1994-10-30: Down Boy!


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Scene Title Down Boy!
Synopsis Sirius has a temper. Edwin exploits it.
Location Undisclosed Safehouse
Date Oct 30, 1994
Watch For Nothing. >.>
Logger Prisoner 24601

Seated at the table in the small dining area off the kitchen, Sirius is trying to occupy himself with the muggle chess set his cousin provided for him. He's playing against himself for lack of partner, which suits him fine. Damned if he wants some Ministry babysitter across from him. A mug of cooled tea sits nearby as he ponders the board. Using muggle pieces are just not as entertaining as wizard's chess. The pieces just /sit/ there. Although, it was a good idea to give him something that's not enchanted.

The peace and quiet won't last, though, because now - now is the time for the changing of the guards, and guess who has just come on duty? A quiet exchange in low tones takes place just outside the kitchen before Edwin strolls his way inside, immediately taking a moment to visually place the prisoner before changing the direction of his stride. Regardless of the lack of an invite that probably wasn't going to come anyway the man arrives at the table and eases down into the chair across from Sirius, smiling and doing his best to look politely interested in the game. "It looks like you're losing."

Of course not. The peace and quiet would be too easy, with only the underlying sense of loathing shared amongst those inside the house. Bristling quietly (for now) Sirius doesn't look up as Edwin takes a seat. Oh good, his day was just ruined. Thanks for that. Ignoring Edwin the best he can, Sirius makes a few more moves of the pieces on the board. Is it still losing when you're playing against yourself?

Though it might discourage lesser men, Edwin is not bothered in the slightest by the almost total lack of response from Sirius and instead simply continues to chat pleasantly, one hand draped loosely across a knee with his wand held pointed ever so slightly towards the prisoner underneath the table. "I must say, the outlook of the game looks pretty grim. A king always ends up toppling, after all, and when you're playing the wrong game… well. It'll be interesting to see the end."

Sirius picks up a castle, and toys with the idea of lunging across the table and thrusting it up Edwin's right nostril. It's a rather vivid mental image that he's creating for himself to be sure. "Indeed, and hopefully in this one, a certain someone is toppled before making King. Which would put his pawns in a delicate spot." Two can play at this, you scum. While he can't see the wand, it's doubtful that he would be surprised that it's pointed at him.

It's just an innocent conversation about chess, right? Right? Edwin's nostrils remain happily free of chess pieces as he smiles away at the convict in front of him. "It's the pawns you need to watch out for. They tend to look harmless until they get to the other side of the board." The Death Eater shifts in his seat a little, relaxing and taking his time to make himself comfortable. "You know the old saying that white always loses, don't you? It's truer than you'd think."

"You'll find no argument from me about that," Sirius says, a growl edging into his voice. This little farce is getting old fast. "Can't say I ever have heard of that saying, although I suppose /your kind/ like to think it." Now he looks up, a sharp expression in his grey eyes as he glares across at Edwin. He's trying to restrain himself, he really is. It's just that he's severely on the edge and things are easily under his skin.

Unfortunately, it would look bad if Edwin just blasted Sirius into a pile of ash without provocation, so keeping up at least some kind of farce is necessary until the prisoner manages to slip up and lose his temper. "My kind? You're a pureblood too, Black, though I daresay we wouldn't claim you as one of our own under normal circumstances, though. We don't like to associate with murderers as a rule." It's all said with a smile, the man's eyes focused squarely on Sirius' face. "I should hope you've tried to make amends to the families of those you killed now that you're out of Azkaban." For now, at least. If all goes well Mister Black will be locked away from the world again in no time at all.

"Proud to be a blood traitor," Sirius states in a heated and firm tone. "But not for the reasons you've been told." He can honestly say he's never killed. Wounded, rendered bound and unconscious, yes. Peter's the only person he can safely state he's wanted to kill with his own bare hands. "Glad to hear that you don't claim me as a pureblood. Makes my day to be sure. Did I mention I freely like to associate with half-bloods, muggleborns and non-humans?" He can needle back, and he's /trying/ to keep his calm. Edwin just makes it difficult, what with trying to damage it. "I have no amends to make towards anyone, seeing as I've murdered no one. If your precious Ministry had of properly examined my wand, they would know that."

"Did I say anything about not enjoying the company of non-purebloods, Black?" Edwin arches an eyebrow delicately along with the query, looking mildly affronted by the implied accusation. "Purebloods aren't all like /you/ and your wretched family. What a pity they never taught you how to love your fellow witches and wizards properly." The sarcasm is starting to leak out the seams. "And if there's one thing I've learned as a hit wizard, it's that the guilty always claim innocence. It's the most convenient way to attempt to escape justice - which I assure you that you won't, Sirius." There's a smile on Ed's face once again, but this one is much less on the friendly side. The Death Eater just /might/ be fantasizing about certain Unforgivable Curses in conjunction with the convict. Maybe. It can't be proved.'

"What about my wretched family?" Is a voice that seems to not quite materialize into a person. Seems like maybe the conversation carried a bit? Truth be told, she was on her way towards Sirius' room, thinking that's where he was, and when she heard voices, she altered course. And just /happened/ to have picked up that little bit of commentary from the guardsman. Then, against the archway between dining room and kitchen, is the eternal vibrantly colored Tonks. Her brows are arched, and she's giving a reprimanding look to both gentlemen sitting at the table. She doesn't have a /clue/ what the rest of what Edwin said, really, but if the tension in the air's any indication, she might've just walked in right before a problem decided to arise.

"Right, how rude of me to assume that because of your associations that you would look down upon those that aren't as pure." Sirius says, a cool edge to his voice. "For once you've said something that I can't disagree with." Yes his family is wretched, and yes they didn't teach him much about love. Save for a small handful. The rest he learned from his friends. Although, the more Edwin talks, the harder it is for Sirius to control himself. "Justice!?" he bellows as he bolts upright from his chair, knocking it backwards right as Tonks enters the room. "Justice isn't locking people in a cage with foul beings in inhumane circumstances! To say nothing of the innocent put away!" Sorry Tonks, he's not really hearing you.

Part of being a Hit Wizard is keeping a cool head, and this situation is exactly what Edwin's been angling for ever since the conversation started. If Sirius does something stupid and gets himself hurt because of it, who's to say it wasn't self defense - except for Tonks. Damn. The Death Eater remains seated and doesn't appear to be displaying any signs of aggression towards the very loud Sirius, instead turning his head to offer the incoming Auror a smile of greeting. "Good afternoon." He searches his mind for a few moments in an attempt to place the woman's identity but turns up blank. It's one of those annoying things about growing older. At least he can still hear perfectly the screaming that Sirius is doing. "Sit down before I have to put you down, Black. It's not up to you to decide the workings of the Ministry justice system."

Well, this isn't going very well at all. "Sirius," Unfortunately, Tonks' wand was out the moment the chair started tilting backwards. Her expression pleads with him. Don't make me use this, please. She steps away from the archway, enough so she can get a good look at Edwin. "And I'll assume, rightfully or wrongly, that you had nothing to do with this outburst by goading him." Her tone is bland, but it actually has a professional little ring to it. Of course, she means that regardless of what actually happened, the Hit wizard before her will claim that he had nothing to do with it.

Sirius's hands convulse into fists, as if he's ready to reach across and throttle Edwin. Which he'd very much like to do. "I'll tell you what you can do with the workings of the Ministry 'justice' system," he spats out at Edwin. About to take a step forward, to possibly cram chess pieces into Edwin's cakehole, he stops. "Tonks," he says coldly, never taking his hard gaze off Edwin. "Meet 'Ed'."

Needless to say, the outburst has the other guards on alert and they're ready to help subdue. In fact, they look ready to act even if they aren't needed.

The other guards probably won't even be needed despite their enthusiasm, because Edwin has just lifted his wand out from under the table so its tip is pointed directly at the center of Sirius' chest. There will be no cakehole-cramming, because there will /first/ be a Very Dead Sirius Black if he tries anything beyond his adorably ineffectual tantrum. "Edwin, actually. Edwin Gifford. Now /sit/," his voice suddenly rises into a loud bark, "DOWN." Be a good dog, Sirius.

The wand is waved, the chair sits back up. "Sirius, have a seat. Remember what the conditions Scrimgeour set on having that," she notes the chess-set. "Though, considering you hadn't yelled check-mate yet…" A wane smile. Her attention goes to 'Ed' first, though her expression doesn't change. There's no flicker of any recognition by that, instead, she's glancing up at the other guards who decide to come in. "Yes, yes, swarm an already caged in, unstable individual. Don't you people get taught basic psychology?" Edwin's introduction is now noted, and she gives him a smile, "Nymphadora Tonks. And I'll have you know, that yelling doesn't work either." The wand waves at Sirius again, and she's sorry, Sirius-but it's for your own good. The incantation for the knee-locking hex is easily audible.

"Piss off," Sirius barks in return to Edwin. He will /not/ sit, thank you. "I'll not take orders from a De —" And thank you Tonks, he's prevented from finishing that train of thought as he topples over from the hex and crashes onto the floor. He goes down without a word, but a very dark look is flashed at Tonks. So. He had that coming. Could be worse, but did you have to do that in front of HIM? "No Christmas gift for you this year, Tonks," he finally bites out.

Yelling works just fine, because it makes other people do all the work. It's just as well that Sirius didn't manage to finish that sentence, either, though Edwin shoots the downed man a very venomous look indeed. Something will come of this little incident. Oh yes. The Hit Wizard finally stands up and then promptly uses his free hand to shove the table a few feet towards the wall so that the animagus is left out in the open just in case spells need to start flying. It's also a good opportunity for Sirius' face to be introduced to the image of Edwin's shiny boots, which means that Sirius is right where he belongs! "I do wish you'd just learn to behave yourself, Black. You'd be much better off if you did."

"That. Is. Enough." Tonks' voice is now directed towards Edwin as he shoves the table. "The situation's diffused. Stop goading him." Yeah, she's pretty convinced that Sirius wasn't just randomly blowing his top. "If you can't handle Black without the threat of spells, perhaps you should remove yourself from guard duty." The hex on Sirius is removed and she'll help him up into the chair. The motion allows her to slip a whisper to him, a plead for him to try to keep his temper. Once that's done she makes it a point to pull the table /back/ to it's original position.

"Shut it, you pantywaisted nancy," Sirius snaps as he pushes himself up on his elbows, sneering back at Edwin. When this is over.. there will be payback. "You'd be better off in your rightful place, a cell in Azkaban." Or perhaps a grave. The futility that he's feeling is not helping his mood or mental state. The wanting to lash back and being unable to do so. He brushes off Tonks's assistance in getting up, he can do this himself dammit. As for sitting back down, he steadfastly refuses to do so. The whisper is heard, but difficult to tell how much of it he's heeding.

The other guards are probably not taking the words of the convict with too seriously. Edwin's one of them after all, and Sirius is the one under arrest and on trial. "Tonks, that's not a good idea, shoulda just left him bound like that. Makes our job easier knowing he's staying put." No, they don't like the Auror's decision. In fact, they seem ready to take Edwin's side of the matter.

Edwin briefly entertains himself with the thought of attempting to snap Sirius' neck. He's heard that it's not as easy a task to perform as it sounds, but he'd be willing to make a good effort in this particular case. This is neither the time nor the place, however, and he's content to let Tonks rearrange the furniture to her liking because he's busy with eyeballing the convict, who has just stepped over the /line/ with that nancy comment. "Watch your tongue unless you want to lose it, Black." Edwin has the support of the major powerbase here. He's a respected Hit Wizard with a long career behind him. Sirius is a mass murderer and Tonks is a wet-behind-the-ears Auror - it's an easy decision for the other guards, as far as their allegiance goes. "Tonks, is it? I believe you two are related. You'd best get our friend here," he nods at Sirius, "under control before he pushes someone too far." A terrible accident might befall him otherwise.

Tonks may be wet-behind-the-ears in terms of how long she's been qualified, but keep in mind who personally trained her. She was probably run through a lot of things that was probably not part of the Auror program in and of itself. For the other hitwizards, she says, "I know what I'm doing." She doesn't say her thoughts on the matter, as she's trying to appear as neutral as she can be without, y'know, the obvious fact. As for Edwin's suggestion, she stands up. "Alright, I'll get him under control." She waves her wand to the kitchen. "Leave." She glances behind her to Sirius, "Can you get to your room without running into anyone else?" If it's yes, the look she gives clearly says he should make his way there posthaste.

Sirius snarls at Edwin, and any number of threatening retorts come to mind but thankfully are not voiced. There's a growl in his throat, but he bites out, "Fine," at Tonks. With a murderous look for Edwin, he strides from the room. Sure, he's gonna pass a few other guards, but as long as he behaves, there's going to be no further problems.

Oh, how precious: Sirius Black being sent to his room with his tail between his legs. It's truly a Kodak Moment, and accordingly Edwin takes a moment's pause to enjoy the sight before responding to Tonks. "I hope you have better luck with him than we do. He's a dangerous man. Do enjoy your day." And then with a respectful tip of his head Edwin strolls out the door after Sirius. Instead of following the man, though, he's headed for the front door. Time to check up on things at home and to sign off of guard duty for a few hours. The dog and owl need feeding!

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