1995-03-29: Don't Listen to Peeves


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Scene Title Don't Listen to Peeves
Synopsis Peeves causes some problems, and a ghost is questioned.
Location Hogwarts - Armor Gallery
Date Mar 29, 1995
Watch For Advantages to being a ghost.
Logger Casper


That would be the general tone of noise coming from the Armor Gallery on the third floor of the castle. Oh, there's also a high pitched giggle that could only be issued by Peeves. "Now ickle ghostie, close your eyes tight and give students a fright!" It seems even dead, Perpetua is as naive as ever, for she's following Peeves's instructions. Being incorporeal, she's still standin — err — floating amidst a jumble of fallen suits of armor. One of which is loudly complaining about his new position on the floor and that rather large dent he's taken to a breast plate.

"I don't think I can! I've never seen any of the other ghosts able to use will to knock things over!" Yet, still, the new ghostly resident of the castle has her eyes shut tight. The suit of armor she's facing would roll its eyes, had it been in possession of any.

Ginny has been doing some extra credit work in one of the empty classrooms. Such productive work was halted, however, when the shattering crashes reached her ears. Of course, after three years of Peeves - not to mention 13 of them with the twins - she no longer jumps at this sort of thing. However, she is certainly curious about what, exactly, is going on. It could be interesting!

So, with books, quill, and parchment in her bag, and the bag over her shoulder, she arrives on the scene to see a ghost she's only seen once before. "Um. Perpetua?"

Harry wasn't doing much of anything, aside from roaming the castle, trying to stay out of trouble. Not an easy task when you happen to be the Chosen One and the bringing of major breaking wizarding news. Yeah, that's been his life lately. But as he climbs the staircase headed back towards Gryffindor Tower, the clattering causes him to pause, and peek into the Armor Gallery. Probably Peeves again.

Having been alerted of sounds coming from the Armor gallery, the sound of heavy stumped footsteps can be heard, beating a rickety tattoo along the floor outside. Why was he sent instead of Filch? Perhaps someone is having a go at the old professor-or perhaps Moody just got tired of pacing through his office and staring at his foe glass for part of an hour. One hand moving to come, and reach for Harry's shoulder. A tight grip if it lands and the boy doesn't immediately get out of his way.

"Potter." And already that wild blue eye is looking into the Gallery as he remains by the entryway for a moment "How're you lad?" though the words one might take as kind-coming from Mad Eye Moody, they sound more like a snarl.

An eye peeks open as she hears her name, "Oh! You know my name!" She's a bit surprised, even if she's earned /some/ notoriety, having been killed and all. Both eyes now opened, Perpetua grins a bit lopsidedly at Ginny. (She earns a piece of chalk through the head for turning her back on Peeves's tutelage!) "Oi! Hey! That's not nice!" she yelps, spinning in the air to glare at Peeves, which just makes the poltergeist cackle harder, "Oooh lookie lookie, Peevesie seesie a Weasley!" Rolling onto his back in the air, Peeves blows a raspberry at Ginny and asks rudely, "Been to the Chamber recently?"

Perpetua gives a confused look at Peeves, but can figure it's not good. Or maybe not. Confusion paves way to a yelp as an ink pellet streaks past her, aimed for Ginny as Peeves disappears up through the ceiling upon hearing Moody's growling voice.

"Yes, Perpetua, I do. Are.. are you okay?" Ginny's brow furrows a little, but the girl seems relaxed enough to backtalk Peeves. So, in fact, is she. "Why thank you, Peeves, yes I have. I actually like to do a good deal of my studying there. So peaceful." Ginny gives Peeves a beautific smile, then she hears Moody, and turns. Potter? "Harry?" She asks aloud, not immediately spotting him.

Whoa! Who let the Mad Hatter…I mean, Moody out? Then again, Harry wasn't exactly being constant with his vigilance, was he? "Umm….fine, Professor." he says, stepping further into the room. "Just heard a bit of commotion and…" pausing, he could have swore he heard /that/ name. And from a familiar voice. "Ginny?"

That Blue eye flicks about from student-to student "Ahh Weasley. I saw your mother the other night. She sends her best, and is wondering how things are coming along.." Moody begins as he's brushing by Potter to come lurching into the room. One hand already reaching for his wand-but so it seems that Peeves has already snookered off. A grunt leaves Moody, before he is looking back over towards Ginny "You should write your mother-you and that brother of yours.." A glance back to Harry and he's grimacing and there's a crack of the wand as a spell is shot back towards the incoming ink Pellet-which might do more damage than good. "Have you both been practicing?" And then there she's seen. Ahh. "Perpetua.." muttered more or less as the wand is lowered.

"I'm okay.. oh man.. Filch is gonna throw a fit at this mess.. and Peeves didn't even .. wait.. what am I saying? Peeves /never/ cleans up his messes." Perpetua sounds a bit put out about this as she hovers the wreckage. "You don't think he's gonna blame me.. ooh Harry?" Her cheeks darken perceptibly, even in her transparent state. She's a bit embarrassed about being in proximity to him after what happened, so ducks through a suit of armor, who shouts a protest at this. ".. Hi Professor.." comes a meek sounding voice from behind the suit of armor, which starts to shake a bit, as if trying to move away from the ghost.

"I can help, Perpetua," Ginny offers, glancing around at the mess. "I'm sure we can fix this, somehow. What was Peeves bothering you about, anyway?" All in all, Ginny doesn't seem particularly distressed by Perpetua's appearance. Ghosts, after all, are fairly commonplace in Hogwarts. It's odd to see such a young one, however, and someone she actually knew - or knew of, at least. That oddness makes Ginny hesitate from helping clean up the armor right away.

"A little bit, Professor." Harry admits, nodding his head lightly. When he hears Perpetua's voice, he instantly freezes. "Uh…hi." He's not yet been able to get comfortable with the ghostly girl still floating around. Give him time. Even Ginny's presence is momentarily forgotten as he gets lost in a memory.

There's a half nod, almost absently in Harry's direction. "Good-good." but the way he responds, one might think Moody's mind is a million kilometers away. A shake of his head as before he's glancing back towards Ginny, wand still in his hand though lowered. "I can handle it if you all have classes, or studying.." muttered out before he's looking to the mess that the poltergeist has gotten the younger ghostie into. "You're not in trouble-but I will advise to not listening to Peeves next time, wee one.."And still Moody speaks to her, as if she is a student of his. Odd that.

"O-okay," Perpetua utters in what's more of a squeak than anything to Ginny. "Oh, he was … giving me advice. See, I wanted to scare Walter.." she says in a tiny voice, still behind the fidgeting suit of armor. "Hi Harry." If her voice gets any smaller, it'll be as unsubstantial as she is! "Y-yes Professor. I should have known better." But you see, being UNTOUCHABLE got to her head briefly, and she hadn't been caught at the time! "I think he was talking a load of rubbish anyway."

The voices in the room pull him back from the memory of that god awful night. And at just the right time too. "I…I'm sorry." he stutters, shaking his head as if to clear it. "Spaced out for a moment there." Perpetua is given a slight wave, and he does his best to smile. "Uh…yeah, I'd listen to Moody and ignore Peeves. He's been getting students in trouble for a long time I've heard."

"Thank you.." murmured before one hand is coming up to roam over his face. A rub of gnarled fingers that move over the fine patchwork of his face, as that Blue eye remains ever vigilante in watching the room for more aerial attacks from Peeves-as mainly he is the professor's concern at the moment. A turn of his head back to Potter for a tick as if pulled out of whatever was bothering him for that brief moment. "There's a reason you're one of my tops in your year Potter-you have the common sense to listen to some adults.." A grumble there all the same. "Well then lets get this armor in order.." Another mutter as Moody moves further in, giving over a wave of his wand to begin placing things as they were. To his memory.

"I /know/ that," Perpetua says, finding a bit more of her voice, even if she's behind the suit still. "I just.. I probably should have asked The Fat Friar if Peeves was right or not first." She now peeks up over the shoulder of the suit of armor, her cheeks still darkened. "I'm glad you're okay Harry," she says in more of a mumble than actual words. She hasn't sought out Harry to talk about what happened in the Graveyard, she'd rather not think about it. It was scary awful. "And that you got away."

Harry can't help but give Moody a bit of a grin. The compliment, if it was that, is appreciated despite the dark memories he was having. "Thanks Professor." he nods, glancing back at Perpetua. He too hadn't sought her out for similar reasons, but no time like the present, right? "I'm sorry that I couldn't do more."

Moody nods back towards Harry with a slight grunt-before he's looking to both students, and even though Ginny is here, Moody's not ever going to get another chance to talk to either student, deceased or living, right? "Potter, do you think I could bend your and Perpetua's ear here for a moment?" question there. But then Harry had to expect Moody would want a word with him about what happened eventually.

"You did all you could, you don't have to apologize, Harry. You can't save everyone." Perpetua says, giving a weak smile at the younger student. "I've heard some of the talk.. Sir Headless Nick is quite fond of you. Anyway, it's more important that you made it through… huh? You want a word.. with me?" She's surprised, as she was the sort of student who blended in. Never stood out, never made trouble at all. She's never even had so much as a point lost for her house! "I won't listen to Peeves again, I'm sorry I let him try and show me how to knock things over with my mind!" She looks close to tears now, thinking she's in trouble.

"I could have tried a bit harder though." Harry admits, even though he knows there really wasn't much else he could do. It's more to make him feel better. At Moody's request, he tilts his head and nods a bit. "Of course, Professor."

"Oh-oh Perpetua.." Moody says, and there's a bit of prolonged silence there, before he's looking between Harry and the ghost now "You're not in trouble-not at all. I just wanted to know a few things from you-concernin' your rat..An what happened." He just needs bare facts, and if folks do feel uncomfortable he wouldn't seem to care-or notice. Moody is off like that. "Can you tell me..what did happen.." As for Harry apologizing the Professor is not stopping him. guilt is something one carries after situations like this.

"/Harry/, it was a /killing/ curse." Perpetua feels the need to point out, not that she knows what happened afterwards with Harry and that he survived it. "Oh. /Him/," she says darkly, her voice faintly trembling, and the air around her grows a bit colder. Or that could be imaginations. The thought of what happened and just who her rat was still has her scared, but angry too. "He wasn't really a rat. He was a man. A short man, who was filthy, who stank and I can't believe he was hiding as a rat!"

Ginny takes this moment to snap out of her ghost-induced reverie. She rests her fingertips on Harry's arm, nodding in agreement with Perpetua. "There's nothing you could've done, Harry. And look - Perpetua isn't exactly having a horrible time, either. I mean, she's still at Hogwarts, and she's.." Ginny is finding it hard to be cheerful, but she will attempt this! "She's.. she can go through walls! Think of all the pranks she can help us pull!" There. Then Ginny glances at Moody, and swallows hard. "I mean, stop. Think of all the pranks she can help us stop. Er. Professor."

"Pettigrew." Harry mutters, as Perpetua mentions the rat. "I'm surprised he came back after last year." he adds, a hint of anger seeping into his voice. "If I ever see him again I'll…" His train of thought is derailed as Ginny seems to unfreeze and rejoin the flow of time. As she offers her views, the anger seems to lessen and he nods. "I suppose it does have it's advantages."

There's a flat look given to the Weasley girl, for a moment before he is shaking his head. "I don't care what pranks you pull, as long as you don't get caught-and its not in my class room." Which is the truth right there, however there's a faint twitch of Moody's lips "And I will also say-no cursing behind anyone's back." A grumble as the last bit of armor is righted, and an appreciative nod. With that the blue eye is staring right through Perpetua as if it was locked onto something in the wall. "Now, I know that-an I am sorry g'el, but I need to know where you picked him up last.."
However there's a whip crack of his head, and eye over towards Harry as a finger points towards Potter, wand finally stashed away in this process. "Don't-" the warning barked out as if to say Don't end up like me..Or Don't walk down that path. "You're better than that Harry." words bitten out with a sharp tongue. No lashes. just slices.. "Don't ever say-that." But likely-that will not stop Potter. Not, if he is anything like his father.

Perpetua laughs, but it's a nervous one at Ginny's words. "And.. I still get to see my family.. but I think my parents would have a fright. Bad enough my brother fainted in potions.." Aside to Ginny however, she says in a conspiratorial fashion, "He /is/ a bit of a baby." She ulps a bit and nods to Harry, "That's what he said his name was. He.. he hit me, broke my wand, called me all sorts of names.." Eyes wide with fright, she looks to Harry as he starts hurling threats. "I.. the rat.. he just found his way into my luggage last year. So I nursed him and all over the summer, since he was in a dreadful state. Now I'm wishing I'd let one of our cats eat him."

Ginny tightens her grip on Harry slightly, trying to derail his temper. "It's okay, Harry," she murmurs just quietly enough for him to hear. She glances towards Perpetua - the girl seems a bit flustered. "It's alright, Perpetua. You couldn't've known. You're doing splendidly, considering.. well, considering everything." Ginny musters up a smile for the girl.

Oh, it most definitely won't stop Harry. And anyone who knows the boy knows that's the truth. Just like his father, he tends to act before he thinks. "Yes, Professor." he replies, putting on the act of obeying, before turning his head and giving Ginny an appreciative smile.

All the same Moody offers the warning there-even if it might not be heeded. For it is not a grand road to travel down, if Moody's face could be the map, one could easily see that road is not a fun one to travel. "Good." he says softly before he's looking back towards Perpetua as she adds more there. Fuel to the proverbial fire as it were, for each time she adds more to what wasn't known about the encounter-the more Moody wants to make Pettigrew hurt a little before he is arrested and thus taken for justice. "Do you remember where he got into your luggage, or where you first remember seein' him after bein' somewhere?" He's trying to narrow down where Pettigrew might be hiding himself.

Perpetua ducks her head in shame, and she's got an honest crying fit coming on. (Unlike Myrtle's crying jags, which seem to be purely for dramatic effect.) "I'm sorry! I didn't realize! I just thought he was a sickly rat that needed help.. and.. and.. when he disappeared after that Malfoy kid was fussing in the entrance hall.. and.. I'm sorry!" Her hands fly up to cover her face and she says from behind her fingers, "My cat kept trying to eat him, didn't like him at all, I should have realized something was wrong! He was right in calling me a stupid girl!" The logic that her cat always eats rats doesn't seem to be much of a point at the moment. She shakes her head furiously, "Just that he was in my luggage when I was unpacking at home!"

Ginny glances from Moody, to Harry, to Perpetua, and back again. With another squeeze of Harry's arm, she releases him, and goes to Perpetua's side. Before she can think about it, she goes to rest her hand on the girl's arm, but her hand goes right through her. Shivering, she begins to speak, her tone soothing. "It's okay, Perpetua. You didn't do anything wrong - it could've happened to anyone. Please, don't cry, it's okay." Then she glances at Moody, and, making sure her back was to Perpetua, mouths, 'Another time' with a raise of her eyebrows.

"Ginny's right." Harry adds, nodding his head quickly. "You couldn't have known. I didn't even know until…well…then." As he watches Perpetua's reaction to Moody's questions, he decides to intervene. "Professor, perhaps we could continue this after a little more time has passed? I'm sure it's not an easy thing for her to think about. I know it's not for me."

Moody is quiet for a moment as he turns away slightly even if the blue eye remains riveted on Perpetua-Moody himself, won't. Most likely because he is a bit off with dealing with crying children. Call it something, that he has never gotten used to, or call it Moody's just not used to people much in general. A glance back towards Harry for a moment "Hm-Oh Aye Potter, but I do need to talk to you about it all the same, son." A clearing of his throat before he's glancing back towards Perpetua "Not your fault-If you didn't know what t' expect there'd be no way t' know he wasnae a rat.." A rub of his chin."You're nae a stupid girl..lass.."

Perpetua is a bit busy with the crying to notice Ginny's hand going right through her. "None of this would have happened though. I /was/ stupid, like he said! A stupid girl! Now I'm not gonna be with my family anymore, I won't see my sister's baby, and I won't get to snog Walter!" Even in death, there are lost priorities. There's a hiccup, and a faint grin of thanks given in Harry's direction. Sorry professor, she's still taking this a bit hard, now that she's actually stopping to think about what happened. It's been easier to pretend this is just a spell that went awry, and she can zoom around without a care. But it does get dull after awhile, not to mention pangs during mealtimes. (Even if they are imagined or recollections.)

Ginny smiles gratefully at Harry. Perhaps a direct approach is best with Moody. "But you still get to see all your friends, Perpetua," she tries to cheer up the other girl. "You can talk to Walter any time, and you can even sit in on classes.. and you can scare the firsties!"

Harry nods to Moody. "Of course, Professor." he says, diverting his attention back to cheering up Perpetua. Ginny's already got a good start going and he can add to that. "Yeah, and I'm sure we can find other things you can do that are fun as well." he says, tossing the ghostly girl his best smile. "You can even follow me up to Gryffindor Tower and scare the firsties along the way."

Moody is quiet for a moment as he looks back to the Students. A slight cough, clearing his throat as he is turning to head back down the stairs and make his usual paranoid rounds of the Castle. But there is a look given over his shoulder to the three as he begins to move on out. "I expect to see y' two at the grand class coming up. We'll be working with our wands, so be prepared." Whatever that means-With Moody it could mean, I am going to throw every curse in the book at you, and you need to think fast. "Also, should any of y' all see anything odd or strange-please tell a professor. Constant VIGILANCE." Moody barks out, before he's muttering as he makes for the stairs.

"M.. maybe so.." But she's not alive. Perpetua is just.. here, but not really. "O.. okay professor." How can she remain around Hogwarts and /not/ report suspicious activity, especially after what happened to her? She rubs an arm across her nose and nods to Ginny and Harry. "I hadn't even thought of snooping in other House dorms. I wonder if they really keep snakes in Slytherin's. I could find out now!"

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