Feature Application

Harry Potter: Into The Fire
Feature Application

Below is the application required to be filled out by all feature character applicants. Each section is MANDATORY. Once you have filled out the application, you can email it to ten.skrowtenratsdnoces|sppa-ph#ten.skrowtenratsdnoces|sppa-ph. Please ensure the subject line is - Feature Application for <character> - so that staff may easily sort these messages.

1) What is your RL name and email address? (This is so staff knows what to call you and how to contact you. This will not be given out publically)

2) Please provide us with a rough estimate of your availability to play the character you are applying for.

3) How are you currently connected to the internet? Broadband? Dial-up? Tin cans connected by string?

4) Please gives us a background on your experiences in MU*'ing. Feel free to share your RP experience on other games. What character types you've played. If you've ever staffed before. Anything that will help give staff an idea as to your writing and gaming experience.

5) Please tell us which of the Harry Potter books in the series you have read, as well as which movies you have seen. Do you have any favorite characters? Any you despise?

6) Name the character you are applying for and what their title is on the game. (Ex. Harry Potter, Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, Seeker, The Boy Who Lived). Are they an FC or Extra?

7) Provide a description of the character, similar to what would be used for your @desc. If they are an animagus, please include a description of their animal form as well.

And now comes the gooey details….

8) Provide us with at least /five/ personality traits that your character would have. They can be written in paragraph format. Among these traits, there should be at least one that hits upon why they were sorted into the House they were at Hogwarts. These traits can be good or bad. Feature characters should be able to easily come up with at least /seven/ traits.

9) The background. The meat and potatoes. The staple of the application. A well written background should include all the high points of your characters life. If this is a FEATURE character, you should touch on all the major points in canon, as well. For characters who aren't well defined in canon, you may extrapolate and fill in the blanks not provided by JKR, but be sure to let us know what those are. If your character is a teacher, then you should include information that fosters how they came to be a teacher at the school. Regardless, all applicants should ensure that the background matches the personality traits and skills (later section). IMPORTANT NOTE!!! The background should be YOUR INTERPRETATION of the character's background. Backgrounds found to be copied from other sources will be IMMEDIATELY REJECTED.

10) Define the skills and talents of your character. What are their favorite things to do when they're not working or studying. Again, please use paragraph format.

11) Please list out others who are important in the life of your character. Everyone has them, even Snape though he won't admit to it. These would be people of different types as well. Friends. Enemies. Living. Dead. Pets. Also include a short paragraph as to why they are important to you and how your character views them.

12) Every person wishes they could look into the Mirror of Erised. Here's your chance. If your character looked in the mirror, what would they see and why?

13) As your character ages on the game, you should start looking towards your future. What do you see your character doing in the next 5 years? 10 years? And are there any plots you might be interested in playing to achieve those goals?

14) What is it about the character that appeals to you and makes you want to play them?

15) Is there anything else we should know about you or your grasp of the character?

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