1994-11-03: Fashion Victims


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Guest Starring: Edana Noble

Scene Title Fashion Victims
Synopsis Tonks comes to pick up her gown, and Mortimer is encouraged to make something else for her. Later, Edama Noble employs Morty's services to design Siobhan's gown for the Yule Ball.
Location Diagon Alley - Habitual Habiliments
Date Nov 11, 1994
Watch For Bootie Socks
Logger Morty

Looking fashionable, in the gaudy, tacky Wizarding sense, Mortimer is sweeping around his shop's backroom, putting the finishing touches on a few designs. The man is decked out in a suit and set of robes that no masculine figure should ever be seen wearing. His attire is in varying shades of purple and pink. For the witch or wizard without much sense or taste, as so many of them are, it's the height of class.

Tonks makes a more graceful entrance to the shop this time. There's no sudden collision with the furniture, no tripping over the carpet. She also made sure not to dress in such eye-clashing colors, having settled on the old jeans and t-shirt stand by. "Hullo?" She calls to the empty front room. Her hair currently is an electric blue. she's protesting Umbridge right now.

Aries, the little Crup starts barking to notify Morty that someone has entered. It's a bit unnecessary, seeing as delicate chimes sound overhead after the door opens. "Coming," Mortimer trills from the back in a tone that should not come from a male voice. All too soon, he sweeps through the curtains that hide the backroom from view, "How delightful Mademoiselle! I was hoping you would be back!" He sweeps a bow at Tonks, and no he's not French. He just spent a bit of time there. Enough time to be no help to his mentality and tastes.

EEE CRUP! Tonks doesn't dare move though. She fears her luck with her grace will fail her and the poor shopkeeper'll fund her under his furniture again. She gives him a sort of hesitant smile, "eh, I was curious. Besides, didn't want you to go through all that work for nothing, right?" Of course, that's assuming he actually /did/ make the dress he was planning on. Though she can't help but giggle slightly at his mannerisms. Why does she want to see him and Moody in the same room together?

Oh there's nothing to fear from Aries, who looks fabulous in his little gold cape and bowtie. The crup stops barking and goes back to his be-ribboned basket. Mortimer wags a finger at Tonks and winks at her. "I think you will like this. Instead of doing something completely against your usual 'style'," and he uses the word loosely, "I thought I would work with what I initially saw you in." A flick of the wand, and a garment box comes floating out of the back.

"Does it come with leggings?" Tonks asks. Yes, because she commits that heinous crime often. Skirts and leggins. It's like she picks her fashion out of muggle magazines from the 80's. The box floating towards them is eyed suspiciously, and it almost looks like she's eyeballing it as if it was a would-be opponent. But no wands get drawn and nothing gets blasted. She'll wait for him to open the box because otherwise, it's rude.

"Madame Tonks! Let us not speak of leggings. With a gown like this, it requires something more elegant!" Morty is horrified that she suggests /leggings/ with this creation! The box waits patiently as Mortimer opens it, then unveils the dress. It's a bit like a cocktail dress, and his eyes twinkle merrily, "So I lied a bit. I got to working with the fabric and decided, something simple and elegant for you my dear."

Should she be embarrassed? She has a feeling she should be. But all she can come up with is, "I'm not married." Yes, she's familiar with French forms of address even if she can't really speak the language. Still, she watches as the dress is pulled out, her eyes widening a bit. "Wow, that looks amazing." Simple and elegant? with Tonks? That's a rare animal.

"If you like, I can design you something that can be worn with leggings as you prefer those." Mortimer gives a sniff of disapproval. That's not his personal choice in attire. At the statement of not being married, he tsks, "And a great thing it is for single wizards everywhere," he says, smiling and flashing his white teeth. He then starts to steer Tonks towards one of the curtained dressing areas, "Do try it on!"

A blush creeps in at the comment of single wizards. What possible popped into her head? Who knows. A hand waves a bit as if trying to physically wave away the notion. But then, she's soon getting directed towards a curtained area. "EEk, okay!" and she's behind the curtain. she's thankful for the simple attire, because it means getting in and out of her clothes is simple. At least she doesn't say anything stupidly modest like 'No peeking!' or anything. If he did, she'd just jinx him. It takes a few minutes, but she's then ambling out in her socked (Bootie socked, we might add) feet with the dress on.

Mortimer damn near weeps when Tonks emerges.. not because the dress looks lovely on her, that part he already knew! But the near weepy event is owing to the bootie socks. Whoever thought of those should be hexed. As for him peeking? Please. He wasn't invited to do so. Although, the dress does look fantastic on Tonks, with the color changing fabric. "You my dear, are a vision," he says as he gives a flourishing bow, even going so far as to try and kiss her hand.

Bootie socks are awesome! They make her feet look cute! They have to have some redeeming value considering all the trouble they give her. She giggles a bit, allowing the hand kiss, just because it's campy and she doesn't take it seriously. The fabric's changing color is noted and she moves to stand in a mirror. She adjusts the straps a little bit, making sure, ahem, things are situated right, and tries to look behind her. "Hmm. Does it just randomly change colors?" She frowns, and pulls on her hair. With a thought the blue locks end up gaining quite a few inches, and she begins playing with it, trying to see if it was better to wear with a short hair do, or have the hair long in an updo—YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.

Mortimer smiles with pride, even producing a hanky to dab at his eyes. "I so love to accentuate beautiful women with my designs!" Ahem. Trying to tone down the dramatics, and the hanky disappears as quick as it was brought out. "Randomly yes, and I was instructed by the manufacturer that the colors could also be controlled. Now since you have this unique talent of your own, it might take less practice to force the colors, or simply let it reflect your mood. AH! One moment," and he's whipping out his wand again, and a shoebox comes zipping out. "Here you are," and he cleverly took note of Tonks's uhm, agility, their first meeting. The shoes within have the same fabric, and are ballerina in style without any awkward heels. Flat soled, yes indeed. "Ordinarily, I would suggest a nice heel.." But to be delicate, he doesn't continue further.

"But I'd probably kill myself after the first five minutes," She says peering at the shoes. She pulls one out, noting the sole. she'll make sure that it's not actually a toeshoe and just one to look like one. She prefers a solid sole, really. Less likely of things getting jammed into her feet that way. Yanking off her socks she moves back to the curtained area, setting them down then withdrawing her wand. A quick flick and casting of charm makes sure her feet are free from any funk and dirt. While she works on lacing the shoes, she comments about the dress itself, "I'll have to play with it, but it really is pretty." She loves the color changing part, really, whcih is evident because as soon as sthe shoes are on she's back in front of a mirror.

Mortimer continues to beam with pride, looking like a rather pleased peacock. "You are a vision!," he practically cries out. "You must find an occasion to wear this and tell me how it was received!" Then, he summons a bag with his shop's logo upon it, with his wand, he summons Tonks's discarded clothes, having them fold themselves neatly into the bag. Not so subtle encouragement to wear her dress out of the shop. He also does not quote a price, this is his good deed of the year. Also, advertisement and a good word for him quite possibly.

Eek! Her clothes are floating away! She does wave her wand, summoning a pouch from..out of somewhere int hose jeans. It jingles. she's just waiting patiently for a price. Otherwise, she pulls the skirt about, looking quite girly while she twirls, trying ti see how it billows (and somehow /not/ toppling over in the process). However, if too much time does pass, she does ask, "So, um how much?"

"I have gone deaf my dear!" Mortimer cries out as he hands the bag o'belongings to Tonks. "Seeing you in it is payment enough!" Somehow, he sounds incredibly honest about the statement too. Of course he has his own motives.. he wasn't sorted into Slytherin for nothing! "Show it off, tell your friends where you got it!" He's not hurting for customers, but a few more couldn't hurt!

And she's Hufflepuff and therefore has issues with Free Stuff. "Okay, I'll buy another outfit then," she states simply. "What else you have available for sale?" Thsi probably will play right into his hands, but Tonks doesn't care. She's going to PAY FOR SOMETHING dammit.

Mortimer looks quite pleased with the compromise. It's a win-win situation for him. "Tsk, my dear, there are no ready made clothes here," he says with a chiding wink. Again with the wand, he summons his quill and sketchbook, which hover there in the air. The quill works furiously for a few moments and there's a rough sketch of an outfit that suits Tonks to a 'T'. Everyday wear. Short skirt, form fitting top, rather 80's, Madonna-ish in style, with stripey leggings. "How does this suit your fancy?"

She glances at it and then there's a little girly squeal and she claps her hands. "I Like it. But no pink, I'm not feeling pink lately." She's protesting you know! Curse that Umbridge woman for ruining one of her favorite colors. "Yes, that'll do quite fine."

"No pink," Mortimer dictates to the quill, which obligingly notates that down. "The outfit is in good hands my dear. I can have it ready by tomorrow for you." He then quotes a rather reasonable price for the outfit.. definitely not as expensive as the fine dress he had already made.

Now, Tonks might not be business savvy, but she knows that price might be a little low for a combination of both outfits. Frowning a little bit, she decides to add a bit more to her mental tally, and she'll call it a tip. "You want payment now or when it's done?" she asks, not knowing his policies on such a thing. Tonks is standing in front of a mirror in a shimmering, color changing cocktail dress-like gown thing. Her hair's currently falling about her shoulders, going a couple inches past, and is an electric blue color. She's currently looking at a sketch pad that the gent next to her has presented.

"When you pick it up will be fine." Mortimer could charge up front, but he knows Tonks will be back. If not, he'll think of something to do in retaliation. Beaming, he's a bit of a fop, too feminine really to be considered 'oily'. "Might I suggest an updo for your hair? Leaving strands to fall free? It's a bit more you to leave some hanging about your face, making an equally lovely frame."

The tinkling of tiny little bells signals the addition of one more to this delightful little party. A very pretty witch - now on into her middle age - steps into Mortimer's shop with the air of someone who belongs there. Her own robes - pretty on her, but leaning towards the gaudy in that eye-catching powder blue - seem to blend well with the interior decor and she heaves a sigh of relief as she steps into 'sanctuary'. "Morty, love!" she calls out into the shop, her accent a brash sort of cross between South London and country Irish. "Morty darling are you in?" She's quite loud, there's no doubt about that. "I need you for a moment, sweetheart. Can you - oh there you are!"

There's no judgment of taste from Tonks, unless you count her reaction to Morty's rather eccentric taste, so there's no odd look for possible gaudy robes from the Auror. "Oh, hm. Mum's a lot better at this stuff than I am," she turns a bit to face the mirror, though she shifts so she can keep the newly entered witch in the reflection and watched while she works on trying to do something with her hair, trying Mortimer's suggestion first. Her wand becomes a substitute hair stick in the blink of an eye.

"Ah! Madame Noble," Mortimer cries in return as the matriarch enters. He greets the woman with a series of air kisses, "It has been far too long!" He sort of cringes at the wand abuse by Tonks, but leaves her to decide upon a hair style. "I am your humble servant Madame Noble, what can I do for you? Another gown for St. Mungo's Charity Ball?"

"It has, sweetheart, it has!" Exchanging the series of air kisses in the manner of one who is familiar with them, the Noble matriarch grasps both of Mortimer's hands with her own, giving them a firmly affectionate squeeze. "Now, what's all this 'Madame Noble' nonsense, hey? I thought I'd gotten you over that last spring in Italy!" And then Tonks is spotted and suddenly Edana is enthralled. "Oooh, Morty!" she fair to squeals. "That's lovely!" And she's off, circling Tonks like a baby-blue vulture. "And such a pretty thing she is too. Where on earth did you find her?" Obviously, there has been some mistake. "I didn't see her with your last line. Oh but she is a treasure!" Her mouth turns down in slight disapproval. "Oh no, dear. That just won't do, not with your pretty face." She looks about to take matters into her own hands, when it suddenly strikes her that Morty asked after her business. Suddenly her face lights up and she claps her hands together excitedly. "Oh haven't you heard, Morty? My little Rose has been chosen for the Hogwarts tournament!" Her pride is…quite evident. "She'll be leading the dancers for the Yule Ball and I have got to find her something magnificent, something one-of-a-kind! So of course I thought of you, dear."

ACK! Ambushed by pureblooded matriarch! Tonks seems relatively embarrassed, and does the dress begin tinting itself pink?, and she holds up her hands. "Ah heh… I'm not a model," at least that's what she's assuming by the whole 'not in the last line' thing. Then again, while she does love herself some fashion, she doesn't exactly talk the lingo. "I'm a customer. Um," she pauses here and then decides, to hell with it, let's go with Morty's theme, "M'sieur Modred felt it necessary I have some semi-formal wear to have." The fact she's been primping in front of this mirror since the dress was put on would go to show she's thankful. Of course, she does blink. NOble? Rose? "You're Sio's mum?"

Mortimer flashes a wink at the Mrs. Noble, "My darling, you have my deepest respect and affection. I keep waiting for you to become available!" Oh how he teases. "My dear Edana, this is Miss Tonks, and she is a not one of my models, although, I am sorely tempted to insist she join me." Another wink is given in Tonks's direction. When Edana turns to the matters of Siobhan, he raises a hand to his chest and looks surprised, "No! She can't be of age yet! I only just designed a formal for her.. why.. it hasn't been that long has it? What house is she in, and of course you need not ask, I /insist/ I design her gown for her."

Frowning a little at the use of her daughter's 'nickname', Edana nods - lips pursed. "I wish she'd stop calling herself that. Siobhan is a perfectly good Irish name, and Rose from her grandmother." So, yes. This is her mother. Shaking off her maternal irritation, she lays a hand on Tonks' arm in a rather forward gesture. "You should take him up on that, dear. You really have got the body for it." No Shame. None at all. "Are you a friend of hers, then?" This prospect seems to brighten her day. "She never brings her friends home anymore, so I never know." To Morty, then, she nods enthusiastically, her bottle-blonde hair - so like her daughter's - bouncing as she does. "I know! They grow up so fast, don't they? She's in Slytherin, I could have sworn I mentioned it." Although probably not, as her sour expression clearly details what she thinks of that House. "Oh you're a dear! I was hoping you'd say so! It must be a true formal gown - they say dress robes, but she's such a pretty young thing… Why not show it off?"

Tonks actually chuckles, "I think being a model'd get in the way of my being an Auror, ma'am." Which she worked hard to do, don't you know! But she doesn't brag, though her visual age probably doesn't quite coincide with how old Aurors usually look. She nods here. "Both she and Jack I'm on friendly terms with." She'll offer her hand here, giving a more formal introduction, "Nymphadora Tonks. Most just call me Tonks." Because her mum was obviously smoking too much happy weed or something when she decided on the name. Once that's done, she'll pull her wand out and go back to trying to coincide hair color with dress color. Ugh, maybe she'll have to go with something, gasp, normal and neutral in order to constantly match the changing nature of the dress. And this means she /doesn't/ laugh at the antics of Designer and Matriarch.

"Indeed they do," Mortimer says with fondness. Not that he has any children of his own, of course. "Slytherin? My old house," he says with sheer delight, ignoring the look that Edana has for the mention of the snakes. "I will have my tent set up in Hogsmeade this coming weekend. You have her come see me, and she will have her gown. Robes will simply not do for your daughter. The two of you are so lovely, you could be sisters!" Oh how he stretches things unashamedly! He's already scheming up designs, and if Siobhan's coloring is still like her mother's, well then the House colors of silver and green should do her just fine. "If you ladies will excuse me, I should go get my designs, and prepare for the weekend." Both ladies get a bow, Edana gets more air-kisses and he flounces off to the backroom, as there is honestly no other way to put it.

"Tonks?" Edana's nose wrinkles up in distaste. "That sounds an awful lot like one of Michael's geese…" This apparently is not a pleasant connotation; the sound of migratory birds is apparently not a soothing one to this particular woman. "And what's wrong with Nymphadora? Such a lovely name!" Mortimer's obvious flattery brings a blush to Edana's cheeks and she ducks her head while grinning at the designer coyly. "Oh you!" she calls out with fond exasperation. "I'll be sure and send her!" If not drag her out herself. Just as she is about to leave, a thought occurs to the older witch. "Jack as well, you say?" And suddenly there's a calculating gleam in her hazel eyes. "Why sweetheart, you really must join me for lunch! Come on, now. I won't take no for an answer!"

Tonks' face scrunches up at the mention of geese. Again. What the hell, people. And what's wrong with Nymphadora? "Everything. It just sounds…goofy." And 'tonks' doesn't, after all. Geese connotation and all. She picks up her bag as Mortimer leaves to answer to the call of the muse of creativity, and she's about to say her goodbyes when she's suddenly… Oh no, she knows that look. "I…Okay." She gives her a strained grin. She seems amiable enough, but Tonks just has this feeling that the woman's likely a hurricane and doesn't want to completely evoke her ire. Hoooboy.

"Oh wonderful!" Edana positively beams in delight. "I'll give you a bit to change, sweetheart." Her own wand is drawn from her sleeve - a motion that might strike Tonks as familiar, since she's seen a younger version do so on several occasions - and she taps it against one of the chairs, which obligingly turns into a plush chaise. Sitting down and tucking her feet up under her in a manner that suggests 'ladylike' doesn't quite come naturally, she leans her elbow on the arm and rests her head in one hand. "Where would you like to eat at? There's a lovely little garden terrace at the new place in the Upper Alley."

Poor Mrs. Noble. Hopefully she's not suggesting anything that warrants a dress code, because she does change, and she tucks that lovely dress and slippers into their appropriate boxes. Maybe she can stop by and owl these to her mum for safe keeping instead of her flat, even though Tonks does live in the general vicinity. But yes, more to what she's wearing which is simply tattered blue jeans, and the latest design of the WEird Sisters on her shirt. She doesn't yet have a shirt that features their new singer. merchandize hasn't happened yet. "Um…whatever." Food is food and Tonks loves food.

"Oh my." Spotting Tonks new attire, Edana spends a moment giving the young woman a long, searching look. When she looks away, there's a bit more respect in her eyes, though obviously their destination will have to change. Standing, she brushes nonexistant dust from her robes and leaves the chaise - it looks nice enough and she does so prefer them to the armchairs. "How about the Leaky then? My treat."

Hey, she's only twenty one, give her a break. She hasn't discovered her mum's sense of style yet. If you can say the Blacks have any real sense of style, in the first place. "Oh that sounds good too," Tonks is, as the saying goes, easy. She frowns and forgot to ask if the dress might be magic okay. She doesn't want to do a shrinking charm and ruin all his good work. So instead-she carries them the old fashioned way. Sigh.

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