1994-09-14: Do Not Disturb


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Scene Title Do Not Disturb
Synopsis Snape gives some clear instructions to his students.
Date September 14, 1994
Watch For A very clear bit of hinting.
Chronology Snape permits the Slytherin students to study in the Potions Classroom.
Logger Snape

Snape's Office, Hogwarts

Dark and gloomy, Snape's office is one place most students don't want to find themselves. The stone walls are covered in shelves that are filled with multicolored jars filled with myriad necessities for potion making. In between the shelves are some cabinets, a few are locked to keep students from pilfering the contents. A heavy wooden desk sits in the middle of the open floor, a candelbra is set upon it, along with the professor's work. While candles do provide illumination, it just doesn't seem enough to cut through the darkness.

Snape, having called Stephen to his office, sits behind his desk. Actually not marking homework for a change, he is instead perusing a thick and particularly dusty tome that appears to be whispering horrid things as he flips the pages. He isn't bothered by the whispering - in fact, one could wonder if he even notices it.

Having received the message to see Snape in his office, Stephen wasted no time in collecting his things, putting them back near his bunk and making great haste towards the meeting. He doesn't stride into the room Snape-style, but he does come in purposefully. "Professor Snape, sir.", he says respectfully, nodding his head. "You wished to see me."

Snape waits a moment, leaving Stephen to twist in the wind as he finishes reading the page he's on. Closing the tome, it lets out a terrified shriek before he slides it to one side on the desk and looks up at the Prefect.

"If you plan to study in the Potions Classroom, you have permission. However, you should be extremely careful of one cauldron in particular. Be certain not to touch it."

Stephen remains quiet while Snape is reading the tome. He's been at Hogwarts long enough to have studied the particular quirks of his Head of House, he doesn't interrupt. The terrified shriek does cause him to tilt his head curiously as Snape shuts the book and looks up at him. He listens carefully, his eyes narrowing just the slightest bit as Snape passes on the message.

"I will let the others in our House know.", he says slowly, his mind still working out the implication. "Which cauldron would that be? So that none of us touch the wrong one by mistake, of course."

"It’s been marked," Snape says simply, opening one of the drawers of his desk and looking within - something that cannot be seen except from his vantage point, apparently. He looks towards the door and gestures to it, "Open the door for Zanford."

Stephen nods. "Of course, Professor.", he says, turning on his heel and going back to the door. He grabs the handle rung and pulls the door open and fixes his eyes on Zarina momentarily. "Miss Zanford.", he says with an impassive expression on his face, stepping aside so that she can enter. "Will that be all, Professor?", he asks after turning back towards Snape.

Zarina rises to her feet, her robes sweeping against the polished stone floor as Stephen holds open the door for her, stepping aside. She offers him a brief smile, "St. Claire." she murmurs back in greeting, before the smile disappears from her full lips again, her chin lifting slightly as her white hair lingers on her slender shoulders in motion. Her shoes click quickly, percisely as she enters, stepping to the side enough to allow room for Stephen. "Good evening, Professor. I came to ask you for permission to use the Potions classroom for study and practice." she says out loud, coming to the point.

Snape gives Zarina a measured look before finally nodding his head, folding his hands in front of him, "Very well. You can use them … but do not go near the marked cauldron at all or there will be dire repercussions. Dismissed. Both of you."

Stephen nods. "I will make sure that everyone understands perfectly, Professor. Good evening.", he says, nodding his head again politely and then holding the door open for Zarina. He'll wait until she leaves before walking out and pulling the door shut behind him. Then, he's off to the Common Room to post a little notice for everyone…

Zarina narrows her bright eyes at the Professor, frowning slightly, though doesn't question his instructions as she lowers her chin in a nod of understanding. "Yes, Professor. I will keep in mind to stear clear of the marked cauldron." Her back seems to stand a bit straighter, holding the potions book under her arm a bit tighter as she turns, her eyes looking up at the Prefect as she follows him out the door.

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