1995-01-17: Evil In The World


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Scene Title Evil In The World
Synopsis The morning after the rescue, Alistaire and Tonks have a time getting Sirius and Lupin to stay put.
Location #12, Grimmauld Place
Date Jan 17, 1995
Watch For Stubbornness, tempers
Logger Old Yeller

Grimmauld place has never been the most welcoming of places. It's notable 'dark' decor, the constantly-mumbling thing of a house-elf, and other such things don't make it a welcoming place, either the first time, or the fifteenth. Still, it was safe. The kitchen is warm, and rearranged. The table had been used as a makeshift bed, and shoved to one side. This was where the poor werewolf was deposited none too gently. The chairs that were usually around the table were placed between the table and the door, while one was on the other side of the door jam. This was where the one of the three that came here would sit and periodically fire a stunning spell. They sat in the doorway for obvious reasons. Should something fail, all they'd have to do would be close the door and barricade it and… viola! Grimmauld's kitchen gets remodeled.
But as morning's light shines through upstairs, and Tonks is sitting in the chair for now, it seems that Sirius'll have to wait for his remodeled kitchen.

Lupin had morphed back into himself early in the morning, though it isn't until now that he finally begins to stir. He groans, his eyes fluttering open. It takes him a couple moments to realize just where he is, having not expected to wake up in Grimmauld Place. Suddenly he sits up suddenly and quickly, probably much to the surprise of the others there. "Holly!"

He winces, however, and the pain of his bruised body immediately afterwards.

It's been a long and vicious night, and Alistaire Phoenix is probably as dog-tired as Sirius Black can be. A few close calls, but thankfully, the house is still intact, Mrs. Black only screamed about twenty million times (despite Alistaire's one serious thought to coax the werewolf into clawing the hell out of her canvas - not acted upon, of course), and soon, Tonks can smell something much grander than hot tea with honey or coffee: hot chocolate with marshmallows. "She's at St. Mungos with Jack," Alistaire states quietly, offering both doorwarden and unintended guest rather large mugs of the stuff. "Drink this, it'll make you feel better."

Wand in hand, Sirius has refused to sleep at all throughout the night. Opting to stay on vigilant watch with his friend. Standing close to Tonks, his arms are folded, and there's a grim expression on his face. His anger has yet to abate, and probably will not until he's had someone's blood over this. Kreacher has been banished to the other areas of the house and forbidden to enter the kitchen for this duration. They did not need his interference. For once, any shrieks and howlings from his mother's portrait are ignored completely. "I could have that hag's head for this," he says in a voice that trembles with fury. "I've half a mind to go after her myself." As he speaks, his eyes stay focused on Remus throughout the transformation and as he wakes up. "Easy Remus," he says, finally putting his wand away and rushing towards Lupin's side. "Jack's got Holly, he took her to St. Mungo's. We've not heard on her condition just yet." Save for the painfully obvious.

Hot Chocolate. "Oh, you're a life saver," Tonks utters her thanks. She stands up and moves her chair out of the way, mug in hand as Remus seems to be waking up. The chair wall's also moved with a flick of her wand, allowing the older men easier access to the waking wolf. There's a nod. "I'll be popping home to see if she sent Dad an update." She was supposed to, since she couldn't Owl her daughter directly. She drifts closer to the table, frowning with concern. She doesn't say anything, instead, just occupies her hands with the mug.

Lupin looks around, taking deep laboured breaths. He shakes his head. "No…no." He eases himself up slowly and plops himself chair, his face showing his obvious pain. "She's alive?" He takes another deep laboured breath. "Di…did…I didn't, did I? Please tell me I didn't?" He doesn't seem to want to actually say 'infect her'.

Alistaire shakes his head toward Sirius as a third and fourth mug are procured, the former given to Black. "No, actually, you're not," he says to Sirius in a calm and most deadly voice. "I have enough evidence to take this straight to Scrimgeour and have her arrested and chucked into Azkaban herself. Authorizing a Killing Curse was /never/ allowed, even when Voldemort was rampaging around last time, thus Dolores Umbridge is finished. Let me take care of that thing for you, and you take care of things here."

Sirius's expression is somber as he puts a hand on Remus's shoulder. All of the precautions taken over the years, and this happens. "It's not your fault Remus. This.. this never would have happened without deliberate interference." His tone is firm as he will not be accepting any claims of fault. Alistaire's words earn a growl, "I will /not/ tolerate this, Phoenix! Not even during the first war have I seen something this despicable!" However.. he does offer.. "I insist I be there when you present the charges. If you say no, I'll just be there anyway."

The mug that Alistaire had brought from Remus is now in Tonks hands and she's now presenting it well within the man's personal space. "Please?" Drink it. Her own is set down in favor of trying to idly adjust the blanket. She's quiet, not knowing what to say, though her hand holding the mug shakes slightly. This was deplorable. Worse than deplorable…"I take it back; maybe she really is a Death Eater. To willfully inflict such…/damage/." The wounds they can clearly see on Holly…and the ones they can't on Remus. At Sirius' insistence she just gives Alistaire a look, "Let him have it mate. He means what he says. Mum says he really could never be told no, even before Azkaban."

Lupin slowly takes the drink from Tonks. "Why…they never used tactics like this. I…I can't believe it. I just…" His face has gone pale, something quite unusual for him. He drinks almost half of the drink in one gulp.

"There are more evils in this world than just Voldemort and his followers," Alistaire says quietly, with the soft sorrow of experience in his voice. He sips almost idly at his own mug of the most excellent hot chocolate before speaking again. "Actually, you're the /last/ person who should be there, Sirius," he points out quietly. "She'll use your presence as a 'clue' that all of us who are there to serve her with charges are actually in league with Voldemort and use it to get those blindly loyal to the Ministry to act against us. Once she's in custody and gets her own fair trial, I'd be more than happy to ensure you get a front-row seat to that circus."

"Hush 'Dora," Sirius says, flashing a quick look at Tonks. "You know you want to have at that.." And here he says something incredibly rude, but appropriate in name-calling. "We might be able to rouse a large group to go with you, Phoenix. Overwhelm with numbers." Or just sheer force. His hand tightens on Remus's shoulders, "That.. there are no words to adequately describe what that beast of a woman is.. She's probably covered her tracks so she doesn't look directly involved.. but who the bloody Hell else could have orchestrated this?" Biting off further foul words and language, he says, "There's a few rooms upstairs that have been cleaned up. You're to lay down and rest." Seeing as being stupefied doesn't count. "If I have to prepare a sleeping draught, I will… while you rest, we'll wait on word from Andromeda.." He then snaps his head to look in Alistaire's direction and growls, "I will be there to help accuse her!"

Tonks just makes a face, before she reaches for her mug. Fine, she'll behave or something. "I'm not the hotheaded one," she grumbles under her breath at Sirius, who wants to march into the ministry as a fugitive! She doesn't say anything to Alistaire, but the lack of commentary means she accepts, and agrees with most of it. He /is/ older and more experienced in the field than she is, and she'd be an idiot to let what he says go in one ear and out the other. As for the draught, "I can make it. I'm pretty good at potions." Well, anyone who got into Snape's NEWT class is probably 'pretty good'. "A dreamless sleep is probably best…" And there goes Sirius again, and she rolls her eyes.

Lupin he looks up at Sirius. "I can't stay here. I…I just can't…I've gotta go. I need to see her. I…" He looks up at Sirius. "Padfoot, don't endanger yourself by going. Just stay here. Please. Just…please." He looks wide-eyed. "One bad thing has happened here to me and Holly…I can't handle loosing you because you acted irrationally and went into the Ministry before there's an assured possibility of your name being cleared."

"Sirius, you'll /get/ your time to accuse the hell out of her," Alistaire promises, his dark eyes flashing in rising annoyance. "So will everyone else she's wronged. We all know what she's done, and some of us have been keeping a tally for when we had enough we could drop the proverbial anvil on her head. But if you go and try and be there when we lawfully haul her out of office, then you'll ruin everything. I know you have the patience of a gnat, but this time, I have to say this and mean it for once: STAY." And then he addresses Lupin's words with, "Let's wait until we hear from Tonks' mum. Remember, you're still considered on the run too, until we get whatever cockamamie warrant for your arrest cleared up. A little patience, and I /know/ it's hard," he adds pointedly, almost fiercely, "and it will pay off in spades."

The anger and fury only rise quickly to the surface as Sirius whirls to try and put his hands on both of Remus's shoulders, "You /have/ to stay. Holly probably won't be allowed visitors for the near future while she's getting initial treatment. You /will/ stay here and rest." He's insistent on looking after his friend. It might keep him from doing something stupid and impulsive. "Moony, it's hardly irrational when that foul, overblown nightmare masquerading as a person uses my friend /as a bloody weapon/. I will /not/ tolerate this!" He throws an almost murderous look at Alistaire and snarls. Looks like he really doesn't have a counter to what Phoenix has to say. "We can't just continue to sit here and play house." Despite it looking like they'll have to.

Tonks just isn't sure how she feels. Now that it's all said and done. "Don't worry, Mum'll take care of her. She knows what she's doing, and she won't let anyone in and run off with her either. Well, without casualties being inflicted in the process," Because as refined as Andromeda tends to try to be, she's still a black and they have a furious temper when it gets going. She seems mostly focused on Remus, Sirius and Alistaire being in the periphery. Sirius only seems to get her attention when he seems to place himself directly where she's got her attention focused. "I'll stay with you," she tells the two. She lifts a hand, as if she was to reach out to the man still on the damn table, but she stops herself. To Alistaire, "Be careful when you go back. I'm sure those blokes'll be able to recognize you. I"ll stay here and keep an eye on the wonder twins here."

Lupin stands, a little shakily. "I'm going upstairs. I need time to myself. To think." And with that, he heads upstairs.

Alistaire watches as Lupin heads upstairs and sighs softly. He can't spare the man the self-flagellation that is bound to occur because of the previous night's incident. "Good," he says to Tonks. "Because someone has to, and I can't do it and clean up that mess. However, I suspect those guards will be out of circulation… I sent Scrimgeour a message as soon as we got here, so they should already be in custody to await their own trials for their parts in this shameful deed." Looking toward Sirius one more time, his lips thin much like McGonagall's when she's displeased. "You're the only close friend that bloke's got," he says, chucking a thumb over his shoulder to where Lupin departed. "I need you here, looking after him, and Tonks here will look after you, as she's said. Let me do my thing, and I will let you know when I have need of your particular services. This is /my/ area of responsibility, Sirius. I need you to trust me and help me by sticking around here, so I can nail the old toad to the wall, cleanly and without any question as to proper procedures. The last thing we need is her slithering out of our grasp due to a technicality."

Sirius nearly mouths off at Alistaire in regards to stating the obvious about Lupin. "Fine," he says through tightly clenched jaws once Moony's gone upstairs. "He's never been in danger of hurting anyone during the full moon.. I could kill that woman for doing this to him and to Holly." Somewhere along the way the formality of 'Miss Maplewood' has dropped. His eyes travel to the ceiling, as if he's debating on following after Remus. He then decides to stay put, and let the man have a bit of time to himself. After several minutes of being quiet, he gets a grip on his temper and impulsiveness, "It's not a matter of trust Phoenix. We shared the same dorm for seven years." Then again, the same could be said for Pettigrew. Maybe it is trust. "I'm just.. having a rather difficult time sitting still and doing nothing." And boy did it hurt to admit that aloud.

Tonks' gaze follows Remus as he leaves their company. Lips twist in slight frustration, not knowing exactly how to help the situation. Instead, she looks to Sirius, "Where's your potions ingredients kept?" Since she's staying here,s he might as well get started on that potion. And if Sirius isn't careful, he's going to find it in his drink, too. Of course, she's supposed to visit her dad, maybe she can send a message to him to Owl her mother and get some Dreamless Sleep sent to the house before she gets there. "Thank you, though. For the help," she directs this to Alistaire.

"You always did, Sirius," Alistaire remarks quietly and understandingly. "However, killing her isn't quite the worst that could ever happen to her. I intend to see that the worst actually /does/." He speaks no more of it right now, but his words are definitely chilling. However, when Tonks thanks him, he musters a wan smile. "My pleasure." The words are quiet. It wasn't a pleasure as such, but it's the appropriate thing to say.

"I may have to send Kreacher for fresh ingredients. I bet our supply hasn't been refreshed since my darling, sweet mother passed." Can you find the sarcasm in Sirius's words? I knew you could. "I'll check and see if any are still usable, if not, I'll send Kreacher to fetch some fresh items.. with explicit instructions." He raises a hand and rubs tiredly at his temple, and knows if he tried to lay down he would just wind up pacing. "Let me know when and how I can act. I know I don't want to be personally responsible for blowing our chance to get her out of power." Unable to remain still, he gets up and then heads for the cabinet where the more mundane of ingredients are kept and starts going through them. Knowing his late parents, there are far worse and potent potions ingredients lurking throughout the house.

"You know," she tells this mainly to Alistiare, considering they share a profession and all, "I thought I'd never really see true evil, even when I got qualified. You never really think you'd see such, despite it being pounded into your skull." Thanks, Moody. "So much for that bit of naivete, eh?" She gives the older auror a slight smile, still impish in quality, though lacking in humor. She gestures Sirius' back, saying quietly, "don't worry about him. We'll be good, promise." She turns and begins picking up the mugs and arranging the kitchen back to where it was meant to be before they'd brought in a werewolf to use it as a bedroom.

Alistaire nods to both of his comrades, although most of his attention is on Tonks now that Sirius doesn't seem to be about to charge out and hang Umbridge up by her pink undergarments. "I don't even think she qualifies as evil per se," he opines surprisingly. "Misguided, definitely. Power-mad, absolutely. Racist, down to her shoes. Mad in the traditional sense, probably. But evil? I'm not so sure, even despite last night's… adventure. Even compared to Voldemort, she's not much of anything. However, she's still very dangerous and we're still going to need to be careful when we go to haul her in."

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