Feature characters and Extra characters are define mainly as characters from the books. Such as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ernie Macmillian,
Susan Bones, etc.

The application process for a feature character is very much like the process for a regular original character, but with a couple twist.

To apply for a feature character on Into The Fire, the steps are:

1) Review +fc/list open to see if the character you want to play is open. There is also +ec/list open, containing less prominent characters.
2) Obtain the feature application from - http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dc8hkn7g_525tfz6dgq&hl=en or here.
3) Fill out the application and email it to - moc.liamg|ftiph.ffats#moc.liamg|ftiph.ffats
4) If the application is approved, you will be given the login for the FC so that you can then run them through Chargen to set them up.

There are a couple of IMPORTANT NOTES!!!

A.) FC's should avoid linking their family history into an OC's family unless you can provide a very very VERY plausible reason as to how it happened.

B.) FC's should try to maintain a decent amount of online time. There is a Minimum Activity Requirement of ONE (1) logged scene every two weeks. If staff deems necessary, they will contact you via @mail to see if something can be worked out.

C.) Depending on the application, staff may ask for a 'trial scene'. This is a scene that is performed with two staff members in attendance, with one or both of the staffers emitting other characters for the scene. It is designed to help us see if you have a grasp on the character. Especially as we realize there are some people out there who are great at RP, but suck at background writing and vice versa.

D.) All FC's agree that if they are required for a scene and no other time or scheduling can be worked out, that staff is able to emit the FC as needed or required. The FC will have access to the logs to read what was done.

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