1995-03-09: Don't Curse the Birds


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Scene Title Don't Curse the Birds
Synopsis Puppies canoodling around the grumpy older dog's paws while he wants to rest.
Location Hogwarts - DADA Classroom
Date Mar 09, 1995
Watch For Moody grinning.
Logger Jax

[HGW] - Defense Against Dark Arts Classroom

The majority of this room's contents vary with each professor assigned to this course. The old fashioned desks are aligned in neat rows facing the blackboard at the head of the room. Shelves and cabinets are placed against the walls containing books, artifacts and tanks for holding creatures. The windows of the rooms are along the southern wall, overlooking the lake. Despite whoever is in charge of the class this year, Defense Against the Dark Arts never fails to be an interesting lesson, particularly in these tumultuous times.

The chime sounds for students to run out to the rather long bit of Lunch hour. For some classes are done for the day, for others they have but a few more to go through. In this case the First years are sent out in a squealing mess, as Moody stands at the front of the classroom. Arms crossed over his chest, he watches them scurry with that damnable blue eye of his, that voice bellowing out like a Captain's call.

"Remember your damn papers!"

Jax gathers his things in a hurry and scurries with the rest of them, but then hesitates by the door, fidgeting with the strap of his bag. His gaze flicks towards one small Slytherin in particular, his other hand curled around the handle of his wand — a rather mischievous gleam in his eye as he sizes up Rene and waits for the others to leave that is dampened only slightly by virtue of still being under Moody's ever-vigilant eye.

They're not even teenagers. Besides the timeframes when classes are out, meals are the best time of the day! For some reason or another. It'll wear off in a year or so, when the rest of them actually come into their own and realize that its only a meal and spare time to chatter at one another. But for now, the flock goes ahead and bounces out of the door.

Rene takes his time with putting away his things into the pack he carries around, and being nearer the front it is easy to see that he may be stalling. It is actually for a reason possibly unrelated to why Jackson is peering over at him- Rene is taking his time because he intends to at least get a word in to Professor Moody. Vaguely aware that Jackson is watching, Rene stands from his seat when most of the kids are gone.

"Sorry about hiding out, Professor. I should have just asked. Thank you for letting me stay."

That Blue eye remains riveted there on Jackson for a moment, before he is drawing his own wand without much ado, given that he is watching the young Slytherin. A twitch of his lips as if he is expecting Holland to do something silly-like try and Stupefy Rene without the other lad being ready. Blue eye remains glued on the hufflepuff before his brown is turning back down towards Rene.

"Ah, Frog." the common name for poor Rene as he stumps a step closer there and to have a better shot on Jackson if he does the unadvisable. "Aye y' bloody well should have. I would hate t' write back in poor french t' your mother an father. Ruin their time of eating cheese an drinkin' wine if you got hurt." Not the kindest of words, but Rene is probably used to this. "Just pull your weight in your classes and in exercises an you will be fine. Next time though? Ask."

Jackson tucks his wand away when Rene lingers to talk to Moody, and hitches his messenger bag further up onto his shoulders as he heads back closer to the front of the room. "/Can/ we come again next time, then, sir?" the little Hufflepuff asks. "I really appreciate that you let us stay last time."

"Of course, sir." Rene nods once, somewhat deep- meanwhile, his hand grabs onto his bag to sling it over his shoulder; the hand that tugs the strap also happens to flutter to the inside of his robes. For that moment before Jackson pipes up, small fingers are curling around the willow wand. His hand falls back out- empty- once the other boy says something, though. "Last I had checked, both of them knew English." The boy asides. "Mother happens to like Chianti with her Ardrahan." He finishes the joking right back; Cheese and wine, okay okay. He takes it in stride, obviously. Rene turns his head to look back at Jackson coming closer, a flicker of a smile on his face.

Moody turns his head back towards Jackson, letting both eyes stare equally at the boy, but with the wand away, Moody tucks his own back into his robes. "Yes-" the Professor begins, "Y' may since you bloody well know more now than any right Firstie would know, but mark you snotties. If it gets tough or one of you gets rather injured I'll ship you both out-only fair."

Moody's full attention turns back to Rene quickly. "I would hope so.." the words seem dry even in Moody's own brogue. "Alright lads-since you are both here, how have your practices gone?"

Jax flashes a brief smile to Rene before looking back at Moody, bouncing slightly on his toes with an excess of energy. "Good, sir! M'finally getting the hang of aiming properly — even with the kick that spell has." His gaze slants to Rene, hopefully. "I was waitin' for the other kids to head out but — wondering if you had any free time today and wanted to practice later?"

They only know so much because of the teachers- well, no- some of these first years are simply nosy beyond what they have a right to be. "Only fair, yes. Perhaps I will wear some padding." Merlin knows he could use it. In all seriousness- he says it completely seriously.

"My aim is all well and good, but I can't seem to make it kick like my shield charm." He supposes it is because none of the students he practices with are actually his enemies. He'll get over that sometime. Rene exudes a second of disappointment about it before answering Jackson. "I do. I can."

Children smile, Moody does not. No-he just stares and lets his lips twitch without so much of a designation. No it is an idle scowl, so it is safe to say he is not irritated or angry. Rather he is studying both wee ones, and when Jackson pipes up he nods once. "Good, but I will say this now…Don't practice on any birds outside keep it up for your own none breakables, or each other." Yes he is encouraging them so they can see how each one reacts. Why? Partially that they will be able to look after one another and anticipate one another's own moves.

"Say Yes, Frog." If anything Rene should take the moniker as a sign that Moody does know who he is, and mildly cares. He only rides students who are either utter little terrors, or show signs of talent. However, it is hard to figure exactly which category you fall into there. "If y' lads need a place you can practice here before lunch."

"Well, we've had more time with Protego — eventually prob'ly this one will get there, too," Jax says encouragingly. His nose crinkles slightly as his lips quirk into a wry grin. "— Which means I might do well to have padding, too." His eyebrows lift as he looks up at Moody again, blinking in bafflement. "— /Birds/? I wasn't gonna practice on birds, sir." The idea seems to alarm him somewhat. "I don't think birds know how to cast /Protego/, it wouldn't hardly be fair."

Both, perhaps? "I would not hurt a bird." Not on purpose. Having a magiornithologist for a father does that. Rene seems about as taken aback by the thought as Jackson does. "Yes, sir. I will only practice on my peers and my unbreakables." Saying it out loud is funnier than thinking the phrase, and he can't help but try and hide a smirk. "May we? I had asked about using classroom eleven at some point, but I did not get a clear answer then."

"Keep working on your bloody Protego spells. There's a reason we teach you those earlier." Moody grumps out-no he doesn't want either of them bloody hurting one another. But then one never truly gets a say in those things yet. "I am also going to suggest you all find an older year to teach y' Expelliarmus, and Expecto Patronum. I want those equally as strong as your other wee spells.." However as both seem intent on not hurting birds there is a nod "Good." Though he tried his own stupefy on pigeons growing up. Only to ennervate the bird later. At least he didn't do it while they were flying. "Yes, just let me know- as I would like t' observe your progress- That fair?" And if they respond no…Well, they will find themselves sorely out of luck.

"Yessir — of course," Jax replies promptly, nodding. "I still practice Protego a lot — it's easier to practice even if you don't have a partner." His head tilts curiously to one side, looking up at Moody inquisitively. "I've seen Expelliarmus — what does Specto Patronum do?"

"…Do you really expect a corporeal patronus out of us?" Rene, on the other hand, knows exactly what it is, and he looks surprised. Maybe Moody only expects the non-committed patronus? Enough to stall a dementor, in any case. The gassy puffs! If he wants the little ones working on the real deal, however- even Rene knows that it'll be a tough job. Not that he isn't willing, judging by the change of surprise to a rough outline of determination.

A curl of his lip there and that head turns and singles right in on Rene, since he is the brave one who decided to speak back towards Moody. And that lurch in is given as he comes rather, dangerously, close to Rene. Personal invasion? Yes. But then that is part of Moody's MO, as it often distracts the target at chance. "I expect you to bloody try frenchie, or are you going to be waving a white flag-an start cryin' with big sacre bleu tears rollin down your face?" Yes that was a snarl. "Whether you can manifest it or not-I want you trying, since you are both trying to Stupefy one another.." Which will be hard even to do given their years. A look back towards Jackson "Have you ever seen a Patronus, Holland?"

Jax eyes Moody's invasion of Rene's personal space and takes a half-step back. He shakes his head uncertainly. "Nosir, I haven't." He hesitates a beat before adding sincerely, "— I don't think either of us'd have shown up for your lesson if we weren't going to try our hardest to do everything you teach."

Rene makes a slightly cat-like motion when Moody comes despairingly close to growl at him, his shoulders going a bit rigidly upwards and of course, his invisible little kitten-hackles jumping up. He never said he wouldn't be trying! Jackson speaks that for him. Rene is stuck between a wary look and something else- that finds him keeping eye contact with at least the real eye. "With all due respect, professor, Sir- If I am going to wave anything, then it will be whatever creature that I happen to conjure up as a result." That a good enough answer? Hopefully.

Moody leans back as both boys seem to jump out of their skin, thus insuring him a healthy scare quota today. And so there is a nod between them both. A look over towards Jackson "Ahh, you have not?" a faint grin there, if you can call what his lips are doing a grin. "Well, ask Noble t' show you." Moody, feels no want to be whipping his own out at the current moment. And he is turning to stump back towards the lectern "Good-Well Lads, any more questions?"

"Yessir. — Er, nosir." Jax looks a little bit flustered — maybe it's the grin! — and then shakes his head. "I'll — find Siobhan." He fidgets restlessly, shifting from one foot to another, and scuffs his fingers through his hair. "Thank you. For your time. And letting us practice in here."

Stump, stump, stump. Rene finds himself used to the noise, though sometimes he does wonder why ol'Mad-Eye only has one proper leg. Same for the eye, as it so happens. The only reason he thinks about it is because he asked, but Rene obviously thinks better of actually voicing either one. "No sir. Thank you." He mimics Jackson with a choice echo. Was that a smile? It seemed like a grimace…

"Then if there is nothing more, I am going t' ask you boyos t' run along." All said before he is looking-the Blue eye rolling back into place. "Now" emphasized before the Professor in question is making a retreat to his office. He'll be along to lunch shortly. And it will give them time to hex each other as they might.

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