1995-05-17: Fighting and Dozing


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Scene Title Fighting and Dozing
Synopsis One's recruiting, one's just trying to keep going.
Location Great Hall
Date May 17, 1995
Watch For The fast healer
Logger Egbert

Egbert walks into the Great Hall just as Neville is leaving it; still favoring one leg a bit, he dodges awkwardly to one side and loses hold of the textbook he's carrying. "Immobulus!" he calls out, pointing his wand at the book as it starts to fall - he's closer to getting it right this time, as the back cover freezes in mid-air while the rest of it swings freely below.

Melissa claps, and stands as she sees Egbert pull off the move. "Good job," she calls, moving towards him. "I found a few people who were willing to help with defense practice," she says with a smile.

"Thanks," replies Egbert, tugging at the book until it unsticks again. "Oh, who was it? I saw you talking with that other girl but I didn't see which one she was."

"Selina from Ravenclaw, and I also got Neville… he's from Gryffindor," Melissa says. "He's supposed to be pretty good at defense, so it should be good… it's always best to get someone who knows more than you, I'd say."

Egbert nods. "Oh, I know him," he says, setting the book down. Not that well, though, or he'd be a lot more impressed: how many can say they got the better of a Death Eater? "And yeah, I can see that, but you also want to make sure you can keep up with them— the best teachers are the ones who're good at that."

Melissa nods affirmatively. "Oh, I think they can do that," she says. "We should have pretty good teachers…"

Settling into a chair, Egbert glances toward the entrance again. "Hope so." And back to Melissa. "What about you, your arm feel all right?"

Melissa nods, swinging her arm around. "It's fine now," she says. "It doesn't hurt at all!"

"Yeah, I guess there's some kind of… instinct?" He's technically sitting at his own table, but turned enough to see what Melissa's doing. "Magic in the background, keeping us from getting hurt too badly."

"I was still pretty sore last night, but this morning, not so much as a stiff neck."

Melissa ponders this. "Well, that's one possibility… but Madam Pomfrey did end up helping a bit," she says. "And it wasn't too serious in the first place…"

Egbert shakes his head. "Maybe not, but— I didn't like seeing you hurt. Got to be more careful is all… Sorry I didn't get to talk to you this morning, I did sleep a little long and almost missed History of Magic." Suddenly, he laughs a little. "Maybe my body thought I was already in the class?"

Melissa laughs. "Yeah, maybe…" she says. "That class does make everyone sleepy, doesn't it?"

"No kidding," muses Egbert, as he reaches for a glass of breadfruit juice. (Everyone needs a break from pumpkin occasionally…) "Must be some reason they keep him on, maybe a challenge to see who sticks with it?"

Melissa thinks. "Maybe they've tried to fire him but he was so used to doing it that he came in anyway so they decided it was no use," she says. "But, maybe it's something different…"

Egbert shrugs. "Or maybe there just isn't anyone else pushing for the job," he offers, peering into his glass. "So where're you headed from here? Heard some third-years talking about Quidditch again, but I think it'll be too dark by the time they get out there."

Melissa thinks. "I'd say so," she says. "I'll probably just head back to the common room, and maybe try to get in a little more work… not much left to do though."

Egbert drums his fingers on top of the book near his elbow. "Yeah, they're really getting close, huh? All right, see you in the morning, I guess." A faint grin as he rises: at least that's one thing to look forward to.

Melissa gives Egbert a wave and a bright smile as she gets up and walks off. "Bye, and good luck with whatever you're doing!"

Immediately follows Light as a Feather.

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