1995-04-26: Egg Yolks


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Scene Title Egg Yolks
Synopsis During this Divination class, the students divine egg yolks.
Location Divination Classroom, Hogwarts
Date April 26, 1995
Watch For The symbolism!
Logger Trelawney

Despite the fact that it's late April, the classroom's windows are tightly shut and locked. Instead, the stuffy room is warmed by the roaring fireplace. This is normal for Divination.

What isn't normal, however, is the setup. The squishy deep red armchairs have been rearranged, and next to the round tables are cauldrons filled with water. On each table is an ornate bowl filled with a milky substance.
Trelawney herself stands next to her desk, her oversized eyes focused on the door, waiting for her students to arrive.

Making his way through the trapdoor, the moment he's in the Divination classroom, Ron has the urge to sleep. It's not hard for this urge to come upon him, either, with the stuffy room's heat bearing in on him. Letting out a small sigh, he lets his bag slide off of his shoulder, taking a seat nearest to the trapdoor. All the better to make a quick getaway once class is over.

Neville Longbottom is already prepared. The sleeves of his undershirt are rolled up, the top button under his gold and red tie unbuttoned, and he goes without the pointed uniform hat. He ducks in after Ron, carrying his bookbag slung over his chest, both hands wrapped around the strap. His head tips towards the cauldrons, nose wrinkling. The boy makes a wide arc around the room, scooting to his favorite armchair just a seat or two from the Weasley. "'Lo, Professor," he greets with a nod, settling down and setting his books to the side.

Ginny looks rather flustered as she comes into the classroom, just barely late. Her skin is flushed, and the hot air is hardly helping that. Slumping into a chair next to Neville, she looks skeptically at the rearranged classroom, then shrugs. Getting out her Divination book, she places it on the table and looks to Trelawney expectantly.

Slipping in silently, Mei pauses long enough to set her bag down and then with a soft gleep she reaches to snatch up the curious little bronze coins that spill out of it. Stowing them back in her bag, the girl sighs some as she gets settled, pausing long enough to let her hair down. Removing the chopsticks she mutters something under her breath in her native chinese, before adding in English "Stupid heat…"

Once it appears that all students have arrived, Trelawney straightens. It takes a few moments for her to gather herself enough to speak - indeed, she gazes dreamily at her students, watching them. When the embers in the fireplace let out a distinct crack, however, she comes back to earth and begins to speak.

"As you can all see, we will be doing something a little out of the ordinary today. It is refered to as "oomancy" - the act of divining something from eggs. To be specific, we will be using the yolks. They have been separated out and placed in bowls - there should be enough bowls for each of you. Start the flame under your cauldrons - the water needs to be boiling for this to work properly."

Oomancy? Ron can't help the snort that escapes him, but he manages to turn it into a passable impression of a sneeze. He didn't snort! Nope. This will be fun! … only not, at least to Ron. A few taps of his wand on the cauldron lights up the fire underneath, and then he goes back to watching the Professor, waiting to see what happens next. He may also be resisting the urge to start flinging egg yolks at other students. Harry, to be specific!

Neville pushes a knuckle to his mouth, unable to help a snigger. "Hungry? Don't dare to ask what my bacon crumbles mean. Deadly things, breakfasts." he whispers to Ginny, attempting to hide a small look of amusement at her. The boy clears his throat, turning to start a flame under his cauldron. It sparks a bit hot at first, causing Neville to lean back with a squint of his eyes.

Ginny is also trying to conceal her laughter. Smoothing a hand over her face while she tries to get control over her features, she mutters to Neville, "I bet she's terrified of pancake batter." However, she also coaxes a flame to grow under her cauldron, the new fire only adding to the heat in the classroom.

Mei looks at her own yolk and then ahs softly. She starts to ask something but then thinks better of it, opting to just light her cauldron and prod at the flame a few times. It starts weakly, spitting, popping, and sputtering; and at one point gives a very loud BANG, sending a coal flying off in Neville's direction. Trying to look purely innocent, the girl giggles softly before watching the water boil, or as is more the case, not boil. Watched pot and all that.

Once the first pot begins to boil, Trelawney continues on with her instruction. "Your water should be boiling by now. Please pick up your bowl, and slowly - slowly, it's important - pour the egg yolk into your water. Watch it very carefully - it should begin to form shapes. I will be coming by to observe each of you, but you are expected to note the various shapes on your parchment, as well."

Neville gets a coal square in the nose. "Yeowch!" the unfortunate Gryffindor yelps, jerking as the coal bounces down into his robes. He jumps up, slapping at himself all around to deaden the coal as it falls into… more private sections. His eyes squint above grimacing eyes and after another second a coal rolls out of his pant leg and to the rug below. Neville quickly stamps it out, slumping back down into his seat with an annoyed look around the room. It hovers, for just a small moment, on Ron. He just assumes.

Ginny glances around suspiciously as the coal attacks Neville. Her eyes land on Mei for a moment, before a bubbling hiss causes her to look back at her cauldron. Apparently, the water has begun to boil. With a skeptical look on her face, she reaches for the bowl and begins to tip its contents into the water.

It isn't too long before the water in the cauldron starts boiling, but Ron is distracted by Neville's look of annoyance. "Wh—?" he begins, shrugging slightly. It wasn't even his fault! He isn't even sure what happened, really! Alas. There isn't much he can do but turn back to his cauldron, and sloooowly begin to pour the egg yolk into the water, keeping his parchment and quill nearby so he can begin writing down what happens.

Picking up her egg, Mei pauses to stare at it and then look to the water. Canting her head she muses "Bit of chicken and we've some nice egg drop soup going" before she slowly drops her egg in. Pausing for a second she looks at Ginny, mouthing "what? wasn't me…" before turning back to her egg. Watching it bounce, bubble and then swirl, she stares at the shapes before canting her head to one side. Blinking some, she turns to take a few notes on what she sees and then pauses to stare into the water. Nice bubbly water. Nice distracting water…Eyes glazing over some, Mei just sits there and stares.

Trelawney peers around at each student, occasionally moving forward to correct this or change that. For the most part, however, she lets them do their thing. As the students begin pouring, Trelawney mingles among them, looking into the contents of each cauldron.

Neville is half pouring his yolk in, half rubbing at bits of burning skin under his robes. He watches it slowly drip into the cauldron. Finally the boy leans in, frowning at the heat of the boil in the already stuffy room. He watches the yolk bubble and form. "It's a… a lump, thing. A rock with wings? No. It's looks like a frog, doesn't it? Ginny, you think it looks like a frog swimming in the water?"

Ginny eyes her boiling water warily as she pours. How is she supposed to see shapes in blobs? This is impossible. "I think mine has a head!" She whispers excitedly to Neville, "And legs! It's some sort of animal, I think!" A glance is spared for Neville's cauldron, and she nods. "It does, a bit! Or maybe a toad. How are we supposed to tell the difference?" When Ginny looks back, the shape in her cauldron has grown more distinct. "Is that.. a horse? Neville, does this look like a horse to you?"

Staring down into the cauldron, Mei blinks somewhat and then cants her head slightly. Sitting back some she ah's softly and then starts to say something before staring back at it. Closing her eyes, the girl is seen muttering to herself, both in Chinese and English, going through a list it seems. Searching for a word. After a moment she says loud enough to carry, her tone totally confused "Small…cakes?" Shaking her head she's heard to mutter "That can't be right. Cakes must be a lie…no, what are they called? Muffys? Pastries…" blinking again she oh's and says quite loudly "Muffins!" This is quickly followed by her looking up at the professor and asking "Muffins?" in a perfectly confused manner. She reinforces this by adding a statement "Muffins."

Staring at his yolk, Ron can't really make out anything. It.. to be quite frank, at least to himself, it looks like egg yolks! He might as well try, though, so he doesn't receive all bad marks. "This looks like.. maybe… an apple?" he says, prodding one of the floating pieces of yolk with his quill.

Trelawney arrives at Neville's cauldron first, tilting her head quizzically to the side. "That does indeed seem to be a frog, my dear. Why, I think it's telling you that you're a frog, but soon you'll be kissed! And kissed frogs turn into princes. Perhaps you'll meet a princess." With a pat of Neville's hand, she's moving on.

"A muffin.. you must be a Hufflepuff!" As if Mei's uniform didn't already attest to this. Muffins mean you're a very hard worker - soon, your efforts will pay off."

Moving to Ginny's cauldron, she squints. "An equine of some sort, yes. They denote freedom and independence, dear.. signifying you are well on your way to becoming an adult."

Finally, Ron. "Mr. Weasley.. apples signify temptation. Tell me, dear, have you been experiencing a good deal of temptation, lately? Perhaps feeling something that's difficult to explain?"

Neville 's eyes lock in on the large eyes of his Professor, color ripping across his cheeks. He looks down fast after his head pat, scrubbing at his nose with vigor. "What a load of—" he starts at Ginny, very much under his breath. Still, his voice is a bit hitched at the thought. He glances around to the other students, looking for reactions to their own fortunes.

Mei just /stares/ at the professor before muttering something under her breath to the effect of "No, I'm a slytherin. I'm in disguise…" Looking over to Neville, she nods her head in Trelawney's direction and then rolls her eyes.

Ginny lets out a snort once Trelawney leaves her area, rolling her eyes at the teacher's back. Yeah, and how is that little pearl of wisdom not applicable to every teenager in Hogwarts, and maybe even the world? Glancing down at her cauldron, she notes that the horse is slowly becoming a blob once more.

Trelawney seems not at all put off by the lack of properly enthusiastic reactions to her predictions. The seeds have been planted, and soon they'll bloom! Or something like that. "Your yolks should be forming a second image by now. If they are not, stir them once counter-clockwise with.." Oh. With the stirrers she'd meant to include before class. Murmuring quietly, she summons a stirrer for each student, and they drop onto each table. "With the stirrers on your tables. I will be watching your progress."

Neville is already looking frantically for a stirrer. He breathes a sigh of relief as one appears, taking it and starting to stir. Wait, no. Counter clockwise. He attempts it, tongue sticking out as he bites on it in thought. The frog swims in a circle before shifting to a blob. It wildly begins to form, stretching and shrinking a handful of times. Neville pulls the stirring rod from the cauldron as his once around is completed. The thing looks off, and Neville squints at it. "It's… it's a sort of 't', it looks like. A bubbly 't'. Professor?" he leans in, humming to himself in doubt. The thought of a mushroom does not occur to him.

Ginny, too, begins to stir. At least this is something she's good at, after all that Potion's work. Her eyes are squinted and her head is cocked as she tries to discern a shape from what is very definitely still a blob. Hesitantly, she stirs it again, and something begins to take shape, is it - "A tree?" Ginny asks aloud.

"This is hardly alphabet soup, Mister Longbottom," Trelawney scolds Neville in her misty voice. Peering so closely into the cauldron that her glasses begin to fog up, she nods. "As I thought. It's a mushroom. You have some hardship ahead, my dear. But don't worry - it will all pay off in the end."

Trelawney then makes her way to Ginny's table, and nods. "Yes, dear, a tree. A symbol of feminine power, and growth. Quite a positive thing."

Then, Trelawney stumbles back a step and places her hand to her heart. "Oh! Oh!" She cries loudly. "I am getting a message from Beyond.. yes, yes. Class is to cease immediately!" In other words, our time is up, you can go now. "I expect a foot and a half on the symbolism of what you've seen and how it pertains to you. Due by next class. Dismissed!"

Neville looks at the mushroom, back at Professor Trelawney, and then at Ginny. "Oh," he says, scratching his head. He still looks thoroughly confused, but he knows better than to argue an early dismissal. "Brilliant," he says, gathering up his things. "Go for a butterbeer in the common room, Ginny?" he wonders to her as he stands. "I have a few bottles. We can, um, talk about our assignment." A sideways glance is given to the Professor.

Oh, thank goodness. The madness has ceased, at least for now. With a polite smile at Trelawney, Ginny gathers up her bag and books, and stands. "Sure, Neville, that sounds good." Then, she opens the trapdoor and hastily climbs down the stairs. The last thing she needs is for the Professor to grab her for a 'quick word' or something equally as alarming.

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