Family Values


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Scene Title Family Values
Synopsis Nigel hides. Antigone seeks. Plans are made.
Location Hogwarts - The Lake
Date September 24, 1994
Watch For Angry Slytherins.
Logger Nigel

The Lake on Hogwarts' property is not the best place to be. Especially right now. But when there's a group of Slytherins that are pissed off about their Broomsticks falling apart… due to the fact that ol' Nigel Crumlish sold them some bad spells and charms and… yeah. Let's not get into the details. Speaking of Nigel, he's standing here at the edge of the lake… but not too close. He's too busy trying to make sure he doesn't get yanked into the lake by giant squid monsters or anything.

Squirt, for all intents and purposes, is flying around idly for no other reason than he's finally getting some wing-cercise.

Antigone doesn't particularly care to be out in this weather - the drizzle makes her hair go frizzy and then she has to spend so much time with various elixirs and charms to get it back to its usual lovely shape. But out here in the drizzle she is, wearing a bright yellow rain hat to try and at least stave off the worst of the effects. She's edging her way along the shore of the lake, looking for … something. As she gets nearer to the angry group of Slytherins, she looks up, eyebrows lifting. And then spotting Nigel, things begin to fall into place. Starting to head towards him, she gives him a little nod in greeting and then jerks her head towards the angry ones, as if to ask Nigel what he's done now.

"They want a refund. And to beat me to a bloody pulp. The latter of which I'm not too crazy about. But they know my policy. All Sales Are Final, No Refunds, Unless You're Really, Really, Really, Cute." Nigel explains this as plain as he possibly can, whilst looking over his shoulder to make sure that the Slytherin Mob hasn't figured out where he's kind of hiding yet. He glances up to make sure Squirt is still in sight, before looking back over at his cousin. "How's things on your end, Tigger?"

"Why…?" Antigone begins to ask, but just trails off with a shake of her head. She's pretty sure she will never understand why it is he does these things. "Just be careful. They look like they could really do some damage," she points out helpfully - but well-intentioned. She hops down off a little rock to join him nearer the edge, shrugging a shoulder to his question. "Oh, about the same as always, I think. I don't have an angry group of Slytherins wanting to beat me up, so I'd say I'm doing pretty good!" That's accompanied with a lightly teasing grin. "Really though, should you maybe not be here?"

"Eh. They're all talk." Nigel just runs off at the mouth, since he's clearly a little bit nervous. But he's not about to look like a chicken in front of his little cousin. Okay, not little. Younger. Whatever! "Besides, by the time they find me, I'll have figured out a way to make it up to 'em and thus no blood shall be shed this day." Nigel offers a sneaky grin, which probably means he'll end up in more trouble than he's already in and that's never good. "I'll be okay. You, though, you shouldn't care so much. It makes you an easy mark for people like me." Wink.

Antigone seems skeptical about Nigel's brilliant plans to evade getting beaten up by Slytherins who are all talk, and she glances over, seeming to doubt just as much that those guys would hesitate to make this more than words. "Oh, come off it. Of course I'm going to care," Tig insists, looking back over at him with a little grin, amused by his sneaky ways quite in spite of herself. So she makes up for it by giving her eyes a mighty roll. "Though if you wanted to spare me the worry, you could try staying out of trouble." She doesn't even address the matter of being a mark. He wouldn't rip off his own kin, surely!

"Tigs. I've been in trouble since the first day I set foot in this place. I tried to bribe the Sorting Hat." Whether that's a true story or not has yet to be determined. But there could be some truth to that considering Nigel's usual nature. "I don't think staying out of it is really an option anymore. Besides, what's school without a little action and adventure?" He doesn't even give her a chance to shoot out an answer. "It's school. Exactly. And what's school? Boring." Clearly Nigel has bigger plans for himself than these Hogwartsian Walls.

Antigone lets out a little sigh as he talks circles around her, watching him and shaking her head slowly. "I'm not exactly a big fan of classes either, but some of us find ways to make it interesting that don't involve endless detention and getting beat up." It's not said haughtily, at least - she's really not sure if it's never occurred to him he could try a different approach. "But, well, suit yourself, I guess. I'd just hate to see you get hurt. Or expelled." She frowns a little at that.

"Mum and Dad'll never let me get expelled." Nigel is seriously banking on letters from Sebastian to keep him enrolled. "Besides, it's not like anything I've ever done crossed the line. You talk as if I tried to sell the school or something." Pausing as he says that, a big grin starts to creep across his features. Looks like Nigel has just given himself another great scheme. Shaking it to the back of his mind now, he moves back to paying attention to Tig. We've all got our vices. Well, I actually don't know if you do." And an eyebrow is raised to see where that line of thought could be leading…

"Don't," Antigone says quickly, as Nigel starts to get that look in his eye. "Don't even think about it, Nigel. You just said yourself that'd be crossing a line!" Honestly, he's going to give her grey hairs, and she has such nice hair, it'd be a shame. "Me? I - I have vices," she says a bit indignantly, before frowning to herself. Wait, that didn't sound quite right. "I'm not perfect. Believe me. Far from." She takes in that raised eyebrow and then her own two begin to lift. "I don't need your help getting into trouble."

"I don't even think you know what trouble is. I mean, when have you ever even been close to being in detention? Hell, have you ever even lost points for your House?" Nigel is really curious at this moment, since his plans are starting to form in his head. He really believes that his cousin is missing out on some of the more important things in the life of being a teenager. Like imperfection.

"I think the idea is to avoid detention and losing points," Antigone points out warily, giving him a sidelong look. "And I do so know what trouble is. You're trouble." It's not said meanly, but - she's not exactly joking either. She holds out a hand to see if it's still drizzling, and then draws it back in under her cloak once the dampness is confirmed. "And I do get into trouble sometimes, you know. Just … not as a hobby."

"Riiiight. Sure." Nigel is not buying it and has seemed to forget that he's been stalked by Slytherin Muscle. He's more interested in proving his cousin wrong. She doesn't even know what trouble is, according to the Nigel. "What's the worst thing you've ever done? Ever?" He's already betting on this being something so painfully unworthy of mention.

"What? Why? I don't know!" Antigone replies, a little flummoxed by being asked to recount her biggest big of mischief ever. "I haven't exactly been keeping track of these things on a piece of parchment, you know. And what's wrong with being good anyway?" She's just all over the map now, talking rather quickly.

Nigel is laughing at this point, since he was right. He should've put some actual money on it, because this is practically easy profit right here. "Not a thing, Tigger. Not a thing. I just don't want you to have to deal with jerks like them…" And a thumb is pointed over his shoulder towards the Slytherin Squad that may be heading back into the building by now. "… because you're a goodie two shoes. That'll end up with me having to defend your honor. And that's never a good idea. Because I tend to make things worse."

"I'm pretty okay with my honour being just exactly what it is," Antigone replies, her gaze flickering over towards the Slytherin gang and then back to her cousin. "And you don't need to laugh!" she adds, reaching out to give him a light swat on the shoulder, having to purse her lips to keep from grinning herself. "Is this some sort of turnaround thing? You're going to start getting me into trouble so that I stop trying to tell you to keep out of it?"

And that's when his eyes are lighting up with another idea. Because talking to his cousin apparently seems to spark all sorts of twisted plots and schemes to come into his head, Nigel quite enjoys the time he spends messing with his Tigger. "Just remember that no matter what happens… Deny Everything."

"What … am I going to need to deny, Nigel?" Antigone asks, giving him a careful look. Whatever her grades, she isn't dumb. "I've really got enough on my plate this year, you know. With OWLs and - and everything." She always did take her family issues perhaps a little too much to heart.

"Relax, Tigs. I'm not gonna' do anything. I promise." And the honesty is written all over his face right about now. He Nigel can tell that there's some stuff going on and he's not going to do anything to mess that up. "I just think you need some help relaxing, that's all. You shouldn't be so uptight and worried all the time. We're teenagers. We're supposed to be having fun."

Antigone lets out a little sigh. "All right. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have suspected you," she relents in a quieter voice, lifting her gaze to glance around the immediate area before it comes back to Nigel. "I do try not to worry, you know. And I'm not uptight. I have loads of fun. I hardly even think about that stuff. I mean, what's the point, right? Not like I can do much about it from here." Now she just has to work on convincing herself.

"Why don't you come to my house for Christmas? Get away from all your troubles for a while. We have this whole No Stress Rule around the holidays. It'll do you some good." Did Nigel just invite his cousin to his house for the break… without having an ulterior motive? This is definitely something for the record books. Hell, just the fact that there's nothing up his sleeve in the first place…

Antigone seems a little surprised by the offer, indeed. Enough that she doesn't know quite what to make of it at first. "Really? I wouldn't want to impose," she points out, giving him a look that's careful now in a different way. "I just would really like to be able to visit my father," she goes on to admit in a quieter voice. "He'll be all alone otherwise. That just doesn't seem right." Even if her mother is determined to pretend nothing is wrong.

"Hey, you're family. You may be a Huffie, but you're family." Nigel considers this statement to be something of an epic amount of awesome, considering that he usually doesn't give out compliments or something like that. But he's speaking the truth, at least. "Look. Here's what we'll do. You come to my house for Christmas. We'll be all celebratory. Then, on Christmas Eve, we'll fly to your Father's and give him the greatest Christmas surprise ever." And here's even another good showing of faith and loyalty to family. "… My treat."

Antigone just rolls her eyes lightly as he calls her a Huffie, still a little too touched by the gesture to worry about conflicting house pride. She listens with a small smile as he lays out his brilliant plan, and then her eyebrows go up a little as he adds that piece de resistance. She almost asks him if he's sure, but then decides maybe she shouldn't push it. "I'd really like that, Nigel," she goes on instead. "Thank you. Really." She pauses before something does occur to her: "Do you need to maybe check with your parents though?"

"Nah. They'll be pleasantly surprised that I'm doing something for someone else out of the kindness of my heart. I don't think they'll be a problem. Trust me." And Nigel is pretty sure they won't mind him using his hard earned money to pay for such a trip. Of course, well, they may get a little upset that he won't be home for Christmas Day but that's just something they'll have to deal with. "Besides. Not seeing your father on Christmas is about as evil as You-Know-Who. So in a way, I'm doing my Older Cousin duty and protecting you." Oh, he's probably going to be milking this trip for all its worth, afterwards.

"Oh come on. I'm sure you do plenty of kind things," Antigone insists charitably, offering Nigel a supportive smile. "But if you're sure they won't mind. I wouldn't want to impose. I mean, they haven't seen me in ages. They might not even know who I am." But despite her protesting and fussing, the offer has clearly bolstered her spirits considerably. He gets a grin for his Older Cousin duty, and she remains oblivious to any hidden fees that might be involved. "You really are a good guy, Nigel. Don't let anyone tell you differently." She might not be entirely oblivious to his reputation then.

"Eh. Don't count your chickens, ain't that what they say?" Nigel shrugs off the good words that are coming his direction from the cousin that's being helped by his chivalrous ways. He just rolls his eyes a little bit and gives a dismissive wave of his hand, because he's more worried about the fact that he's doing something nice instead of cheating his cousin out of something. "I'm still a jerk. And don't you forget it." He smiles a bit and looks around for a second, peering up and off in the direction of where the Slytherin robes… are no longer there. "I think they're gone."

"I don't know. They might say that, but I can't see them saying it about this," Antigone replies with a little grin, still in an elated mood and not willing to be shot down easily. "Right. You're a jerk. I'll keep that in mind." But it's said lightly, and no attempt is made to make it seem like she's doing anything but humouring him on it. "But on the plus side, maybe you'll get something nicer than coal in your stocking this year," is added in a light tease, before she follows his line of sight over to where the Slytherins aren't. "Yeah, I think you're right. Maybe you ought to get back to the school before you can get into any more trouble?"

Nigel smirks a little bit in regards to the words coming from the Huffie Cousin. "You're pretty smart. Good idea." And then he's crouching low as he starts to move away from the Lake. "Hey. Just in case. Cover me?" And he's hoping she knows that he just needs a small distraction that will give him enough time to reach the building. Once he gets to the building… he can hide.

Antigone gives a little laugh, though it's cut slightly short as he starts crouching away from the Lake. "Cover- What?" she's left saying to the space he used to occupy. No, she's not quite sure what that means, but for now, she steps back up onto the little rock, adding a bit to her height so that she can keep an eye out for lurking Slytherins. She'll figure out how to cover him if it comes to that.

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