1995-07-01: Fancy Meeting You Here


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Scene Title Fancy Meeting You Here
Synopsis Rival Quidditch players bump into each other and chat about brooms and the future of their respective teams.
Location Diagon Alley
Date July 1, 1995
Watch For Freddy, Freddy-poo, my sweet ginger boy.
Logger Pandora

Pandora's mum decided she absolutely had to go to London for a 'Wytches Of England' conference, the better to sell her wares, network, and learn new 'spells'. She was quite insistent that Pandora come along, feeling that her daughter was not 'suitably mystical', but almost as soon as they settled into their Muggle hotel, Pandora took off with a kiss to Angie's cheek and headed for Diagon Alley. For the past twenty minutes she's been standing in front of Quality Quidditch, eyeing some of the broom displays longingly.

Being seventeen and able to apperate has it's benefits. For Fred Wealsye it's escaping the Burrow. Having headed down to meet Angelina in Diagon Alley the young man went out for lunch with the girlfriend then she had to run off so he is just wandering about the street looking a touch bored as he looks at displays. His feet move him over towards the Quidditch shop and grinning the boy spots the younger hufflepuff, "Heya kid, drolling away there much?"

Pandora gives Fred a sidelong glare, but one without much venom to it, as she gazes at the displays. "My dad's promised me a new one for next year." she explains. "We're getting a discounted fee for the Quidditch Camp, too. But I can't make up my mind and - oh hey, are you and George going?" She knows it's Fred, George may or may not call her kid too, but he doesn't do it in /quite/ that tone.

Fred shrugs and his mum and dad still haven't quite figure that one out so all she gets is a shrug and, "Maybe. Depends on how much time I got this summer." He looks up at the brooms, "The new cleansweep is pretty good." He offers his adultish advice.

"The Eleven? Good sturdy wood that is, and I hear the anti-vibration charm is top notch." She sighs. "In my dreams, I get a Firebolt. But I'll likely end up with a Cleansweep Eleven or a Nimbus Oh-One."

Fred nods his head to the younger student and gives her a half grin, "We all dream of firebolts kid." He winks to her and asks, "So how is the summer going so far?"

"Not bad," Panda says affably, "Mum's here in London for a convention, selling stuff and meeting with others of her sort and the like, insisted I come with her. Took off for the alley as soon as I was able. How're things with your family?"

Fred shrugs at this, "Getting better. To many people at the house right now, I always forget how cramped my house is, probolly just cause everyone is over the age of 12 now." He grins and gives a little shrug, "Oh yeah, your mum is the crazy one.
"Oh right," Pandora says, snapping her fingers, "There's just a horde of you Weasleys, innit?" The way she says it is so good-naturedly cheerful that hopefully Fred will not take her word choice as insult.

Fred nods his head and reaches out the ruffle the shorter girl's hair, "Yep, hoardes of us Weasleys, you can't escape the Weasley, we're taking over the ministry!" He says a little loudly but jestingly, "Or maybe not…"

"Oi! Bugger off!" Panda balls up a fist and humps Fred in the bicep, before patting her hair back into place with the air of a frumpled kitten. "I'm not a Firstie, for Merlin's sake."

Fred grins wickedly to the girl, it's a smile between amusment and a grimance though as he rubs his arm, "Every wanted to be a beater kid? You got quite the arm." He says, "And you're short enough to be a firstie, sometims I get mistaken, can't blame me."

"I may be short, but I've got reach." Pandora grins up at him. "Else I wouldn't be Keeper." She looks back to the window thoughtfullly. "I should bring my pads next time I'm here, ask them to reinforce some of the stitching."

Fred shrugs and looks towards the firebolt set up on display himself with an almost wistful look, "Yeah one day gotta get myself one of those." He comes out of his trace, "What…oh stitching yeah."

"You should know," Panda says with a smirk. "Beaters get pounded on almost as much as Keepers!" She taps her chin, staring with similar longing at the Firebolt. She and Fred can write love poems to it! Roses are red, violets are blue, going super fast would be sweet, and a Firebolt would be too! "You Gryffindor lot have a position open next year, don't you?" she asks solicitously. "We do, too. Keeper, right? Is Ron going to try out?"

Fred nods his head and pulls his eyes from the lovely broom, "Oh yeah I don't know. We got keeper open but he hasn't said much about it. I wouldn't even make fun of him if he did, the boy was really good when we were kids at it."

"I got no clue who our new Seeker will be. Our our new captain now that Cedric," sigh, what girl doesn't sigh when mentioning his name?, "Is gone. I expect it'll be one of the seventh years."

Fred shrugs at this, "Yeah at least you won't have Angelina as captain. No fair at all, you'd think I'm dating the gal and might get a few breaks, but I swear she is extra hard on me."

Pandora crosses her arms over her chest. "Well if I were dating you, I'd be the same way." she informs him, with a certain air of glee. "She has to push you hard, or she'd be accused of favoritism." And Hufflepuffs don't approve of that!

Fred rolls his eyes at this, "Girls, don't understand you lot one bit." He brush red locks back from his face and grins brightly, "If I am her favourite, people ought not complain."

"No one should ever play favorites." says Panda resolutely. "Wouldn't you rather accomplish things because you were clever rather than because someone gave it to you?"

Fred chuckles at this and shrugs while he nods his head a little, "Yeah sure, you huffles are such downers sometimes but I get your point kid."

"I am looking forward to when you stop calling me 'kid'." she tells him with a smirk. "Freddy."

Fred ahs and groans, "Now you sound like my mother, no fair kid."

"Freddy? Freddy Poo? Freddykins? My sweet ginger boy?" Panda's becoming downright gleeful.

Fred rolls his eyes and mockingly covers his eyes, "Now you really sound like me mum." He says and tries to ruffle her hair again knowing she doesn't like it.

Pandora bats at his hand. "You do it again, and you're buying me a butterbeer." she tells him, reaching out to poke his ribs.

Fred does indeed still go for the hair and grinning says, "Butterbeer on me, but it's worth it." At least she can put up with him.

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