1995-01-25: Favorable Potion


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Scene Title Favorable Potion
Synopsis Jack asks an old schoolmate for a favor.
Location Snape's office, Hogwarts
Date Jan 25, 1995
Watch For Snape ordering Jack around.
Logger Jack

Lurk! Glare! Brood! Snape does all these things and more in his office when it is out of hours and the students are not bouncing about waiting to be taught things they will doubtlessly forget as soon as they leave the class. He is hunched over his desk, quill moving this way and that as he marks homework assignments. Almost universally poor grades, here.

Jack is not a student, luckily. He reaches Snape's office and raps at the door swiftly. Two knocks. Rap-Rap. As he waits for a response, memories of his own time in these halls return, and he grins widely, glad for the few moments of joy in an otherwise tough time.

The door opens without Snape reaching or actually doing anything to make that happen - charmed to open if he tells it to, maybe? Who knows. He steeples his fingers before him on the desk and looks up as Jack arrives, face not betraying any semblance of feeling or personal thought, "Yes?"

Jack clears the grin from his face, his old schoolmate reminding him of his errand. "Severus." He nods his greeting and moves into the office and out of the path of the door in case the other man wants to shut it behind them. "I have a request for you, or at least…" He purses his lips, quelling his nerves. "I …" He pauses, considering his words. "I am willing to offer you a favor for the help, or for the name of someone else who can."

"This must be a desperate situation," Snape points out without lowering his gaze or changing his outward expression, "If you're coming here. Surely you have many friends who would aid you more readily than I." All the same, the fact that he isn't going back to work suggests that Jack ought to speak up now.

"It is." That really goes without saying. "And, really, you are the person closest to me who could help. I think." Jack finds a corner of the wall to lean against and crosses his arms, disguising his discomfort by affecting a relaxed pose. "I don't know if you've been following the news at all." He frowns. "Black's lawyer…" He winces as he brings the animagus up, knowing Severus' dislike. "Miss Maplewood. Holly." There's something to the way he says her name that might indicate their relationship. Maybe. "Umbridge locked Lupin and her in a cage together this last full moon, and refused him his potion." Nuff said. "I would like to find someone to make it reliably for her." He chews on his lip as he considers the next part. "I would pay for labor and ingredients as well as one favor you could claim when you needed it. Anything within reason." He isn't sure exactly how to qualify that. "Anything I can do legally or morally." That might be enough of a qualification.

"Legally or morally," Snape begins, sounding as though he may be on the verge of scoffing, "Those exceptions might limit my options. After all, you could decline almost any favour on the grounds that it would not be moral for you to do so. And why doesn't the Ministry clean up after itself? Umbridge was their own foolish, squat exercise in failure and would it not be their moral duty to make this right?"

With a sigh, Jack shakes his head. "She's not …" He isn't sure how much news has made it here yet. "Umbridge isn't minister anymore. Phoenix" — another name from their past — "arrested her for that. Scrimgeour replaced her." He shifts a little and then straightens, the cold dungeon walls making it difficult to keep the pose for long. "Alright, just legally, then." There's no wiggle room there, for the most part. "As for the potion, honestly, you're the best potioneer I know, and I don't really trust the Ministry …" He gives a wry smile. "Especially with such a difficult potion." It's truth, though it may sound like flattery.

"Let me guess," Snape asks, taking recent experience and deciding to simply run with it, "Wolfsbane Potion."

Jack mods. "Yes. She's a newly…" He gives his half-smile, and continues. "She's just been bitten, and I want to make sure she's safe." Didn't he just say as much?" Maybe not as clearly as all that, though. "Would you?" He lifts his brows hopefully.

"Who is it?" Snape asks, raising his eyebrows and giving him a grave look - almost as though he is suggesting that his cooperation may depend entirely on who he would be helping. No generous, benevolent soul is Severus Snape.

He just said that, too. "Holly Maplewood. My …" He isn't sure what to call her. 'Girlfriend' sounds wrong, and 'lover' doesn't apply. "She is dear to me." That's the easy way to explain it. "She is just getting used to the change and she's really worried about being a danger. If she got some less…" He frowns. "Something made by someone less skilled, she would have more to worry about."

"If she is convinced she will be dangerous," Snape points out in a matter-of-fact tone, "Then no amount of happy thoughts and fuzzy feelings will do anything to keep her from that. The muggles call it 'psychiatry' … but it is simple common sense."

Jack runs a hand through his hair. "Whether or not I am successful in encouraging her to live more normally is moot." His voice turns sharp. It carries no malice, but merely the steel of determination. "She'll need the potion anyway." She's already agreed to drink it. "Whether she's completely alone or living among witches and wizards, she'll need it." He sighs again, trying to make his point. "And I want to make sure it's made correctly."

"You will pay for the ingredients and provide them," Snape says flatly, standing up with a swirl of his cloak, "I will give you a list and you are not to deviate from it in the interest of cost. They are to be brought to me, here, on the first of every month at which point I will give you the previous batch made up and ready. You will follow my instructions for administering the potion. Do not deviate from it."

"Absolutely." Jack is heartened by these words, knowing they're almost an enthusic affirmative from the professor. "Exact ingredients regardless of price, and exact instructions. I'll come bring them to you every month on the first." He smiles. "Thank you, Severus." He turns to go, but pauses, wanting to make sure the other man doesn't have more to say.

Snape has nothing further, indicating as much by having the door open as he turns to retrieve a book from his copious library.

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