1994-12-22: Early Morning Insights


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Scene Title Early Morning Insights
Synopsis An accidental meeting in the courtyard leads to research in the restricted section.
Location Fountain Courtyard, Hogwarts
Date Dec 22, 1994
Watch For Secrets not being told, yet, still being made clear.
Logger Quidditch Girl

[HGW] - Fountain Courtyard
One of the most distinguishing features of this courtyard is the large fountain placed right in the center that bubbles merrily throughout the year. Surrounding the fountain are several stone benches which provide a spot for students to study, or for anyone else to just sit there and take in the sound of the water in the fountain. The walls of the courtyard are solid stone from the ground up to about three feet. After that, there's a line of columns that provide open spots and allow passage into other parts of the castle. Including passage into the entrance hall

It is early in the morning at Hogwarts. Most of the students are still sleeping. All of them but the students who study way too much (read Hermione) and the ones that get up early to do things like practicing sekrit stunt moves on their brooms (read Angelina) or go running. Having just finished up, Angelina is sitting on a bench, despite the cold weather, thinking to herself and staring at the fountain.

Lupin likes to meet with Dumbledore at this time of day, or late at night. Makes it easier to come and go without many, if any, people noticing. That and it won't interrupt his new job. So, not thinking anyone will be around, he walks through the courtyard to make his way out of the school grounds so that he can apparate.

Movement this time of morning is pretty unusual. It is something that catches Angelina's attention. Upon seeing her old professor, her head tips. Should she say something? Should she let him go? What is he doing here, anyway? Quickly, she rises, and moves to fall into pace next to him. "Good morning, Professor Lupin."

Lupin is caught slightly off guard. His thoughts had been preoccupied and as such he hadn't been paying much attention. "Ah, Angelina. How are you?" He smiles softly.

Angelina folds her arms behind her back as she walks along. "I am well. I would be better if there were Quidditch this year, of course." A sly grin is given. "And what about you? I…preferred you very much to the new professor."

Lupin chuckles ever so slightly as they walk casually along. "Well, I suppose I can understand that. There's not much for you to do now considering you'd just be watching the events when previously you'd been participating in them. But you've still another year yet, you'll get to play next year." He says encouragingly. "Professor Moody can't be all that bad, can he? I know he's unorthodox, yes."

"He's a bit…yes." Angelina presses her lips together. She's never been one to talk poorly of someone, even if she dislikes them. "It's just different, I suppose. His teaching methods. I think I learned more from yours, is all. I know Defense isn't meant to be fun. But it can at least not be …. terrifying, at times?"

Lupin raises an eyebrow as listens to Angelina. "Ah, but there's the thing, isn't it? Yes, I made it less terrifying for all of you. That much is certain. But what Professor Moody is doing, then, is showing you just how terrifying the Dark Arts can be, and what you need to defend against." He says thoughtfully. "But I can understand why you wouldn't want to face such things."

Angelina's head slowly nods. "I understand what he is doing. One more year, and I'm out there on my own, right? I do understand. As we get older, we can't be babied any longer." Her steps continue along side him. "It doesn't matter if I /want/ to face such things, does it?" She looks over at him. "I am going to have to face them, aren't I?"

Lupin nods along with Angelina. "That's right. One more year and you're out there where you won't have the safety of Hogwarts to protect you." He sighs ever so slightly. "What do you think about what's out there?" He tries to broach the topic softly. "Do you think you've got reason to worry?"

Angelina looks straight ahead as she answers, quietly. "My parents try to keep things hidden from me. They stopped sending me The Prophet, but that doesn't mean I don't have access to what my friends get. I know something is going on, but I don't know what. I think there is more out there than they want us to know. I think …" Her voice trails off. "I think that the choice for Defense professor this year was made for a reason."

Lupin nods ever so slightly. "Well, if the smart students like yourself are paying attention, it does seem that an Auror might be an interesting choice as most teachers are not from such professions, especially those who have come to teach here. What do you know about Dark Wizards and Witches from History? Have you learned about the rise of some of them and what sort of things to watch for when they are coming to power?"

This makes Angelina raise a brow. She might be a jock, but she's no stupid girl. "I will admit, in History of Magic, they kind of glazed over those things. It was mentioned there were dark wizards and the like, and some of the more infamous names of course, that innocents were killed. Lines drawn. But no real details." Pause. "I don't imagine the school library would have such information in it..not in the unrestricted sections, at least."

Lupin smiles softly. "Well, I'm sure if you want, you could get permission from Professor Moody to read some books from the restricted section." He says with a nod. "I do believe that people should be aware of what they could face."

"Yes. I imagine so." Angelina smiles quietly. "Perhaps I will have to ask him. Patterns do present themselves in many situations. Just like plays on a Quidditch field. Sometimes, you see markers that indicate where things are heading."

Lupin nods ever so slightly. "Yes, patterns do present themselves. And all I can do is point you in the direction of these patterns. Your parents wouldn't like it if I full out told you what I thought was happening, even though I believe everyone should know." He takes a deep breath in. "Find a book regarding recent history and the raise to power of Lord Voldemort and the gathering up of Death Eaters and dark creatures, such as Dementors. Find out about all of that, and look at current events."

The steps of the young witch slow, and then stop. They pause only a second or two before she catches back up. "I understand what you are telling me." Oh yes. She understands. "How can it be?" Her voice grows quieter, not wanting anyone to be able to hear her but him. "I thought after Harry, he was destroyed by his own spell?"

Lupin pauses for a few moments, gathering up his thoughts. "I…don't know if I'm the one to talk to you about this. Dumbledore would make more sense." He takes a deep breath in. "He wasn't completely destroyed by the spell. He still lives. Or so some of us believe. And there are ways, when a person is as weak as he is, to come back."

"He might be able to. But I have to admit, I don't…know..the Headmaster, really. I'm just a student here. I don't know how he'd react to some sixth year showing up outside his office and asking to know the details about how someone can be dead and not." This causes her to give Lupin a little grin, just trying to imagine Dumbledore's face. "I will look, as you asked me to. Is there anything more you want me to do?"

Lupin smiles softly. "Well, there are other ways for people not to be dead that are in some of the darkest books out there. But you don't want to read those books. But maybe you'll learn of them in your NEWT courses." He sighs. "Read about the Wizarding War. The one involving Voldemort. As much as you can. Especially the techniques used by him and his followers."

Angelina nods her head, watching her former professor, face serious. "Yes sir. I will look into that. Is there anyone with whom I should share the information I find? Other students you recall you would like to know? Is there anything I can do besides read?"

Lupin nods ever so slightly. "Well, is there anyone you think you should tell?" He asks cautiously. "And, the best think you can do right now besides reading is to pay close attention to what Professor Moody teaches you. He knows much about defending against the dark arts."

There is a pause as she carefully considers his question. Finally, quietly.."Harry. And he'll tell Ron and Hermione. And, the twins? Maybe? They know everything that happens in this school, with all their sneaking devices. If they see things, hidden things, or hear them, we should tell…who?"

Lupin bows his head. "Well, you should tell them, then. And if you or they see or hear things others have not, tell a teacher. Professor Moody, Professor McGonagall, Professor Dumbledore, or Professor Snape." Though he doubts they'd actually tell Snape. "Or you can send me an owl and tell me."

Angelina nods her head once more, considering the professor at her side. "I..don't particularly think we would tell Professor Snape. He'd likely dock us points for making up stories, just because we're Gryffindor." She draws a breath. "Will you send me an owl? If there is something we can do here?"

Lupin smiles a little bit. "Despite what you all may think, Professor Snape is actually one of the good guys. He is on our side. And even if he takes away points, he'd look into the matter with due course." He nods firmly. "I shall send you an owl if there's something you can do. But in the mean time, feel free to send me an owl, as I said. If you have any questions, do not fear to ask."

"I will. And I might have questions after I look at the books. Should I tell Professor Moody that it was you who suggested I request access? Or should I just happen to write a paper on Advanced Defense on such things?" Angelina answers his smile with one of her own.

Lupin smiles softly. "I do not see any harm in telling Professor Moody. Though the decision is yours. Though if you want to keep it on the down low, It would not do any harm. You showed an interest anyway, so the decision is, as I said, yours."

"I will keep it to myself, then." Angelina shifts her weight. "I will be sure to let you know what I find, or if we hear anything. The students might hear things at home over holidays. You know how adults are. Sometimes, they forget we are there and talk over our heads without even realizing we are listening." She pauses, then offers quietly. "Happy Christmas, Professor Lupin."

Lupin nods ever so slightly. "Yes, of course. Well, it was certainly good seeing you, and keep that keen eye on the watch." There's a small smile. "Good day.".

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