1995-05-12: Everything's Got a Moral, If Only You Can Find It


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Scene Title Everything's Got a Moral, If Only You Can Find It
Synopsis The Dark Lord toys a bit with the dreamscape.
Location ?
Date May 12, 1995
Watch For Future London
Logger Jax

It was a day, perhaps, like any other recently. The same bleak landscape, the same flashes of green light showing events, people. Altogether, Luna didn't quite seem as stalwart as she was for the past time, the girl wearing a frown more than her usual serene look. With a bit of a sigh, she folds her arms behind her back, and steps forward, glancing over the others with an owlike cant to her head.

Neville Longbottom has been better. He's frazzled, eyes nearly constantly wide, yet sunken in. He hasn't been able to sleep well, constantly waking as if to jar him out of this dream world. He's sitting off to himself, his wand out and flicking around as he repeats every spell he knows. Anything to see if it will get him out of here. "Waddiwasi," is what he's on now. But seeing as there isn't any sticky objects in site to unstick with said spell, the waft of the blue spell fizzles uselessly. Neville's voice cracks at the next spell, which seems to spook him. He looks up, catching Luna's gaze. He says nothing, but doesn't move to look away.

Sitting down with his legs tucked up underneath him is Fred Weasley. Not the normal bouncy, happy, smiling, joking Fred Weasley, but a slightly annoyed, randomly poking images with his wand Fred. "You know people use to dress rather stupid. I mean really, there is enough lace on that guys robe to make one sick. It's ghastly." He points to the image of a dance from his great grandfather's time, "Now on a girl, lace is a little nutter, but on a him?" He shakes his head and pokes the image again.

Jax just looks worn, by now, his eyes glassy and darkly shadowed. He sits staring at his Charms book, but he hasn't turned the page in the better part of an hour at least. His fingers twitch, fidgeting restlessly with the handle of his wand, and he doesn't look up at anyone. "I like lace," he offers in a dull voice.

Angelina has been trying to keep the darkness in the group at bay. She has helped them study, if they wanted, or work on projects that they could. But after a while, even the most positive of people can't take the green any more. The damn, ugly green. If she never sees the color green again, it will be too soon. She sits now, off by herself, knees drawn to her chest and just watches the images. There isn't much talk any more. Not much to stay.

"I think the lace is rather lovely, myself." Luna says, glancing towards the image before it fades away. But the fading image didn't quite fade entirely. Instead, the green that made up the image of the older wizards 'bled' into the surrounding area. All about them, every single one of the images was doing the same, the green of it dripping to fill the void above and below them all. Luna, for her part, frowns again, and falls into a sit. A good idea, as well, as a slow rumbling began to overtake the neverscape.

The new activities of their vast, green prison only causes a groan in Neville Longbottom. He simply lays back, rolling to his stomach and dragging his book bag over his head. "Make it stop, make it stop," the boy croaks quietly from his make-shift bag shelter.

Fred raises an eyebrow towards Jax at the young boy comments, "Really? Hopefully not that much at least, might have to tell people I don't know ya mate." He attempts a chuckle but it's a touch worn out. Luna gets another raised eyebrow and as the girl sits down Fred looks over towards Angie to make sure she'll alright before asking, "Alright who did it this time?" He looks around at the images questionably and then up at the sky to make sure the dark mark isn't there again as he sits forward to steady himself against the quaking.

"No. Lace in moderation," Jax replies in a monotone. "And not on any of my /skirts/." He tenses as the scene starts changing, eyes lifting from the page of his book to stare out at the void around them. "Oh — dear. Another earthquake?" He shudders, and scoots closer to Neville, clutching his wand tighter. His gaze lifts to the sky too.

She doesn't so much notice the blurring at first. All the memory images are blurring together anyway. At least in Angie's mind. It isn't until the rumbling begins that she notices the change. Looking a bit like she might be ill, her wand comes out. The last time this happened, there was a wicked dark mark hovering over their heads. "Neville! Get your wand out!" Angie rises into a crouch, ready, but staying close to the floor. Not so far to fall that way.

The shaking continues, becoming more and more violent by the moment. Luna looked nonplussed except for the unusual frown upon her lips. Scooting closer to the group that was forming about poor Neville, she reaches out a hand, to pat the lad upon the shoulder in what she hoped was a comforting manner. All about them, however, the green of the memories continues to bleed into each other - until the black of the void about them became a solid green. The rumbling stops, leaving the world silent - eerily so. None of the whispers that usually accompanied memories, none of the rumblings of lighting and otherwise. Slowly, shapes begin to form out of the green fog, gaining colour besides green. Dark brown forms along one side, towering high until it becomes a perhaps familiar shape of 'Big Ben'. Asphalt grey lines the ways, a red car that suddenly forms zooming towards the group of children. All in silence. And even if the car should strike them, it would pass on through, as if they were ghosts. It may be discovered that instead of a foggy ground, there was a grey road beneath them.

Neville is absolutely refusing to get up. In fact, he even lifts his hands up to press his bag mre firmly to his head. He just grumbles and whimpers under it. However, the physical touch of Luna finally stirs him. His bag shifts, just enough, for the boy to turn his head and peek a crusty rimmed eyes out… which is just in time to see a red muggle automobile hurtling at him. "WAHH!" he hollers, rolling to a sit and grabbing Luna tightly as the car passes through him. "What'd you do?!" he demands to no one in particular.

Jax yelps in dismay as the car hits — or doesn't hit — Neville. "Ohmygosh — you're alive!" Relief washes over his expression, and he leans forward to hug the older boy, but pulls away almost immediately. "… wooooah. There's a road now. Maybe it leads out! Maybe there's London there." He points off towards the tower.

Angelina actually lets out a scream, putting up her arms defensively when she thinks the car is going to hit her. Cause if a car is speeding your way? That'll totally help! Once the car passes, and the silence ensues, Angie rises and looks around. "Look. I don't care who did it. But there is something different than green here. And something changed. And I'm real good with that." She points down. "Especially since they just gave us a road. This might be the teachers trying to get us out." Follow the Yellow Brick Road! Follow the Yellow Brick Road! It led Dorothy to a wizard, after all! "Anyone up for a walk down the lovely paved road?" A nod and grin is given toward Jackson.

Luna, herself, turns her head to moonily look towards the oncoming car, and both her eyebrows lift, the girl only having the time to rise to a stand, and ineffectually tug at Neville's shoulder as the car drives through her. "Hmmn." she says, rather thoughtfully. A black muggle car follows along after the red one, as shapes begin to appear on the sidewalks proper. Muggles, if their clothes were any indicator, mostly walking with their gazes downcast. What may be odd, as Jax leads the way down the alleged yellow brick road, was that there were wizards, wearing smug looks with chins held high, in robes with wands out, walking down the sidewalks of London itself.

"Oh, /now/ you're okay with walking," Neville huffs, still attempting to catch his breath. The boy steps off and back away from Luna, looking around wildly. He scuttles out of the way of any more cars, stopping short and attempting not to bump into any of the people, whether they be memory ghosts or not. "Hello?" he begs of one of the people, waving a hand at the woman's face. "Please! Can you see me? Us?"

A grin spreads across Fred's face and he says, "Off to see the wizard?" Looking to Jackson for confirmation of this muggle thing, apparently the older boy is on the same wave length, "Really if we're given a perfectly good road and don't follow it…bloody nutters." He finishes his sentence as he actually looks at the pictures finally, "But this never happened? We couldn't have been stuck in her for that long…" He looks a tad bit wary and looks to Angelina for confirmation that it hasn't been years. Looking to Neville and his attempts Fred shakes his head, "It's just like the others but a bunch more colour, never thought I'd be this grateful to see grey again." He grins and attempts to grab Angelina's hand if she lets the boy.

"Off to see the wizard," Jax echoes, though he sings it with the appropriate tune. He picks up his bag and shoulders it, wand in hand as he starts down the road. He looks at the smug wizards and downcast Muggles with some confusion, though. "This isn't what London was like at all." He approaches the people, too, stopping in front of one Muggle — a with his head bowed — and peers at him. "Hello? Sir?"

Angelina walks slowly along the road, turning to look at what is going on as they move along, eyes on the sidewalk. "Naw..we haven't been in here that long." Angie frowns as they try to get the attention of the muggles. "Just…this is weird. Why are they walking around with their wands out like that? In Muggle London?" She lets Fred have her hand for a few seconds, pulling him down the road some as she walks. "Lets…lets…use the road. But keep an eye out." She raises a brow at Jackson. "There is a song?"

The woman that Neville was waving towards stops. For a moment, it may appear that it was due to Neville's gaze, but the woman smiles past him, her eyes going away from him, greeting a man with an embrace, the man stepping through Neville if necessary to get to her. Still, the utter silence. The muggle that Jax talks to likewise lifts his head, furtively glancing around. It was towards an alley to one side that he looks, a fearful expression suddenly taking root upon his face. Turning, he starts to hurry the opposite way down the sidewalk. Then, like whispers on the wind, an ethereal laugh running across the ears of those present, soon becoming more distinct - and seeming as if coming from that alleyway. They might understand the words that are shouted next, "Cruciatus!" along with a desperate scream. Luna, for her part, follows along by Neville's side, glancing to the woman he was speaking to, curiously.

Neville shivers as the man passes through him. He quickly steps aside, returning closer to Luna. His neck nearly cracks at the sudden snap towards that… that word. His stomach feels as if it leaps to his throat. Color drains fast from his face. The boy starts choking, pulling at Luna as he attempts to back up and flee, though his feet don't seem to properly obey and he trips over himself, eyes locked in the direction of the curse.

Fred drops Angelina's hand after nodding to her, "Yeah some muggle classic tape…ask my dad." He shrugs and heads back towards Neville, "Nevler mate. Calm, soothing thoughts or something like that." He says to his friend and looks in the direction where the curse came from, "Just pictures mate, bloody vivid pictures but pictures non the less." He tries the reassure method first, best not to go to the slapping yet. Offering a hand down towards Neville Fred just waits for the boy to take it or not, "It's like a howler mate, scary and all but your gran ain't really there."

"S'from a movie," Jax answers absently, looking around with eyes wide and more than a bit unnerved. He shudders at the curse and the scream, darting back a bit to stand behind Fred and Angie. Well, hide behind them, really, but he tries to look like that is not what he is doing. "But — but all the other pictures were green. An' the past. This — this ain't never happened, has it?"

For a brief moment, it's as if the scene the group is experience pauses. Everyone, muggle, wizard, etc, all direct their gaze to the group. Cars stop and it's occupants glance at the group. As that happens, there is a sinister whisper on the wind -

"I can see you."

With that, the people resume and continue doing what they were doing before.

When Fred drops her hand, Angie offers it, instead, to Jackson. "Come closer to me Jackson." That curse, however, and the screaming, fills Angelina's ears. Now she isn't walking either, turning fully in the direction of the sound and looking…looking a bit ill, frankly. Hard swallow. "Ye..yeah. It's different than before. But..maybe..maybe the teachers had.." Oh. My. God. That voice. "That was NOT a professor!"

The thin slip of a girl that was Luna staggers some as Neville pulls on her, a little bit of laughter, however inappropriate, leaving her at how unbalanced that leaves her. Staggering towards Neville, there was a smile on her face as she looks up towards Jax, her smile fading quickly as her attention goes towards the alley. In it, there were two wizards capering about a muggle woman, tormenting her as she curls around a boy, the cry of "Cruciatus!" sounding every so often. Luna, however, was managing to look a bit disturbed at the voice. "Hello?" she calls out, her voice thoughtful.

Neville 's feet are found again and he regains some balance in his legs, though he still sways. "Ohmygod," he whimpers, eyes darting at the voice. "Stop it!" Neville booms, either at the voice or the alley or even Luna… is not really explained. But Neville bounds towards the alleyway wizards, pouncing with gurgled yell as he slashes his wand atand perhaps through the ghosty wizards performing the curse. He jabs and slashes at them, tears building up like watery walls against his eyes.

Angie looks ill, Luna's a tad nutters and Fred Weasley just looks a touch panicked as he figures out it a tad nut and he can't be everywhere at once. Neville however runs off to defend the ghostly people and Fred moves back towards Jax and Angelina, "Now who the bloody hell was that?" He asks and then looks back up towards the sky. All this muggle hating and evil voices, you'd think the dark mark would appear now. He stands beside Jax on the other side of the boy from Angie and keeps his wand out, "You can see who?" Fred calls out then his ear go a touch red as he rethinks his decision.

Jax cringes visibly as everyone stops to look at them and the whispers sounds, a quiet whimper sounding in his throat. His gaze flickers around wildly and he stays close tot he older students. "I don't like this road anymore," he whispers. "Can we move on?" His brow creases as Neville attacks the alley wizards. "Neville! Pleasecomelet'sgo this place is no good."

Angelina draws a deep breath. "Think about it Fred. Rumble…dark mark. Rumble..here. Who do you guess it is?" Her voice is raw, on edge, filled with anger and fear all at once. Angie turns, trying to take everything in, trying to see the faces of the wizards with the wands out. "Neville! Get back here! They aren't really there!"

The wizards weren't anyone recognizable. The majority of wizards tended to have stereotypical Slytherin looks about them - blonde or light hair, worn long, with aristocratic features. As for what Neville was doing - the wand does slash through the 'images'. But then the alley elongates, growing longer and wider. The scene 'blinks' out, and appears further down the alleyway, the cry of 'Cruciatus!' along with the screams of the muggle woman sounding down through the alleyway. Neville would have to run a fair distance to reach them again. However, the mouth of the alleyway begins to shimmer - a brick wall of sorts coming into view over the mouth of the alley, and blocking Neville from easy view. Much of the 'city' building around them fades to a solid green, but the road leading to Big Ben, and a cloaked figure steps out of that, fawning wizards surrounding him, along with a few muggles, looking suspiciously like slaves.

Neville staggers back, mouth agape and tears getting jostled down his cheeks. His hand is still fisted up around his wand and he makes a very low sounding yelp. "You don't understand," he sobs at the others. "You don't—" he's interrupted, half stunned at the images around him. "Where are we?" comes a harsh, tiny whisper.

Still looking frazzled for a second Fred finally just nods his head to the angry looking Angelina and puts a clam smile on his lips, "Well maybe it'll be something tangible for once." He says leaving the hopefulness out of his voice, "As long as it's not green." He adds and catching sight of the wizard surrounded by adoring fans Fred raises an eyebrow, "He ain't that pretty…actually rather ghastly, even without lace. Wonder how he pulled that off?" Fred can't help himself and then he can't see Neville and a furrow starts in his brow. Neville comes back just as Fred opens his mouth, "What this that thing you told me to ask my mom about?" Not the time for this little foray and realizing this Fred looks back towards the seemingly Head Wizard in Charge.

"Understand what?" Jax looks at Neville, concerned, and takes a half-step towards him, out from behind Fred and Angie. "You're crying," he observes, worried, and then, "we should go." He swallows hard, looking around and then down at the ground. "We're in London but it ain't London at all, it's /creepy/."

"Longbottom! I mean it! Come back here now! Don't go down the alleyway! It's a lure." Oooh. Captain's voice. Angie doesn't use it often, only when she seriously means something. Similiar to your mother using your middle name. Unable to recognize any of the wizards, her gaze is drawn to the cloaked figure, and those fawning over him. "Everyone, stay together. Wands out."

Luna plucks the wand from behind her ear, casting her serene gaze over the crowd of fawning wizards. Slipping back towards Angelina's side; and giving a furtive glance towards the alleyway that was 'shutting', Luna glances towards Angelina. The cloaked and hooded figure and his wizard lackeys step forward, giving the children perhaps a glimpse of the person beneath the hood. The desperately pale skin, the smooth, eggshell face…

Neville shakes his head and doesn't speak on the other boy's questions. "It's Him," Neville instead snaps back. "We're in His world or… or whatever. An' if He wants us dead, He'll have to bloody fight for it!" Still, Neville backs up, wand out and pointed. Neville snarls past his tears at the hooded face.

Grinning Fred nods his head to Angie, "Yeah sure Cap!" He says and moves back towards Jackson and her is still holding his wand obviously. While trying to focus on the creepy wizard Fred's eyes still flutter off in every direction, "If we've been getting visions of past events…you think this is some future?" He asks towards no one and everyone at the same time. Voice still calm and oddly confident now. He nods his head towards Neville, "Yeah seems to be…maybe the future if he win or some kind of impossible rubbish like that."

"What's him? Who? The voice is him? /He's/ him?" Jax looks bewildered, staring at the cloaked figure as he approaches. Fear and exhaustion have already drained most of the colour from the boy's face so it can't pale much futher, but his eyes get huge and wide, and he shudders and clutches his wand tight. "/He's/ Him? I — we can't /let/ this be the future. We've gotta go tell — tell —" He looks around helplessly. "Tell Professor Dumbledor. Tell /someone/."

Angelina locks her gaze on the cloaked figure, standing there with her wand out. She is silent for a time, considering. Finally, with a nod to Fred..she calls out. "You can see us, can you? Then remember my face, and remember me. Because if this is you showing us your idea of the future? I can tell you, it won't happen! I won't let it! So see me. See me all you want." Then her wand flicks out toward the cloaked figure. "STUPEFY." Yes. He isn't real. But its symbolic. For the one who can supposedly see them. Take that!

The stupefy spell shoots forward, passing through the ghostly image to carry on through the brick wall of a false house, and out of sight. The figure stops suddenly, and the fawning wizards fall silent, in fact, freezing in place. The robed figure lifts his chin, Lord Voldemort first setting his gaze upon Neville, then towards Angelina and the others. A little smirk crosses his features, that builds into laughter. "Children…" he says spitefully. Then, with a blink, he is gone. A rumble starts through the world again, the frozen world cracking and shattering, leaving the clear black void in its place as the 'pieces' of the world tumble down and vanish upon hitting the 'ground'. However, not everything had disappeared. Five figures could be seen approaching the others, each lifting their chins and settling their gaze on them. They would appear to be copies of the five 'trapped' children, barring an unhealthy shade of green to each.

Tears cause Neville's gaze of Lord Voldemort to blur and contort. But he holds the gaze, wand out at the wizard. It quavers, but despite his shake he doesn't move. When the scene vanishes Neville is forced to blink, clearing the water from his eyes. "What the /bloody hell/ is this place?" He says desperately, eyeing what appears to be himself. He breaks their formation, starting forward with his wand preceding him.

Turning to give Angelina a thumbs up Fred says, "What Butterfly…I mean she said." He grins wider with a touch of pride for his friend/girlfriend's actions. Fred nods to Jax as well, "Yeah we better get our butts out of her someday or we'll never join the fray and what fun would there be in that?" The figure smirks at them and Fred raises an eyebrow as figures of themselves stalk towards them, "More pictures?" He asks taking a step back from the on coming 'children'. Then Nevler moves forward and Fred trying to make sure the idiot survives this place follows him after a look back to Angie and saying, "Neville we should stay together! Really creepy stuff here mate, makes sense to me."

Jax shies back as things rumble and change, cringing and huddling closer to the others. He lifts his wand when the ghost-children approach, his hand shaking slightly as he points it at his green doppleganger. He doesn't attack, though; just keeps a wary eye on the approaching figures.

Knowing this isn't the real Voldemort makes Angie courageous enough to meet his gaze, taking him in, forcing herself to remember him and the wizards around him. When the world rumbles and shatters, Angie reaches out to those next to her. "If it was the real him, he would have killed us. Just to cause the mourning and let the world know he could. He's not in here with us." She takes a step backward, toward the group, as she is approached now by…herself.

The False Neville steps forward, looking his twin right in the eye, an uncharacteristic wicked grin on his face. "Look at me… I'm blubbering. Am I always this useless? Wait - yes I am. Helpless, defenseless… I couldn't help my parents, and I can't help myself, even now. Just leave me alone with my plants, the one thing in my life that I can't mess up on. Really, what's the point? I'm pointless, aren't I?"

Likewise, the False Fred steps up, the grin on his face matching the one on Fred's, "Yeah, more pictures. Let's laugh it all off! We'll make a joke, and ignore anyone else. Who cares if Nevs is hurting - such a goon anyways, right? And who cares if our mom wants us to make something of our lives - she doesn't know anything anyways, right? Who cares that she cries herself to sleep at night, so disappointed about us, right Fred? At least we have our jokes!" he says, jovially. Then, the doppleganger makes a sly look at Angelina, "…and our brother's girl. Who cares about him too, right?"

The False Jackson, looks towards the others, snickering some as they speak, like it was some kind of joke. "Don't be such a coward. But then again, if you weren't, and weren't a wicked, evil little warlock, daddy might still love you, right? Daddy might not have abandoned you, yes?"

And so steps forward the False Angelina, canting her head to the side. "Quidditch captain, through and through. Barking orders at everyone… why is that, me? Are you so afraid of losing control of everything? Haven't we already lost control of our heart already? How long are we going to flip flop between Fred and George? We can't have two boyfriends, you know… but isn't it fun to have so much attention?"

The False Luna steps forward, canting her head to the side, owllike. An expression that the real Luna imitates. In the same airy voice that Luna has, the doppleganger simply asks, "Why did we just watch when mother was dying?" Luna looks a bit stunned at the question, blinking her eyes quickly and quietly, a sudden frown twitching upon her lips.

"Wh-what?" Neville asks suddenly, at first not comprehending the words from his green-self. His brown knits heavily and he steps back, lip curling in a unhappy frown. "I-I…" tears spring to his eyes once more. "I was just a baby," he says, shaking more heavily now.

Jax's face crumples, blue eyes glistening as tears sting them. His face screws up fiercely and he wipes at his eyes with his sleeve, choking back a sob. "I didn't never /ask/ to be," he answers in a faintly cracking voice.

Angie's mouth falls open at the accusations made by..well…herself. She tries to find words, wrinkling her brow, then swallowing. "I..NO! It's not for attention! And it isn't fun! I..haven't lost control…"

Fred raises an eyebrow towards the twin of himself, hey something he's use to, "What is this angry George day?" He asks still not able to stop a joke from falling from his lips. Shaking his head the red heads brow does furrow however and he peers at the form, "No…that's me…" The words hit him then and the Weasley make an almost ghastly blah noise in the back of his throat, "Of course I care about all of them, just someone has to keep the um spirits up." He holds his wand a little higher after looking back towards Angelina, "I'm talking to a bloody picture! I have gone nutters!" He calls out and shrugs his shoulder, "Just pictures who think they know us…"

"/Just/ a baby." The False Neville says, "And we still /are/. Maybe it's better if they stay asleep - then they won't have to see just how useless we grew up to be, right? They'd be ashamed of us!" the False Neville says, with a particularly biting tone.

The False Jackson looks towards the tears of its twin maliciously. "But you certainly don't mind it now. Here we are, at a school for witches and wizards. Maybe daddy was right to abandon us. Our sin, our wickedness… it's in our blood." A pause. "Perhaps we should embrace it that way - take our sin past where all these other wizards want us to stop…" False Jackson says thoughtfully.

"You didn't do it for attention?" says the False Angelina, looking surprised. "Well, that's why we loved Quidditch, so much, right? For daddy's attention? But then again… we're thinking about stopping that. We're thinking about hurting our father, let him down - all for our boys, or selfish little desires."

The False Fred looks offended. "I'm not a picture! I'm you, Fred - the side of you you never wanted to believe in, never wanted to see - given form by Lord Voldemort. But here you are again, with jokes and laughs, while everyone around you suffers. How selfish we are, right?"

Luna, herself, just starts to sniffle, bringing her hands up to wring at her eyes as the False Luna watches on, the grin becoming wickeder and wickeder. "…we'll never see her again. She's gone forever, Luna."

"They would," Neville admits terribly sad with his head hung. "Of course they would." He scrubs at his nose, trying to clear the fat tears that roll down it. Yet— one word catches his ear despite his misery. Neville looks up at it, wincing. His eyes fall on Luna. "D-don't listen," he stammers suddenly. His wand swipes at his green self. "Don't listen! It's Him!"

"Really? You don't say…well tell the V man I said hi." A pause and then, "Finite Incantatum." Fred says and waves his wands with perfect accuracy, "If you were some spell then bugger off mate." He's hopeful at least and the words don't really seem to affect Fred Weasley, or at least he isn't gonna show it.

Jax squeezes his eyes shut, head shaking. "No — I didn't — I never —" He shudders and then looks up, pointing his wand still — though it shakes more badly now — at his duplicate. "You," he says, in a tone of fierce accusation, though his voice is trembly with tears, "are /not very nice/. Ain't /none/ of you very kind at /all/!" His wand swings around to gesture at all the duplicates, and he takes a half-step forward, but then turns back to face his friends instead. "You're a great wizard, Neville, an' a good person besides, an' I bet your folks'd be right proud of that. An' ain't nothin' wrong with trying to cheer people up or be a good leader neither." He reaches to squeeze Luna's shoulder in an attempt at comfort. "Neville's right, don't listen to nothing. We still just gotta get out of here."

Well, that does it. Angie looks down, lowering her head at the accusations leveled against her. "He's going to kill me. No matter what I do, I disappoint people. I'm caught, in a cage.." Her non-wand hand lifts to wipe at her face, pushing away the tears.

"Yes," says the False Neville, "Don't listen to whiny, useless old me, Luna." The wand passes through the False Neville as Neville swings at it, a peal of mocking laughter leaving it. "We can't even help ourselves, or -anyone- we care about. What makes you think you can help Looney?"

The False Jackson's face scrunches up in a look of anger at the snubbing the firstie gives him, the boy reaching out a hand to grab Jackson's shoulder - but it passes through it. "The only, /only/ way you can ever get your dad to love you again is to /make/ him love you! That's all!"

"We aren't caught in a cage! If we are, it's only because of our own selfishness. We're worthless, you know. Good for barking orders and staying busy - it stops us from thinking about the ruin we're going to put in /everyone's/ life."

Luna sniffles again, looking up towards Neville at Jackson's touch. A vague little smile, however faint, touches her lips at that, the False Luna gathering a dark expression upon her lips. "… you never loved her anyways!". "Well, that's certainly untrue." Luna says, with a bit of a sniffle, drawing strength from her friends. "…Neville, Angelina, you're both lovely people, and we're all doing so well. It is like Jackson and Neville say - this is just You-Know-Who talking."

The False Fred, on his part, vanishes in a puff of green energy, Fred perhaps getting a moment to start to do something - before, in a flash of clear white light, he vanishes completely.

Neville has already turned, his eyes dark. "Shut up," he commands to his doppelganger. "Don't give a bloody fuck what you think." He storms towards Luna, attempting to catch her arm in his. He wipes his own eyes. "C'mon," Neville whispers kindly to his friend. He's about to tag Jackson too when he hears the crack. "Fred! Angelina? Where did… Fred!"

Jax's eyes widen as Fred disappears, and he whirls around in place to search for the missing boy. His eyes narrow on the remaining dopplegangers. "Only someone like you'd think you could /force/ anyone to love you. Now give me back my frie—" But he doesn't finish speaking. His twin explodes into a collection of bubbles much like the ones he's been practicing charming the entire time they've been trapped here, only these ones are all the same shade of green. They drift upwards, floating off into the air and disappearing. Jax vanishes a moment later, too, winking out in a flash of white light just as Fred had before.

"But. I.." Angie tries to explain, trying to come up with the words. "I don't mean to though!" Only, then…Fred disappears. The terror that washes over Angie's face…this is her worst nightmare. "FRED!!" And then, the others start disappearing. "No!! We have to stay together!"

Likewise with Jackson and Fred before them, both Luna and Neville's doubles vanish, leaving only the sneering form of the False Angelina. A hint of desperation enters her tone. "Worthless! Pitiful! Selfish!" she bites out venomously, but both Luna and Neville do not vanish as the others did. Instead, they start to flicker white, a presence not unlike Fred and Jackson felt near, as well. Stepping forward towards Angie's side, Luna says, "Well, you aren't staying behind with her, are you?" she says. Touching one of Angie's arms gently, with Neville still hooked in her other arm, she intends to hook Angie's arm, before all three vanish in a burst of white light.

Angelina looks between the other her and the disappearing friends. Frowning, she shakes her head, and reaches out to take Luna's hand, going with her rather than staying.

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