1994-10-29: Family Revelations And Machinations


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Scene Title Family Revelations and Machinations
Synopsis Immediately after coming back from visiting Sirius (Surprise!) Jack and Sio sit down to have a "talk." Stuff gets aired.
Location Torchwood Offices
Date Oct 29, 1994
Watch For Big brother stares, little sister plots, and a very old relative being found in the bloodline book.
Logger Cap'n Flash (Jack)

Torchwood Offices

There is a short step down, and then Torchwood's front office has a desk, a Muggle coffee maker and three chairs, one behind the desk, and two in front of it. Behind the chair is the beginnings of a good filing system, with file cabinets which contain more than they appear to be able to. There is a floo fire on the opposite side of the room from the desk, lit and ready to receive visitors or calls during business hours. There is a stuffed dragon on top of the filing cabinet with the a nametag that reads "Myfanwy". He appears to be well-loved, even missing a chunk out of his tail that was fixed by a badly executed 'Reparo'. In the back of the room, there is a small set of stairs up to the crash flat Jack uses when he arrives home late or must leave early, as well as a small room with another desk and chair. This one is fairly plain; a window is the only thing setting it apart from the rest of the office. The whole office is decorated with dark red accents and golden carpet on the floors.

WIth the tell-tale 'crack' of apparition, Jack returns himself and his sister to the offices. He's still extremely amused by the situation that went on there. He shakes his head, and releases his sister with a squeeze, then moves around the desk to plop unceremoniously into the chair. He gestures to one of the other chairs, and puts his feet up on the desk. "Rosie, I think we really need to talk." That's fairly obvious.

Siobhan, with all the ease of a Baby Sister, beelines straight for the coffee, a doughnut and then a comfy chair. Her feet end up propped on a nearby desk, leaving her in a pose remarkably similar to his. "Figured you'd say that," she replies around a mouthful of doughnut. Oh, but Da's mum would have a /fit/ if she saw that. "Whaddaya want to know?" Still in an amicable mood from the thought of Sirius' reaction to his new 'roos, she nonetheless eyes her older brother warily.

Of course, Jack's first thought, though he does give a considering look to her mirroring his pose, is the 'girlfriend' remark. "Phoenix, huh?" Jack leans back, tipping the chair slightly. "Tell me about it?" There is a concern in his eyes that completely belies how silly they appear, matching hair, matching poses.

With a heavy sigh, Siobhan stares into her coffee-cup. "Not much to tell, really." Tilting her head back, she tosses down the beverage; hot, black and all. Wiping her mouth on the sleeve of her jumper, she sets the mug aside and fingers the fabric of the discarded cloak absently. "I saw him after his trip to America." There's a sadness lurking behind her eyes as she recalls just how badly it had shaken him. "I can't be mad at him when he's like that; I just can't. Anyway," she waves off her remark. "We talked, it entered the conversation, he made sure I had…" She swallows hard. "All the facts and we sort of agreed." For some reason, this makes her frown. "Like I said, not much to tell."

Jack nods slowly, sitting up, drawing his legs down, and leaning forward to gaze at his sister. "You do know that I worry about you, right?" That much is eminently obvious. Jack sighs, and stands up. "He's older than I am, Rosie." He holds up a hand to forestall the protest he figures will be coming. "Which isn't saying I think you shouldn't…" He steps over toward the fire, starting to occupy what he's recently labeled his 'pacing zone.' "There's something in his eyes. I've seen it. I just don't want you to get caught up in that. Don't fall in and drown." He purses his lips. "If you can avoid that…" He shakes his head. "Then, go ahead, I suppose." He rolls his eyes. "But, I don't have to tell you that if he hurts you…" Yes, cliche. However, it's still heartfelt.

Rolling her eyes, Siobhan sighs and nods. She hasn't come to the point yet where she appreciates the worry - to her, it's still a sign of restraint, of a lack of faith in her ability to take care of herself. "So what? That - " But Jack's hand does stop the retort that sits just on the tip of her tongue. Watching her brother pace in front of the fire like a cat in a cage, she sighs again and runs a hand through her hair. "I know it's gonna be rough, Jack." She snorts and grins wryly. "Believe me. Ali made sure I knew every possible thing that could ever go wrong with this." Including some that she's quite certain are rather a bit ridiculous. "He wouldn't hurt me Jack…" And here her brown eyes flash a warning as she locks onto her brother's blue ones. "If I end up hurt, it'll be my own fault, so don't you even think about taking it out on him." She doesn't mention drowning, mostly because she suspects she already is.

Jack sighs, turning to face Sio, running a hand through his striped hair, a small smile passing across his features as he thinks about the sight he must make with the Hufflepuff colors. "Alright, Rosie. Never known you not to think something through." It's one of the major differences between them. "I just worry, alright? It's part of the job description. 'Rosie Noble's big brother — Requirements: must worry about little sister when she pays attention to other males.'" He chuckles quietly. "So, tell me about this run-in with the Malfoy boy?" It is an abrupt change of subject, but he is curious. He grins, and leans against the wall, more relaxed again.

Well, considering that she doesn't always think before Wandering Off and getting her arse in trouble, that praise isn't entirely deserved. Even so, Siobhan can't help the grin inspired by her brother's confidence, and the change of subject only widens said grin. "Ohh, let's just say that Padfoot looks /remarkably/ like the Dog of Death." Wicked one, Sio is.

As understanding hits, Jack's smile widens. "The Grim?" He laughs loudly, enjoying the freedom that having his own office brings. "That's hilarious, Rosie. Scare 'im off?" He shakes his head. There is a quiet 'tap tap tap' on the door. Jack moves to open it, and when he does,a small owl swoops in, carrying a rather large roll of parchment with a small note on top. He grabs the note first, and then his laughter returns, and hands the scroll to Siobhan. "It's actually for you. From our illustrious Grim friend." He snorts, and re-reads the note, moving over to the desk to scribble a reply before the little critter can fly away again.

Finally, it's being done ;) A rolled up poster arrives for Jack and tadah, none other than Sirius's wanted poster. Signed. There's a note attached:

It's for your sister. Thought it would amuse.

- SB

"He screamed like a girl." Satisfied and a bit smug, Siobhan lets the matter drop. No need to go into intricate details and spoil for her brother just how much of a sneaky snake his sister is. When that owl swoops in and Jack extends a scroll to her, Siobhan wrinkles her nose in confusion. "From Da? Why'd he—ohhh." Captain Flash explains all. With nimble fingers, Sio carefully unrolls the parchment, eyeing it for tricks. Upon full revelation, she simply stares. Only after a full three minutes does it register that she is once more shaking with silent laughter. "Oh that beast! Here, Jack, give that here!" She steals a quill from the desk and leans over his shoulder to scrabble her own notation.

Jack is too busy laughing to hold much of a grip on the paper, or maybe even the quill at this point. He shakes his head. "That's Black for ya." He sits down in the seat again, and pushes it back, letting her write on the parchment. The little owl, sensing a reply in progress, zooms carelessly around the room, even bumping into Myfanwy a couple times in the process. Poor little dragon. "Oi. Leave her alone," he fusses good-naturedly at the owl.

Finishing her note with a flourish, Sio drops the quill into its holder and grins impishly over at her brother. "There! That oughta give him a good laugh!" Because if he was in Jack and Liam's house, there's a very good chance that he wasn't on the best of terms with her Head of House. Her eyes are drawn by the owl's antics to the stuffed dragon and Sio's eyes light up. "Myfanwy! So that's where you snuck her off to!"

Jack nods. "Had to have some sort of decoration around here." He grins. "Kind of out of place, but it fits me, so.." His voice trails off and he goes through the nearly automatic movements of sending the reply back to Sirius. He sighs. "I hope you don't get in trouble, but I thought you really needed the change, and I know he did." He frowns. "I think it's going to be worse for him, especially if he's been wandering around…" He doesn't speak of the revelation he's just gotten, but it does strike him. "No wonder he's feeling cooped up.

Jack's reply comes winging back with the same little owl.
Jack's hasty scrawl is a little more jittery than normal, and it merely says, "Delivered, thanks. Still laughing."

The penmanship changes drastically, and in the new hand, it says, "You're a nutter, you know that? S'alright though, this is going up right in the girls' dorms. I'd put it in the common room, but I think Snape might have a heart-attack. Enjoy your pants! (The color should suit your complexion quite nicely) - Sio"

"Well, it certainly livened up my week." And considering the stresses she's been under - what with classes, Ali, trying to keep her housemates from losing too many points and dealing with an inter-House feud that could end in expulsion - that's a very good thing. For a little while, she is silent, finishing up the last bites of her doughnut and watching her brother carefully. Finally, she balls up her napkin and lobs it playfully at said brother's head. "Oi, I know that look. C'mon Captain Flash, spill."

"Well…" Jack waves his wand, locking the floo and putting a muffliato around them. Paranoia keeps things safe. "I was just thinking that if he was wandering around as Padfoot all the time, that he's gonna feel the walls closing in a little more. Too bad there isn't a way to make sure that didn't happen quite so badly. Although, I hope his trial or whatever will be soon…" He frowns again. "I idolized those boys, Rosie. And when I found out he'd done something like that, it was pretty much unbelievable. Now, it's a real relief to find out he didn't." He sighs.

"I always thought there was some shady business with that whole affair." Yep, Sio is one of the crazy few who simply refused to believe that anyone would so terribly betray their friends. "Hmm…" Siobhan nods, accepting Jack's statement and running with it - wheels turning. Ever so slowly, her face lights up with a grin. Brown eyes alight with mischief flick from the cloak's hem to Jack, to Sirius' Wanted poster and back to the cloak again. "How far does that Metamorphmagus thing go?"

Jack laughs, starting to see a devious plan forming in his little sister's mind, though he may not be able to catch all of it. "Let's just say that she did a doppleganger of me while I was standing there talking to that new American Ambassador. The Native American one who's taller than any of the Weasley boys?" He rolls his eyes. "Startled me. She says as long as she's not too mad or…" He improvises a little bit here, "or I assume riled up in other ways…" He chuckles. "She can hold it for quite a while. Now it's your turn. Spill. Let's hear this idea."

"Weeeelll," Siobhan draws out that single word in a way that Jack just might recognize. "If you go in with her the same way you went in with me, they wouldn't register her as being there, right?" That wicked grin grows wider. "So, you sneak her in, have her…do her thing and flop down to read a book. Then have Siri don the cloak and Side-Along him like you did me. He can change in here and if anyone asks, you're walking Lupin's dog for him." She shrugs. "It likely wouldn't be a very /long/ outing, but it'd definitely be something."

"You're brill, Rosie." Jack stands up, and moves to kiss his sister on the cheek. "I think I'm meant to have a chat with Tonks anyway, and we'll keep that as a back up plan in case he really starts getting nuts. We won't do it just for kicks…" He frowns. "The only drawback's gonna be getting her in there without knocking about too much. She's not the most dexterous person around. But that's a small problem." He grins. "Great idea."

Siobhan shrugs, trying not to look as proud as she is by Jack's praise. "Either that, or shrink 'em and let 'em ride in and out in your hair." It might solve the whole…clumsiness problem.

Jack chuckles. "It might. At least for her. He's pretty adept." He grins. "So, what else is on your mind?" He moves back to the chair, ready to listen to anything else she wants to talk about.

With a sigh, Siobhan shrugs one shoulder. "Not much, really." Browsing the selection of books on the shelf, she Summons one to her lap and opens it up, obviously comfortable with entertaining herself should her brother need to get back to work. After several moments, it occurs to her that maybe he was opening the floor both ways. "Did you?"

Jack shrugs. With the silencing spells around him, he feels a little more safe talking about some of the rumors he's heard around. "If it wasn't him, someone went through a lot of trouble to create the illusion at the Cup." He sighs. "And there's all sorts of crap going on around the ministry. I can't put my finger on much of it, but some of it's hints and …" He pauses. "Hey, did you ever know of an Ichabod in the family tree?" He's not sure whether little sis did the same amount of forced studying of heritage that he did. "I met this guy, and his name is Ichabod Noble." He frowns. "Somethin's up with him, but it's not… not the same as the other stuff." Real clear, Jack. "I mean, they're two separate issues."

Marking her place with a finger, Siobhan glances up to her brother, heaving a heavy sigh and screwing up her face to remember. "You know…" She really didn't pay much attention. Somehow, being a pureblooded broodmare who could spew out her family history on command didn't really appeal to her. "I think I remember that name…but it would have been really far back." Tilting her face up to look quizzically at her brother, she narrows her eyes. "Why?"

"It had to have been." Jack says, with a frown. "Because I remember when I was young enuogh to want to find all the names with I like mine…" He snorts, then continues, "…it wasn't on the main tapestry. And you know how far back that one goes." He looks up at his sister. "There was an Icholan and an Icanor, but I do not remember an Ichabod, though it's much more of a normal name. And he said something about being an uncle."

"Well…Oh!" And suddenly it occurs to her /why/ she remembers that name. "I remember where I saw it!" Standing, she sets her previous read off to one side and starts to scan the bookshelves quickly. "Don't suppose you have a copy of Da's Bloodline book in here, do you?" Her lower lip is worried between her teeth. "So, remember when I first came back from school and everybody flipped 'cause I'd been sorted into Slytherin?"

Jack nods. "Yeah. I'm still sorry about that, Rosie…" As to Da's 'Bloodline book', he frowns. "I might have a copy upstairs. Don't come up. Let's just say Mum'd freak and send Janet in and then tan my hide. Gimme a mo'." And he's off, up the stairs, whistling as he looks through the books on the shelf. "A-ha." He grins and comes downstairs, bearing said book. "Show me. This guy was …" He frowns. "Said he'd been the Director of Magical Creatures, but not that I knew of. That would've been listed in the family accomplishments if it'd been …" He sets the book down, and then chews on his fingernail.

"It's over and done with, Jack." Siobhan waves off his apology brusquely - she'd forgiven them long ago, but it still stung - and flops out behind Jack's desk. "Ha!" she calls, "you know she's dragging me out to some boutique for a custom dress tomorrow?" She shudders. "I should have her send Janet, just to share the love." When he returns, she snags the book and sets it on the surface in front of her, flipping through pages with alarming speed. "Anyway, that Christmas, you know when Liam told me that…well, you know." He'd given everyone in the family jeweled cloak pins for Christmas, but in a particularly nasty streak had told Sio that hers was made of glass - because that's all slimy Snakes deserved. He'd later apologized and she has a better relationship with Liam now than most anyone else in the family could claim, but at the time it had hurt. "I went up and hid in Da's library and spent /hours/ in there looking for someone else in the family who was in my House too. I had to go really far back."

Jack growls low in his throat at the way his prat brother treated his sister, but he lets it slide quickly. The comment on the dress and Janet gets a chuckle. "You konw Janet loves me. So, she'd just clean the place and then cook me some food and then go back and tell Mum she'd done whatever she told her to." He quirks a brow as he continues to listen to the story. "How far back, Rosie?" His stomach drops, and his eyes narrow. "How far back?"

"Don't snap at me, Jack. I'm looking," Siobhan growls out at her brother. "It was mid 18th century, I thought…" Flipping, flipping, fli - "There!" She jabs her finger against the page. "Ichabod Pervigil Noble, born August twelfth, 1752. I knew I'd seen it before!" Turning to her brother, she blinks up at him. "What'd you say you needed it for?"

"Eighteen-" Jack's a cursebreaker. This often requires knowing what can cast curses. Or cause curse like situations. "Rosie. Magical creature. Near-eternal life span, cool skin, no visible changes or timely changes…" He thinks back to the other clues. "You tell me. What is our Uncle Ichabod, whom I spoke to last week in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures?" He is speaking softly, eyes focused on his sister's.

"Hang on. You saw him last week?" Well shit. Siobhan's mind races, putting clue after clue after clue together and ending up with one answer. CoMC and DADA can be quite useful classes. "Oh hell, Jack… Our family just got a lot weirder, didn't it?" Sitting back in her chair, the young Slytherin runs a hand through her black-and-yellow hair. "Does Da know, y'think?" And then, almost as an afterthought - it doesn't normally occur to her to question her brother. "Are you sure that the guy's who he says he is?"

Jack shrugs. "It could've been an elaborate prank or a scam, but he told me to go find out how old he was, basically by looking at the portraits of the heads of the departments. He said he was the one to design the basic 'creature sighting' form I was filing out, and told the assistant I delivered it to that 'Mr. Noble has already seen this and approved it.'" Jack shudders. "I think he really is. He has a huge-arse Runespoor that he carries around like it was a garden snake." He remembers that from the meeting. "I need to go see those portraits." He is more convinced now, especially since he knows exactly where to look now.

Siobhan sits quietly for once, absorbing her brother's evidence and staring blankly at the book in front of her. For a long moment, her brown eyes dart back and forth, going over information and pursuing ideas present only in her own mind. "Wait until the next weekend and I'll go with you." She's more concerned with what Sirius had overheard, but apparently the idea of sneaking out again doesn't bother her much, if at all.

Jack must be distracted. Her offer to sneak out again only gets a nod. "Yeah." He frowns, and joins her at looking down at the book. "Well, he's still family, even…" He stares down, hoping the names and lists will give him some sense of understanding of the situation.

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