, Crane raises his wand once more, watching as the two bludgers begin to zip up and down between the aisles. He glances around once to check his position, and then, as the bludger nearest him begins to come his way, takes a step back as he readies himself to cast the spell. Unfortunately, there's a chair leg just behind him, so he stumbles, nearly falls over, and ends up half in the aisle itself - with a bludger coming right at his face. Without thinking, he flicks his wand wildly to one side. "Flipendo!" Which will get the thing out of /his/ way, at least. Unfortunately, the bludger, as if struck by an invisible bat, immediately changes paths and flies headlong at Stephen. Oops.

Stephen's attention is distracted at the moment with taking notes on the difference between Finite and Finite Incantatem, and he only looks up when he hears Crane call out a charm. "Flipendo… that's not i… !!!", he begins, frantically grabbing his wand and pointing it at the oncoming Bludger. "Fin-Oh!!"

He's realized that the Bludger is coming too quickly and dives off to the left, probably causing a bit of embarrassment as Happy Fun Ball zooms right through where his face would have been and causing his inkwell to spill all over his notes for the class. It is not without a VENOMOUS glare that he gets back up, brushing off his robes and sitting back down once one of the others cast the spell to stop it.

She's not really watching the balls now. She had her chanceit's not until she hears that botched spell from behind her that she glances up. HEY! She's sitting close by! She's already scooting away and rounding her wand on the bludger. "Finite!" is cast right at it, her tone firm and this time, precise. She's hoping to slow it downbut it does look like she manages to get it completely stopped in it's tracks. It falls ot the gruond, and with a bit of a push of her foot after she gets up and walks to it, she hopes it gets to the middle of the classroom before the charm that's got it zooming about will kick back up again.

She's turned to STephen without making sure. "Y'need any help with that?" She notes the inkwell—she's already pointing her wand at the ink and casting a Tergeo on the spilt ink.

Kevin was pleased when the game got a whole lot safer. With the bludgers tracking between the rows like that, it's kind of like the shotgun game from carnivals and stuff. He was never very good at those. Of course, leave it to a Slytherin to completely disrail the class. Kevin sighs, loud and obnoxiously, so Crane knows he does not approve of the other boy disrupting his learning.

Whoa. It's like Bludgers Gone Wild in here! Flitwick watches the chaos with interest, and even smiles at Ophelia's success. "Well done, Ms. O'Mainnin! Well done!" he exclaims, waving his wand and calling the bludgers back to him. "Well done everyone. I think that's where we will end it for today. For homework, I want you all to practice cancelling spells of your housemates. We'll try again next week to see how well you do then! Class dismissed!"

Standing up, Crane dusts the front of his robes off casually and clears his throat. "Sorry about that, St. Claire," He says (not very convincingly). A slight smirk crawls over his lips, and he glances at Kevin momentarily. Whatever thoughts he has about that dramatic little production, he keeps to himself, focusing instead on gathering up his things and slinging his bookbag over his shoulder. Since Flitwick is already announcing that the class is over, he takes the opportunity to stalk back out of the room, whistling a merry little tune to himself as he goes. Life is grand.

Braeden raises a brow at the happening between the two Slytherin…..yet again in a class. The slow quirk of his lips could be seen for that though he doesn't go any further beyond it. "If they keep that up much longer, they'll end up losing points for their own house." With that, he rises from his seat and draws away with the sling of his pack over his shoulder and the work materials dropped into it. A smile is offered to Flitwick, though his attention drifts away as he watches the departing students.

Zarina frowns between Crane and Stephen as they almost yet again end up bickering, shaking her snow white head as she releases a sigh at her Housemates. Her eyes glance up to the Professor as he gives the class homeowrk, then dismisses them. She purses her lips just slightly, her gaze narrowing for a brief moment before she bends down and scoops up her knapsack to drop onto her table. Stopping her inkpot, cleaning her quill, rolling up her notes, she packs everything in her knapsack, her sapphire eyes glancing briefly over her shoulder as she pauses for just a moment.

Stephen makes sure there isn't any dust or whatnot from the floor on his robes, clenching his teeth when Crane rubs it in with his farewell gesture. He looks at the parchment, where Ophelia's spell to clean it off has probably taken the fresh ink used in scribbling notes as well. "Lovely, just lovely.", he mutters, gathering up his things and standing up. "I'm fine, Ophelia.", he says, taking one last glance at Crane before the fellow 5th Year exits out of the classroom. "That Gavin is just… infuriating. Not surprising he ended up in our House. You'd think he'd at least have the damned decency not to work over his own Housemate."

Yes. Pot, Kettle, both black. Nonetheless, he continues off on another subject. "Thank you for keeping me away from the nurse, I suppose.", he says. "Studying?"

WEll, she hadn't expected that to happen. "You can borrow my notes," Ophelia offers. considering she'd known the answer, she really doesn't need them. She glances back as Crane makes his exit and she works on packing her things. "Yes, well…" She trails off, not knowing how to go about it. Oh well. At the questiona bout studying she nods. "A bit, but I've a few things t'do before then." You know, Shower, eat, girly stuff…She did get her issue of Witch Weekly this morning that she's yet to crack into. She steps around her desk, and poises herself for an exit, "I'll be seein' you, then, Stephen. Try not t'get too carried away in the payback," she says with an amused smirk. With this, sh e'll make her exit.

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