Edwin Gifford
Portrayed By Clive Owen
House Slytherin
Year Class of 1966
Position DMLE Hit Wizard
Sex Male
Race HalfPureblood
Age 46
Place of Birth York, England
Date of Birth 4 April 1948

Character History:

What people hear about Edwin Gifford is generally positive, though there are rocky patches on his record. He is the child of Caius and Katherine Gifford, purebloods who lived in York until their natural deaths a few years back. He was in Slytherin, he was a prefect, and he was generally the biggest party-pooper stick-in-the-mud in the school. Edwin was then hired by the Ministry to train as a Hit Wizard, and has been very successful except for a few… incidents in which his targets (some of them turning out to be innocent) have ended up dead instead of captured, many of these cropping up during the wizarding war. That's probably what led to the accusation of being a Death Eater back in 1982, but he was exonerated without much trouble. He has remained in the Ministry throughout his entire life and has made his ambitions to become an Auror quite clear, though his superiors at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement like him right where he is. He has a daughter named Sylvia, and he and his wife Janice are currently separated pending a divorce. At the moment he is living in Hogsmeade.


While in the office, at home, or in polite company, Edwin is typically about as laid-back as a person can get without being dead. He uses his natural charm to appear genial and likable to his colleagues, keeping his aggressive nature obscured until it can be 'appropriately channeled' towards targets chosen by the ministry. He is productive, efficient, intelligent, attentive to detail, and tends to live his life by strictly following the rules put forth by the Ministry. But that's only when people are watching.

Though he has learned how to contain himself when necessary, Edwin has a very high energy and activity level and tends to do poorly behind a desk because of it, making him ideally suited for his chosen line of very physical and hands-on work. The man absolutely dreads the idea of retiring to a more clerical position and tries to ignore the aches and pains that are starting to set into his muscles thanks to his ever-advancing age.

Other Information

  • [Birds and Beasts] Two animals have places of significance in Edwin's life: an aging eagle-owl named Abhorson and an equally aging basset hound named Griff.
  • [Just for Play-Play] Edwin is a pureblood. No, really. Really! It's true! …or at least that's what most people think, because he's been masquerading as a pureblood since he was five. In actuality, Edwin is a half-blood.
  • Family
    • [Sylvia Gifford] Edwin's daughter, who is currently attending Hogwarts. They are currently in a very rocky patch of their relationship due to the separation between Edwin and Janice. Edwin absolutely crushes her with his smotheringly overprotective attitude, and is probably never going to lose the image of her being daddy's little girl in pigtails.
    • [Janice Gifford Pennington] Edwin's wife. She cheated on him with an Auror and a divorce is imminent. Edwin feels deeply betrayed (not to mention insulted) over this, and has managed to cope by successfully turning his former affection into his very current hatred.

RP Hooks

  • [Anonymous] Edwin Gifford was never identified as a Death Eater, and the population at large believes him to be innocent of any wrongdoing. However, certain Ministry employees (especially Aurors) may think otherwise, and Aurors or members of the Order that came toe to toe with him during the wizarding war might very well recognize his voice. If you're an Auror or a not-so-ex-Deathie, feel free to hit him up for a scene or page him to figure out what mutual background might be shared.

Pre-Game Timeline

  • 1948: Born in York, England.
  • 1959: Enters Hogwarts
  • 1966: Graduates from Hogwarts
  • 1978: Becomes a Death Eater.
  • 31 October 1981: Voldemort is defeated.
  • January 1982: Accused of being a Death Eater and subsequently cleared of all charges.

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Memorable Quotes

  • "Don't trip and fall and die on your way out, Alastor." - To Mad-Eye Moody. Their friendship is such a magical one, full of love and. And. Daisies!
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