1994-11-13: Elf Tales


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Scene Title Elf Tales
Synopsis While prepping for the trial, Holly and Sirius chat about house elves.
Location Undisclosed Safehouse
Date Nov 13, 1994
Watch For n/a
Logger The Shaggy Dog

True to her word, Holly arrives the next day with a pile of cloth and a House Elf. The attorney herself is wearing a sort of spring-ish robe, despite the seasonal descent into Winter, that's cut off at the shoulder and a light blue in colour, sewn with various decorations down one side. She couldn't exactly go into a tailor's shop without buying something elegant for herself, you see.

"Sirius?" she says, opening the door a crack and peering in. At least she's not barging her way through like she did last time. "I know it's been a couple more days than I said, but… I got some robes for you." The House Elf scurries through the open door, pale blue eyes smiling; she looks to be young, and the old rag she wears around her waist isn't yet stained from years and years of work.

Sirius is actually.. relaxed.. it's a bit like the calm before the storm. The robes he's been wearing have been cast aside and he's in a rather nice suit. Old fashioned, but nice. "Ah, Miss Maplewood." With steady access to facilities, he has been better groomed since staying here, but he's made more of an effort today. The House Elf gets a curious look, but a smile. "Too bad I set Kreacher back, he could take a leaf from this one. Hello there," the elf is greeted before his eyes settle on Holly's new duds. "Come on in." With a lot of luck, good behavior and convincing the Wizengamot.. he may not be here too much longer.

"I told the lady at the tailor's that my client couldn't leave his room, so she sent Satin along to help." Holly didn't complain. If Holly were to sew any sort of robe, surely it would be a complete disaster.

"Oh, hello," the elf says quietly, her almost translucent ears perking up at the greeting. Obviously she's quite well-treated, and thankfully, she doesn't seem to have a clue who Sirius is. "If— if— if you could stand ovah here, s— sir, I'll get to work." Pulling the cloth down from Holly's arms, she holds it up. It's like an ocean in comparison to her size.

"Anyway, I made a promise, and I'm sticking to it. So here we are. You can pay me later," Holly says, handing the robe material down to the elf. "You'll look really nice in court." Remaining in her arms is what looks like a red material, though the slightest movement, the slightest turn, and it slowly fades to a deep gold colour.

"Of course Satin," Sirius says all too kindly. A distinct difference in how he talks to his own elf. In his mind, Kreacher deserves being spoken roughly to. He doesn't behave properly, is rude and offensive. Not that it occurs to Sirius that his behavior doesn't help matters. He stands where directed, and follows the elf's instructions. "Too right you are." The fabric seems to meet with his approval, "Nice choice in colors, that. Been too long since I last wore my House colors." And wore them with pride he did, and will continue to do. "Used to cause my parents and brother no end of distress." Those were the days, only not so much. "Here's to hoping the clothes make up for the damages to my good looks over the years," he says with a slight wink to Holly. His spirits are indeed up. For now.

Holly gives him an odd look as Satin removes any items from atop Sirius' nightstand so she can push it over to him. He's certainly chipper today… A far cry from when she asked for his testimonial. Ah, well. All the better to go to trial with.

Satin tosses the fabric over Sirius' shoulders, before hopping back to the floor. Holding her arms apart, she takes measurements by simply eye-balling them, and Holly feels the need to say something. "The… Tailor says Satin is the best…"

"Oh, I does try. Thank you, mum," the elf replies proudly.

As Satin continues her measuring, Holly shrugs. "Well, I'm trying to tie you to Gryffindor as much as possible," she says. And she also doesn't say that it isn't the most masculine robe ever made for a man. However, it'll have just enough to it so that it doesn't look like it's actually meant to be worn by a girl. Soften the felon's appearance a little, it will.

Satin touches along one point on the cloth, and a strip of it merely falls away, leaving it the perfect length. "Sleeveses," she says. "Hold out your arms, please."

"So long as there are no frills, lace or similar to where I look like my Great Aunt Elladora, I'll be fine," Sirius says as he moves his arms as Satin needs for measurements. "And I'll take the tailor's word for Satin's skill. Should have been here half an hour ago. The fighting I had to do with my own elf just to get this suit from my house. Of course it was amusing watching the guards panic at his sudden arrival.. suppose some of them haven't had the experience of having their own elf. Not realizing the capabilities of their own magic.. Got enough to stand on there, Satin?"

At this point, Satin takes a length of cloth and just wraps it around one of Sirius' arms, before she climbs onto his shoulders to wrap her hands around his head. "Oh yes, sir. Very well, sir," she mumbles, as she places her face in front of his, big eyes staring intently at his nose.

She chops a bit of the haphazard sleeve off, before hopping to the floor.

"So your house elf isn't exactly the best of the bunch, huh?" Holly asks, taking a seat as Satin works. "Shame. I've come across a lot of good ones in my time. Really good Company, actually. They're a lot more… visible in the United States. I guess people don't care about seeing the help as much as they do here."

Returning to Holly, Satin takes the red and gold cloth, and drapes this over Sirius' shoulders, as well.

"As I'm sure in your research, you've come across a few things on my family. I don't come from the friendliest stock and I'm considered the bad sheep because I didn't follow their ways. My brother got the better treatment from our elf. He's also gone around the twist in more recent years. The passing of my parents, my brother, taking orders from .. well.. You might be lucky to see one day." There's no regret in Sirius's tone as he casually mentions his family being dead. Good riddance to bad rubbish really. "That's good.. that elves are more visible in the States. Of course, could be the culture is vastly different regarding them. Here, it's preferred they do their work out of sight. Take Hogwarts for example? The team of House Elves that keep the place in shape, you don't see a one unless you sneak into the kitchens as we so often did."

"I've done a little bit. Mostly because I'm afraid it'll come up in trial, and I need to be able to explain to the Honourable Wizengamot that just because a tree produces a whole lot of bad apples doesn't mean that all of them are." Ah, logical fallacies.

Satin proceeds to systematically remove all the cloth she's wrapped around Sirius' person, wadding it up in a bundle, and hopping to the floor. "Satin will be back!" she announces, and since non-apparation spells don't apply to house elves, she simply vanishes with all the cloth in hand.

"I'm not surprised that you snuck into the kitchens," Holly says. Did you know that castle inside and out or something? I'm surprised you can figure out everything about it in just seven years. It looks like it'd take a lifetime."

"Put it this way, anyone actually good that is turned out in the family is disowned. My cousin Andromeda.. she was with Tonks at the arraignment. She was disowned because she married a muggleborn wizard, and of course Tonks is thusly not counted as part of the family. My mother disowned her own brother for leaving me his money when I ran away." All are stated as simple facts by Sirius. The elf gets a nod as she announces she'll be back. "You could say we discovered quite a bit about Hogwarts during our late night shenanigans with Remus." There's no need to mention the map yet. Not at all. Now that the good elf is gone, Sirius is mischievous looking for a moment, then, "Kreacher!" It takes a moment, but there's a *crack* and the loathsome little elf appears, glowering up at Sirius. He even manages to make his bow look mocking as he mutters into the floor, "Master has need of his Kreacher again.. Kreacher was busy cleaning his mistress's portrait, but master does not care."

It's hard not to imagine the fun the teenagers must have had at Hogwarts. Holly was only there for a little while and found the school to be somewhere between 'wonderful' and 'awe-inducing.' To be a kid there must have been heaven.

When the gnarled old House Elf appears, Holly just looks at it. Obviously, she can hear it, despite the fact that it seems to not intend to be heard. "Er… hi," she says, leaning forward in her seat.

Sirius gestures simply at Kreacher as if to say, 'See what I mean?'. Kreacher takes one look at Holly, and his eyes roll back in his head, "It's talking to Kreacher, the foreign beast. Kreacher does not understand." "That's enough Kreacher," Sirius snaps as the amusement factor quickly wears thin when it comes to the family elf. "I need you take those robes there home and to be cleaned." Might as well put Kreacher to work, although summoning him for kicks is enough to annoy the ancient thing. "And quickly too Kreacher, I will need you to come back later with clean robes for me."

The elf bows low, face again to the floor, "Kreacher does not want to obey Master, but he must. How it pains Kreacher's mistress." Again, he's talking to himself, knowing full well he can be heard. With a look of pure loathing for Sirius, the robes are picked up and with another *crack*, he's gone.

It… called her a foreign beast. "I'm not a beast, am I?" she asks, though it's with more confusion than revulsion or anything else. She's actually never seen such an awful elf. Sure, she's noted some that are less inclined to be happy and subservient, but never one that was… "Is he a little crazy?" People can go crazy. Dogs can contract rabies. Hell, even abraxans will turn on their owners and bite and kick. Surely a house elf can go down the same road. "My family never had house elves," she says. "Couldn't ever afford to buy one, and there weren't any in the family."

Ah, the excitement at the Ministry. The appearance of a Dark Mark. "We're hoping to not have any sort of repeat of that," she says. "I'm hoping this goes a lot smoother."

"He's as rude as he ever was, possibly more so. When Tonks and I went looking for some of mother's contacts, I caught him taking queues from her old portrait." You know things are going loopy when instructions are taken /from a painting/. "I would say yes, he's quite missing a few gobstones, but he talked like that when I was a child. You're not of pureblooded stock that he can tell, you don't come from a noteworthy and proper family, hence the disdain. Which is also reserved for blood traitors. Lovely country, hmm?" He smiles a bit cheekily at Holly as he settles down upon the bed, waiting on Satin to return. "It should. Unless Umbridge is feeling a bit spiteful."

"I'm a half-blood," Holly says. "Dad and Mom we're both wizards, but Dad was Muggleborn. Seemed the only House that really cared about that where I was from were a few students in Hawk Talon, but you know everyone from the 'States is so mixed up that it's hard to tell who's 'Pure Blood' or whatever anymore." Holly shrugs. Indeed, the population of the United States is so diverse that there really are few truly Pureblooded families left. People are mostly okay with that. "I mean, we have our own problems. I'm not saying it's perfect over there…" But Holly chooses not to elaborate.

It's at this point that Satin returns with the robe - and it is a robe now - held in her scrawny arms. "Hello again, Mister Man," she says cheerfully, holding the large robe up so that Sirius may take it and try it on. "Satin hears this robe is for important, so she does her best work."

The robe is both beautiful and handsome, in a weird way. It's cut for a man, certainly, bit it's regal in its own royal right, with the trim around the bottom, down the front, and around a light hood that exists mostly for decoration. Despite the fact that the cloth isn't silk, it sure feels like it.

"Sounds like my kind of place. I should have hidden there for a bit. More open-minded, I would have taken right to it. 'Course, I hid briefly away from here, sunny locales and such." Perhaps after this.. Sirius might go on holiday in the States.. perhaps not. Things are heating up here and fast. There may be no time in the immediate future. "At least blood status counts for nothing, as it should. Who cares about who married into what bloodline? We're positively medieval here at times." Satin's return earns a smile from the man, particularly how she addresses him. He takes the robes from the elf, inspecting them, "This is beautiful work Satin. You should be incredibly proud of your work." He then wastes no time in trying it on and finding it a good fit. "Don't think I've had a set this nice in, well, ever."

"Like I said, we have our problems there." Still, if you're not attacking people for their lack of blood purity, you've gotta come up with a bias about something else, right? "And really, Britain isn't that bad. I hear there's a country in South America that'll put you to death if a wizard has … relations … with a Muggle. And Muggleborns are considered blessings. Everyone's got their thing."

Holly quiets when Satin returns. At the compliment, the young elf blushes a deep grey and bows deeply. "Satin is very glad the Mister approves. Very glad. Thank you. Thank you." And with every statement, she bows again, slowly backing away, before turning to Holly. "Missus Lady says that you will owe six Galleons and four Sickles, Miss," she says, clasping her hands in front of her and smiling hopefully. "Satin can take the payment to her."

Pulling a small purse out of the pocket of her sleeveless robe, Holly pays the elf. Satin, satisfied with this amount, bows to both Sirius and Holly, and then vanishes.

"Well, there you go," Holly says. "New robes. You look good."

"Certain elements here would do the same if they had their way," Sirius says matter of factly. No need to mention Voldemort by name though. Satin gets another smile, "Thank you again, and thank you to your mistress for letting us borrow you this afternoon." If only he could find it within himself to be this kind towards Kreacher.. "Of course I look good. I was quite the handsome bloke when I was younger." The robes, steady meals, no Dementors.. It's helped him a bit, the haunted, gaunt appearance will probably never go away completely.

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