1995-04-28: Down The Rabbit Hole


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Scene Title Down the Rabbit Hole
Synopsis Luna's wrackspurt detector does not work quite as planned.
Location ?
Date April 28, 1995
Watch For Wrackspurts.
Logger Jax

[HGW] - Defense Against Dark Arts Classroom

The majority of this room's contents vary with each professor assigned to this course. The old fashioned desks are aligned in neat rows facing the blackboard at the head of the room. Shelves and cabinets are placed against the walls containing books, artifacts and tanks for holding creatures. The windows of the rooms are along the southern wall, overlooking the lake. Despite whoever is in charge of the class this year, Defense Against the Dark Arts never fails to be an interesting lesson, particularly in these tumultuous times.

It was a short time after a Defense Against the Dark Arts class, with the same sort of ordeal that Mad-Eye Moody tended to put them through. For the most part, many of the students had filed out, but - not Luna. Indeed, she falls back to a table near the rear of the classroom, as was her custom these past few weeks. Dipping her hand into the backpack she tended to wear these days, she starts to arrange the items upon the tabletop. A hoop made of a silvery sort of metal, that had a pendant, from which a variety of items that one may normally call garbage dangled from via small chains, the centerpiece a broken remembrall, set in the very center of the pendant. That same pendant was suspended, via some form of magic in the very center of the hoop, lazily turning as Luna works on. The hoop stood vertically, at least, when propped up by a few stands that Luna provided from her pack.

With a faraway sort of glance, Luna cants her head to one side, pursing her lips tightly together as she stares through the hoop towards the remaining students in the classroom.

Jax is finishing up writing down some last additions to his notes for class, and is slow to gather his things when everyone else has gone. He slips his notes into his messenger bag and hurries towards the door, but skids to a halt by Luna's table, distracted — faaar too easily distracted — by the presence of Shiny Objects. The tiny firstie moves closer to peer at the inems Luna is arranging, blue eyes bright with curiosity. "What's all this for?" He pokes a finger towards the hoop, but doesn't touch anything. He does lean in close to stare, though. Shiny.

Neville is still cleaning up his work space. Or, really, what's left of it. He cups his hand, sweeping a pile of charred parchment remains into his book bag. He peers down into it before dropping a broken quill down into it. Longbottom straightens up, folding the flap of his bag and shouldering it. "'Lo, Luna, Jackson," he says, stalling as he walks past her table. "Still worryin' over that.. those workspurts, huh? It's a…" he begins to Jackson, but stops himself. "Luna?" he prompts her.

Angelina makes her way in after the class, having been in her astronomy class last period. She gives a grin to the students outgoing as she waits to get in. Once within, however, she turns immediately to the table where Luna is and puts down her bag on the floor. "Hey Luna. Looks like you've got it all setup then." A nod and smile then. "Neville. Jackson. How was class?"

Out from the hallway comes Fred with a almost idiotic grin on his face. Having followed angie in her he heads over and starts, "Hey butterfly…" then he stops and seeing Neville and then rest about raises an eyebrow, "What ya up to?" He peers at the shiny things. Oh yeah shiny, despite the age difference Fred is just as interested as Jax.

It takes a few moments for Luna to respond, the girl evidently engrossed within her work. Even then, her eyes don't quite shift from the silvery hoop. "It's a wrackspurt detector, of course." she says, in a more distracted sort of tone than usual. "It isn't a thing like my father's, but it should work exactly the same. It will draw all the wrackspurts from where they are hidden, to where anyone can see them." Luna pauses at that, however, drawing her wide blue eyes from the detector towards the gathering students, the vague smile on her lips slipping away to a neutral expression as she blinks. Another beat, and a smile touches her lips again. "All that is left to do is test it."

Drawing her wand from behind her ear, Luna clears her throat, makes a swish of her wand through the air, and then rather suddenly taps it against the pendant, with a raised voice-cry of "/Wrackspurtis Revealia!/" A pause further, and Luna steps away, canting her head to the side as she observes the machine. It would not do anything at first - but then a sickly green sort of light would surround the pendant, the pendant in the center spinning faster and faster and faster. "This happened with daddy's." Luna explains. "We'll see a wrackspurt at any moment."

There is a delay when he is addressed — a few seconds before the fact that his name is being spoken sinks in through the distraction of Luna's fascinating spinnysilvershiny — but after a pause Jax does look up, with a bright smile. "Hi, Neville! Hi, Angie! Class was fun and I didn't explode /anything/." Clearly, this is an Accomplishment. He rocks from heel to toe and back as he listens to Luna's explanation. "Really? Do you know what they look like? What do you do with them once you see them?" His eyes widen as the green light appears and the pendant spins faster, and he takes a step closer, all intent curiosity once again.

Neville jerks his head at Angie's voice, looking up sheepishly. Still, he gives her a very stiff nod. It isn't until Fred comes in that Neville looks a bit queasy. He slips mostly behind Jackson and catches his attention back into Luna's work, eyes on the pendant as she explains it. "We'll see one?" he asks, hand reaching into his robes, fingers curling around a cherrywood wand. "Are they dangerous?"

Angie nods her head to Jackson's assessment of the class. "That is progress, then!" Fred's entrance causes her grin to turn a bit shy, but her attention is quickly pulled back to the detector. If this thing works, it marks the end of a long detention. But in truth, it was kind of interesting researching the spells. "Look Luna! It's doing something! You said your father's did this same thing?" She moves closer to the table, waiting to see.

Fred is trying not to laugh as he looks at the green spinning thing, "we're gonna see a wrackspurt…wait that's the fuzzy brain one right?" He makes sure it isn't the mysterious stealing nargels or whatever Luna was telling him about, "I thought they were invisible…" He comments and gives Neville a thumbs up as he sees the boy's off look. Fred adds a smile to Nevler and walking up to stand next to Angie nudges her shoulder with his, "You didn't explode anything Jax? That's no fun."

"Oh, no, not dangerous at all. When they are drawn here, they are far too big to crawl into your ears without some serious work." Luna continues, a faint tinge of excitement slipping into her voice. Meanwhile, the sickly green light spreads, moving towards the edges of the surrounding hoop, where it starts to 'nudge' at it, pushing against it, and withdrawing, before repeating that. Meanwhile, it starts to fill out a vague orb shape around the pendant with the same sort of light, Luna canting her head to one side. "It is the one that makes your brain all fuzzy, yes…" Luna says, the excitement slipping away from her voice, and replaced with a bit of thoughtfulness. Towards Jackson, she turns somewhat, before saying, "I'm not quite sure you do anything with them. Once they appear, well - everyone will know… well, that's new." Luna says.

What was she referring to? Well, a tendril of green light seems to have 'pushed' past the orb-like shape the rest of the light had filled out, a tendril that grows bigger and bigger, and the hoop starts to quiver…

"Are you sure? I have kind of big ears." Jax rubs at one of his ears with just a hint of nervousness, but the escaping tendril of light just makes him more interested. "I hope they're pretty. Do you think they'll be glowy, too? Why do you want them if you don't want to do anything with them?"

Neville makes a small, gurgling squeak. He forgets his wand, instead clamping his hands around his ears. "They /what/?" he demands, eyes wide on Luna, Fred, then the odd instrument. "Lunaaa…" Nevile whimpers as he steps back from the table.

Grinning, Angie shoves backwards at Fred. For a moment, it might seem like they are about to start a fight right there. Only they don't, because her attention is called back to the object. Awwww…crap! Lupin warned her about this! Angie's wand is out and she attempts to do damage control, calling out the charm to create another sphere around the outside, bigger, and contain it. However, the tendril is growing so fast..maybe that is what makes it not work. Not enough clear space to make a sphere around the outside, with the table there, kids, and whatever else.

Fred is distracted by the Angie pushing him back and just grins though, not about to fight her or anything. He doesn't notice the green tendrils for a moment then all of the sudden he raises an eyebrow and says, "Um…not good right?" He looks to Luna and Neville and takes a step backwards when he sees Angie trying to contain it. The Weasley's wand is out in a flash but he has no idea what's going on so Fred just watches.

"Well…" Luna starts to reply to the others, but the quivering instrument draws her attention, primarily. "Hmmn…" she says, not looking concerned in the slightest as that wayward tendril starts to grow thicker and thicker, then, with a sound like glass shattering, the orb 'explodes', the green light pushing outwards towards the larger sphere that Angelina creates - that lasts but a second, before, with a second sound similar to the first, the light breaks through, washing over them all…

It would likely be enough to cause each of the children to lose conciousness. And when they came to, they would be… elsewhere. Regardless, when they wake up, it would be in a dark, black sort of void. There would be an invisible ground beneath their feet, perhaps obscured by the thick, neon green fog that was swirling around the 'floor' of the place. However, the void would not be empty. There were flashes - flashes that last a few moments and then fade away, some lingering on for several seconds. Some were like lightning - a bright flash of light that arcs across the void, before fading away, but others had shapes. Some vaguely humanoid, some of the lightning-like flashes, as they play across the void, perhaps seeming like it was tracing the shape of a building, or a tree.

"Oh, dear, that doesn't look —" Jax is reaching for his wand, too, but whatever he is saying is lost in the explosion and then the subsequent unconsciousness. He rubs his eyes as he wakes, and then promptly covers his mouth with his hand to stifle a startled yelp. He sits up quickly, pulling his knees in close to his chest and wrapping one arm around them tight. "Oh gosh. Oh, dear. Guys? Are you here — Ohgoshohgosh were the wrackspurts supposed to /eat the whole classroom/? Professor Moody is going to be /so mad/." He looks around with wide, frightened eyes, gripping his wand in a tightly-clenched fist, his breaths coming more rapidly and an edge of panic in his voice.

Neville Longbottom's eyes are now full on the shattering glass. The frantic boy gives up a whooping, frightened yell, tripping over himself to flee the area, hands still firmly around his ears. He doesn't get far. Black nothingness blankets his conciousness and he falls, unkowning of the thick, bright green fog that floods over him. He does not yet rise.

Ohohoh! This is not good! When the first sphere blows, Angelina's eyes go wide. She is just about to yell for them to run, her wand out, a 'Reducto' on her lips when the second sphere goes. It is too late, though. There is no time to stop it. There is no time to even try to protect herself or throw one of the younger ones out of the way. And then, blackness. She wakes on the other side slowly, holding her head, and just groaning, not fully aware yet.

Fred watches the orb quietly before it explodes, trying to figure out the magic involved. Then ah snap, explosion and such. not something fred isn't use to, just this one doesn't look fun. A failure of an attempt to cover the rest of the student is made and he blacks out like the rest of them with a, "Blim…" On his lips.

Coming to Fred blinks rapidly to try and clear the fog that must be in his eyes. When it doesn't go away he hears Jax's words and still rubbing his head comments, "Detentions all around I'm going prophesies. At least it's Moody classroom. He might find it funny." The young man rubs his head still looking for the rest of the students since no one else has talked yet, "Everyone in one piece?"

A ghostly sound blows quiet across the children, a pair of humanoid green flashes manifesting amongst them. "…you've heard about the newest professor, Trelaw…" before the flash goes away, both the sound and the humanoid shapes fading away from vision. All around, although most were in the distance, similar flashes appear. In fact, the green flashes were a constant sort of thing, some appearing suddenly, and fading just as much, some perhaps, like leaves blowing in on the wind.

As for Luna, however, she was sprawled with the rest of them, the girl sitting up rather suddenly, and blinking her bright blue eyes as a bit of focus comes to them. "…I don't quite see any wrackspurts." she says, nearly immeadiately. But then, a little ways away from them, a flash that shows the view from a rooftop, (in green, of course), with spectral pigeons fluttering out of the 'picture', and over their heads seen before they fade away. "…oh, there's some." Luna says, although the brief smile that springs unto her lips fades away as the pigeons do.

"Fred, I think you're wrong about explosions," Jax says when he hears Fred speak. The firstie's voice is small and a little bit scared. "This one doesn't seem fun at all." He stands slowly, peering around the green fog. "Neville? Angie?" He spies Neville first and moves to the other boy's side, peering down through the fog at him with worry. "Are you awake? Luna found some wrackspurts and everything is green." His lips purse slightly as he looks around again. "It's really actually sort of pretty in a way except for the part where /where are we/?"

Neville doesn't move or make a noise just yet. He's at an odd angle, torso flat against the ground, face turned dramatically to the side. One arm is caught beneath him, the other bend with his hand pressed to his ear. His hips and legs are turned, even still, in a running position. Finally, after a sudden snort, longbottom says, very sleepily. "Lemme 'lone, Gran. Train doesn't leave ff'r 'nudder few hours."

Angelina comes more awake, hearing Fred and the others, and sits up slowly. "Apparently, Luna, we didn't get the spell right." Restating the obvious. She draws a breath and looks around. "Everyone all in one piece? Anyone hurt?" Luckily, her wand came through too, and she finds it laying next to her before trying to focus on some of the movement around them. "Trelawny? She's not a new professor.."

Fred looks at the shapes coming into focus and his eyes look a little glazed over, "Oh blimey…" He says to Jax, "Yeah no fun…" Then the sixth year hits the ground again, thankfulyl he didn't stand up. A welt the size of a grapefruit starting on his head and he's obviously out cold.

Ghostly giggles sound from a few meters away from Neville, a bunch of smallish figures with briefcases sliding into green being, led by an adultish figure. A large flash, and a shape of a train - perhaps recognizable as the Hogwarts Express - comes into being, a shrill whistle of the train sounding through the air.

As for Luna, she glances about the students, her attention shifting towards Fred in particular. Wincing a touch as he falls to the ground again, Luna rises to a stand. "Well - I don't think Neville or Fred are…" Luna begins, a fluttering tendril of light flickering past her nose briefly. A vacant smile touches her lips, and her eyes flicker to another green flash.

"I'm not your Gran," Jax informs Neville solemnly. "Please wake up." He reaches hesitantly to shake the other boy's shoulder, and freezes at the sound of the giggles. He looks around at the green people, curious. "Where are all these people coming from? Are they students?"

Neville rolls to his back, opening his eyes at Jackson. "Whossit?" he wants to know, sluggishly pushing himself to a sit. The boy whimpers, rubbing his head. "Where…?" the Gryffindor murmurs, looking around. "Where'd Hogwarts go?"

"The wrackspurts ate it," Jackson answers Neville, his eyes wide and his tone utterly serious.

"Nonsense," Neville with a slow frown retorts. "Hogwarts dosen't have any ears." He looks up and around for the others.

When she hears Fred, then sees him go down, Angie gets up on her hands and knees and crawls over to where he is. With a heavy sigh, she removes her robe and folds it up, putting it under his head like a pillow. She rests her hand on his arm, staying there. "That sounded like the whistle on the Express…" With a frown, she makes a decision. "Alright. Wherever we are, we need to stick together. Since Fred can't move, everyone come over here with us. And let's figure this out."

For all the things that the others say, Luna seems enraptured by this place. The vague and vacant smile only getting wider, she pivots slowly in place, turning towards each new flash of green as it appears in her vision. And they don't cease. Snippets of conversation, unusual sounds - spectral people, animals, and places flutter about them, some off in the distance, some up close.

Jax offers Neville a hand to help him stand up. "C'mon. Let's go over to Angie. — If the Express is here, can we take it back?" His eyes light excitedly. "Or maybe the /ghost/-Express will take us to an exciting new glowygreen ghost Hogwarts!"

Neville reluctantly takes the hand. groaning as he is pulled up. His bookbag is still around him and he clutches at it, picking his feet and moving slowly after Angelina. "M'not going to 'ny ghost Hogwarts…" he stops, looking up with a gasp. "Oh dear Merlin… we're dead, aren't we? We just died!" He spins in place, looking around with a great sense of dread. "Gran's gonna /kill/ me."

When the boys come over to join her, Angie extends her free arm, welcoming them to sit as close as they want to. "I'm not sure it is the train actually being here, Jackson. It's just a flash, then gone. Just watch the flashes for a moment. You'll see..it's strange." Her own eyes lift to watch some of them. "Neville, we are not dead. Whatever we are, it is not dead. I'm pretty sure you can't get a goose-egg when you're dead. I'm not an expert or anything, but we can't injure the castle ghosts, much as we've tried to stop Peeves. So I am positive we aren't dead."

Eyes still flickering to take in any flash that she can, Luna moves over towards the group herself, moving with slow, careful steps - her eyes anywhere but on her fellow students. "It's rather lovely, actually - this must be the wrackspurt world. Or do you think this is how wrackspurts see the world?" she asks, canting her head just a touch to one side.

"I always imagined being dead was more purple than green," Jax muses as he sits down near Angie. His hand isn't clenching his wand quite so tight anymore, though he does keep his messenger bag close to his hip. He is more focused on the flashes of animals than those of people, his eyes lighting as a dragonfly flickers in and out of existence. "If it /is/ how they see the world, no wonder they make your head fuzzy. Everything keeps vanishing and coming back — it's a little disorienting really." His fear seems to be waning now that the initial shock is wearing off, though, and now he is just transfixed by the shifting imagery. He opens the flap of his bag, pulling out his sketchpad and a pencil.

Neville takes several, large intakes of air, attempting to call himself. "So…" he begins, looking very concerned and confused. "So we're wrackspurts?" This doesn't seem like such a good trade off, and Neville whimpers again. He sways in spot, looking sick. "Jackson, what… you're taking /notes/?"

"Neville. Come over here and sit down before you pass out and get a goose-egg to match Fred's. We are not wrackspurts. Wrackspurts, according to Luna, look like muggle pigeons. None of us look like that." It's like herding cats. Angie has no idea what is going on, but knows enough they need to stay calm. "Don't worry. Whatever is going on, they will figure it out. There are five of us here. Surely, if we are here, they won't be able to get into the classroom, right? They'll figure it out."

"Notes? Yes — no. Not really. Should I? I don't know what I'd write. I guess this is /like/ notes." Jackson is sketching — little pictures of snatches of the images appearing here and there. The sketches are rough, but it's clear he's quite good at drawing. "I mean, when we get back it'll be nice for other people to see where the wrackspurts live too, yeah? They might be curious."

"Who?" Neville whines, settling to a sit. His hands flap at the smog that clumps around him. His hands swipe at it, but it only floods back even thicker. Soon Neville is almost encased in the green stuff. The boy scooches to the side to make room for an image of a scruffy, peevish looking cat. It slows, glancing around, before walking away. "Mrs. Norris," Neville wonders, attempting to see the cat once it's form meshes back into the smog and is gone for good. "Think she saw us? Ooh, the /one/ time I want that cat to see me!"

Angelina exhales, looking around and watching the flashes. Her head tips to the side as she sees a scene of Diagon Alley. Her brows wrinkle at something she sees, but she doesn't say anything just yet. Its gone soon enough anyway. "Neville. Please calm down? We're all here together. And you have me and you have Fred. And we're all going to stick together. The professors will figure out what is going on. It will be fine."

Luna shakes her head free of her distraction, turning slowly towards the others as if noticing them for the first time. "Oh, hello everyone. How are you all doing?" Luna asks, a bright smile fluttering across her lips. Taking another step towards the group, Luna falls into a sit there, her vague smile lifted up towards Neville, then down towards Jackson, then Angelina again. "Oh…" she says, her face falling. "Is Fred all right?" she asks, canting her head to the side, owlishly.

"Do you think there's any food in wrackspurt world? What do wrackspurts eat, anyway?" Jax doesn't look up from his drawing, except to glance around at additional details to add to the scene on his page. "Cuz all there is in my bag is a chocolate bar and that's not really very filling, split five ways. Tasty, though. There's ginger bits in it." He looks at Fred when Luna asks, brow creasing. "I think he hit his head. He'll probably be okay though. Maybe he just needs a bit of a sleep."

Neville turns his eyes towards Luna, not replying to Angelina. "Did your father ever tell you anything about some place like this?" Neville watches her closely. "I have a bit of peppered dried dragon. It's just beef, of course. But that's what the package says. He peeks into his bag. "Three pieces left, anyways." Sigh. "Now m'hungry." The bag is closed now and he looks towards Fred.

As everyone starts announcing their food, Angie joins in. "I know I have a chocolate bar in the pocket of my robe. And if my bag is here somewhere, I have a sandwich wrapped in a napkin and some apples. And if Fred has anything, I suggest we not eat it until he's awake to tell us what it is." With Luna asking if Fred is alright, Angie's anxiety shoots up a level. "I don't know. All we can do is wait and see. He's got a knot. I…don't know."

"Well…" Luna begins, looking over Neville's shoulder at a swirling light that showed a doe, in a glade. Canting her head to the side as she stares at the slowly fading image, she says, "…no, not precisely. All he really spoke of was that the necklace just reveals wrackspurts." A pause. "But I wasn't wearing it as a necklace - perhaps that is why it did not work!" she exclaims. Nevermind the fact that Luna's replica was about five times the size of any normal necklace. "I don't quite have any food, myself." Luna says, looking towards Angelina once again. She finally processes something Jackson says, turning her attention towards Jax, "Well, they eat attention and focus, really - that's why you feel so fuzzy-minded after they infest you."

In the distance, there is the image of a feast set at the great hall, with a much younger… or perhaps simply different looking Dumbledore presiding.

"Do you want some chocolate?" Jax offers Neville, nudging his bag a little closer to the other boy. "It's in the side pocket." He looks up from his sketching, peering at the feast with curious eyes before looking away at a flowering plant nearby. "You know, I don't think I've even seen that one before, it certainly doesn't grow on the grounds anyw— hey, if you just have no attention span and really bad focus, do the wrackspurts leave you alone?"

Neville glances to Jackson, shaking his head. "Don't need it," he mumbles. "Best save rations. If we're… gonna be here for a while." He pushes his hands to the ground, attempting to stand. "I can't just sit here. Useless an' all. There must be some… some /doorway/ or something."

Angelina remains sitting, watching the scenes. Her brow wrinkles more. "Hey..everyone pay attention. Do..do some of these flashes look kind of like old pictures? Like people are dressed funny? That one of the feast…Dumbledore looked different. His beard wasn't so long."

"Well," Luna begins, speaking towards Jackson. "I'm not sure - perhaps they'll find it a lot cozier, however. And everyone is bound to find a little bit of attention sometimes." says Luna, rising to a stand along with Neville. Flashing him a bright smile, Luna's faraway gaze sweeps over the area in general, a little hum sounding from her.

Should Neville or the others wander about - there would be no obvious door. There was a ground, of course, covered with a misty fog of green light, but in all directions, there would be nothing but inky black void, interspersed with those flashes of light.

"He looked younger," Jax agrees, flipping to a new page and starting a sketch of Dumbledore. "And some of the stuff the kids wear are — well, definitely not anything you'd catch people in /now/." His eyes light and he bounces to his feet suddenly. "Ohmygosh. Could we explore the /past/? Maybe we time-travelled!"

Neville attempts to take Luna's arm and tug her a few steps around their area. "The past," he sighs. Then, suddenly… "The /past/," Neville gasps. He releases any hold on Luna that he has, scrambling towards the nearest manifestation. "How far? Really far? If… If…" he isn't paying any sort mind to the others, pouncing from image to image.

"I don't know about being put into the past. But it can't be denied that some of these images.." Just to test something, Angie pulls out her wand, remaining on the floor with Fred, and casts.."Lumos." She waits to see. Does her wand even work? And if so, does it light up the area to show walls?

Oh, her wand works, yes. The light of lumos had a distinct green tinge, however, mingling with the various manifestations. No walls, or even a ceiling - at least, the light of Lumos doesn't quite travel that far. If the wand was lowered, there wouldn't even appear to be a floor past the mist.

As the pliant Luna was tugged by Neville from spot to spot, chasing manifestations - well, the whole past theory may be dashed a bit. There were certainly some interesting, obviously dated manifestations - the most obvious of the bunch that Neville and Luna dash to being the knight in armour, with what appears to be a wizard beside him - but the majority seemed to take place within the past fifty years or thereabouts. With the most recent? Well, the very last one Neville tugs Luna towards was a ghostly Defense Against the Dark Arts room, with a few very familiar students gathered around a hoop with a pendant suspended in the middle…

"Hey, there's us!" Jax squeaks excitedly, pointing. "It's like a movie!" He hurries after Neville, peering at the picture of them before being distracted by another cluster of Hogwarts students passing through the classroom. "What're you looking at, Neville? Or — for? I guess this isn't /all/ the past. Just snippets. How do you get out of being stuck in movie clips?"

"No," Neville breathes, his breath baited. "They have to be here!" He scrambles to the next one, falling to his hands as he bumbles right through the image. It explodes in his wake. "Can we talk to them?" he nearly bellows at Luna, attempting to grab at some students he somewhat recognizes as seventh years from his first year. "Hello? Hello!"

"Nox." Angie's wand is put away. "At least we know our wands work, wherever this is." She watches the scene with them in the class room, trying to wait and see if it will show them, what happens when the thing explodes. Maybe it will help them figure out what the left behind in the room!

Luna didn't quite have answers for Neville, blinking her blue eyes slowly, she ends up looking a touch awkward at Neville's distress, glancing over her shoulder towards Angelina as Neville nearly shouts at her. "Well, I haven't quite been here before." she says, "So - we are as explorers, today." she says. The image that Angelina tried to watch, at least before Neville blustered through it, did show the device spinning up, the explosion of energy - and then, an empty room left behind - right when it is disappated. The image of the classroom was far clearer than the majority of the others, as well.

Needless to say, Neville's fingers pass through the images as though he were a ghost, and they were the living - and they carry on with their lives as if unaware of the presence of the observers. "Who has to be here, Neville?" Luna asks, turning her attention back to the lad.

Jax's brow creases slightly as the explosion is replayed. "You know, that doesn't look so bad at all," he says thoughtfully, poking with the tip of his wand at the space where the image used to be. "I mean, it's just the classroom, not scary or explodey or ghosty or anything. I wonder how long it'll take people to notice we're even gone." Not that he seems as concerned by this as he maybe should be. Luna's mention of being explorers perks him right up and he grins wide. "Maybe we can have a scavenger hunt! Like bonus points if you find pictures of any of the teachers as students, or anyone doing exciting spells we haven't learned, or funny new plants or anything."

Neville stands straight up, head turned up and his chest heaving. His hands are held out at his sides and his robes twirl and finally settle about his ankles. "My parents," he says quietly, brows darkly knitted.

Ooooh. Crap. There is nothing left in that room to show where these kids went. Nothing at all. Jackson has a point: How long /will/ it be before the kids are missed? Next set of classes? When friends start realizing they haven't seen them all day? At night when they don't show up in their beds, and their housemates report it? Angie swallows hard, not mentioning these fears. Instead.."That sounds like a great idea, Jackson. Everyone, get a piece of parchment and a quill, and let's play Jackson's game."

Luna looks down towards Neville, still wearing her empty sort of expression. A little tilt of her head to one side, as the thought comes to her, and she purses her lips, glancing over her shoulder towards another manifestation. "I believe these are just pictures, Neville." Luna says rather serenely, sparing a glance for Jax and Angelina at their mention of a game. A little smile turns up the corners of her lips, and she says, "Have you lost your parents too, then?" she asks, attention swinging back towards Neville.

Jackson flips his sketchpad to a new page, but doesn't write anything for his scavenger-hunt list yet, looking with a concerned frown at Neville's expression. "Are you okay? Are we looking for your parents, too? I don't know what they look like," he says apologetically. "But I imagine here they'd mostly look kinda — well, green."

Neville 's head is still pointed up, his attention darting at each flash of light. His hands fist up, then fall limp. His gaze, finally, slides over to Luna. Her little smile is met with a confused, miserable look. "Yes," he replies, then adding, "Sort of." The urgency sheds from him and he wraps his arms around his chest, wandering away a few yards with the swirling fog around him. "They're just pictures," he admits, shrugging at Jackson's words. "How's Fred?" Subject change!

Angie watches the three of them, listening to what they say and taking in their actions. "Neville, can you come and sit with Fred for a minute? I don't want him to wake up and be alone. I don't know how he is, but I'm worried about him." Turn Neville's worry to something else. Yep. "Jackson and Luna, why don't you watch the pictures, and see if you can see anything current. Remember how that one of us was clearer? See if you see any more real clear ones. I'll help."

Luna doesn't quite turn her eyes away from Neville. Still holding that vague little smile on her lips, she drops her chin some, eyes switching from Neville, then towards Jackson. Slowly, she looks back towards Neville, a more neutral expression replacing that smile. "Well, he's still sleeping." she tells him, although her eyes shift towards Jackson next. "Well, would you like to look for clear pictures with Angelina and I, Jackson? It'll be a bit of a game, I suppose." she says, crinkling her nose with a bright smile.

"Sure! I'm great at looking for things. Maybe it's cuz I like to paint so much so always gotta be watching out for interesting stuff, but I think I'm a particularly good finder," Jax says cheerfully. "You think the clear ones are the ones that happened soonest? Um — recentest, I mean. Most… soon… fully… in the past?" Apparently not that particularly good at finding /words/, though.

Neville stands for a little bit, staring at a fash of the Hogwart's greenhouses nearby. When it vanishes he moves towards the group and sits down a by Fred's legs. He pats his friend's shin gently, twisting enough to glance back at his face and Angelina's.

Angelina might be playing to be optimistic, but she's worried. She looks at Fred once more, squeezing his arm gently before getting up. "Thanks Neville." She gives him a smile, but she's uncomfortable..unsure what is going on with him and between them. Especially after the other night. "I don't know, Jackson. Maybe it was just more clear because it had us in it. We'll need to figure out the pattern. So let's just start looking." She turns in slow circles taking them in. "Hey…that is a quidditch game from last…oh..its gone.."

"And there's our Charms class there!" Jax points a little ways away. "I mean, that's what we were practicing just yesterday." In the image, Jax has just accidentally set his desk on fire. Oops. "We weren't supposed to be doing /that/, exactly," he confides to Angelina, in case there was any confusion.

Neville finds himself looking mostly at his feet, using his downed friend to lean on. Another pat finds Fred's knee. "It'll be all righ', mate," he says mostly to himself. He moves his book bag closer to him, before crossing his arms and propping it on his knees. He leans his head down, resting his chin on his arms.

Angelina can't help but chuckle at Jackson. "Yeah. I figured that. You'll get it. Don't worry. We all had our difficulties." She consoles the boy, then goes back to watching the images before her, a glance now and then at Neville and Fred, worried. The more Fred sleeps, the more she gets that little crease between her eyes.

Jax bounces eagerly from image to image, pouncing at the clearest ones. "And there's Transfiguration — woah, is his mouse /supposed/ to end up looking like that?" He peers curiously at one person's work before the image fades and he bounces to the next. "And — oh, my." He squints at a particularly amorous pair of seventh-years sequestered away in a hallway. "I — that /might/ be against the ru — oh! Butterfly!" He skitters away after the green insect instead, but then returns to Fred's side. "Maybe we should wake him up and feed him." He looks down at the boy with concern.

"Butterf—" Neville starts, jerking a look towards Angie and Fred. Hrmpf. "Dunno. M'no healer. Been knocked out plenty of times myself, but I'm never awake to see how Madam Pomfrey brings me around." He manages a weak smile, batting at some fog that tickles his nose. "What I'd give for my bed right now, up in the tower."

Neville isn't the only one to look up at the calling of Butterfly. "He's..knocked out. He hit his head hard. All we can do it just wait for him to wake up. We don't have any herbs here." She turns and paces, frowning as Jackson sees the seventh years. WHOA. "Alllright. Maybe watching the scenes isn't such a good idea for now!"

Jax is pliable, at least, and turns away from the scenes at Angelina's suggestion. "Okay! Does anyone want chocolate yet? Oh! I have my bubbles!" He sits down beside Fred, peering thoughtfully around them. "I wish we could interact with these people. I /bet/ that cat would love to chase — oh!" His brow creases, abruptly quite worried. "I wonder who's going to feed Dali!"

"Mrs. Norris? Liking… bubbles." Neville snorts, focusing a look to Angelina. It's a sad sort of thing. Regrettable. It may have something to do with a sudden image of the astronomy tower that floats behind him. "Sure, I'll take some chocolate."

"Oh..no thank you Jackson, but the offer was very nice of you." Angelina looks away from Neville's gaze pretty quickly, looking down at her robe. "Don't worry. No one will let your pet go hungry, Jackson. Believe me. They'll take care of it. I promise. If you have bubbles though, that would be lovely. It might help to distract us some."

"It wasn't Mrs. Norris," Jax says with a slight laugh and a wrinkle of his nose. "There was someone else's cat. I couldn't tell whose dorms they were in, though. Every place looks like it's Slytherin when it's all green." He reaches into his bag to pull out his bottle of bubble solution and a chocolate bar — dark, with crystallized ginger pieces in it — breaking off a couple squares of the latter to hand them to Neville. "I've been practicing different spells on the bubbles," he says proudly. "— But not so's they explode or nothing. Just so they change colors. I'm trying to make them make funny sounds when they pop, too, but I haven't really managed /that/ well at /all/ yet."

"Trevor will be fine," Neville says thoughtfully. "He hardly ever needs me, anyways. Bit old for a toad, but he can catch his own flies." The boy takes his chocolate, beginning to nibble on it. He looks to the bubbles, leaning back. "Smelt smalt! Of course…" Neville smacks his own forehead. "I don't have any. That'd wake up Fred up quick."

"Yes it would…it would. But again, none of us have any." Angie gives Neville a small smile. "Let's see it then, Jackson! I bet you're right good at it. Show us?"

Jax uncaps the bottle, lifting the little wand to face-level to blow some of the bubbles out. The orbs are quite bright — they change colours in the air, glittering pink to metallic blue to fiery orange to glowy purple to a host of others, constantly shifting to make a rainbow of colours as they fly. "I'm hoping with /more/ practice I can get whole /pictures/ inside them," Jax says brightly. "Like little teeny temporary paintings — like capturing one of /these/ scenes, maybe " His hand gestures at the world around them. " but it's been hard enough just to get them to change the right colors." He shrugs. The bubbles drift off into the fog. Some of them makes sad sorts of chimes when they pop — like they should be playing music but forgot quite how.

Neville winces with each sad, melodic note. "Pretty smart of you, Jackson," he comments, hand back on Fred with worry. "Think I'll have had enough of false little scenes for a while, though." Longbottom rubs his nose. "How's herbology going, Jackson?"

Angelina watches the bubbles, head tilting at the music. "Hey..that is pretty brill there, Jackson. Actually, if you could just adjust the chimes a little, make the music a little more cheery, they would be great just like that. And if you could put paintings inside, and make them so they don't ever pop, that would be very good." When Neville changes the subject to herbology, Angie grows quiet, letting the two talk.

"I'm trying to make it cheerful," Jax says with an apologetic crinkle of his nose, "but everything goes wonky when I try adding the music and then it just kind of fizzles." He shrugs and sets the container of bubbles down on the foggy not!ground. "Herbology's great!" He brightens instantly at the topic. "'specially with your help, I've been doing better in that lately than anything else! Professor Sprout's been so happy with my work these days." He smiles happily and curls his arms loosely around his knees. "How've classes been for y'all?"

Neville looks a bit warmed at the news, even his smile grows a bit. "Good," he says agreeably. "They've been a bit better, actually. Especially in Defense of the Dark Arts. Never been too bad in that sort of thing, anyways. Not great, either." He clears his throat, not looking to Angelina.

Yeah. Anyone sensing the tension there with Neville and Angelina? Reaching out, Angie toys with the sleeve of Fred's robe, eyes drifting to his face as she answers Jackson. "Classes have been good. Busy. Been trying to get ready for exams, of course."

Jax is not really much of one for tact. Or ignoring the large pink (well, probably green, with all this fog) elephant in the (sort-of)room. "Are you mad at Angie or something?" he asks Neville, peering at him curiously. "Cuz, I mean, she's real nice and probably didn't mean whatever it is that happened."

Neville sits up, eyes wide. "What?" he wonders suddenly, giving a surprised look to Angie. "I.. erm, no, mate. Not mad." He fidgets, looking at the… non-ground.

"Jackson.." Angelina's voice is quiet. "That is very nice of you to say. You're a very kind young man. But it's really okay. Neville has every right to feel however he feels about me. I'm sure he has his reasons."

Fred Weasley has been like the dead, except breathing softly and evenly for the last while. Her suddenly starts to mutter quietly in his sleep nonsense words that no one can understand. His eyes lids flutter and open slowly as he says, "Ouch…" Looking up he sees Angie first and a smile touches his lips, then he sees Neville and Jax, "Hey thought this was a good dream…what are you two doing here?" Then Luna is spotted and it comes back to him. His hand lifts to touch the goose-egg on his head and he winces.

"Well — okay." Jax looks unconvinced. "But just I mean if we're all going to be stuck here in wrackspurtland with each other forever you're going to have to look at each other at /some/ point, is all." He starts a little bit when Fred speaks, looking around at the various snippets of scenes before he realizes it was the very unghostly Weasley twin making the noise this time. He sticks his tongue out at Fred. "Hey, I'd be a /great/ dream. I have /chocolate/." On a more serious note, he adds with a little worry — "You are okay, aren't you? I think you hit your head kind of bad."

"Now wait a minute," Neville pipes up. "Whysit my fault? I never said I was mad at her!" he pauses, turning to look Angelina. "At /you/." He grumps, hunching his shoulders. His funk it kicked when he hears Fred. Neville perks, turning and scooting up. "Fred, mate? You still alive? Blimey that's a knot, isn't it? Here, have a bit of chocolate." There isn't a choice given, Neville simply goes to push a square into Fred's mouth.

"I never said you were, Neville. I simply said you are allowed to feel anyway you feel, whatever that may be. And lets hope, Jackson, that we are not caught in here forever. We'll be fine. Though if we did stay in here forever, it makes my life much easier." Angie gives a shy grin. When Fred stirs, however, all attention turns to him. Wincing as he touches his head, she reaches out to him. "You okay?"

Not protesting the chocolate sudden shoved into his mouth Fred just chews and swallows it quickly. "Thanks Nevler…" He says sounding still a little dazed. He reaches out to snatch Angie's hand, "We'll your real, Nevler is definitely real and Jax and Luna are too I assume…so I assume I'm alright, just no bloody dance routines please." He tries to sit up slowly and mostly makes it with another grown, "Where the bloody hell are we?"

Jax blinks and shakes his head in denial. "I never said it was nobody's fault! Jus' that we seem to be stuck with each other for now." He shrugs. "Each other and a lot of green — memorypeople." He waves a hand around the foggy green world. "Luna thinks maybe this is where wrackspurts live or something. There's lots of people here but they're not much for conversation. You don't happen to have any food on you that won't make us sick, do you?"

"I like you, Angelina! Don't act s'if I don't." Neville tosses his head back to Fred, bobbing to Jackson's comment. "Or turn us into birds," Neville adds with a laugh, grinning down at Fred as he kneels by the boy. "Though then maybe we could fly away. I figure we're dead, 'cause that sounds a lot better than being stuck in a… a sort of memoryworld," he gives a nod to Jackson for the inspiration. "But that's likely where we are. Think it would help to make a hike? See if we can find anything?"

Luna, for her part, had been staring at the various flashes and images for all this time. At least, that's what one would think. She was seated, facing away from the group at large, although, if one glanced at her recently, her head was drooped, and her shoulders slumped - only rising with slow, long breaths.

A green hand, a bit more solid than the spectral images so far, flutters into being, along with about a third of a robed arm, sticking out of the ground very near the spot that Fred had been lying, recently.

"Neville. Please stop saying that. We are not dead! Please! Fred got a knot. You can't get injured when you're dead…" Angie sighs, looking at Fred, then narrowing her eyes at the hand from the floor. "Bloody…Fred! Get over here!"

Fred blinks as Angie is shocked and turns around as quickly as his still dazed self can. Seeing the hand he shuffles backwards across the floor pushing himself with his feet, "No definitely not dead. That looks bloody dead!" He exclaims and then really looks around this world they are in, "Bloody hell…it's the worst colour green. Why couldn't it have been a nice soft pastel, or ever a spring green?" He still watches the hand, trying to put himself between it and the others.

"ZOMBIE HAND," Jax squeaks, scrambling to his feet and backing away — but only a few inches before he pokes at the hand with the tip of his wand. "Ohmygosh are there /zom/— hey, did Luna fall asleep?" He scurries over to peer at the girl uncertainly. "Though I guess we'll have to sleep /some/ time. But hopefully not around zombies."

The hand withdraws just a few moments later, sinking back into the ground. A few metres away, another image flashes into being, again showing the DADA classroom. It was still empty, for the most part, barring two children that, if height was any indicator, were first years. One, the boy, was rubbing his arm, and making a face. They may, perhaps, be recognizeable, as Mason and Melissa, before the image fades away.

Luna, for her part, stirs at the squeak from Jax, sitting up a bit straighter and blearily looking up towards Jax as he peers at her. "Oh, hello there. Are we still in the flashing green world?" she asks, turning again to look over her shoulder, "Oh, Fred, you are awake - hello!"

Neville rolls away from the hand, squeaking. He gets caught up in his bookbag strap, getting pinned to the ground with a 'oof'. With great effort, Neville attempts to squirm away. He rolls, looking up. "Hey!" he points out and watches the scene. "Little help?"

Angie watches the hand, swallowing hard, as she moves back with Fred and the others. "Well, that certainly adds a whole other dynamic to this, doesn't it?" She glances at Luna. "Yeah. He just woke up." She remains back, however, behind Fred. Someone has realized that Fred likes to be the protector.

Suddenly remembering Jax question as the hand goes away, Fred look sheepish as he searches through his pocket, laying some items out on the 'floor', "Well those toffees I wouldn't touch unless you want a hugh tongue…those ones you could eat the darker side. The chocolates are fine if memory serves me." He pokes some caramels, "Those are good to keep you awake if you need…new item so um a little bit of a crash after a few hours. Still working on that." He digs into his pockets deeper and pulls out some more toffees, "Oh these ones are fine, just eat them all at once. To bad I didn't bring the picnic with me." He comments and frowns slightly at the assortment of candies he was carrying, "I got tons of fake wands though." Luna's voice causes him to look in her direction, "Yeah hello Luna, just woke up." He smiles back at Angie as she says this right before him.

"Oh, hey, those Ravenclaws are my year." Jax squints briefly at the image as he heads to Neville's side, stooping to help disentangle him from the strap of his bag. "Are they in the classroom? I mean, is that since we left it?" But the image fades before he can examine it further. "I don't really want to get eaten by zombies," he adds, quieter and not doing a very good job of keeping the scared note out of his voice. "Though!" He brightens a moment later. "It means no exams!" He eyes Fred's candies hungrily, but not /quite/ hungrily enough to actually take any yet.

"What is a zombie?" Luna asks, idly, rising to a stand and brushing off the front of her robes. Turning towards Angie, she gives the other girl a brilliant smile (well, brilliant for Luna, at least,) before saying, "What dynamic? Why is everyone so very frightened?" she asks, glancing towards the candies in Fred's hand, next.

Neville mumbles and grunts as he's untangled with the help of Jackson. He reaches up, attempting to use Jax as an anchor to help himself up to a stand. There is a stout pat given to Jackson's back. "Thanks, mate." Neville looks around, moving towards Luna. "It's a bit… off putting here, you know?" he tells her quietly. He follows her gaze, reaching to grab her arm. "I wouldn't."

"I just mean that…well..clearly things can invade us here. That hand came up out of the floor. Will have to …" Angie stops suddenly, then leans around them, considering. Her wand comes out, then, and her eyes close…and just the brightest smile comes to her face. "Expecto Patronum…" It takes a moment. Then, there it is. A white light, and a pretty little hummingbird. Angelina says nothing, just keeping the little bird flying around for a moment before letting it stop.

Looking towards the ghostly people Fred raises an eyebrow, "Yeah that's Melissa and um Mason or something I think." He shrugs, "Might be the classroom, but what are they doing there?" He questions and stuffs the candies back in his pocket saying to Neville, "I know what they do Nevler. They're different colours so I don't mix em up." He points out and watches Angie's hummingbird, "You think they'll see it or something?" He pulls out his wand now just in case.

"A zombie is like a dead person only then they get brought back to life but only not /real/ life just shambling around mindlessly eating people's brains sort of life," Jax says earnestly. His eyes widen in awe at Angie's hummingbird. "/Wo-ah/. Cool! You can make a whole real one and everything!" His tone is most definitely impressed. "Do they keep zombies away?"

The white light of the patronus was a stark contrast to the green flashes that still played out all around them. "That is gorgeous," remarks Luna, "Is that a Twittering Stinger you have as a patronus, Angelina? How in the world did you know what it looks like? No one has ever seen one…" says Luna, her head canting to the side as she stares at the Patronus. "…oh, so zombies are a bit like a wrackspurt, then."

Neville steps back, watching the hummingbird. "M'gonna go mad in here," he comments, turning. "I think I should go try to find something… anything. This /can't/ be everything. These… wrackspurts, is it? They can get into our world, right? So why can't we?"

Angie holds the patronus for a moment before letting it fall and disappear. "Yeah. I'm just curious if we get any flashes of them seeing it. If we can communicate back and forth." Her gaze turns upward, searching for images that are clearer than the others. "It's not a real one, Jackson, just a patronus. Learned it this year. I thought it was a hummingbird, but it might be what..Luna said. I have no idea what that is." Her gaze flickers to Fred, then back up. "Try yours. And what picnic?"

Fred chuckles as he looks at the hummingbird then is disappears, "Prettier then my llama for sure. I swear my patronus is surly." He brushes hair back from his face and shrugs to Angie, "You're um…surprise today. Was gonna make you each lunch out on the lake. Guess can't do that anymore." He smiles impishly to her and says to Neville, "So you want to just wander around? I wonder if there is a limit to this area…"

"Oh, you can't help that," Jax says in a cheerful singsong. "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad." He watches Angelina's patronus until it vanishes. "Oh, I know it's not a real /hummingbird/, jus' Professor Moody told me an' Rene to — well, I ain't even remotely got anywhere /near/ making an actual Patronus yet is all." He spins slowly in place, looking around thoughtfully. "I think we should wander and explore a bit, but is there some way to mark this spot so we can get back? I mean, this is where we got in. What if it's where we hafta get out, too? Everything's all fog an' I don't know if we should lose track of /here/."

"Well…" Luna says helpfully, "I could just stand here for a bit - and everyone can wander about, and come back to visit me, sometime." says the girl, glancing between all parties involved as she starts to step over to where the hand appeared.

Neville huffs at Fred, wagging his head at the Weasley. At Luna's words, Neville starts after Luna, a deep look of concern on his face. "No one is leaving you, Luna," he promises. "Don't you want to come? Where are you— please be careful."

Oh no. Here we go. Angie stares at Fred. "You were going to take me on a picnic? Out on the lake? In one of the rowboats?" Her voice grows quiet and shy. "Rea…" Blink. There are other people here! "Err…" Angie shakes her head. "Uhm. No. I don't think we should split up. I think that is a really very bad idea. I don't like us going in different directions. We don't know how big this is. What if another hand comes up and grabs one of us?"

Fred raises an eyebrow back at Neville's huff and mouths, 'What?' to the younger boy before grinning slightly. Luna's suggestion causes Fred to pause, "It might be a good idea, but I don't like the idea of leaving you be yourself either. Though how bout two of us walk off and yell back to the others. See how far we can get before we loss sight or sound?" He smiles sheepishly to Angie again, "Yeah…seemed like a good idea at the time." He winks to her and moves over to stand next to her, "The images don't seem to be out to hurt us…where they before I woke up?" He rubs the bump on his head at the memory of it.

Luna pauses, at Neville's words, tucking her arms behind herself and turning about towards Neville. Luna hadn't quite walked faraway enough to leave sight behind the murky mists - and besides, with a little flick of her wand, it lights, bathing Luna in light. It wasn't quite enough for her to see by, but to be seen by - it was alright. "I suppose we should all venture together - it would be safer, yes?"

"It seems safer," Jax agrees with a nod. "Can we leave something here for a marker?" He eyes his bottle of bubbles thoughtfully. "Like if there were a spell that could get them to stay in one place, they're nice and colourful and easy to see." He shrugs, and picks his bag up, hitching it onto his shoulder.

Neville stops, hand still outstretched as if he was going to have to make a grab at her. His shoulders relax and he allows his hand to fall back to his side. "Yes, Luna. Just stay by me if you can help it." He's distracted for a moment as a glimpse into the Slytherin common room floats around for a moment before fading away. "Mad. Completely mad."

Angelina lifts a hand and rubs at her head, standing, and pacing a little bit. She looks at Fred, but now is just not the time for this discussion. "Uhm..I don't like the idea of us going different ways at all. Not at all. I don't want us to leave here either. We don't know that all magic works the same here. I just…maybe we should…" She shakes her head again, frowning, unable to formulate a plan.

Luna shifts her lumos-glowing wand to her right hand, and reaches out with her left, to grab Neville's hand about the wrist. Giving it a bit of a squeeze, she treats Neville with that vague smile, and starts to move after Angelina and Fred, perhaps tugging Neville along if he doesn't follow very well. "Well, it's not very mad at all. This is just the land of the wrackspurts, Neville!" Luna chirps, as much as she could with her dreamy, faraway voice. Was it so strange that Luna was at home, here?

Fred watches Angie closely and shrugs since she isn't gonna yell at him, "Alright so just sit here? If you guys need to sleep I'm pretty awake right now. I could just watch and make sure nothing happens." He suggests since he was asleep half the day with the bump on his head. He chuckles to Luna's comment, "Yeah the land of wrackspurts, nothing to be worried about." He tries to relax like the Loony girl and chuckles lightly.

Neville makes a small noise as he begins to get tugged. Awkwardly he keeps a pace behind her, peering over her at the others. "All righ', Luna," the boy agrees. "But… but it would be nice to be back at Hogwarts, don't you think?"

Jax fidgets restlessly. "Just sit here, when there's a whole huge world to explore?" He chews on his lower lip, shifting from one foot to another and looking around them thoughtfully. He eyes Angelina hopefully. "Do you know any spells that would leave some kind of a light? Or beacon? Or mark? We could make a trail to get back here."

Angie seems restless, all the sudden. Fidgety. "Not that I trust. Can't..can't we just stay here for now? In case they find us soon? If we end up being here long, we can go looking? But for now..can't we just sit and wait? I know you all want to explore, but they might find us soon. So …" Her voice trails off, and she looks at Fred, unsure."

Fred nods his head trying to back Angie, "Yeah….sounds like a plan to me. We don't have alot of food anyways." He points out and doesn't sit down though but just goes and puts a hand on Angie's shoulder unless she shrugs it off, "I'm sure the professors are looking for us already." Gotta sound calm, they do have a zombie scared firstie with them.

"Well - yes, at the end of the day, I think I would like to be back at Hogwarts," says Luna. As to all the plans being thrown about, Luna was oblivious, just smiling vacantly as another glimmer, or that glimmer, catches her attention and draws it that way. "It's very wonderful here."

Neville looks just a bit proud of himself, getting a somewhat solid answer from his friend. "Okay, Luna. I suppose it's not half bad. Relaxing, if anything. He starts to sit, careful not to pull Luna down with him if she still has a hold on his wrist. "Best to sit and rest, if we're be here for a bit," he explains as he starts to lay back. "Would you like a pillow, Luna?" he wonders, offering up his bookbag. "Angie?" he extends the offer when he spies Luna being distracted by the glimmers.

Jax sits back down, though he's still fidgety, his gaze darting around restlessly. He hugs his bag close to his chest for a moment before getting his sketchpad back out, and then thinking better of it and exchanging it for one of his class textbooks. "Okay," he says meekly. "Sit and wait." And fidget. Fidget, fidget, fidget. He opens the book to start perusing it, though his attention is continually distracted by the flashes of scenes around them.

Angelina finally settles to sit down, pulling Fred down with her. "Yes. Let's all just…rest. Just lay down and rest for a bit. If we all lay closer together, we won't get cold. Use your robes as a blanket." Neville gets a faint smile. "You go ahead and use it, Neville. I'll…use my arm. Or something." Fred settles in when Angie does. "You sleep. I'll take first watch." He motions for Angie to lay closer to him, and she does. Nothing indecent or anything, but she's a little scared!

"Oh, no, it's quite allright. The ground is comfy enough." says Luna in a distracted tone, looking away from the flashes for a brief glance over her shoulder towards Neville. "I'm not quite sure where you would find it, after all." A pause, as she glances to the pile that was Fred and Angelina. "I'm not really very cold." she says, before glancing towards Neville and Jackson - "How about you both?" she asks.

Neville reels his bag back in, fluffing it half heartedly with a small glance up towards Angie and Fred. He turns quickly to settle the bag behind him and recline to it. "I meant—" he doesn't bother finishing his explanation. "M'fine," Neville says stiffly. "Hungry, but that's normal anyhow. Think I'll catch a wink. With some luck I'll wake up in my dorm."

"I'm fine for now," Jax says, though he doesn't sound too certain. He pulls his robes tighter around himself, and hums the refrain from /My Fair Lady/'s "With a Little Bit of Luck" before quieting again. He doesn't go to sleep, just turns his attention back to the textbook again, looking through it with interest (and scooting a little closer to the others when a nearby image startles him a bit.)

Fred sits there next to them, taking up the first watch, looking over all of them as they settle in to rest. Angie frowns, watching Neville, getting a bit more upset as he seems so unhappy. She starts to speak, a strangled sound coming out of her throat, but just can't find any words. Instead, she lays there awake and watches him.

Luna, in spite of having no idea what Jax was humming precisely, starts to hum along in her own fashion. It turned the overall tune to those listening it from 'With a Little Bit of Luck' to something… well… else, Luna giving Jaxson a vague smile around her humming.

The gaze with Angelina is caught for a moment, but Neville seems rushed to pry it away. Still, the boy attempts his best grin. It turns to a stumpy simper. "Someone wake me when something happens." Neville turns on his side, half curling with his head tucked onto the bookbag. He inhales, a hitch in the breath as he closes his eyes.

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