1994-11-28: Falling Leaves


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Scene Title Falling Leaves
Synopsis The Corruption Continues!
Location Undisclosed Safehouse
Date Nov 28, 1994
Watch For n/a
Logger Renegade

Just another day in the life. There hasn't been much to do beyond sit on one's duff, read the same books, play with the muggle chess set.. and strike up a conversation with the rare visitor or rarer still, a chatty guard. Choosing to read over any other of his small list of options, Sirius is seated in the parlor on the first floor. He knows further trial dates have been delayed due to the Pink Terror, and it has him agitated. Something is not right about this and call it paranoia, but he's got a bad feeling.

Perfectly on time as usual, there comes a knock from the front door. The guard opens it and smiles a greeting to Christian as he enter. Unlike his usual professional manner, Christian gives him a terse and unfriendly reply. The other guard looks chagrined as he moves over to the parlor. "Mr. Black," Chris says, his face looks furrowed in frustration. "How are we today?"

Sirius looks up from his book as Christian enters. "Is there more bad news?" he asks in regards to the frustrated look of the Hit Wizard. "I'm quite fine, but you by all appearances, are not." Not that it's Black's business, but ordinarily on other duty rotations, Christian has been downright cordial with him.

"That is good to know Mr. Black," Christian says professionally. "I am physically quite alright." The hit wizard takes a breath and looks around. "Again, you tend to have an ability to help me rationalize outside of regulations. Minister Umbridge quietly passed some Legislation recently. Have you heard anything about it?"

Sirius waves a hand, "Call me Sirius. Mr. Black was my father." He points to one of the empty chairs in the parlor, "Have a seat, kick up your heels." He looks amused at Christian's words, ever so slightly that is. "I do? Well, I have been named Undesirable Number 1, and people were warned against me." He shakes his head, "I haven't been so lucky as to get this information. What did the mad old cow do now?"

Christian steps over to the chair, but does not sit. "Anti-Werewolf legislation," Christian says, clenching his fist on the back of the chair hard enough that it looks like it could break with the strain. "Registration is Mandatory, they are only allow to live in certain zones, and mandatory check-ins before and after the full moon."

Sirius's expression darkens to something fierce and a little frightening. It's easy to see how he got his reputation for temper even before the whole trying to kill Peter thing. "No wonder Remus has been scarce as of late," he growls a bit lowly in his throat. "Didn't take that pink clad toad long to force that one through. Remus and I have discussed a few of her attempts.. or at least he's caught me up on what I missed while in Azkaban. There's already a strong enough prejudice, we don't need her hate fueled policies worsening their situation."

"I agree," Christian says, his own face firm and jaw set. "Though this does not affect me directly, this is not why I joined the ministry. This is not justice." He walks over to the window and looks outside with his arms crossed in front of his chest. "This was not the battle I wanted to fight, and this is only the beginning…" He trails off, turning to regard Sirius with a hard look.

"Just because it doesn't affect you directly doesn't mean you shouldn't say something if you feel it is wrong." Speaking up is something Sirius has never had a problem doing. Always been one to speak his mind, he has. Falling quiet, he watches the younger Hit Wizard for a few moments before speaking, "I've found that we wind up fighting matters we never wanted to. Do you think I ever wanted to end up in Azkaban? That I wanted to be put in a situation that left me responsible for the deaths of people closer to me than family? After Hogwarts, I really had no plans beyond being an irresponsible berk. Things changed, Voldemort and his followers needed fighting. It's not easy being on the outside, fighting something that's creeping its way on the inside. I can't imagine that it's any easier for you, or for Tonks, or anyone in a Ministry job that isn't agreeing with the direction things are heading."

"I just wish things were a bit clearer," Christian says with a growl. "The worst enemy, is an enemy who believes everything they are doing is right. They are the ones who believe whole-heartedly in the fact that they are acting in the interest of the common good. Umbridge believes she is protecting the populus, but in reality she is making us weaker."

"It does get clearer. Stand by what you believe in and you'll know which way to go." It was always that simple for Sirius. Or at least, it was simpler following his friends and going along for the ride. "I'm not sure that's what she's doing. Maybe on some twisted level perhaps, but she's been a hateful piece of work from what I've heard. Using the law to twist things around to her way of thinking. Reminds me of a few of my blood relatives a few branches back."

"I am unfamiliar with your family legacy Mr. Black," Christian says, arching an eyebrow. "I assume then that you do not have a high opinion of them?"

Unfortunately, when you're born into a fanatical pureblooded family, these things are pounded in at a young age. Sirius barks out a hollow, bitter and short laugh at Christian's observation. "One of my mother's cousins tried to make muggle hunting legal, an aunt started a tradition of beheading elderly house-elves, my own brother was a Death Eater. I have a cousin in Azkaban for being a Death Eater, along with her husband and his brother. The vast majority of my family, all the worst one comes to expect when they think of Slytherin. So yes, you could say I don't have a high opinion of them."

"Father was a muggle Police Officer," Christian says, with a nod. "His father was a police officer, and his father before him. Since there has been law on the British Isle, the Faulkner family has been enforcing it. I have a legacy as well, Mr. Black." Christian paces impatiently.

"A very noble profession," Sirius says with an approving tone. Muggle police officers were fun to haze in his youth, but well, that's another story. "Hopefully you'll live up to your family legacy, and I'm sure you will if this mood is any indicator. You want to enforce the laws, but you can fully recognize when wrong is being made legal. Mark my words, this is just the beginning. The toad is just getting started. She had Dumbledore of all people tossed off the Wizengamot, and I'm amazed more have not followed suit."

"I'm two steps away from going rogue," Christian chuckles, but there is no mirth in it. "I know that sounds like heresy coming from the mouth of a Scion of Hufflepuff, but there is a subtle yet monumentous change coming. I've I step back from it, I can truely fight it. Yet, the service is my life. That life is slowly falling into corruption and fear."

Sirius is faintly amused. Going rogue huh? "Fight from within," he says, "Take a stand. It may cause a minor setback, but remember, Umbridge is only in office for now.. and no. It doesn't sound like heresy. It sounds like a man who wants to do right and uphold the law, but is conflicted when the law takes a wrong turn. I've seen it before."

"Doing my best, Mr. Black," Christian says, turning to stand by the door. "I only wish I could find like minded individuals. However, I have spoken too much already." He sighs and glances around. Something across the room catches his eye. "That is a very interesting picture…" He says, crossing the distance. As he passes nearby Sirius, there is a thud on the floor at his feet. Christian continues to the picture, examining it closely.

"There's more of them in the Ministry and outside of it than you think," Sirius says in quiet tones as he watches Christian. It should be the other way around, however, Black's going nowhere. "What picture is that," he asks, even casting a quick glance to the floor to see what made the thud.

"Dogs playing poker," Christian says arching his eyebrow. "Interesting concept, I suppose." On the floor is an unmarked hardback book. Leather bound, its outside stained and worn by time.

Sirius chuckles just a bit. "I didn't pay much attention to it. Someone must of thought it appropriate or amusing." Personally, he doesn't get the humor value in it. Must be a muggle thing that's escaped his grasp. He looks down at the book on the floor and doesn't reach for it, instead, "I think you dropped something."

"Leaves do not fall lightly," Christian says absently. "Keep that in mind." He walks back over to the door.

"Mmmhmm," Sirius says in a mild manner of skepticism as he watches Christian head towards the door. So as to not have the worn and stained book get trodden upon, he gets up from his seat and plucks the book up from the floor.

Christian stands at the usual space by the door. "What are your plans when you are found not guilty?" Christian asks, changing the subject.

"I don't presume as to when, merely 'if'," Sirius says as he holds the dropped book out for Christian to take. He assumes the other wizard dropped it. "I haven't any specific plans, as again, there's the 'if' factor. I'd like to fulfill my duties as godfather, that's first and foremost."

Christian takes the book and idly deposits it on a bookshelf nearby. "Call me idealistic then," He says, arching a brow. "I believe that justice will be done one way or another."

"I have to agree," Sirius says as he settles back into his chair, "It's not entirely idealistic, and fear not. You aren't alone in how you feel by the way."

"Oh really?" Christian says arching his brow. "I'm not alone in thinking and knowing that justice will be done?"

"That, and feeling that things are wrong within the Ministry," Sirius says. Although the latter is just plain sense to him.

"Someday I hope I can meet these friends of yours Mr. Black," Christian says with a slight quirk of his mouth.

"That day's already come," Sirius states matter of factly. "You've already met a few. Pardon if I hesitate to name names just yet." Of course, it's obvious who a few of them may be. Smiling some, he waves a hand at Christian. "Off with you, you're not supposed to be fraternizing with the enemy. You're supposed to keep the public safe from the likes of myself."

"You do not control when my shift ends Mr. Black," Christian chuckles. "Though should you wish some privacy I can grant it." The Hit wizard nods to Sirius, and steps out of the room.

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