Donner Jones
Portrayed By Liam Boyle
House Slytherin
Year First
Position Student
Sex Male
Race Half-blood
Age 11
Place of Birth St Ives, Cambridgeshire
Date of Birth 25 December 1982
First Appearance Floating Conversations
Last Appearance

Character History:

Donner's mother may have been a squib, but she had just as much sense about naming children as her wizard kin. Combined with a shaky understanding of muggle traditions and the father's sense of humour equals a very short naming stick. Born on December 24th, the boy was named after a reindeer. Donner does not find this quite as amusing as everyone else seems to. Juturna strove to be a a good muggle wife to her husband. It was difficult, because despite her estrangement from the wizarding world, that culture still came more easily to her than muggle traditions.

Juturna almost missed the signs that her son was a budding wizard. Putting the telly on the fritz, summoning his toys from across the room, floating instead of falling out of trees, these were all things she had experienced growing up. It had not been enough for Hogwarts, true, but in Juturna's experience these were the normal growing pains of life. She had done it, her brother and sisters had done it, flashes of uncontrolled magic just happened sometimes. It took an incident starting with Donner angrily pushing another boy off the jungle gym without ever touching him and ending with a very stern visit from an Obliviator to the playground before she realized the ramifications of Donner's innate magic. He was immediately yanked out of his elementary school to be homeschooled. The boy was not pleased with this decision. He liked being in school with his friends, and enjoyed the occasional edge magic gave him over his classmates. At last his mother had something to show to her parents as evidence of her worth. If she could not be it herself, she would mold Donner into a paragon of wizardom.

The summer Donner was eleven, it all paid off. Whether it was a fluke of genetics, his mother's intensive curriculum, or the universe's idea of a joke, Donner was accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and his existence was validated. The trip to Diagon Alley was undertaken with his grandmother; the experience was his first direct contact with both her and the Wizarding world that was now open to him.


Donner excels at everything he does, because he does not do things in which he does not excel. He is used to having expectations set higher for him and has never entertained the notion of not meeting them. Letting someone down is the worst thing he can imagine, so he has resolved to never be less than the best. At anything. Ever. The thought of failure paralyzes him so much that he is extremely loathe to try new things, because of the chance that he will not succeed instantly. Effort must not be shown. In the rare instances that he does take on something new, any attempts to improve must be done in private. Admitting there are things he is unproficient at is the same as admitting weakness, which is admitting imperfection, which is unacceptable.


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Other Information

Full Name: Donner Nicholas Jones
Patronus: Caribou.
Wand: A 12 1/2" rigid wand made of poplar with a unicorn tail hair core.
Electives: None
Best Class: Transfiguration
Worst Class: Potions
Theme Song: "Pressure" - Queen
Description: Donner is short for his age, but with a husky build. His hands are meaty but surprisingly deft. This has apparently not always been the case, as his left thumb is missing a chunk from the tip and the right has a long straight scar along the side of his index finger. His dark brown hair just brushes his eyebrows in front and is trimmed shorter on the sides and back. His narrow-spaced eyes are green-brown, and look out from behind a pair of glasses perched on a pointed nose.

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Trivia and Notes:

  • Donner's father is a butcher. Knives in his house are very, very sharp.
  • Donner's mother heard the name on a Christmas commercial in passing and thought it sounded "gentle and strong," not realizing the context. Nicholas is entirely his father's fault.
  • When he grows up, Donner wants to be a highly skilled and wildly successful healer. If something does not pass the "Will this help me become a brilliant doctor?" test, it is discarded.
  • Donner has a low opinion of quidditch and the people who play it. What's the point? No one actually achieves anything.
  • He is not very fond of his glasses and only wears them to read. His near sighted vision is bad enough that he cannot read without them.
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