Elizabeth's Journal 1.2

Elizabeth's Journal
Saturday, October 16, 1994

Alright then, where was I. Oh yes, that comment about ‘rejection’. I suppose I will continue after that moment, considering I am still absent an answer to it. Hm, either way… It was after that moment this Crane boy made a comment about a bookstore that also had the name Dweedle in it. Needless to say I was surprised, as my family’s bookstore is a small one and is easily looked over in lower Diagon Alley. Had there been a moment when we had encountered one another previously within the walls of my family’s store? Or in the very least, a slim moment where we could have met, but the probability of ‘bumping’ into one another was lower at that moment than coming across one another in Scrivenshaft's Quills. Still… two different chances. With as many people as there are in the world, or even within London, the odds are staggering. And yet, here he was standing in front of me admitting that he had visited Dweedle’s Wheedles once or twice before, regardless if I have yet to recollect if I had truly seen him at all.

*sigh* Only to then continue on with commenting how difficult it must be to live in Diagon Alley, with the smug attitude. Truly the confidence is agreeable, though there is a difference between assurance and smugness. And while I was pondering out loud the absurd notion that I could not recollect a memory, he has the gall to say that perhaps he isn’t noteworthy, when that is not the point at all. I had to patiently explain to him that I have an eidetic memory. The only thing more absurd than his comment of noteworthiness is that I could not in Merlin’s Name remember him. I did not say those precise words, still…

Yet another strange occurrence happens. Though not on my part, but on his. While we stood there next to the shelf of books, he leans forward enough that his chin is inches above my shoulder, looking over the subjects I was at the beginning of this encounter.

It was odd, a boy standing that close without the regard of personal space. At the moment I am unsure if he did so purposefully, or if not, what would be the intention behind doing so. Still. At the time and even now as I write this, it was clear to me that regardless if he was doing it intentionally or not, I had no reason to become upset or flustered. All of his previous comments were sarcastic, so there was obviously no interest. Certainly on my part. And if it was a childish antic, I was not amused. Again, I saw no logic behind doing so.

But perhaps that is why I am frustrated at present. I do not understand the meanings or intentions behind actions that people perform, and only recently have I begun to struggle with it.

Either way, when the moment passed, with an annoyed look on my part, he backed away, narrowing his eyes at me as if he thought I was a Squib or something. After that he made a comment about a Muggle space charade, as if I would understand anything about the subject.

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