1994-12-03: Dress Robes, Dear?


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Scene Title Dress Robes, Dear?
Synopsis Molly comes to Hogwarts to talk about dress robes for her two youngest.
Location Great Hall, Hogwarts
Date Dec 03, 1994
Watch For embarrassed children,
Logger Mum Wheezy.

It's just at the end of lunch, and most students have trickled away to get back to schoolwork, or hurry to get to class. Ginny's next class had been postponed for an hour, so she had plenty of time to eat and relax. While she ate, her eyes wandered the hall, looking at every girl that seemed older than her with an appraising eye.

Molly bustles into the hall, and glances around, noticing where her children are. Or should be. Perhaps it's because it's Saturday and they've gone to run around or aren't up yet, in Ronald's case, most likely. She moves to the fairly empty table and looks down at the lone Weasley there. "Hello, Ginny dear, how are you doing?" She waits for the girl to notice her before squeezing her to bits.

Ginny's gaze is caught by the familiar face in such odd settings - she has so rarely seen her mother in Hogwarts, she starts a bit, nearly spilling her goblet of pumpkin juice. Then she's enveloped in a hug that is so tight, her lungs are crushed. Returning the hug, she manages to croak, "Can't breathe, Mum."

Molly releases her grip somewhat and gives a slight frown. "So sorry dear. How are you doing, luv? Everything alright?" She wants to ask more questions, but doesn't want to embarrass her daughter too much more in the Great Hall. "So, dear, I have a couple colors of material that I can buy … I just need to measure you…" She frowns. "If you're like your brothers, you've shot up at least an inch and a half since I saw you last…" She steps back, trying to examine her baby girl. "Oh, my." She does notice that she comes up a little higher on her person than she used to. "So glad I waited." Means a little more work, but the jumpers are done, so she's got the time. She pulls out a couple swatches, and frowns. "Which one do you like?" One is a pale green, and the other is a tan with darker brown patterns.

Ginny begins to grin once she can properly get air into her lungs. "It's good to see you too, Mum. Yes, everything is fine.. classes are going well, and I've made some new friends." She straightens a little when Molly eyes her - her mother tends to have that effect on people. Glancing at the swatches, Ginny purses her lips thoughtfully. "That one," she decides, pointing to the pale green swatch.

Molly nods, listening to her daughter's words. "That's lovely, dear." She watches the choice she makes, and nods again, this time a little more quickly and determinedly than before. "So, dear," her voice is a whisper, though it carries for a short ways, "do you have a date yet?" She reaches down into her bag to find her measuring tape, and looks around, wondering if this is the place for this, or if she needs to shuffle Ginny off somewhere else.

Ginny cries loudly, "Mum!" She's blushing for real now. Molly has just inquired about her date to the ball, and now she's taking out a tape measure, about to measure her /in the Great Hall/. It's lunch time, and there are still a smattering of students around. "I, um.. kind of.. do." Ginny manages to tell her mother, surprised that she could get out the words. Molly was always easier to talk to, though. In a tiny voice that's barely more than a whisper, she says, "Harry asked me."

Molly's eyes light up with pride when Ginny reveals who she'll be going with. "Oh, dear. That is wonderful!" She nods toward the plate. "Are you finished, dear, or shall we sit down while you do?" She's hanging on to the tape measure more as a reminder to herself at this point. It isn't like she needs the girl to remove anything to measure her, is it? "Do you know what color…" Well, duh, of course they know what color his dress robes are. They were there when he bought them. "Well, then, the green will do nicely, won't it?" She gives her bright smile. "Are you nervous, dear?" This is whispered again, perhaps less audible to those around them.

Poking her head in the doorway, Siobhan scans the occupants of the room, searching for one face in particular. She doesn't spy her target, but she does catch sight of some delightfully tempting bananas in a bowl on the end of the Hufflepuff table. Figuring that food is food - and not really wanting to trek all the way over to her own House's table - she snags one, pretending not to see the dirty looks shot her way. She's getting used to being the scapegoat again, and isn't that a little pathetic? Suddenly, her attention is grabbed by an awful lot of red hair. "Oi, Ginny!" She weaves through the smattering of students towards the younger girl. "Have you seen Ren - oh!" She draws up short, offering Molly a bright smile and subtly turning the crested side of her robes away. "Hullo Mrs. Weasley," she recognizes the woman by sight anyway. "Sorry Gin, I can come back later if you like."

Ginny turns to glance at her half-finished plate, then nods. "We can sit down and eat for a bit. Do you want anything?" She gestures to the spreads around the table, various delicious-looking food. With a smile at her mother, she nods. "I like green." She spots Siobhan then, and grins slightly, lifting her hand in a wave. In answer to Molly's whispered question, she nods emphatically. "Hi, Sio. No, you can stay - Mum and I were going to have some lunch. Mum, do you know Siobhan Noble?"

Molly moves to sit down beside Ginny, and looks up at the Slytherin girl. "You're Sir Michael's daughter?" She frowns for a moment. "I'm not sure I've met you in person, dear." She holds out a hand to shake. "I think Arthur knows your father, or has run into him at the ministry." She smiles. "And my older boys knew your brothers in school, I believe." There are so many of them, they're bound to at least know each other a little. "I read that Prophet article about the Tournament, dear. Were you hurt badly?" Molly eyes the food. "Well, I do have a meal on at home for your father, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt. I wouldn't want to make you feel embarrassed about it." No, she'll just embarrass you about other things. "So…" She pulls out a drawing from her purse. "Do you like this style, dear?" She holds it so that both girls can see.

With families as big as the Weasley and Noble ones, it's no small wonder that some knew each other somewhere along the line. When Siobhan grasps Molly's hand in a firm shake, she smiles warmly. "Aye, ma'am. That'd be me. An' yeah, Da always speaks real highly of Mr. Weasley, and I think my brother Jack's done work with him on a couple of cases." The amount of Muggle artifacts that get cursed is simply astounding. As the other two women sit, Siobhan joins them - seating herself next to Ginny and ignoring the filthy looks and mutterings. A Slytherin at the Gryffindor table! The design is eyed for a moment, the puffy sleeves and large skirt making Sio's smile just a little forced. "That looks really complicated, Mrs. Weasley…" The blonde snake manages to put just enough awe in her tone. "If it'd be easier, I've got a tonne of formal gowns and robes that just don't fit me anymore; Mum dragged me to all her 'social events' since I could walk on me own." There's an affectionate eyeroll for her mother's…special-ness. "Gin could have the pick of what she liked. I know I've some that'd fit her…"

Ginny and her mother are sitting at the Gryffindor table, with Siobhan next to them. The three women seem to be discussing dress robes and gowns, if the tape measure and pattern in Molly's hand are any indication. It's lunchtime, though near the end of it, so while there are students scattered around the tables, it's quieter than usual.

Ginny glances from the pattern, to her mother, to Siobhan, and back again. She isn't entirely sure what to say - the pattern seems to more befit a Ginny of a younger age, as it gives off a very sincere 'princess' feel - but is saved by Siobhan. Ginny smiles at the older girl, looking rather excited about the prospect of gowns. Whether Molly will accept such a thing isn't quite clear, though, and Ginny looks expectantly towards her mother. She tries not to give her puppy eyes.

From the entrance to the Great Hall comes Ron, hurrying down the length of the hall to get to his usual spot at the Gryffindor table. It seems he's running late for lunch today, probably because he was off doing something Quidditch related, no doubt. Once he makes it to the table, he sits himself down beside Ginny, and begins to gather food onto a clean plate. "Hey, Ginny," he says, looking around, and he gives a weak smile to Siobhan, too. "Hi," he says to her, then turns to— his mum "Mum!" Ron says, looking slightly taken aback, as he's just now noticing she's here. "What— when— what are you doing here?" Such a caring son, yes?

Molly notes Ron's entrance and smiles. Good. "Hello, Ronald." She totally ignores his sputtering. It's not unusual, and nothing seems too amiss. "Well…" She thinks about it. "You do have some that are modest, yes?" She's seen some of the other woman's clothing choices. "I won't have any child of mine dressing like a scarlet woman." She purses her lips. "No offense to your lady mother, dear, but I think she and I may not see eye to eye on everything." She keeps thinking, however. "It would save me time, and give me more of a chance to finish Ronald's." Molly grabs a roll, and puts some butter on it, and takes a small bite. "Alright, Siobhan. If you can find something suitable, that would work splendidly. Thank you."

Ginny manages to keep from bouncing with glee, but she does grin very broadly. "Thanks, Mum!" She leans over to hug her mother tightly from the side. "I bet Sio and I will find something /perfect/!" Smiling at her brother, she gives him a little wave of her fingertips. "Wotcher, Ron. Mum came to visit," she says matter-of-factly, as if this were not already apparent.

Melissa steps up to the Ravenclaw table across from Ginny and gives her a wave and a big smile. "Hi Ginny!" she says. "How've you been?" She then notices Ron and gives him a slight wave as well. "Oh, is this your mum? Nice to meet you!" she adds, smiling to Molly.

"Dress robes?" Ron says with a roll of his eyes as he begins to tuck into his food. It's both an awe-inspiring and horrible sight to watch as he practically inhales his food. What? He's hungry! "What are you getting, Ginny?" he continues, leaning over slightly so he can look at the piece of paper the girls are looking at, as well. "Are these it?"

"I'm sure you will dear." Molly agrees, though she privately reserves the right to veto anything showing too much skin. As the Ravenclaw firstie comes up to her, she nods. "Hello, dear. Are you enjoying Hogwarts?" She smiles indulgently, and then turns to Ron. "Ronald, don't eat so quickly. You'll give yourself a stomach ache." She frowns, and pulls out another set of swatches from her purse. "Ronald, what do you think of these?" One is solid black, one is a dark blue, and one is, you guessed it, maroon. "I figured I'd make robes this year and save just a little. I looked at the second-hand shops and the only ones they had were dreadful." After that incident with Percy's robes a couple of years ago, Molly's been a little more aware. "Well, we've just been offered some help with Ginny's." Molly doesn't elaborate for the moment. "This is the design I thought of, but it sounds like Siobhan will help her out." She nods toward the Slytherin sitting there at the table with the Lions.

"Yeah, it's great here," Melissa replies. "It's starting to get busy… oh, you're making robes? That sounds fun! They'll be one-of-a-kind!"

Waving over at Ron, Siobhan offers him a friendly enough smile, but her eyes are cool; the dueling incident hasn't been forgotten, then. Still, when she piles food on her own plate, the similarities between her eating style and Ronalds are…astounding. Molly's chastisement to her son has Sio looking up, startled. The bite - or three - in her mouth is swallowed and she nods. "You're clear to go to Hogsmeade, right?" The question is directed to Ginny. "I can have Janet shrink 'em and we can use my brother's flat in town to try them on you."

Ginny grins, amused at both her brother's and Siobhan's eating styles. She smiles at her brother when he makes an effort to look interested in the robe design, though she doubts it's his cup of tea. "I like the blue fabric," she nods to that swatch when Molly extends them all to Ron. When Siobhan asks about Hogsmeade, she nods. "Yup, I am. That sounds like an excellent plan!" The girl looks deeply thrilled.

Ron himself can't help notice the similarities between the eating styles of he and Siobhan, and he watches her for a few moments, before turning his attention back to his mom. "Huh?" he says, then looks down at the different style of robes she's presenting before him. "Not maroon," he says instantly, pointing at it and shaking his head. "No way." He looks over the other two, brow creasing as it as he tries to decide between the two of them. "I… don't know," he finally says, shrugging. "What do you think?" he says, glancing in Siobhan's direction, mumbling the question more than outright asking it.

Molly thinks that's a compliment from the little one. "Thank you, dear." She smiles easily, and turns back to Ginny and Ronald. "Just so long as you're safe. "Which brother, Siobhan?" She asks, trying to remember where they fit with the older Weasley boys. "I didn't know any of them had an office in Hogsmeade. That must be nice to have a sibling close at hand." She takes another small bite of her roll. "Not the maroon then." That one goes back into the pocket. That's right, she reminds herself. "So, one vote for the blue, and one for anything but the maroon. What do you girls think?" She might just change her mind entirely, but at this point, it sounds good so far.

Melissa pushes up her glasses. "When can we go to Hogsmeade again? Isn't it third year?" she asks the others. "I've never been before." She peeks at the fabrics. "I like the blue too."

Beaming a smile at the youngest of the Weasley brood, Siobhan leans in closer, her voice low and conspiratorial. "Jack's got the coolest stuff over there; if we're lucky, I can introduce you to a couple of our friends." And by friends, of course she means she's going to bully, cajole and otherwise force poor Jack to show off his Patronus. "Jack, ma'am," Sio answers genially. "The independent cursebreaker." A reminder - in case Molly isn't familar with the names so much - but also an assurance; there're few safer places they could be. Molly's questioning of her opinion doesn't surprise her, and she opens her mouth to add another 'anything but the maroon' vote. Ron's mumbled request, however, startles her and she blinks twice before seriously considering his color and complexion. "I think the black'd wash you out too much an' the maroon is…not a color for gingers." Here, she seems hesitant; pausing as her lower lip is pulled and worried between teeth. "Now don't jump down m'throat, but I think your best bet'd be a nice hunter green." She's quick to throw in another option. "Slate grey or chocolate brown could be nice too, if you get just the right shade…" Aha! So she was paying attention, all those years with Mum and Morty.

Green, grey, or chocolate brown… Ron mulls over the choices, with an eye still on the colors Molly is displaying, and ultimately, he shrugs. He doesn't even have a date yet, why should he be so worried about colors? "I— I have no idea, really," he says in between bites of food, making sure to at least swallow as there is company present. If it were Harry and Hermione, it wouldn't be so big of a deal, but he should probably show some display of manners since his mum is here. "What do you guys think, the same thing?" he says, shifting his gaze between Ginny, Melissa, and Molly, looking slightly out of the place. Ron is just one of the girls, apparently.

With a frown, Molly listens to Sio's words. "Well, dear, you might have a point. Perhaps like…" With a swish of her wand, the blue one is now a dark green. "I just thought that perhaps he'd want a different color to Harry's." She smiles. "I do believe they had one that was roughly this color. Is this the kind of thing you're thinking, dear?" This is directed at Siobhan, since her son seems to have expressed his opinion on the matter. "Ronald, speaking of Harry…" She frowns. "Do you know what his plans are for the holidays, dear?"

"On the other hand…" Melissa says, focusing her spectacled gaze on Ron, "I think that brown might work well on you… Yeah, I could see that."

"Hmm, maybe not…" Slurping up a cold noodle from her salad, Siobhan taps her wrist against the edge of the table and swishes her remarkably tiny wand. The swatch takes on a slightly more olive tone. "Hold that up against his skin, Mrs. Weasley?" Her wand is slid back up her sleeve. "See, if there's a little brown an' a little grey in the green… yeah, there it doesn't wash out the paler skins so much, an' it doesn't clash with his hair." Which is a remarkable feat, all things considered.

Melissa nods approvingly, looking close at the color. "Nice… it's kind of a nature-y color… I like it!" She gives Ron a big grin. "Go with that one."

Molly holds the swatch up against his skin. "Hmm. That does show promise. It's only just a wee bit extra to have the color changed." They are wizards after all. "You know, Siobhan, you're quite good at this. SHe smiles. "Well, that's settled, then." She eyes her son. "Dear, Harry?" Answer the question, Mr. Weasley, please.

As long as he looks good in the dress robes, the color doesn't matter too much to wrong. He needs to look dashingly handsome. No reason in particular, of course. "Harry?" Ron repeats, looking up at his mum. "I don't know— probably coming home with me if we come back for the holidays. I don't know if we're staying here or not," he says with a slight shrug.

"Wow, I figured you were friends, but I didn't know it was that much," Melissa says, intrigued. "You're lucky… he's nice," she says, adjusting her glasses again, as if to see the Weasleys in a new light. "But, I don't want to bother you too much about it… I know I'd hate to have people talking about me all the time."

Molly nods. "Well, of course he's coming to our house, dear." Molly just assumes that things will Be. That. Way. "He's a sweet boy." That's her only comment to Melissa. "Dear, what are your parents' plans for the holidays?" This is directed to the Slytherin. "Would you tell him for me, luv?" Back to Ron again.

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