1995 03-20: Don't Say His Name


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Scene Title Don't Say His Name
Synopsis Hermione comes to ask questions, and ends up with a lesson from the Moodster
Location Moody's Office
Date Mar 20, 1995
Watch For Bird attack
Logger Mad Eye

As is always the case with visiting Professor Moody, Hermione is nervous. This is, after all, the famous Auror, notoriously trigger happy and - let's face it - weird. After class, she shoos Harry and Ron off, waits till the other students are gone and then puts on her bravest face. Ready for all that may happen and all the strangeness she may see, she knocks on Moody's office door. If he attempts to scare her for constant vigilance, she will hex him. Respectfully, of course.

One blue eye is already riveted on the door, and as such focused completely and solely on the door as Hermione knocks there's a motion from behind to which the door flies open quickly, to which Miss Granger would find the Professor sitting behind his dark oak desk in that high backed chair of his. Unlike when Lupin held the office, Moody's look seems to reflect a small bit of homeliness mixed with his usual bit of paranoia. A tall multi-leveled truck is against one wall as in one back corner a foe glass has been placed. Behind moody is a bit of shelving, a smaller counter like desk and a rather large wardrobe. Dark detectors are placed in various strategic places in the room, with the sneakscope on his desk. Already, behind him a dark Raven sits perched up on the wardrobe, watching the door as does his owner, and barely noticed on the desk is a picture of a happy looking couple.

That blue eye remains focused on the young girl left there standing, as one patched brow raises. "Miss Granger, come in.."

When the door flies open, Hermione is left with one hand up in a knocking position and wide, startled eyes. Really, she should have seen this coming, but it scared her just the same. She takes a deep breath to steady herself, though, and enters when commanded to do so. The contents of Moody's office attempt to grab her attention and she would love to study and pick up most of these objects - though she's sure some of them would curse her just for thinking about doing that - but she keeps her focus on Moody. As best as she can, that is. "Er, sorry for bothering you, Professor. I just had a few questions. About the attack on Hogsmeade." It was a while ago, but it's also hard to approach Moody without other students around as a buffer zone. The man is scary.

A half twist of his lips which could be a smile, but given the patchwork of skin and scarring that is Moody's face it might be hard to figure out. All the same one hand moves to beckon her closer into the room, before the door shuts with a slam behind her. "Oh come now Granger, you're not bothering me. Believe me-if you're bothering me I am apt to let you know.." Like by exploding chalk above your head, or cursing you…Or as a couple of Gryffindors learned, by being stunned. "By all means ask, I will do my best to answer them within reason Granger." and whatever Moody was reading before she came in, is shifted aside. Now, all attention in the room is solely on her again.

It could be a smile. Or maybe a sneer. Or it could be the rattle of a rattlesnake before he eats hapless Gryffindors who are stupid enough to enter his office alone. All these thoughts run through Hermione's head before she stiffens her bottom lip and tips her chin up in a typical 'I am scared, but will pretend that I'm not' pose. It's only enhanced by her jumping when the door slams shut behind her. Swinging around to see that it was just Moody, she frowns and resumes her brave pose, even if it's been taken down a notch or two by her jumpy reaction.

Though he hasn't thrown chalk yet or turned her into some sort of small furry animal, that doesn't mean that he /won't/. "Ah. Well. Right." Then, taking a deep breath, she takes another step forward, further into the lion's den. "As you were one of the most famous Aurors the Ministry has had - I've read a few unauthorized biographies about you, if you don't mind me saying - I wanted to know what you thought about the attack. If it was really the Dark Lord that had Harry, why did he send him back alive? They killed poor Perpetua. Why wasn't there a higher death count? Death Eaters aren't known for their mercy."

Perhaps, but knowing Moody it is something of both, or a combination of the smile someone gets before he bites. The Raven takes this time to swoops down and perch at the back of the chair that is meant for Hermione, his black beak reaching for a bit of her hair to nip and tug, before cawing rather loudly : CORN as it stares at the girl. Moody doesn't even chuckle as he sits there keeping that look on poor Hermione, but as the words come out of her mouth, there's a twitch under his brown eye and in the corner of his lips as they relax back down into a neutral scowl.

"You have have you?" Moody, asks as he leans forward in his chair, as if he was about to come right out of the chair and hex her where he stands "And what have these illustrious writers of our wizarding history and personages said about me?" But given his accent that all might come in a hacked out Scotch growl. Though the compliment is given over, he is not saying anything about it right at the moment. Instead he is just staring at the poor girl, before he leans back into his chair for a second "What I think about it?"

A shrug and Moody's keeping a careful eye on Hermione, which is just about as normal as one might expect. "Sit down."

The raven that swoops onto her shoulder scares Hermione. This time, however, she doesn't start or jump. Instead, she cranes her neck to the side and attempts to get a look at this bird that's tugging on her already messy hair. With a slight hesitation, she waves her hand above her head in attempt to dislodge the beak from her bushy strands. It's not like she really needs any help in getting her hair to be any bigger.

"Mostly they say you're brilliant. But, insane." If she's learned anything about Professor Moody, it's that telling the truth is really the best answer - the only answer - she could give. "I've read all the ones on Harry, too, if it makes you feel any better. Those are even worse rubbish. I wouldn't call any one of them illustrious writers."

She takes small steps toward her intended chair and finally sits gingerly down upon it. She can feel both his eyes on her and knowing what she does about the both of them, it makes her understandably nervous. "You haven't answered any of my questions, yet." This, she feels right in saying. Though, she is seated now and that must mean he wants to talk about something. "Professor," she adds after a slight pause, out of respect.

She would get a light nip from the raven before Moody's snapping thick, calloused fingers "Muninn, off'er there." And the bird complies with a little hop, moving to settle, and walk on the desk. Luckily for Hermione, the corbie is smaller than those seen in the Tower of London's yard, but he is big for a domestic bird…The words about his own sanity bring a crinkle to his lips and to his good eye for a moment as fingers drum along his desk, before he is opening a drawer and reaching in for a handful of dried corn kernels which are tossed onto the desk in a small, but messy pile. "Everyone seems t' think my mind's gone because I see threats in the shadows.." A laugh "As you will come to find out dear girl-those dangers are right there, and that there are indeed monsters hiding under your bed.."

But enough for scaring and mentally scarring children for now. Instead, Moody is clearing his throat "I know I haven't answered your questions yet Granger-You need t' learn patience, an not spark on every idea that big brain of yours has." a sniff and he is reaching inside his robes for that familiar flask of dull silver. "First, my thoughts on the attack. It wasn't large enough to count for a full out raid as much as it was done to scare. To show they can come and go right under our noses without us being able to do anything. Look at their targets and what does it tell you?" a pause before he continues on "That, they look for the weak..Like wolves, pick off th' old and the young. Nothing that can properly fight back."

There's a bit of a grimace from Hermione when Muninn nips her hand, but she quickly puts a hand on it and there's no blood, nor any markings from the sharp beak. When the raven switches from the back of her chair to Moody's desk, she relaxes somewhat. It's better to know that both bird and Moody are in front of her, as opposed to surprising her from behind. It wouldn't surprise her if his bird also liked to startle people behind their backs. "I would hope not," Hermione frowns at the idea of monsters hiding under her bed. "The House Elves have to clean under there. Their lives are already hard enough without having to deal with monsters under every students bed." Though she knows that Moody was making use of a metaphor, the very idea of those poor House Elves having to fend of baddies while cleaning their room makes her circle more ideas for S.P.E.W.

"I thought you would argue that we would need more action as opposed to patience these days." The witch is genuinely surprised by his advice and then she frowns again. "I wouldn't call Harry weak. Nor any of those hurt in the attack. Just that they were students." Which could have been his point. Few adults that she has heard of were injured in the attack. "Some of the students were Quidditch Players. If you've ever seen them after a bad match, I wouldn't say they couldn't fight properly."
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"Its a bloody figure of speech Granger, I am trying to set the light for how serious things are becoming.." Though to the other bit Moody is just grumbling and shaking his head, not about to get into a conversation about House Elf rights or such. Not when there are more important things to talk about. As she watches Muninn there's just a faint chuckle, but its lost as he unscrews the cap to his flask and takes a healthy dram of the good stuff. And given the time that is taken in that sip one might believe that Moody, seems to not even notice that a student is still within his office.

"I am not saying we don't need more action-I was explaining their actions Miss Granger. Hold your seat, an mind your tongue..Don't step ahead of your feet or you'll fall flat on your arse." A grumble and Moody is corking the flask before a finger is held up. "Potter is not weak, but he is not a grown wizard isn't he? He has th' power, but the lack on control-and that is why he's at school, just like you. The fact that he survived should show he's not weak-No Potter is chosen because he's a threat to what the Dark Lord stands for. A predator against predators.." Which is why Moody would argue he's been targeted himself over the years. "I would say a student shouldn't be going up against a Dark Wizard by themselves because of the danger. I want action, Miss granger-but I also want you all to be smart-and to live past thirteen." or whatever age she is. "Now, ask your questions-the next one?"

At Professor Moody's swearing, Hermione opens her mouth automatically to correct him, much like she does with Ron before she quickly shuts it, realizing that telling Moody to watch his language is probably not the brightest move. "I know that," she replies to his snapping. She would argue that House Elves rights are just as important, since they're all talking about people's lives here. They all fall into the same category. "If he's not a full grown wizard and shouldn't be going against, then why does everyone already expect him to defeat Voldemort?" She thinks nothing of saying his name outloud. There's not even a wince. "That's part of my next question, actually. We are just students. I'm fourteen, to be exact, and there are students even younger in what people are starting to call Moody's Army. And - don't think I'm against teaching students proper defense - but I'm worried about how people are starting to take it. Not everyone is as strong as Harry, or as lucky. We're not an army. We're being told to run this way and that and to obey orders and the like, but we're students. If the Death Eaters are really coming and Voldemort is really back, I wouldn't want peole to think that they're going to be able to take on a Death Eater by themselves. What we should be learning about is how to get out of a fight alive, not to gear up for one." She frowns, unsure of how to phrase her words. It's strange for her to talk this way to a Professor. People who she rightly looks up to. However, as she talks, her voice gets stronger and more confident. By the time she reaches this last part, she's looking just as determined and serious as Moody does. "I don't want another Perpetua among our student body."

"GRANGER" Comes's mody's bark which sends poor Muninn off the desk with a Caw, landing up on the top of Moody's chair, even as the professor pushes to stand, so that he is looking right down at her. And that brown eye narrows. "You will call him-the Dark Lord, while you are in my office, and in my presence and if you wish t' keep on breathing." Now that's not so much of a threat against Hermione's life as it sounds. No its the professor getting snarly, per usual. "That name has a lot of power to it, like words, names carry somethin' and you go speakin that name-you'll find one day someone shows up t' your house an curses an kills th' ones you love because of it."

There's movement as he comes back around and foes on to look back over at her. "I know you're fourteen-and I know you can't take on a grown death eater by yourself yet. Th' Seventh years might have a shot, MIGHT. But, the purpose of this is to teach you all how to defend yourselves so you can run and can get out of there. I have you all running because I need you able t' keep up. I have taught you one of th' spells that will come in hands. I have a few more, but that'll be the only offensive spell you learn form me this year.." And eyes remain determined on the 4th year, but when she mentions the dead student, there seems to be a shift, and a looking away. "That is what I am trying to keep from happening.."
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The bark certainly gets Hermione's attention, as she all but jumps out of her seat. When such a command is coming from a man like Moody, it gets her blood going and her heart pounding. Through the rush in her ears, she stammers out her argument, even if it's not quite as confident as it was before. "IIt's only by saying it, though, that breaks it of it's power. TheThe Dark Lord…" she pauses, gets her breath. "The Dark Lord is just another wizard. Giving him too much power, fearing his very name, o-only makes him stronger." Quietly, she adds, "Harry taught me that."

Taking another deep breath, she plunges into the other topic at hand. "I'm not saying that you're trying to turn us into an actual army." Though, really she did kind of imply that. "It's just that I'm worried others will actually think of it that way. I'm sorry, I'm not saying anything right." She respects - and is terrified - of Moody, so it's hard for her to express what she wants to say properly.

Those mismatched eyes remain on the young girl, even though the look he could be giving her is soft? Well. Soft for Moody. "No..No, Hermione." A rareity alone if Moody knows your first name, lets alone speaks it. "You're not following. Potter might be able t' say because people expect him too. I am telling you right now, as a veteran-Oh having seen things. We're not giving it power..Its there." But, Granger is indeed free to disagree with the professor as he moves back to his desk. Drawing it out he sits back down.

A slight tilt of his head as fingers pick at the few bits of corn left on his desk, from where the bird was eating. "You're doing fine. Just sometimes-you need t' work on your tact." this coming from Moody might be considered rich, and there's a look back to her "Its a fear I have as well Granger, but my hope is you all will be able to hold off the danger for a little while-till help can come."

"Professor Dumbledore says it, too," Hermione manages to mutter, but she realizes that only strengthens his argument. No matter what she may think, she won't be saying the word Voldemort in his presence again. There's no chance she wants Professor Moody to be barking at her like that again.

As for working on her tact, the bushy haired witch just raises her eyebrows. If anyone in the Trio should be told they need to watch their mouth, it's Ron, certainly. But, he's not there right now. It's only Hermione. "That's what I'd hope, too." She's been through enough with Ron and Harry that all she can really attest to is hiding and staying alive till Professor Dumbledore or another adult has come to help her out of a mess. "It's harder than it looks."

"Are you professor Dumbledore?" comes Moody's reply as he watches her for a second. Its not a bark, but a damned question all the same. A shake of his head as it seems as he is rocking to sit back into his chair with a grunt. Eased there before he is looking to her. "Good job on th' hoping lass. But learn an do. That's what I ask." because as firmly as Moody believes he will not always be here at Hogwarts to help the students or even Dumbledore when he needs him. This attack, these signs-he knows soon enough he'll be back on the front. Something he loathes, and loves all at the same time. "I know-I was your age once as well…"

With the pregnant pause lingering, Moody takes time to watch Hermione for a moment "Anything else, Miss Granger?"

Moody's question doesn't really warrant a proper answer. Hermione knows very well she's not Dumbledore. Just like she knows she's not Harry. Being Hermione Granger doesn't do too badly, though, in her opinion. "That's why we have classes," she gives Professor Moody a bit of a half smile. The closest she's come to relaxing his presence. The smile moves into something much more of a confused, then neutral expression. Professor Moody fourteen? Hermione simply can't believe it. "It did say that in the biographies I read." Even if she's read his biographies, she can't think of him as anything other than the man he is in front of her. "No, that's all. Thank you for your time, Professor." Giving Munnin a wary look and then another one to Moody, she stands from her seat and moves for the door, mindful that if Moody was going to attempt to scare her again, this would certainly be the time for it.

Moody chuckles softly, yes that was a chuckle given to Miss Granger. "I can see why your friends enjoy your company, lass." A compliment? Well coming from Moody it is certainly something. And so he nods as she rises "Feel free to come any time you have more questions, Miss Granger." Though given how this went, he wouldn't be surprised if he only saw her in classes. "Oh." And he is rising up, to hand her something from a stack of papers littered about. "Here." one of her own assignments, graded. "Top of the class again. Keep up the work." The blue eye stays on Granger even if he is looking at is raven.

"Enjoy your day Miss Granger, and I will see you next class time." a slight nod "Oh an next meeting for training.." And with that Moody himself is going over to see to his bird.

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