Ella Porch
Portrayed By Ellen Page
House Slytherin
Year 1
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Half-Blood
Age 11
Place of Birth Newport
Date of Birth May 29th 1983
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Ella was born in Newport to father Lucian and mother Megan on May 29th, 11 years ago. Her father, a pure-blood from a lesser-known potions family that goes back a few generations, most of them Ravenclaw, with a few who were Gryffindor. Her parents sent out for the family tutor, who she got along with well, but felt she did not learn what she needed to about potions, so she spent her off-time from tutoring learning more about the potions, and sometimes even dabbled in finding out utility spells. Despite the rest of her family having a penchant for the various holidays such as Christmas, Ella was never one to enjoy them. Sure, presents were good, but she never really seemed to look forward to them like other children did.

Being an only child, a rarity in the family, she was constantly pressured to be the best that she could be by her parents, making her very cunning in the way that she prepared and experimented with her potion making, sometimes risking life and limb. On one occasion she spent hours just trying to get a potion that would do something besides smell bad. Fatigue started to set in, but she pushed on. Finally she drifted off, leaving the flame on under her potion. The fire sparked and within a moment her entire desk was aflame. She was able to extinguish it, but still has a small circular burn mark on her forearm which was healed by a St. Mungo's Mediwitch who lived next to her family's house.

This did not stop her, she thought it just a weak moment and pushed right on, personally pledging that she will do anything to get an end to her means, something that's unbecoming of the house and family's name, who were more humble, and while witty, did not go so far in there pursuit of learning. When the invitation finally did come from Hogwarts for her, she was already prepared with a good understanding of potions and a Slytherin-like attitude.


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