1995-06-02: Evil Plots & Friendly Talks


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Scene Title Evil Plots & Friendly Talks
Synopsis Fred and Nia cook up revenge against Nathan, Nia's twin then Neville and Nia finish a conversation they started a while ago.
Location Hogwarts Great Hall
Date June 2, 1995
Watch For A new couple blooming
Logger Fox, Nia Fox

"Nate you PRAT!" Echoes from outside the Great Hall before Nia storms inside looking really pissed and holding her hands on her head. If you watch her you can see that parts of her hair was pulling away from her but in actuality her 2 dragon clips are trying to fly away. "First he messes with my quills and now this oh mom is gonna make him regret crossing me!" The girl mumbles as she makes her way to an empty seat and takes out her wand and tries to reverse the spell on her hair clips.

Fred raises an eyebrow from the Gryffindor table and spotting Nia struggling with the clips gets up leaving his fellow housemates behind to try and help the girl. "Whoa Nia…what happened?" He asks as he slinks down at the Slytherin table getting dirty looks.

Nia manages to get one clip back to normal before Fred sat down beside her and with an evil glare sent down the table, stops a few other Slytherins with their dirty looks towards Fred. "My prat of a twin decided it would be funny if he bewitched all my quills so instead of writing on my parchment would write on the ceiling instead and if that wasn't enough he charmed my clips alive." And after another curse as the clip burns her finger with a puff of fire, Nia finally manages to curse it back to normal. "I was half way through one of my O.W.L.'s before I noticed my essay page was blank."

Fred blinks at this and raises an eyebrow, "What me to get him back? It's a specialty." He grins widely at the chance to really get someone who deserves it. He pulls out his wand to try and get the other hairclip back to normal, not to hard for Fred.

Nia rubs her burnt finger and takes a deep breath to calm down. "That would be brilliant Fred! Nate wouldn't expect that. Retaliation from me yes but retaliation from you would be priceless and unexpected. Thank you." Rubbing her sore head, the girl flicks both of her clips just to make sure they were indeed back to normal which they were. "Mom is going to tear into him for messing with my O.W.L's."

Fred grins wickedly, yep wickedly, "Well great then. I'm on it, won't tell you a think either, you'll have nothing to do with it, promise." He then stops grinning so evilly, "You think you did alright on your owl anyways?"

Nia grins evilly along with Fred's words and even lets out a little evil cackle. "Perfect…" Blinking at the other question the girl turns back to her normal happy self. "Yeah it was an easy one today. I have it in the bag. The only one I'm worried about is my Potions one. I need to get a high grade or it will crush my career goal."

Fred ohs and nods his head at this, "Well I'm not one to talk. I think I passed 3 owls or something like that. I really wasn't paying much attention." He shrugs and is still in more classes then three so someone took pity on the twins.

Nia grins "I'm sure you'll get more than a couple. Haven't you and Angie been studying?" She asks as she puts her wand away and began taking out the two clips in her hair and setting them on the table. "Are owl's important for your career you're gonna be going into or are you doing them to make your mother happy?" Nia then begins to comb her fingers through her hair as she waits for the boy to answer.

Fred smiles to her and jokingly remind her, "Already did my owls last year. But yeah been studying a lot for the exams this year. Don't wanna totally pissed McGonagall off." He gets up and waves to her, "Well I'm off to plan." He rubs his hands together and would laugh evilly, but to cliché.

Neville strolls into the Great Hall with his hands clutching around the strap of his book bag that hangs on his shoulder. The boy seems happy enough, and the traces of earth and smell of soil might be the reason why. He cranes his neck around, attempting to find a place to sit for the meal time.

Nia facepalms then moves her hair out of her face. "Oh right I forgot you're a year above me." Waving back as he gets up to leave an evil grin fell on her lips. "Make it a good one and thanks again!" Nia calls out as she sets her clips back into her hair and then she freezes for a moment as she sees Neville walk in. "Hey Neville!" She calls out with a wave towards the boy.

Neville glances over, holding a hand up. "Wotcher, Nia," he greets. He eyes the seat just emptied by Fred Weasley, but seems hesitant. The dark brown gaze roam the Slytherin table.

Nia smiles then glances around the table and with a little frown stands up and walks over to meet Neville. "How have you been? End of the year tests going ok?" She asks quietly as the smile went back onto her lips. "Would you mind if I sat with you and talked when the food comes for lunch?"

Neville breathes out, looking relieved. "Yeah, sure," the fourth year says. "I think I see some seats over on the end of the Gryffindor table." He points, starting forward to the empty patch of bench. "Exams are all right. I think I'm finally getting the hang of them!"

Nia nods as she glances over at the Gryffindor table before walking with Neville towards it. "That's good. Did you just come from your Herbology exam or were you relaxing in the greenhouse again?" She asks as she glares evilly at some of her Slytherin house mates making them stop their snickering but then quickly smiles back over at Neville.

Neville's face twitches a bit with a small look over to the Slytherin's. But he manages to ignore it for the time being. "Yeah, Herbology was this morning. Can't say I'm not proud of myself…" He sits, setting his bag to the side.

Nia takes a seat next to the boy and as soon as she does the food appears on the table but she doesn't go for it just yet. "Ahh so you passed it then," She replies with a wink before looking down at her empty plate. "About our last meeting Nev, I just wanted to say sorry. A lot of emotions were going through me and I just kinda blurted it out without thinking. I know you had a lot of stuff going on and it was information overload so sorry." Nia looks up and back into Neville's eyes. "But I did mean everything I said."

There is a long pause and Neville uses it to gather up some food on his plate. He pours himself some pumpkin juice and takes in a deep sigh. "I'm sorry too. I didn't mean to run out on you…" He doesn't make eye contact, instead locking in on his bread rolls. "I spook easily, you see. An' you're great an'… an' I got spooked."

The girl nods as she pours some pumpkin for herself then gathers up some food for her plate. "I kinda half expected a reaction like that but it's ok. I just want you to understand that no matter what out come we will always be friends." Nia pauses for a moment as she ate a bite of her sandwich. "I was wondering what your thoughts have been on our last talk."

Neville clears his throat. he busies himself with a large gulp of his juice. "Oh, well," he begins, sounding sheepish. "I'm not really sure." There is a tone of honesty in his voice, as well as a nervous quaver. "So you really meant it? Wasn't any sort of joke your housemates convinced you to pull?"

Nia remains quiet for a few moments as she eats a little more of her sandwich and takes a sip of her juice before she answers. "Yes I really mean it. I would never play such a trick on you like that Neville. I care for you too much to see you hurt."

Neville leans a little, looking at her finally. "I know," he admits. "It's easier to assume the worst, though. But… thanks. I mean, I'm not exactly the best catch." Neville chuckles, nibbling on a roll. "I wouldn't be any good in a relationship. I'm hopeless."

"Oh you're not? I think you are." Nia admits with a raised eyebrow and a tint of pink on her cheeks. "If you just keep being your sweet caring self I think you should be fine. I think you look at a relationship as something you don't know how to do but when it all boils down I think one is just a deeper friendship two people have for one another." She smiles as she looks into his face and pats his hand one time before pulling hers back to her lap. "And you Neville Longbottom are the best friend I could hope for."

Neville drags his hands to his lap, shifting himself to glance at her. "Well, thanks," he mumbles. "Maybe you're right. After all, if I can handle a Death Eater…" Neville pauses for a laugh. "How hard could a girl be?"

Nia chuckles softly as she glances at the boy. "Well that's settled then." She states simply as she idly pushed some of her vegetables around on her plate. "Um we can go slow if you like. I just want to make sure you feel comfortable you know but thanks for understanding." Nia feels a lot better now that this awkwardness is out of the way for now and she goes on munching some green beans that were on her plate.

Still, the general nervous look on Neville's face is hard to fade. "Uh, yeah. That. I mean… it'll be easy, what with summer about to start. Almost three months of slow."

"We can act like none of this awkwardness ever happened and we are just friends if that's easier for you?" Nia suggests in hopes to calm the nervous boy down a bit. "Do you have any plans for the summer? I know your birthday is coming up soon right?"

"In July," Neville explains, just chuckling at her. "Probably going to Diagon Alley for it. I could send you an owl?"

Nia nods "Yeah that would be great. Though I think I might give you your birthday present early. It just came a little while ago…." She trails off and looks at her watch. "Hmmm looks like I'm gonna have to skedaddle actually or I'm going to be late for my next OWL exam. I'll give you your gift when I see you next that should be good. I don't know how long I can keep it up in my room.." With that Nia stands up and smiles. "See you soon then and good luck on your tests. Bye Nev!" She says with a wave before heading out of the room.

Neville looks up, waving at her. "A gift…?" he wonders. "O-oh. All right! Cheers, Nia. G'luck on your test." Neville leans to watch her depart, letting out a sigh with a small lick of his lips in thought.

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