1994-09-24: Expected Visitor



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Scene Title Expected Visitor
Synopsis Septima comes to talk to Lucius Malfoy about the Dark Mark, and proposes a meeting.
Location Malfoy Manor
Date Sep 24, 1994
Watch For Dark Marks!
Logger Lucius

Evening time at Malfoy Manor, and with the days work (if you call his tasks work) over, Lucius has settled himself in the den. It's a large, round room, with half of it filled with bookcases lined to the hilt with books on various subjects. The high-backed chairs, four of them, decked out in black leather, and situated around the fireplace. Sitting in one of the chairs himself, he appears to be patiently waiting for something. Or someone.

It's been a full day already for a certain Falton. Septima has met with a charity worker or two and donated money to an orphanage. Now it is time for her last meeting of the day. The meeting that has been on her mind for a few days now. Adorned in her usual long black dress with floral designs and jacket to match, a small handbag slung over her shoulder which contains, among other things, her wand, and high-heeled shoes on her feet, the blonde woman makes her way up to the Manor. Three knocks can be heard at the door.

Lucius barely turns his head towards the door, eyes narrowing. "Enter." he says calmly, as the following unmentioned spell allows the door to swing slowly open. His fingers move from the armrests, forming a little steeple in front of his chin.

With a slow gait, Septima enters the room and gazes around before her eyes finally fall upon Lucius. "Lucius…" She says his name, small smile upon her lips. "So good of you to meet with me." She says softly.

"Septima." Lucius returns, though there is not smile on his own lip. "To what occasion do I owe such a visit?" he asks, waving a hand towards one of the seats. "Please, having a seat. Tea?" It's all merely common courtesy designed to try and cover up his own intrigue as to why she would need to see him.

Septima bows her head and just as softly says, "Oh, a little of this and a little of that." She gives a nod. "Tea would be lovely, thank you. Cream, no sugar." She responds to the offer of tea as she, herself, takes a seat across from Lucius. "I hear you have a son now attending Hogwarts. Draco, is it?"

Lucius plucks his wand up from the end table next to his chair and taps it on the surface three times. With a pop, a grungy House Elf appears. "Tea, Nizen. One cream, no sugar." he commands, and the Elf disappears. Only returning a moment later with two cups of tea. The one for Septima is set on the end table beside her chair before the elf disappears again. "Fourth year, yes." Picking up his own cup, he sips from it. "Sadly, the Ministry sought an age restriction on the Tournament. Against my recommendation."

Septima nods slightly as she listens, eyes barely registering the House Elf. As her tea arrives, she takes it in hand and begins to sip. "I am sure that, had there been a less stringent age requirement for the Tournament, your son would have been a top contender. I hear he is a good boy, who does well at school." Another sip of tea taken. "I have a daughter and a son of my own now. My daughter is now a first year."

"Quite a change from the woman I remember." Lucius says, tossing a sly grin towards Septima. "And I doubt Draco would be a top contender. He is…shall we say…lacking in some respects." The cup is raised to his lips again and some of the liquid drained. "You still haven't told me what brings you here. Perhaps wanting to see if I could use my Ministry influence for your daughter's advancement?"

Septima chuckles softly. "And you have changed from the man I once knew…only slightly, however." With a small smile, she takes a sip of tea and shakes her head. "Shame. The son of such…an affluent gentleman should, at the very least, be trying his best compensate for any failings. I hope you have told him as such." Is said with an incline of the head as she considers Lucius. "Although I am sure you could be quite influential to my daughter's advancement, that is not the reason I have called on you. I have come to ascertain whether you have…heard from any of our friends. Tides are changing direction, Lucius, as I am sure you no doubt know."

Lucius sets the teacup back down on the tables surface with a grin. "Indeed. Draco has been told on several occasions that he needs to be more in line with the distinguished nature of his family name." And then the truth comes out. "I have heard rumors, if that's what you're asking." His eyes drift over to glance at Septima, curious to see what she is exactly searching for.

Septima bows her head once more. "Well, I hope he learns to listen…eventually." She says with a soft smile. "Such a family he comes from…he should be proud of it. It is that of strength and resolve." She says with a firm nod. "Rumours…only heard them? What sort of rumours?" She looks at the man with cold blue eyes. She places her own tea down now. There's a glances toward the door as she slowly draws her wand, pointing it in the direction of said door. A silent spell is performs with the tiniest of waves. She presumably took the precaution to make it so they cannot be over heard. "And what of said rumours? What have those ears of your heard?"

Watching with peaked interested, Lucius grins. He recognizes a silencing charm when he sees one. "You can rest assured, there is no one in my house that would dare question anything said under its roof." he says, grinning. "Very well, if you must know…it has been rumored that the Dark Lord is close to returning. Some do not believe it, but what do you think?"

Septima turns her gaze back to Lucius, eyes attempting not to betray her emotion, a mixture of fear and amazement. "It is still better to air on the side of caution, I have found. With any such mutterings, if caught by the Ministry, they could be suspicious of two from purepblood families who once were thought to be on the side of the Dark Lord." Not that they were far off, mind you. "It does not matter what I seem to think, does it? The arm says it all." She moves her wand to her other arm's sleeve and pushes the sleeve up with her wand to show the outline of the Dark Mark. "You cannot deny that you have not seen it as well. It has been growing steadily darker."

Lucius's eyes dart down to the mark on the woman's arm briefly, before glancing at his own arm. He doesn't uncover the mark, but does nod his head. "I won't deny it." he starts, lifting his own wand and flicking it at the two windows. The shutters immediately close. "You should be a little more careful though when revealing that. Despite Fudge being a complete imbecile, he does still have the power to make things very nasty for us."

Septima smiles wryly. "Well, I have been careful. Very much so. No one would think that Septima Falton, yearly donor to the Saint Martymitcher Orphanage would be showing the Dark Mark to Lucius Malfoy. But it is still right to be wary, I suppose." She nods. "It can only mean one thing, though. You know as well as I."

"Nor would they expect one who is on the Board of Governors of Hogwarts." Lucius counters, grinning slyly. "Or who donates to St. Mungos. We all have our cover storys, my dear Septima. But will they hold up when the moment comes that they are tested is the true question. And I know what it means. But until it is proven that it has occurred, then we should have to remain playing by the book."

Septima sighs softly. "Well, by one means or another, I believe that the time has come for us to all meet once more. I've spoken with Sechnall Swancoate and have offered my parent's old mansion in Scotland to be used as a meeting place. I am sure we could get Severus over the weekend, as well as Swancoate, Crabbe, Goyle, Nott, amongst others if we can find them."

"I see." Lucius says, leaning back in his chair and steepling his fingers once again, only this time at chest level. "So you've taken it upon yourself to organize this little gathering." Clearly he's concerned. He's used to be the right hand person to Voldemort, or so he was back in the day. But seems someone else has their eyes set on it. "I trust precautions have been taken?"

One can only hope and dream of their being trusted more than others by the one that they so admire. "Yes. I have. Though it was in part Swancoate's idea." Says Septima in response. "I plan on making the home and the land unplottable before the meeting can take place. As well, I have toyed with the thought of a secret keeper for the space."

Lucius nods his head, almost in quiet approval. "Very well then." he starts, grinning across at Septima. "We shall have this little gathering of yours. Just send me an owl with the day and time. I shall ensure that the others I know of attend. Though, if it were me, I would not trust anyone amongst us to be a secret keeper." He doesn't really trust anyone aside from himself. Unless they follow orders.

Septima bows her head and finishes off her tea. "I shall do just that." She says softly. "As for the secret keeper…well, we never know who we can trust, do we. I trust Severus the least, in complete honesty. He's so close to Dumbledore." She pauses for a few moment. "Well, I could just make myself the secret keeper, couldn't I? I suppose that would make most sense." She stands at that moment. "Well, I'm afraid I must be off. I've got papers that need filling out. I'm opting to be a donor yet another orphanage." She says quietly. "Good day, Lucius. Be well."

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