1995-06-25: Don't Call Me Kid


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Scene Title Don't Call Me Kid
Synopsis Pandora stumbles upon Fred, hiding from his relatives for a moment of peace and quiet. Family is discussed, and a wager is made.
Location Quidditch Pitch Locker Room
Date June 25, 1995
Watch For Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes!
Logger Pandora

Having finally escaped the masses of family that is the Weasleys Fred is without a George (who got stuck dragging Dad around the school) and has escaped to the pitch where it is thankfully mostly quiet. A collection of student and parents are up in the stands and roaming about the grass but Fred sits on the bench looking half asleep, a late night apparently. The feast is over the the seventeen year old stretches his arms out in front of him as he crosses his legs and leans back on the locker room wall, looking over a handful of papers.

Pandora meanders into the locker room, clutching her broom and humming the hook to the latest Wyrd Sisters hit over and over again under her breath. Her locker section isn't close to George's, so she doesn't see him napping at first. She just ambles up to her own locker and opens it to pull out her cleaning kit. The locker room is a pretty good echo chamber though, and so Fred is treated to the same three lines of the song, sung in a breathless alto, over and over and over. And over.

Fred cracks open an eye and moaning looks up towards the sudden disturbance to his hide away nap, "Blimey kid…" He says to the short hufflepuff and raises an eyebrow looking a touch groggy, "Just learning the song or inventing a new form of torture?"

Pandora lets out a little yelp at the bodiless voice, almost jumping off the bench. Looking around a moment, she's lobster red from embarrassment. Putting down her broom, she starts padding up and down the rows until she finds the Weasley, and then the Hufflepuff Keeper puts her hands on her hips. "I'm not a kid, Fred. George. Whichever one you are. Are you hiding from your family?"

Fred looks the short girl over and shrugs, "Could of fooled me short stuff." He winks to her though and offers a smile as he pushes himself forward from his comfy position and props his elbows up on his gangly knees, "Fred." He says simply before covering a yawn and continuing, "Yeah all of them were Gryffins so all of them were pushing into the same space in the common rooms, scary."

"Really?" the Panda sounds skeptical. It's not as if Fred and George don't lie about which is which when it suit them. Then, wistfully, "Is it nice, having all that family?" She pauses, "Hang on a minute." She rushes back to her spot, picks up her broom and her maintenance kit, and returns to the bench Fred is on, taking a seat nearby, but not close. "Right, then."

Rolling his eyebrows at her question Fred shrugs, "Yeah sure I guess so, sometimes. sometime just bloody nutters of my mum. Should've stopped with me and Georgy boy." Grinning Fred moves his legs so he is straddling the bench facing the hufflepuff keeper, "So where's your family?"

"Oh, my mom's nutters too." Pandora cheerfully confides. "My dad might not be able to make it, if she doesn't want him to go. She's a Muggle, see." An easy shrug. "He'd only make your common room more crowded, though." She gives Fred a rueful grin, and begins her broom cleaning regimen. Funny, she plods on her feet, but her hand movements are very precise, and she treats her broom like it's a Firebolt, even if it actually isn't one. "Your dad's MoM too, right?" That's how she says it: 'Mom'.

Fred nods his head to Pandora and grins, "Yeah he is, Department of magical law. Bloody obsessed with muggle stuff he is. Sort of cool stuff though, your mum a muggle?" He asks to make sure he heard that right and taps his hands on his legs lightly, not one to stay still long.

"Oh, yeah. She thinks she's a witch, though. I know, I know, it's bonkers." Panda rolls her eyes a little bit, as she continues cleaning her broom. "See, there are Muggles who believe in magic. Only it's not proper actual magic, right? It's mostly just an excuse to put scented candles everywhere and buy fancy jewelry and run about naked while chanting in Latin or Gaelic. Anyway, Muggle folk who do that sort of thing fancy themselves witches." She peers at him for a moment, wondering if he knows her name, or if calling her kid is simply because he doesn't.

Fred blinks to the girl and raises his eyebrow again looking a touch astonished, "She does…no offense cause you said it first Pandora, but nutters." He agrees with a nod of his head, "Since when does anyone use candles for anything but light." He shrugs a touch dumbfounded by this and reaches up a hand to rub his chin.

Pandora doesn't seem in the slightest bit offended. "She's really quite nice, if you ever got to meet her!" she assures. "And Dad loves her lots." She oh's. "Well, there's this thing about carving symbols in 'em, and colors meaning certain things for their um, 'spells', and whatnot. It's all really complicated. I've known about real magic for years obviously; me and dad just try to keep mum happy and don't let on that she's not actually, you know…a real witch." And then to top it all off, she adds, "My dad's with the Department of Misinformation." Because really, the irony can't get any better.

Fred has to chuckle at this and yep he gives a good ol' knee slap, "Blimey, that;s brilliant. You gonna follow his footsteps or get into the quidditch more?" He asks, growing up and other recent events make Fred a bit of a nicer person to be around. "No way the ministry is dragging me into their shenanigans."

Pandora wrinkles her nose. "The Ministry? Not even! It's gone a bit to the poo of late, hasn't it? Naw, I want to play professional-like. What about you and George? You don't have too much longer to go or anything, and you're both," her tone turns admiring, "Really good."

Fred raises one eyebrow at this and snort laughs lightly, "Well was thinking of going pro but got this idea in our heads to open this shop one day. We are starting mail orders this summer if you're interested?" He asks and doesn't wait for an answer before pulling the order form from a sewn in pocket he added himself to his robes, it's a tad messy.

Pandora scoots closer to check out the order form. "Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes." she reads aloud, consider the listed product options. One of the listed choices makes her blush, and then, "Oh hey, Canary Creams! I love those, but Dad doesn't let 'em in the house. Too likely my mum would eat one."

Fred chuckles at this, "At least I finally got them figured out, gave Neville Longbottom a bird beak by accident earlier in the year." He admits with a chuckle, "Godo bloke though, took it like a champ." Fred winks to Pandora. the bottom of the list has some added non joke items as well, a recent addition of animal nightlights (act just like the real thing) and shield chamr badges amough some other more serious items.

"Well, I'll order something." Pandora promises instantly. "I think I can manage a box of Canary Creams…oh, night lights…" and then she promptly hushes. "I mean, those are cute and all, but they're for little kids." she ammends hastily.

Fred grins at this and shakes his head, "honestly, pretty cool glass animals that have bluebell flames and move just like their animal form with the right code word. Dark times call for lights I figured." He grins impishly and winks to Panda, "nothing kiddish about it, maybe a little girlly."

Pandora favors him with a sudden beaming smile. "They're cute. Do you have one that looks like a turtle? That way Archibald could have a friend." She peruses the list curiously. "I think you and George will be super successful." she says. "Me, I keep things simple. Keep the quaffle out of the hoops, right?"

Fred nods his head and adds, "Yeah and watch out for the bludger." He chimes happily, always a quidditch fan, "So you prepared to be beaten next year kid? Me and George's last year, and out captain Angie's too, so you know we are gonna have to win." Of course Angie's name gets a touch of a sentimental tone added to it.

"Oi," she says, a brow arching. "You got two years on me, Weasley, and that doesn't make me a kid. And maybe you'll win, maybe you'll won't, but it wouldn't be any kind of game if we didn't try to make them all the toughest, fiercest competitions we could! Yeah?" That's Hufflepuff fairness right there, and the hunger for a good game.

Fred chuckles and almost jokingly pats her on the head but doesn't know the huffle that well yet, so his hand only twitches, "Yeah, yeah, you're going down kid." He winks to her and then shrugs before brushing red locks back from his eyes, "But it better be a challenge, no fun otherwise." True Gryffindor spirit.

Pandora lifts her chin, giving Fred a cheerfully challenging stare. "First time Hufflepuff tromps Gryffindor next year? From that point on, you're not allowed to call me kid anymore. George neither."

Fred chuckles and just grins at this as he extends a hand to her, "Sure thing kid." His grin widens, "You'll be kid all next year then." He says confidently.

Pandora reaches out and slaps her palm into Fred's for the shake. Girl's got a grip. It's not a dominance thing, she's just enthusiastic!

Fred squeezes her hand back lightly but enthusiasticly as well before dropping it back to his side again. A wide grin is spread across his face, "Deal." He chimes and motions to the order form, "Keep it, business is running out of my aunts house, cause she is being a touch nicer then her normal scary self."

"Your aunt?" Pandora asks curiously. "Who's that, then?"

Fred shrugs and says, "Me mum's sister, a little nutters but nice enough…" He says a touch vaguely and adds, "We even managed to get a muggle post office box, though took a bit to figure out that funny money." Yeah pure-blood wizard here.

Pandora laughs. "If I hadn't worked in my mum's shop, I'd never have sorted it out." she confides. "Have you noticed everyone seems to have family who's a little off their rockers? It seems to go with the magic territory. Even if arguably, my mum is the whackadoo one." She adds quickly, "I still love her bunches, though. She's a good mom."

Fred chuckles at this and nods his head after considering it, "Yeah seems to work out that way I guess." He starts to get up and smiles to Pandora, "Well I gotta book it kid, mum is probolly whining to George about my whereabouts right now, can't expect him to save me forever." He winks and heads off towards the castle.

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