Egbert Torrington
Portrayed By Jackson Rathbone
House Hufflepuff
Year 3rd
Position Student
Sex Male
Race Half-blood
Age 13
Place of Birth Isle of Man, Cranstal
Date of Birth June 1st, 1982
Family Jarrod (father), Edwina (mother), Vivian and Perpetua (sisters)
First Appearance Reality Check
Last Appearance

Early history

Egbert is the youngest child of Jarrod and Edwina Torrington. His older sister Vivian has moved on to adulthood, leaving him instead in the relative shadow of middle child Perpetua: no mean feat, given her own wallflowery nature. On the up side, while his early childhood was as sheltered as hers for much the same reason, the stories she brought home each summer gave him at least some idea of what to expect at Hogwarts.

Never the most gifted in terms of natural talent, Egbert stubbornly pushes himself through things anyway, making him a natural for Hufflepuff. He got his share of ridicule from those Slytherins who sought to raise themselves up by pushing down others, but they had plenty of targets to choose from; what he found more annoying was that nearly everyone carried serious misconceptions of his German heritage, usually based on the most lurid stories circulating about Durmstrang. He once shut down an egotistical Ravenclaw by insulting himself more creatively than the Ravenclaw had done (by drawing on cultural elements unfamiliar to him), earning a grudging measure of respect as well as the self-confidence to thereafter defend his housemates in more traditional fashion.


The highlight of his second year was getting to know Melissa Burch, a younger Ravenclaw - they're not exactly boyfriend and girlfriend, but things seem headed in that direction. Unfortunately, the lowlight of that year involved a girl as well: Perpetua fell victim to a Death Eater attack, and while he could at least talk with her ghost from time to time, it's still hard for him to deal with. He promised her that he wouldn't tell their parents about her return - it would just break their hearts all over again.


Jack of all classes, master of none - he does a little better than average at Potions, actually, refusing to be discouraged just because he'll likely never be the virtuoso that Snape is. Astronomy he has more trouble with, always having to squint a lot and sketch out the constellations in hopes of keeping them straight.



September 1995

November 1995


Neville_icon.gif Green thumb— no, he didn't muck up a Colour Change charm, he's good with Herbology. Even when he didn't know what one was, he still had some good ideas about how to figure things out.
Fred_icon.gif When he and his twin brother aren't playing Quidditch, they're busy trying to beat the world record for Most Dangerous Sweet. He turned poor Neville into a bird once!
Angelina_icon.gif The Quidditch captain offered some comfort after Perpetua's fate was revealed.


  • "I can't just do nothing, you know?"
  • "Explain that to me after we wake up?"
  • "Too bad you can't use it to figure out what you ought to use it for…"
  • "Anything I say now's going to come out sounding barmy—"
  • "'course I care! If I acted like it… I wouldn't be able to get up in the morning. So I pretend, all right?"
  • "…you don't need me being useless."
  • "Yessir. Been trying, sir."


  • His wand is a 9" vine wood with a dragon heartstring core.
  • He has a British shorthair named Teal, even though it's actually light grey.
  • His Patronus will be a dog. This will no doubt cause problems.
  • His favorite color is blue. Ravenclaws be warned.
  • Edwina brews a formidable lingonberry snap. Not that he's ever dared try it himself.


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