1994-07-17: Drunk Dog?


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Scene Title Drunk Dog?
Synopsis A mostly typical night at the Three Broomsticks. Except for the presence of a dog.
Date Jul 17, 1994
Watch For Follow the bouncing whiskey-filled dog bowl! Also, Jack says more than he really intends to.
Chronology none
Logger Jack

The Three Broomsticks

The interior of Three Broomsticks Inn is usually very crowded, noisy, warm, and smoky. Flagons and tankards of mulled mead, butterbeer, red currant rum, and other sorts of drinks are poured and served from the polished wooden bar opposite the door by the curvaceous hostess, Madam Rosmerta. A long mirror covers the wall behind the bar, reflecting even the images of patrons tucked into the most shadowy corners. In one corner next to the bar is a large stone fireplace, with a cozy fire burning in it almost all the time. Stools line the bar, and also surround the many tables in the pub in groups of two or four.

On a hot July day, Jack usually finds himself somewhere to drink. Tonight, it's close to home. He sits in a familiar seat, a drink of whiskey in front of him. Leaning back in his chair, he chuckles at something someone has said near him. "Naw, then she said 'It's not the first time, either!'" The guys around him laugh, and Jack takes a long sip of his drink.

The door to the Three Broomsticks gets pushed open and in walks Tonks in all of her pink haired glory. She has that sort of 'just stopping by' sort of look about her. There's a quick glance, and then she's pushing her way to the bar.

Padfoot trots quickly down the street. Tonks's pink hair is easily spotted and the large black dog picks up the pace and darts into the Three Broomsticks behind Tonks, hoping to beat the door closing.

Sitting near the back corner, sipping on a cup of pumpkin juice. He's not in the mood for anything else today. Not when it's less than a week to the next full moon. The effects already taking their toll on him. He sees Tonks enter, though she didn't see him. It's understandable, he is at the back after all. And…was that just a dog? Oi! If Sirius keeps doing this, he won't be able to protect his friend from the villagers for much longer.

Jack lifts up his glass, still chuckling at the inane chatter of the lads around him, and frowns. "Hey, Roz," he calls, watching Padfoot's entrance. "You let dogs in here?" There's no response, so he gets up, and moves toward the animal. "Hey, guy. Where's your owner?" He pets the dog's head, scratching it gently to keep him calm.

Davie comes in after the dog, with his mother following afterwards. "I saw that dog outside, mum!" Davie says, pointing at Sirius. "He's really nice!"

Dog, dog — Oh shi— Tonks glances around and immediately spots Sirius. "oh you got out again!" She feigns disbelief. She glances around again and then blinks. "Oi, Remus!" She'll step away from the bar, giving Jack a slight smile before going to the back. If permitted, she'll rest a hand on his shoulder, giving him a look. It speaks greatly of 'Are you okay?' but she doesn't say it. "Your mutt's loose again," she says very very quietly through gritted teeth. It's obvious she's insulting Sirius, not Lupin.

Wait, what? Jeez. Padfoot stops in his following of Tonks as Jack tries to make nice. There's a bit of a resigned 'whuff' sound from him. Especially when hearing Tonks's comment, he can hear you! Excellent ears in this form, thank you. As for Davie, he looks over in the kid's direction. He parks himself there, sitting still so people can get in obligatory pats and such. The things he does when he gets bored huh?

Lupin sighs, standing up and heads to the bar, pumpkin juice in hand. "Ah, hello Tonks. How are you today?" He looks down at the dog, petting him on the head lightly. "Padfoot, Padfoot, whatever shall we do with you? You just keep getting out!" He gives a small smile to Rosemerta. "Don't worry, Madam. He'll be good. He won't cause a ruckus."

Jack watches the pretty witch with the pink hair come up to him, and hopes it's her dog. Conversation potential, after all. However, she passes by him, and he turns to watch where she goes. He tilts his head slightly, trying to hear what Tonks says to Lupin. Without luck. When the man comes over to get his dog, he smiles. "Hello. Yours? Nice dog." He grins at Lupin, just for good measure.

Davie nods enthusiastically to Madam Rosmerta, then looks admiringly at Lupin. "I really like him… I wish he lived with us!"

"Oh, doin' alright, I reckon," she answers Lupin as she trails after him back over to Padfoot. She does reach out to affectionately ruffle his ears. "What'd you say his name was again, Remus?" So she's not tempted to grab for nomenclatures and might accidentally spurt out 'Dumbass cousin' one of these days. Davie's given a smile (eee, they start off so tiny!).

Ha. Just for that Remus, Padfoot might. He's bored, don't tempt him. Then, oh ho, what was that look in your eye there, Jack? Giving a bit of a snort, the dog gets up and pads up to Tonks, nudging at one of her hands with his nose. Tail giving a bit of a wag, he glances over at Davie and gives a quiet 'whuff'.

Lupin smiles at Jack and nods. "Yes, he's mine. A good little black dog, he is. Well…not so little, I guess." The last part was more for Sirius' benefit than anything. He doesn't what to sound condescending…not really. He grins at Davie. "I'm sure you have a wonderful home for him, though he has a habit of running off. You have to be real patient with him." He answers the question from Tonks quite easily. "His name is Padfoot."

Davie's mother smiles as she inspects the dog. "He seems smart too."

As he notices the boy, Jack grins. "Hey. Did you eat all those chocolate frogs, then?" He turns back toward Tonks and Lupin. Remus. Wait. "Um, are you Lupin?" He asks, trying to remember. He's slept since he was at Hogwarts. "Noble. Jack Noble." He doesn't expect him to remember Jack from school, but he's been around for awhile, and pops in and out of the Ministry recently.

Davie looks up at Jack with a wave. "Yeah… I think it was too much…" His mother nods.

Jack gets a peer. "Hey, weren't you snogging a girl at the Quidditch cup?" Tonks also has the look of knowing who that girl was. And hopefully, that'll throw off any intentions of him wanting to flirt. She kneels down and looks at Davie, "Hey, he's pretty big, you could probably ride him if you wanted, huh?" She reaches out to again scritch Sirius' ears. "You're a good dog, aren't you? Padfoot, is that it? Good Padfoot…" She pauses and then laughs, "Y'know, I always wanted to have a dog. Chase all the bad memories away…" Like Azkaban, which has succeeded in insuring she hasn't gotten a good night's sleep in the last couple of days.

Padfoot nudges at Tonk's hand again with his wet nose, while giving Lupin a /look/. It might mean revenge is coming your way.. or it may not. You never know when he'll strike back. It's a look he transfers to Tonks. You both are so getting it later. Which, starts in the way of a playful nip at the hands of his friend and his cousin.

Davie grins, looking at the dog. "Maybe… I like dogs a lot! Mine's named Abe!" He gives Padfoot some brief pets.

Lupin nods at Jack. "Yes, that's right. Remus Lupin." He furrows his brow. "Do…I know you, sir?" He'd hate if he did and then forgot. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mister Noble." With a nod to Davie's mother, he says, "Oh yes. Very intelligent dog. More than you can tell sometimes…" He just smiles down at Sirius, as if he doesn't know what that look means, even though he knows all too well. At the nipping, he just grins and ruffles the hair on his head. "Such a playful dog. Still need to get him that collar though."

"No such luck." Jack freely admits. "Barely got my arm around her when that …" He starts to say something about Sirius Black, and then looks over to Lupin. He was part of that bunch. That much he remembers. "Until we got rudely interrupted. So, I apparated her home. To Noble Manor, into the loving arms of my mum." He rolls his eyes. "Thought you said he would behave?" He's mostly teasing the older man. He appears to have something else he wanted to say to Remus, but doesn't say it quite yet, flicking his eyes around the room, wondering if this is the time or place to start that discussion. He frowns. "Oh, I was a firstie when you guys were …" He does the calculations in his head. "Third? Fourth? The year of the great pudding hex." He grins. "That was brill!" Liam — Jack's older brother — didn't think so. "Well, if he's just playin'…" He grins, and ruffles the fur on Padfoot's head again. "Good puppy."

Tonks actually laughs about the nipping. "Here, lemme see if I can find somethin'…" She digs in her pockets which always seem to be loaded with miscellaneous stuff. "You wanna chew on a report from Scrimgeour? Do ya?" She waves a scroll at him before it's tucked back in and she finds what she's looking for. A hair ribbon. She settles to putting a bunch of knots in it to hopefully a semi-decent dog toy. "Here you go, chew on that." A look is given to Jack. "Good, because I was there and I'd have your bum if I thought she wasn't well taken care of." And then the exchange about when they were in school. Wow. She keeps forgetting the people she hangs out with are /older/ than she is.

Davie's sniffed at again by Padfoot as he's patted. Yup. Can smell the other dog alright. At the word collar, there's a soft growl, that may or may not be playful. At the talk of the pudding hex and Jack's brief recollections of Hogwarts, the dog's ears perk up some and the growl fades. The pudding hex.. wasn't that James's idea? Oh so many fond memories. He even tolerates further ruffling of the fur on his head. This is his cross to bear for running around in this form, after all. As for the ribbon his cousin is dangling at him, he sort of rolls his eyes but takes the ribbon in his mouth.

Davie giggles at Padfoot's sniffing, then looks up at Jack. "Pudding hex? What was that? It sounds fun! Or dangerous!"

Lupin actually laughs a little. "Oh yeah…the pudding hex." He gives Davie a grin before explaining it in more detail. "The pudding hex was fourth year. The four of us," he says with a look to Tonks as well, "went off to different hallways and starting performing this hex to cover everything in pudding. We went to four corners of the school and finally met up in the middle. We got two weeks worth detention for it, but it was worth it."

Davie laughs. "Wow! That sounds really fun!" He claps his hands.

"And I was this little firstie, sliding down the hallways, my robe covered in pudding, and loving it." Jack grins. "So, yeah, I've met you. S'just been awhile…" Gryffindor courage, right? He inhales. "And I think you taught my sister last year. Siobhan. Sixth form Slytherin." He grins. "Most of the rest of us bein' Lions… our little Rosie bein' a snake was a bit of a surprise." He shrugs. "'Bout what they're good for, eh?" This to Tonks' comment about the missive from Scrimgeour. "Not much else, I'd wager." He takes the insinuation that he'd treat a lady otherwise quite personally. "She was in fine hands. Didn't let a hair of her head come to trouble." It's a mock-scowl that he offers her, but it's present.

Tonks stands up, still petting Padfoot. It's turned into an idle sort of thing. "Oh, you're Siobhan's brother? Nice girl—seriously, Slytherin?" Tonks looks shocked. 'Wow' is mouthed before she turns a twinkling-eyed look to Lupin, "Wow, quite the troublemaker you were. I would never have believed it. And I wish I thought of something like that." She looks a bit put out that she hadn't thought of something so clever during her years.

Padfoot barks once, this would be the equivalent of him laughing in recollection at the prank. It's not even bothering him that impressionable ears are listening to the tale. The ribbon was dropped so that he could bark, and it's scooped back up. Chew, chew, see? Normal dog here, chewing on a ribbon.

Lupin grins and nods to Davie. "Oh yes, young man. It was very much fun!" He laughs at Jack. "Oh, I just feel sorry for your clean up that you would've had to do after that." He chuckles. He nods then, about Siobhan. "Ah, yes. Siobhan. Good girl. Hard worker. One of the top of her class in Advanced Defensive Theory." Oi, but how that was a difficult class to teach. Just don't ask him about Horcruxes. That's all he asks. He nods to Tonks. "Oh yes, me and my friends." He grins. "Don't worry, Tonks. Not everyone is as born a trouble maker as the four of us were. Though that was the idea of James Potter. In fifth year I thought up the potions mix-up." Though he doesn't go into detail…but he could if asked. Most likely one of the things that caused poor Snape to hate them all, in all probability.

"Oh, Rosie's great." Jack moves, stepping deftly over to his table to grab his drink. "Anybody else need a refill? This round on me, if ya like…" He steps back over, and looks down at the dog. "Smart critter, too." He has no idea. "I heard about that one. I think some of your classmates were laughing about it…" He chuckles in memory. "Yeah, she's great. I bet she was the cleverest there." Gets it all from him, she does… Yeah, right. He drains the rest of his whiskey and sets the glass down on the nearby table, leaning back on one of his feet: a stance of ease.

Tonks rolls her eyes. "I did something similar with the potions..repeatedly," She coughs, "But I eventually gave up. Got tired of Professor Snape-inspired detentions." O ooh! Someone's paying. "Firewhisky please, Mr. Noble. Oh, and it's Tonks." There, throw that out there. She glances to Lupin and offhandedly mentions, "You should smile more often. Looks good on you." Attention is then turned to Davie, "You probably shouldn't listen to these old folks…you might get ideas." She gives him a wink. Padfoot is scritched a bit more.

There was hatred with Snape from day one. Not that Sirius cries about it ever. Greasy git. Still holding the ribbon in his mouth, Padfoot looks between the three, ears perking some still as he listens attentively. There's a soft whine given at the drink orders going around. *grumble* Some things just have to wait huh?

Davie grins, putting his hands behind his head. "I hope I have that much fun there when I go… It'll still be in a few years though, right?" He turns to his mother, who nods.

Lupin nods a little bit at Jack. "Yeah. A few cauldrons ended up exploding…some overflowed. Others melted. Some spurted glowing slime. It was all in good fun though." He whisks out his wand quickly, with a look at Sirius. With a little swirl of his wand, a dog bowl appears and he places it on the counter. "Firewhiskey for the dog. A bit can't hurt him." He looks down at his cup. "And pumpkin juice for me." He says, placing his cup down on the counter. He looks over to Tonks. "Thanks you, Tonks." Is his only reply to the compliment. He chuckles at the boy. "Well, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time at Hogwarts when you get there."

Jack arches an eyebrow at the request for the dog. "S'your dog." He shrugs. He figures a Marauder would know how much whiskey any critter of his could handle. "Alright, Hey, Roz!" He flirts with the proprietress for a long moment, and then gives her the drink orders. She looks at Lupin a little funny, but nods. It's not the first time she's seen a weird drink order. Nor, surely, the last. "Just don't get into too much trouble right away." He winces as he gives his advice to Davie. "Makes it awful hard to get into the rhythm of things if you're dealing with detentions in the first week." Voice of experience talking. Tonks gets a grin. "Call me Jack. And…" He purses his lips for a moment, in thought. "Are you Miss St. Croix's friend? I think she mentioned you…" At least once.

Davie turns to Jack and gives him something like a salute. "Okay!"

She shakes her head at the order of whiskey for the dog. "Don't let him drink too much, Remus, you'll have to carry him otherwise." Tonks then looks to Jack and she nods. "Yeah, we went to school together; same year and house, even."

This is why Remus is still his best friend. Padfoot gives a bark before bellying on up to the bar the best way a dog can. He's even careful with putting his paws on the bar so that he can reach the bowl. Beggars can't be choosers, and he hasn't much in the way of dignity left anyway.

Davie grins at Padfoot. "Oh, look at him… he's really great!"

As the bowl of whiskey gets pour, Lupin gives Padfoot a look. "Down, Padfoot. You may be man's best friend, but you've still got drink from the bowl on the floor. No drinking like people do. Drinking from the counter is a people thing." He may be having a bit too much fun with this. He leaves the bowl, though, near the bar for Padfoot and takes his drink. "He is certainly a good dog, he is." He says to Davie.

Jack grins at Padfoot's antics. "Smart one," he reiterates. He hands a glass of firewhiskey to Tonks, and pumpkin juice to Remus. "Care to sit?" Because, he does. He comes in here to relax. He pulls out a chair in Tonks' direction, attempting a little bit of chivalry. He gazes for a long moment at Lupin, then looks down into his drink.

Tonks thanks Jack for the chair and she takes it. The firewhiskey is also thanked for. She grins at Remus. "Wow, you really do teach your dog neat tricks." Poor Padfoot.

There's a faint growl given when Remus does his chastising. Fine. Fine. Well played sir. Padfoot settles back down onto the floor like a good dog. *sigh* His tail wags as he laps up the whiskey. Merlin's beard, he doesn't remember it burning this much going down or the bite in the liquid. Could be that it's been over a decade since he's had a drink, could also be the more sensitive senses of this form.

"All right, Davie," Martha says. "We should be heading home… Padfoot will be here again, won't he?" Davie moves closer to his mother.

Lupin chuckles at Jack. "One of the smartest, don't you know. Actually smarter than anyone knows, I think. I think he know more than he lets on sometimes." He shrugs and looks at Tonks. "Oh, it's only right that his…master, should teach him such." When in Rome…play a dog's master, they say. He nods to Jack. "A seat would be nice." He moves over to the table, sitting down across from Tonks. With his wand, he slowly makes the dog bowl move over towards the table, but not so quickly that Padfoot can't drink from it.

"The way it sounds, he's a good fit for you. Rosie seemed to think you were one of her more intelligent DA professors." Jack eases himself into a chair and chuckles at the levitating dog bowl. "Hey! I wonder if Ten would do that…" He rubs his chin with a grin. "My Kneazle. Bit strange." He sips at his drink, and then glances at Tonks. "So, do you have a pet?" Since everybody else is talking about it.

Tonks tosses the whiskey back and takes a moment to bask in the feeling of the liquor running down her throat. She then just chuckles as Jack and Lupin talk about Padfoot. She gives her cousin a grin before she blinks at Jack. "Nah. I'd be too busy for one—or it'd try to kill me by sitting out in the middle of the hallway while I"m tryin' to go to the loo in the middle of the night. Ask Remus here, I'm not exactly too great on my feet when there's nothing to trip over to begin with." She takes a breath and sighs whimsically, "But I wouldn't mind something that could kind of take care of itself… I like cats. Mum's got like four of them." And be proud, she almost said her family tree was a 'pet'.

A growl of frustration is made as the bowl starts to move. Moony. Stopit. Padfoot might bite you for this. As the bowl moves, so does he. It doesn't take much longer for him to finish off the bowl. Erf. That's gonna come back to bite him on the arse later. Bowl now ignored, he flops down onto the floor, eyes turning up to look at each person in turn. Noting the boy Davie and his mother have left, Jack gets a little further study, trying to place the man back at Hogwarts.

Lupin chuckles at Jack. "Well, Siobhan is quite kind, I must say." Though it does seem to be the general consensus that he was one of the best, if not the best Defence teacher they had. "A drinking Kneazle…I can't quite imagine it, I'm afraid." He shrugs and drinks his pumpkin juice. From then on, he listens to the chit chat.

"No, I was thinking with milk…" Jack grins. "I wouldn't want to give Ten spirits. He's already kind of weird." He said that already. He takes a long sip of his drink, and looks over at the dog who seems to be watching him closely. "I'm not a threat to him, or something, am I?" Guard dog, is he?" He chuckles at Tonks. "Yeah. Ten's done that a couple of times. Run right in front of me as I was headin' somewhere…" Shrug. "It's part of his charm."

Attention back to Padfoot, Tonks peers down at him. "Maybe he knows you're talking about a cat..thing." Dogs like cats, right? As into chase them and otherwise terrorize them.

Padfoot pushes himself up from the floor, stretching out his massive form briefly. His pale eyed stare settles on Jack for a few more moments, yup. He knows what you're talking about, or maybe he just finds something interesting to stare at. Shaking his head, ears flapping, he lets out a soft bark then pads off for the door to work on letting himself out. Guard dog? You could say that. He is one, of sorts. A guard dog that's gonna slink off back to his hiding place!

Lupin chuckles at Jack. "Good…milk is better for those animals." He shakes his head. He looks between Padfoot and Jack. "Oh, no. No. He's just interested in people is all. Oh, if that dog could talk!" He chuckles before watching the dog walk out. "Probably off to protect the homefront now." He says happily.

Jack watches the dog leave. "Alright." He tips his drink back, and lets out a long sigh. "I heard the explanation of why you didn't get to stay on and teach again this next year…" Jack says, softly, leaning forward to confide in the man. "And I think it's bollocks." He shrugs. "You must've been doin' somethin' right teachin' those kids." His words are slightly slurred. Little more alcohol than normal, and he's saying things he wouldn't normally say in public places. But he's trying to be discreet. "Thought you ought to know." He sets the empty glass down. "I'm done, I think."

"I'm sure he'd say a lot of things," Tonks tosses a wink towards Lupin. She turns to get another refill from Rosmerta when Jack goes on his comment towards Lupin and his resignation. She just looks between the two, but there's no commentary from her.

Lupin gives a little playful and knowing wink to Tonks and turns to Jack, looking very seriously at him now. "I do appreciate that, sir. It had to be done, though. If I didn't quite, who knows what could have happened. Would not have lasted much longer anyway, once it was made public to the parents." And that's his spiel for that.

"Understand that." Jack nods, leaning back again. "Just thought you ought to know that not everybody felt that way." He grins at Tonks. "Nice meetin' ya, Miss Tonks." He moves to stand up. "And, nice to see you again," to Lupin, "though we're neither of us in the same place we used to be." He gives a small smile. "Pleasant evenin' to you both." He stands fully up, moving over to tease Rosmerta a little more. "Night, Roz. Don't cause too much trouble without me."

Tonks lifts her hand to wave at Jack. "You too, Mr. Noble." Since they're being all formal and stuff. She gets her refill and she watches Jack for a moment before she tosses her drink back. She does watch Lupin to see how he took the comments Jack made about him.

Lupin bows his head to Jack. "Once more, I certainly appreciate hearing that." He smiles softly. "And no, neither of us are quite at the same spot. But we are, hopefully, better for our experiences." He says quietly. "Good night, sir. Enjoy the rest of your evening." He gives a glances toward Tonks. So…they're alone now.

Jack heads out the door, catching a couple more people with farewells and laughter. He steps outside, moves to the apparition point, and with a soft 'pop', is gone.

Indeedy they are. "Want some more pumpkin juice, Remus?" Waiting for his answer she eyes her emptied glass of firewhiskey. "I hope Padfoot made it home okay," Tonks is genuinely concerned for her idiot of a cousin.

Lupin smiles at Tonks and nods. "More pumpkins juice would be lovely, thank you." He says to the woman across from him. "Oh, I'm sure he did. Padfoot is very resourceful." He assures her. "I've known him for a long time. And I know he will always be fine."

Tonks waves her hand to get a refill, though Tonks opts for some gillywater because she really doesn't want to be apparating home drunk. She nods here to Lupin. "It was good seeing him, thank you. Had a bit of an interesting day the other day, needed the pick me up."

Lupin furrows his brow. "Oh? What kind of an interesting day?" He sounds both curious and concerned.

"Well, first there was that lovely article Ms. Skeeter decided to put in after the attack," Tonks rolls her eyes here. "But that didn't really bother me too much… but I decided to go visit my aunt." She mouths' 'The one in Azkaban'.

Lupin snorts. "Glad to hear that Rita Skeeter's article didn't bother you. Anything she says is usually pure hogwash." He furrows his brow at the mention of the aunt. "How is that lovely aunt of yours? I've heard nothing of her since…well, a while." Since she tortured the Longbottoms in all honesty.

Tonks takes a deep breath and rolls her eyes. "Oh, same as usual. I don't think the time incarcerated's helped much. Didn't tell me anything new in regards to a certain someone's escape, but…" She didn't expect it. "Figured I'd attempt again, considering I"m family and all. Maybe something might've slipped in all that /ranting/." The latter is true… she kind of hoped something would be said.

Lupin nods slowly. "From what I head, all she talks about these days…well, rants about these days, is about returning to the Dark Lord. How she's served him and that she's done her time. That he's coming for her." He takes a deep breath in. "A sad case, she is. I pity her more than anything, really." Which may actually come as a shock.

Tonks nods here. "She was doing that too—on top of giving me a few choice insults. I don't think she ever forgave Mum for her marriage," she says quietly. Tapping her finger on her lips, she does nod in agreement. "It was sad, to watch her. Have to wonder if she was like that before her incarceration."

Lupin nods while listening. "She would know the best insults to throw your way, I am certain." He says quietly. "She was bad before. She was one of His biggest supporters. Still is, I reckon. The only thing that keeps her going any more is the hope that he shall return and free her from her prison."

The refills come and Tonks chews her lip. "I'd…rather not think of that possibility." She does toss him a look that conveys, 'But I have to, don't I?'.

Lupin gives Tonks a look that suggests that Yes, she does have to consider and think of that possibility. "When he was around the first time, he had all forms of dark creature at his command. Including the Dementors." He says quietly so as no one else can hear.

Lupin doesn't need to elaborate. You-Know-Who coming back would mean they'd lose Azkaban in that case. Tonks' lips pull thin. "I get you," she returns in same quiet voice. "It was worth a shot, still I think," she states on the visit. It serves the purpose of showing Tonks is still trying to track down Sirius, as well as the off chance something showed up in the ranting.

Lupin smiles softly. "Well now, that's the spirit. If it's worth a shot, then you go for it." He nods firmly. He downs his pumpkin juice and stands. "Well, I should be off. I've got more house searching to be done. Do you know how hard finding a place to stay in a place the size of Hogsmeade is?"

"I'll take your tab," She tells Remus. She nods. She might have to pay her aunt another visit eventually. Or maybe she might actually bother her Aunt Cissy—wouldn't that be grand…right. "Oi, I don't envy you. If I can help, let me know." She lives closer to work, unfortunately. "It's good seeing you, Remus. Give Padfoot a good scritching from me, 'kay?"

Lupin grins widely. "Oh, I'll be sure to let you know, and give Padfoot the biggest scritch since our school days, just for you!"

"Sounds good," Tonks states. "You have a good day, Remus."

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