Draco Malfoy
Portrayed By Tom Felton
House Slytherin
Year 4th
Position Superior to you
Sex Male
Race Human wizard
Age 15
Place of Birth near Devizes, Wiltshire, England
Date of Birth 5 June 1980
First Appearance Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Last Appearance Ongoing

Character History:


Draco Malfoy is a charismatic student with an insatiable ambition. In fact, were it not for the splendor of the ‘Golden Trio’ as it were, his reign of influence would likely extend beyond the Slytherin house. He is intelligent as well as cunning, but not as intelligent as Hermione. He is a good seeker, but not as good as Harry. He is…well, no, he is better than Ron in every way, shape, and form. But the truth remains that he is constantly outshined and outplayed by the Gryffindor group of friends. This disappointment has now characterized all five years of his formal education, leaving him a frustrated and petulant teenager.

Something of a perfectionist, the expectations that all of the Wizarding World heaps upon himself (after all, he does come from such a prominent and well-respected pure blood family. And Lucius in particular) isn’t quite as bad as the pressure he pushes himself with. He wants attention. He wants glory. He wants recognition, always and forever, because this was his birth right. He tries his hardest to live up to his sense of superiority, but often falls short, though not for lack of trying. As a result of said frustrations, he often resorts to childish mockery and manipulative bullying to boost his own ego.

Draco is also very much a conservative pureblood. He believes whole-heartedly that there is no place for muggles and muggleborns in the Wizarding world. That magic is something valuable that ought to be kept between only the purest of bloods. As he perceives wizards to be above all other creatures, he is angered by the fact that Wizarding kind is content to hide from the muggles, despite the fact that they are clearly the superior race. He is also a coward, and someone who is very much preoccupied with his image and the general attitudes of his peers, therefore being something of a swayable, chameleon type character.


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