1995-03-06: Down At The Pub


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Scene Title Down At The Pub
Synopsis Playing catchup, Sirius, Christian and David chat about the events of two weeks prior. Christian also gets a sworn statement from Black.
Location Hogsmeade - The Three Broomsticks
Date Mar 06, 1995
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Logger Bad Dog

Black may as well procure a flat or cottage down in Hogsmeade with as much time as he's spending in the village. Or perhaps it just seems like he's always got some reason or other to grant the residents his presence. Sometimes, it seems like he's on a mini pub-crawl between the Hog's Head and here at the Three Broomsticks. All the same, Sirius doesn't seem to put forth much concern that his very existence here is regarded as unnatural. So, with no real reason to be here, other than to annoy people, Sirius is seating himself at the bar for a change, ready to order himself a drink.

David has also been spending alot of time around town of late investigating and keeping an eye out since all that happened. He steps into the pub after another such long day. He moves towards the bar ordering a drink before glancing around. He spots Sirius Black easily enough the Auror sighs. "Mr Black." he nods his head in greeting. "Absolutely nothing." he adds plopping down onto a stool figuring his words meaning will be taken correctly.

Sirius orders himself up a butterbeer and is taking the bottle as David settles onto a stool. He recognizes the Auror from the attack on Hogsmeade a couple of weeks prior, but isn't on a name basis with the man. "I expected as much," he replies quietly, as he hopefully assumes correctly as to what David is referring to. "Good luck catching /that/ lot," he says, just a touch of bitterness in his tone as he takes a drink.

"I didn't really think I would either, but had to try." he takes a drink setting the mug back on the countertop. "I'm David by the way, wasn't really time for introductions before." he offers a hand though knows with the reputation with the ministry, and all that it might not be accepted. "I hope to, it's one thing for those overage to fight but students like that it's just crazy."

Sirius inclines his head in a nod, "It's rather difficult to stand by and do nothing. Wouldn't exactly be doing our jobs if we sat on our hands, humming loudly, now hmm?" The offered hand is eyed briefly before Sirius extends his own to shake. "Pleasure.. and no, there wasn't exactly time for those." He makes a faint noise, sort of like a grunt, "It's always insane for the young to fight battles they shouldn't have to. Of course, my classmates and I hit the ground running upon leaving Hogwarts."

The front door opens quietly, and Christian slips in. He closes it behind him and adjust the collar of his jacket. He looks around the room a bit, letting his eyes get used to the smoke and light. After a moment, he notices Sirius and David at the bar and begins to work his way to them. "Mr. Black, Mr. Ashby," He says with a slight grin. "Good to see the both of you."

"Quite true, and I wont be taken flat footed if I can help it." The young man says taking another drink. He shakes nodding in agreement. "Probably no older or heck even younger than I am, guess I can only get up to speed quick as I can." David turns back as the door opens he overs a hand in greeting. "Likewise." he adds.

"Ah! Mr. Faulkner, I haven't seen you in a fair bit of time. Have a seat, join us," Sirius says, somewhat jovially as Christian greets and approaches. He then looks at David with a bit of scrutiny, "No.. we were about your age." Fighting and dying by 21, or going to prison. "Good policy however, not being taken flat footed."

Christian shakes David's offered hand, sits next to them and orders a glass of a dark beer. "Speaking of being flat footed," He says, turning to look at them. "The reason you haven't seen much of me is because I have been working on my proposal for the Wizengamot that will never get approved. A Rapid Response task force for dealing with very dangerous cases. Muggles have an equivalent, and I would like to sort of borrow their program."

David looks back as the new arrival speaks. "Ah, turned it down eh? It seems they are moving painfully cautiously lately not wanting to further hurt the reputation but lack of action is no better." he sighs once more finishing off his drink. "That wont be me." he says to both

Sirius nods his head towards Christian. "Hit wizards are generally as fast as they can get the information." Oh he knows this quite well. "But anything to try and expedite and apprehend Dark Wizards wouldn't go amiss. If the Ministry won't take further steps, then they can't be surprised when they're made a laughing stock of." This is precisely why Sirius prefers to align himself with Dumbledore and not associate with the Ministry. Freelance, all the way. "It's no better than under Fudge. Humming loudly and pretending nothing is happening."

"I am beginning to see that point Sirius," Christian says with a sigh. "It sometimes feels like we are just trying to compromise the bad guys away. Never compromise." His beer arrives and he takes a deep drink. "I have also been tasked with the arduous task of running you to ground and getting a statement out of you, Sirius."

"I am seeing it as well." he says ordering a simple water this time and taking a drink from it. David chuckles "I don't think we're going to gain anything from anyone involved in that fight or otherwise. Well save from the death eaters. I still wish to speak to Dumbledore properly, as well things were a bit chaotic afterward."

"The Ministry hasn't learned from the first time around," Sirius states with a mild scathing note to his voice before he takes a lengthy drink from his bottle of butterbeer. "Ah, is that so?" he asks, words drawn out just a bit longer than necessary as he turns to look at Christian. "Well. Here I am, you need not look any further. I suppose it's a bit silly of me to ask in regards to what?" He nods to David, "Chaotic.. that's not quite the word…" David's then given a sharper look, "Take a peek into the record of Bellatrix Lestrange. She along with Greyback are the only ones we can identify from that night. You're too young to remember the sort of trouble /she/ caused."

"No we did," Christian says immediately. "We learned from the first time, believe me. But the people currently making decisions haven't." When he speaks, its not hard to feel the indictment in his voice, and hear the cold resolve. "What specifically I need, Sirius, is your account of what exactly happened that night. Everything from your perspective beginning with the events just prior to the attack. Keep in mind, I will be writing this word for word in my report."

"I will have to pull those files when I get back information is the first step to locating and capturing them again I'd imagine." David says taking another drink. He listens for the story if it is to come.

Sirius isn't bothered in the least by Christian's request, "I've no reason to embellish or hide the details of what I saw. I'm ready to give you my account, if now is convenient for you?" He glances back to David and shrugs a bit half-heartedly, "From what I've heard, it took a good deal of work to bring them in alive last night. I'm sure by now they'll have redoubled their efforts to keep from getting caught alive again."

Christian chuckles as Sirius mentions bringing them in alive. "Oh, sorry." He says clearing his throat. "I'm ready now." He pulls out a notebook and pen. "Whenever you are." He takes a drink from his beer.

David nods "Well of course alive would be what is preferred to many so they can stand trial, but they have no sense of what lives are worth. I will never be as they are, but if forced and the only way left to me is that route than so be it. I have heard Moody never killed when possible, but did as he had to in order to be effective."

Sirius takes another drink off his bottle, almost draining it before he starts talking. He starts with the moment the group Apparated into the village, what he saw, even if his perspective was a little thrown off because of Harry, and thinking he was dead. Sirius plunges on, finishing with Harry awakening in the Great Hall long enough to say Voldemort was back, and finishes his recount about that time. "Sorry, there wasn't much to tell after Harry woke up. He went back to sleep and we got the injured and the dead student to the hospital wing." Throughout giving Christian the details, he does turn and give David a nod for what he says.

At the mention of Voldemort, Christian stops writing for a second. He waits a before continuing. "Thank you Sirius," He says quite professionally. "How is Harry doing as of now?" He asks very carefully.

David returns the nod he meant his words however hard they will be to follow up on for the Auror. He than goes back listening to the story, in his head replaying both the battle and the scenes following in his head. He doesn't speak for the moment judging the look on the others faces.

"He's coping as well as you can imagine. Out of the hospital wing and back to his routine of classes." Sirius drains the last of his butterbeer, and shows no sign that he's withholding information. "He's still breathing and I intend to see this remaining the case." The empty bottle is set upon the bar that he's sitting at, along with Christian and David. Sirius is keeping himself in check, that night isn't one he /ever/ wants to repeat. Plus it's still a bit difficult to think about, much less talk about.

"Aye," Christian says, closing the notebook and putting it away. "I think we can all agree on that." He takes another drink, wiping the foam away from his lips. "It was a long night for all of us." He looks at Sirius' empty bottle. "Can I get you another?"

Maggie comes bustling in, and bustling is the best way to describe it. Despite the damp chill of the outside world, she seems to bring a touch of warmth and cheer with her. Taking off the cloak, she says, perhaps to the room in general, "Its raw weather out there. I will be glad when spring has arrived for good and all." she shakes her head and tsks, "But a good night for a warm fire and good company." she grins merrily to Madame Rosmerta, "And a pint or two, of course." She hangs up the cloak, then grabs one of the aprons, as she approaches the bar, putting it over her street clothes, now officially 'on duty'. There's a few waves and yelled greetings from some of the more regular customers, and even, already, a few orders for drinks.

"Sure, you keep saying you owe me a drink anyway," Sirius says with a faint grin at Christian. "One more, then I've got a few things I need to see to." Such as tracking down Remus for a heart to heart, considering the letter he received from Holly Maplewood not too long ago. He turns around to face the bar properly so that he can indulge in one more butterbeer before taking off. So count him in amongst those calling out drink orders. He then looks at David, "You obviously haven't been on the job long, was that your first skirmish?" He's not accusing, people have to start someplace, right? Black's merely curious.

David looks back towards the door as it opens again. He waves "Greetings Miss Smithwyc, indeed spring would be welcome." the young man looks back to those he'd been speaking to and nods "Yes it was my first true fighting outside of training duels and the like." he sighs slightly "I don't know how well it went I placed myself between the attackers and the students but still a few got hurt." he seems to regret this.

Christian chuckles and waves to Maggie. "Hello ma'am," he says with a grin. "My friend here would like another butterbeer, I am assuming?" He raises his eyebrows to Sirius. "Unless you wanted something else." He finishes off his own beer.

Maggie nods as she calls out, "Right away, gentlemen." and acknowledges the other orders too, "Let's see, that'll be a butterbeer, mead, sherry for you, hot tea.. did you want that with lemon or cream, and any sugar, ma'am?" as she starts whipping up the drinks.

"Don't take it too hard. Lestrange is amongst the worst of his supporters, and Greyback? Let's just say the lot of them had to have been held on a tight leash that night." Sirius says as he gives David a look of mild sympathy. "They're fierce fighters, and worse than that? Lestrange has a fanatic devotion to her cause. I sincerely doubt there was any way to keep people from getting hurt." He's not a pessimist, just a realist, a bit embittered to boot. He catches sight of the time, then claps Christian on the back. "Bad luck, I'm denying you yet another drink," he says, grinning good naturedly at the man. "But I've got to run. No rest for the wicked. Pleasure meeting you under better circumstances, David." Maggie's given a nod, then he's ducking out the door.

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