1994-11-18: Do As I Say


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Scene Title Do As I Say
Synopsis The students get a more hands on lesson in the Imperius Curse. The students are unamused.
Location Hogwarts - DADA Classroom
Date Nov 18, 1994
Watch For Oh, everything
Logger Mad-Eye

As with just about every other session with Moody.. there really isn't much setup to the classroom in preparation for the lesson to come. In fact, he's not even in sight for the start of class. The chalkboard is blank, the desks are aligned as normal. There's a few cages and jars on Moody's desk filled with things that are better left in their containment. In one jar, there's something with eight legs and a lot of eyes peeking through the glass as it tries to scrabble up the side.

Ambling into the classroom with her satchel slung over her shoulder, Siobhan - for once - isn't surrounded by a gaggle of giggling girls. It's a bit…odd. To add weirdness to strange, once she sets her things at her desk and realizes she's alone, she moves up to those jars on the desk, squatting to get a closer look at that eight-legged beast. "Hullo, pretty. What've we got you for today?"

When Hermione sits down at one of the desks up front - as is natural for a class she enjoys and wants to partake in, she unpacks her books and wand and glances around the room. When her eyes spot the spider in the jar, she blinks and then gives a worried glance over toward Ron. She knows how he hates spiders. "Don't look at the jar, Ron," she tells him, hoping that she'll spare him from a scare.

Okay, this is… suspicious. Ophelia pauses just inside the classroom, eying the lack of Ye Auld Paranoid One and the apparently innocent way everything's set up. She digs in her bookbag, withdrawing her wand. Once that's done, she takes her seat. Two-thirds of the Gryffindor Trio are noted and given a nod, though Ophelia's blushing a little bit thanks to the display she did in Potions to their friend. Siobhan's also noted and this given a greet of a wave instead. She's not going near the spider though.

One of the first few to arrive to class, Professor or no, Zarina walks in comfortably at a quicked pace, slipping into the second row and choosing one of the chairs and dropping her knapsack on the table. She releases a light breath, her hand reaching into her sleeve for her wand as she pulls it out, holding it in her slender fingers as she glances up at the Professor's desk. At the sight of the spider, she arches a white brow, the satisfied smirk growing wide in her expression, looking hopeful it looks like. "This looks fun…" she smirks.

Mei wanders into the class, one of the last to do so. Not quite late, but not perfectly on time. Heading to her usual spot, the girl sits quietly in her seat and begins making a few notes in one of those curious little books of hers.

Antigone makes her way into the classroom, cutting it a bit close herself, but not technically late. She drops down into the first available seat, somewhere slightly closer to the back than the front. The jars on the desk get a glance as she starts pulling out her things from her bag. But they can't hold her interest for too long, and soon she's looking about the room, offering the more familiar faces a grin and a nod in greeting.

As Sio leans in to get a closer look at the jar, the desk suddenly /jumps/ towards her, the jars and cages rattling and out from underneath the desk clambers Moody, with a loud, "A-HA GOT'CHA LADDIE!" Hauling himself up, he's got what looks like a wad of discarded chewing gum in hand, and seems unconcerned that the students are filing in and one was on close approach to the desk. "They'll not be listening on my conversations anymore!" The wad of gum is then disposed of with a simple, silently cast spell from his wand.

"That's one wad o'gum that'll not bother anyone ever again," Ophelia grumbles after she's been startled to the point she'd probably find her hair white in places.

When that desk attacks her, rattling cages and critters, Siobhan leaps back with a slap of her wrist to her thigh. She stumbles a little, but she doesn't fall over and her small, willow wand is in her hand. Only when she recognizes her paranoid professor does the Slytherin student relax, even grinning a little. "Who set that on you this time, Professor?" Even with the light banter and breezy smile, there's a tightness around her brown eyes. The wand hasn't been put away yet, either.

Mei makes an idle note to herself not to chew gum in the class, and then wonders if the prof has gone nutters. Sighing she doesn't even bother to look up.

Antigone lets out a rather audible squeal of surprise as the desk suddenly attacks. She's jumpy enough in this class without rampaging furniture. Even as Moody clambers out from underneath, it takes her heart a few more beats to return to her chest, and she just stares, slightly wide eyed, at the front of the room in disbelief.

Filing into the Dark Arts classroom, Ron is making sure to keep his distance from Hermione, even if they do sit at the same table. He doesn't really want to sit with another classmate he doesn't know all too well. From what one can tell, Ron doesn't even seem to know Hermione exists. Seems that kiss is still fresh on his mind, along with the embarrassment that comes with it. The warning is heeded, though — or rather not, as he looks straight at the jar, sees what's inside, and promptly backs away a few inches, making sure the desk stays between him and the jar.

Seeing how Ron is still not over what happened in Potions class, Hermione leaves him be, mostly. The warning was really just a kindhearted attempt to keep him from any worse fates. When the desk attacks Siobhan, the witch grabs for her wand and pushes up from the desk…only to find it to be Moody. She should have realized. Frowning, she doesn't let go of her wand, but sits back down again.

Zarina first blinks, then arches a brow suspiciously at the desk as it jumps at Siobhan, not seeming all that surprised to see a piece of furniture moving on its own. At least for the moment. The corner of her full lips tugs with amusement as Professor Moody appears from under the desk itself, though her deep sapphire eyes narrow suspiciously at the wad of gum in his hand, fully believing that someone can place a listening charm of some sort on the piece of chewed gum.

"Can't be too sure missy, so many enemies, so little time," Moody says with a sort of manic glee to his tone and expression. "Everyone, to your seats!," he announces as of course, he knew the students were shuffling in. Eying the class with scrutiny, he then announces, "Today's lesson will be practical, and I do need a volunteer. Someone step on up or I'll be picking you myself."

Considering that she's already standing up there - and in sore need of something physical to keep her mind off of things - Siobhan raises her non-wand hand, waving the fingers a little. "I'll go, Professor. Unless it involves more chewed gum, cause in that case I'll really pass, thanks."

Ophelia glances around, looking towards the Gryffindor Pair. Hermione'll probably volunteer. And with that, the girl does peek at her mirror to make sure her hair hasn't gone white. Nutter Professor. That done, she laces her fingers and places her chin on them. Or…Siobhan can volunteer. That works.

Mei just sighs. Taking a moment to finish her notes, the girl slowly looks up at the professor. Sighing somewhat she closes her eyes. Never been one to be brave, (she is a huffie after all) the girl sits there and stares up at the professor before starting to stand. It's only at hearing Sio's voice that she sits back down, still silent.

Antigone suddenly becomes quite fascinated with her blank sheet of parchment, looking down at it as though it might have concealed within the secrets of the very universe. Suffice to say, her hand does not go up to volunteer.

Moody chuckles at Siobhan, "Got a lot of pluck there Miss Noble. Wand away, you won't be needing it." The funny thing is, he hasn't /said/ what he needed a volunteer for. His real, beady eye on Siobhan, the vivid blue one is whirling independently, looking over the rest of the class. "Step on up here lass," he says.

Zarina stands to her feet from her chair, despite the Professor telling the rest of the class to sit, or the fact that he already has a volunteer. Her interest is too keen on what is currently happening to sit at the moment. Brushing back her long white hair over her shoulder, the Slytherin girl leans forward, hands resting on the desk to get a better look as to what is happening.

Much like Ophelia guessed, when Moody asks for volunteers, Hermione raises her hand enthusiastically. She's studied and read and therefore thinks she's quite ready to jump in. Even if Professor Moody seems like he's a scary person to volunteer for. If Dumbledore hired him, that must mean he wouldn't do anything that would actually hurt a student…right? After Siobhan is picked, she lets her hand slowly retract and gets ready to watch and take notes.

"Sod off, you mad old nutter!" Siobhan exclaims. She's still standing, but for some reason her entire face has broken out in a disgusting display of cold sweat. Her brown eyes, normally so expressive, swing back and forth between vapid and Bloody Fricking Furious. She cannot push forward, but neither is she willing to give. After about 70 seconds - though it seems much longer to the young blonde - she lets her knees buckle, her arse hitting the floor with a 'thump'. Her chest heaving as she gasps for breath, Siobhan's eyes shift more and more and more toward Vapid.

Mei grins somewhat, sitting a bit straighter in her own seat as she watches. Something tells her that this just might be fun to watch. When Sio goes down, Mei hmms softly. Ah, it is interesting. They're killing students. Survival of the fitt…oh wait, she's still breathing. Well that's good to know.

There's a scowl now on the young Ravenclaw's face as suddenly someone is standing up. Ophelia doesn't seem too happy at Zarina's lack of sitting her large butt back down. Especially since it impedes in /her/ being able to see. And then there goes Sio, and Ophelia just decides to risk a point deduction, "Do you /mind/ movin' yer arse so I can see?" She does lean to the side, getting glimpses that way.

Moody cackles with undisguised glee at Siobhan. Looks like he was expecting that. Funny, huh? He also doesn't seem concerned for Siobhan, or upset that she's being this way. He picks up his walking stick, pacing heavily in front of the desk, acting as if he hasn't noticed anything is out of sorts.

Ron is most definitely not volunteering. There's a spider over there, and there's a chance that whatever people are volunteering for can involve the spider, and he doesn't want a single thing to do with that. He watches as various people volunteer, but ultimately it's Siobhan that's chosen. Then she begins acting very, very strangely, and Ron's mouth falls open a bit, whatever he was about to say catching in his throat. "Um," he says, looking around, "is that — is that.. supposed to happen?" He finally turns his attention to Professor Moody, looking back and forth between him and the Slytherin on the floor.

Though Moody doesn't have any sort of concern for Siobhan, Hermione certainly does. At the way the girl is reacting and tossing, the bushy haired witch frowns and then looks around the classroom. Finally, when it seems like Moody really is enjoying himself and isn't about to stop whatever it is that happened to the Slytherin, she can't stay silent any more. "Stop it!" she says firmly, pushing herself into a standing position again and actually moving to go help the other student. "You're hurting her!"

Zarina instantly narrows her gaze at Siobhan as she falls, wincing slighlty and hoping to herself that the other girl is okay. Watching her fellow housemate for a moment, her eyes shift up to the Professor as he laughs, moving to pace in front of his desc. She frowns, expecting more than Sio simply cursing at Professor Moody before falling over. slowly lowering herself into her seat, her eyes narrow in suspicion. "Professor, were you invading her thoughts?" she asks the question out loud.

Mei looks over and sighs. The reaction of Hermione is typical, then again maybe Mei is just odd. Taking a few notes, she purses her lips before saying loudly in Hermione's direction. "Do you really thing Professor Dumbledore would have hired him, if there was even a /chance/ of him hurting someone? Have some faith in the fellow. He may not look like much, but I doubt he'd really do anything dangerous."

There are a few more swings from vapid to clear in the brown depths of Siobhan's gaze. At one point, it seems she may have thrown whatever's wrong with her entirely, because if looks could kill… Let's just say she'd be giving Moody a reason to be paranoid. Just as she draws breath to give him a piece of her mind, Hermione's outburst distracts her and then she is gone. Eyes cloudy and curiously devoid of emotion, she pushes herself to her feet, brushes off her denims and saunters - yes, saunters - over to Zarina. Her wand-hand is oddly white-knuckled as she grips the small bit of willow she never had the chance to put away, but her other is extended to her Housemate, a rather appealing grin pulling at her mouth. "Care to tango, Zarina?"

Ophelia'd have a few things to say to Mei, but she's too busy trying to glare burning holes in Zarina's pretty pretty hair. Not only did she stand up in front of her, but not even /apologize/? Oooh, she's pissed. She only tears her gaze from Zarina's back to flicker a look to Siobhan, "Y'alright?"

"Granger, sit," Moody announces in a firm command. As he gives that, Siobhan will find the Imperius lifted off her. "Miss Noble volunteered for today's lesson, and she's not hurt. She was fighting back, and did admirably well, all things considered… and no Miss Zanford." From nowhere, a piece of chalk zooms straight for Mei, "No more talking out of turn, I've a lesson to teach here," he roars so that there are no mistakes that he has been heard. "FOR THOSE OF YOU.. who care to pay attention, what you just witnessed was Miss Noble under the influence of the Imperius Curse. Not easy to fight off, the Imperius. Yet, she did very well all the same. Takes willpower, a lot of it. After a few sessions, they'll have a devil of a time controlling her!"

Mei reaches up, catching the chalk and tossing it back at him. "Stop throwing stuff at me." the girl snaps before turning to watch the actions taken by Sio. She looks particularly LIVID at having something thrown at her for the third time this year. First a head and now two pieces of chalk.

Antigone seems completely overwhelmed by everything going on at once. To be darn sure, she hasn't bothered to take any of this down in her notes, just watching from her relatively safe spot as the chaos unfolds. Dance requests, flying chalk, people yelling about arses… The Hufflepuff isn't quite sure where to look at any given time.

When Siobhan calmly plucks herself up and then saunters over to Zarina, Hermione is left halfway between the Slytherin and her own desk. The confusion on her face is short lived, though, and instead she just shoots Mei a look of disdain. Just because he's a teacher doesn't mean he didn't hurt anyone else. When she hears what Moody says, the surprise is back. She sits back down into her chair with a thud. "The Imperious Curse, Professor?" she asks. "But, you could be sent to Azkaban for using that." She's read about it. "That's a horrible thing to do to a student." Obviously, as it's an Unforgivable.

Suddenly free from that terrifying mist that seeped into even the most private places of her mind, Siobhan blinks. Her hand is held out for a moment as she gathers her bearings, but soon curls into a fist. Whirling on her heel, she stalks right up into Moody's Personal Space - not a wise mood, but she's not in a particularly wise state of mind at the moment. "How dare you?" she shrieks, face flushed with her righteous anger. "You're our teacher, you paranoid loon! You're supposed to protect us! Bad enough you scare the piss outta the little ones, but now you pull one of the vilest, most invasive spells ever created! What is your problem, Professor? That's illegal for a reason. You had no right being in my mind!" Her hair is falling into her face at her outburst, chest heaving almost as badly as when she fought the curse.

It all clicks into place for Ron (mainly because Moody told them what was going on), and he scoots a bit closer to the desk to get a better look at what's going on in front of the classroom. He's heard about the curse before, and to see its effects, plus one trying to throw it off, is both interesting and frightening. He doesn't want to be made to tango with anyone. Hermione's outburst takes him by surprise, and he glances up at her, gaze shifting back and forth between Moody and Hermione, but nothing takes the cake like Siobhan's outburst. Ron's mouth falls open again, and the most he can do, really, is sit there looking dumbstruck.

Zarina blinks a few times at Professor Moody as he explains in further detailed, her guess close, but not quite. And oblivious at the moment of Ophelia having spoken to her at all, much less glaring daggers at her back. Her sapphire eyes narrow Siobhan as she offers her free hand in a tango, the curse having dropped not soon after. As she presses her full lips together, her gaze narrows at the Professor in thought, her heart pounding in her chest with both excitement and fear at the range of possibilites the Imperious Curse could be used. Death being the least of them. Then taking her quill, she writes down the name of the curse on the blank scroll, her fingers tight on the stem of the feather as she writes in her handwritting. Siobhan's sudden outburst earns a flick of her eyes up at the scene unfolding before her, her jaw partially dropping.

"Miss Huang, you've just lost your 15 house points. Care to cost Hufflepuff more? I don't tolerate talking out of turn in my classroom or students not wishing to learn. You've got spirit, but this isn't the place for it. Be lucky that it's only 15." For now. The chalk finds itself exploding into powder over the heads of the class in its return sailing to Moody. "Aye, Miss Granger, that I could, but Dumbledore hired me to teach you lot what I know. These are things you've /got/ to be prepared for! Outside these castle walls, if someone wants to put you under their control, they aren't going to worry about a petty sentence in Azkaban." Even if it's life. Death Eaters don't count the costs. "It's horrible, yes, I agree, but would you prefer it's in the controlled environment of the classroom, or outside where you could have been told to quietly off your friend Potter, you two are close. How about that? And what about you Miss Noble? How would you like to be put under control to harm your brother, or to off your own da, who's up there in the Wizengamot? The Imperius Curse is used to control for these very reasons. You want to learn how to fight it off? Fine, stay put in my class. If not, off you get. The door's right there. Oh, and to be fair Miss Noble? Slytherin's now lost 15 points as well. I'm feeling generous, unlike Professor Snape."

Mei just looks at the professor smirking somewhat as she goes back to taking her notes. Sure it cost points, but it felt so very good. Bout time too, the way she figures. Catching Sio's outburst draws a silent chuckle as yet someone else stands up. Spirit he called it. "Constant Vigilence" she mouths silently, actually writing /that/ in english in her notes.

Ophelia doesn't like it either, but Moody's reasons seem /sound/. Logical even. As frightening as that can be compared to the visage of a paranoid, raving maniac before them. She does watch Sio, though, seeing how the girl's going to take the explanation. Will she hang around?

At the idea of being told that she would be told quietly to off Harry, Hermione's face turns pale. "I…I'd never…" she stammers at Professor Moody, softly. Harry is her best friend, she'd never hurt him. Not even if she was Imperius'd into attempting it. The thought of it, however, has made her righteous indignation fizzle out. That seems to be a good thing since Siobhan's has unleashed. Eyebrows raising in surprise, she just listens to her explode and then watches the reaction of Moody. She doesn't think it quite fair for him to take points from her as he did just Imperius the girl and she has a right to be angry about it. But, for now, she stays silent again.

"If Miss Huang and Miss Noble are quite finished, let's continue. If they aren't, I'll let Miss Zanford come up with their detention." Moody says, sounding as if he'd quite like the compromise. He's not the sort really to punish, but he's trying to make a point here. "Dumbledore's trusting that I'll not harm a hair on any of your heads, and I'll not be doing that. I /WILL/ teach you to throw off this curse to the best of your abilities, unless you'd rather learn in the real world when you suddenly discover you're no longer cursed and your family's been killed by your own wand." Harsh? Yes, but he speaks from tough love and a world that's clearly been unfair. "Miss Noble, you got every right to be shirty with me and I'm not blaming you lassie. You did damn fine for someone who didn't know what was coming." His voice is still growly, but a bit more kind in tone.

Moody, darling, you may have just hit the right nerve. Paling so quickly that a medically-inclined person might fear loss of consciousness, Siobhan actually takes a step back. There's a battle plain on her face. Fury wars with practicality; she knows the time is coming where such tactics will be employed. Finally she nods once, sharply. She'll stay; she'll learn, but she's lost another chunk of that innocent trust which so marks one's childhood. Still, she doesn't go down belly-up. "Professor Snape wouldn't have invaded my head without askin'," she snaps quietly, despite having first-hand evidence to the contrary. That kinder tone does a little towards mollifying her fear-born fury, but it's just not enough. Tense, wound-up and still leaking fury, she stalks back to her desk and sits. The wand still hasn't left her hand.

Mei makes a few last notes before looking up to watch the professor somewhat curiously, mostly just a good bit defiant. Oh she's not stupid, she made her peace earlier, and isn't about to speak up again. Not unless called, and probably somewhat slowly then.

Zarina instantly winces as she hears the point reduction for the Slytherins, her expresion shifting quickly into a dark scowl, clearly unhappy of Siobhan's outburst. Though at the mention of her deciding two of her classmates' detention, she blinks with some surprise, glancing between Siobhan and Mei for a moment before returning to the Professor. With the surprise still there, she lowers her chin in a silent nod, having been told earlier to be quiet. At least in her mind. The concern shows in her eyes as she frowns slightly, seeing the point he was trying to make, that he was largely unbiased. For the most part at least. Her concern for her housemate shows as her gaze follows Sio, her lips pressing against one another as she returns her full attention to Professor Moody.

You know, chooclate seems to help in everything, or so Ophelia, being a girl, thinks. She reaches in her bag and snaps a bit off. Despite their first 'real' meeting, Phee'll offer the small square over to Siobhan. Even if it'sn ot taken immediately, it'll find it's way on her desk regardless. Then, she'll turn her attention back to Moody, and see what sort of horrors he'll have planned for them now. Seems Imperius is the word for the session - Unfortunately.

"Shows what you know about your Head of House," Moody says with a low and menacing growl. Oh he knows about Snape. Oh yes. "Next volunteer," he announces sharply, eyeballing the students, ready to pick.. The man has /ideas/ about what to do in helping to shape these kids up.

Mei sighs and shuffles her papers over. "Figure might as well be me." She says and stands up. "Let's see if that spirit you said I had can do me any good. Can't lose any more points since the house has none anyway." Looking defiantly up at Moody she waits.

A quiet snort is Siobhan's only response to the dig against Snape. Honestly, she's just too tired to jump to her usual defence without unleashing all that reined-in fury again. When Moody calls for another volunteer, she settles back a little in her chair, content to watch from the sidelines until she knows more.

Smirking a bit at the bite in Mei's words, Moody nods approvingly as she steps up to bat. (So to speak.) Now that he has the attention of the class, he aims his wand at Mei and booms forcefully, "Imperio!"

Where Sio slumped to the floor, Mei just stands there. Here eyes go strangely glassy and then back to normal. Her body is rigid, eyes staring piercingly at Moody in a very…well, dark way. Fingers flex somewhat as she seems to fight it back before the glassyness returns. Never moving it seems she's fighting within herself, almost ready to throw something at the professor once again.

Zarina watches with apparent interest and fascination as she intently watches Mei's expression during their silent duel, leaning forward in her seat as she holds her breath. Her fingers flex slowly, eyes narrowing the Mei's subtle movements before flicking back to Professor Moody.

As the next volunteer lines up, Hermione watches with apprehension as well as anticipation. While she really does not like to watch people put under the Imperius curse, she's forced to watch and wonder what the others will be put through. The waiting for what will happen, really, is the worst part.

There's a little jump from Ron when Moody barks the command to put Mei under the Imperius Curse, but past that, there isn't much more from him. He's leaning forward in his seat, staring at the scene in front of him much like you would a train wreck that you can't look away from, watching and waiting for what's going to happen next, and hoping that he doesn't end up there as well.

back and forth they go, her eyes going glassy and then normal. Mei seems to take a bit longer than Sio did, and at least she doesn't collapse to the floor. After a good minute, maybe two and change, the girl laughs. It's not her normal laugh, but then again, given what's going on, is that any shock? Stepping out of the desk into the Aisle, she begins to dance. Now while it seems vaguely familliar, like the "hokey pokey" dance, something isn't quite right. In fact, something is very wrong. Instead of singing it properly, the girl has for some reason slipped back into her native Chinese. Which makes the song sound less fun, and more like some arcane ritual dooming Moody to an eternal pit of chicken dances and polka.

Ophelia glances through the notes she has on the Unforgiveables. They're not exactly common literature. She finds no real theories on how to deal with the Imperius curse. Well, that's going to be fun in the end.

Moody removes his hold on Mei. Seems after his initial surprise attack, he's going to take more students in turn before the class bell rings. "Thank you for that demonstration Miss Huang, go ahead and have a seat missy. Good job in trying.. WEASLEY." The name is barked as he rounds on Ron as if he were acting up in class. "Imperio!," the wand is aimed at the ginger along with that command.

Mei laughs in spite of herself. Shaking her head she has to smile at the professor, knowing that well she did get one consession. Though what the heck was she singing anyway? Did she just doom the school to an eternity of "Polka"?

Mei's little dance is…interesting, but not enough to distract Siobhan from the fact that she sees an awful lot of cursing and not enough instructing. The longer she watches, the darker her expression turns. The fact that in order to learn to resist they all probably have to experience it doesn't even seem to cross her mind. Silly Slytherin!

There's about half of a second of reaction time for Ron to seize hold of, but it's long gone. "Ye—" Imperio'd. Eyes glassing over, there's no resistance at all from the youngest of the Weasley sons. He stands from the desk, making the trip to the Professor's in about four steps. Without so much as a squeak of protest, he reaches out, picking the jar containing the large spider up from the desk, holding it in front of him.

Antigone's eyes grow progressively wider and she sinks down lower and lower in her seat as volunteers and the conscripted are chosen from the class. She hasn't remembered to take a single note, but that really isn't her concern. As Ron goes for the spider, she cringes, not entirely sure she wants to see what's going to happen next.

Sitting up straight, Hermione looks over at Ron with a startled and horrified look. He didn't even have a chance to prepare himself! "That's not fair!" she shrills, even more upset when she sees what Professor Moody has forced the poor ginger to do. This really is just cruel.

Now Ophelia just stares. And she gives a shudder. No, Miss Phee does not like the eight-legged things. Just /imagining/ holding them. And…"Isn't Weasley scared of Spiders?" she whispers to no one.

Mei mmms softly, looking at the spider. Yep, she is weird. The first thing that comes to mind when she sees it, is how tasty that thing looks. Idly writing a few notes in her pad, she just peers curiously. Now this is going to be fun when he comes out of it. Crucio, without the spell.

"Life's not fair," Siobhan snaps at Hermione. Having been dealing with Mind Invasion of the Paranoid Bastard at the time, the seventh-year doesn't know that the younger girl jumped to her defense as well. Oops.

Eyes still retaining that glassy look, Ron looks down at the jar, holding it in one hand as he pries the lid off of the top of the jar, tossing it onto the desk behind him. Reaching into the jar without a fear in the world, he scoops up the arachnid, letting it walk around on its spindly legs all over the palm of his hand.

Zarina blinks first at Mei, positively staring at the girl as she does her own version of the hokey pokie dance, only to blink at Ron as he goes to pick up the large spider. For some stupid reason. Her snow white head snaps from Ron and the spider to the Professor. The curse came completely by surprise to poor Ron, and its clear that he had no defense up at it, but that doesn't mean that she shouldn't have her own guard up as well!

Moody isn't looking amused as he's watching /how easy/ Ron is to control. He expected more fighting from a Weasley. Alas. He may have harsh methods that seem cruel, but he's not /heartless/. "Weasley? Put the spider back in the jar," he orders. Waiting patiently for Ron to comply before lifting the curse.

Knowing how cruel Moody has been in the past, Hermione holds her breath, thinking that Ron will snap out of the Imperius curse at any moment - especially while holding a spider. When he puts it back in the jar, though, she lets out the deep breath she was holding and then turns to eye Siobhan. While she doesn't snap anything back, she gives her a short-lived glare.

On command, Ron lets the spider drop back into the jar, and as the Imperius Curse is lifted, he stands there looking a little dumb, eyes wandering around the classroom. How did he get up her — …….. is there a spider in this jar that he just happens to be holding WITHOUT A BLOODY LID? Ron's mouth begins to move, but no sounds come out other than a high-pitched moan of terror as he stares at the jar, horrified, and he begins to look around wildly for a place to throw, smash, or simply get rid of the thing.

Mei snorts silently to herself, making a rather odd note "Weasley boy screams like a girl." before looking up. Hey, that info may be handy at a later date. Who knows?

Siobhan, already in a foul mood, is in no mood to pander to the - in her experience - bratty little Lioness. She arches one eyebrow - an expression she had to have picked up from Snape - and gives a subtle flick of her wand. It's an invitation. Really. Please, give her the excuse. When Ron comes out of it, she takes pity on him - or the spider, one - and casts a muttered 'Wingardium Leviosa' on the jar, moving it to Moody's desk before setting it down gently.

Moody was about to tend to the jar when it seems Siobhan had the same idea. Since he says nothing, that can be taken as approval. "Good job laddie, have a seat," he says in a grim manner as he looks about for his next vict..volunteer.. "Granger," he says as it seems time to pick on the Gryffindors.

Rolling her eyes, Hermione simply focuses her eyes on Moody again. It's the middle of class and she's in no mood to deal with a Slytherin who has a chip on her shoulder. Especially with what's going on at the moment. It's a good thing that she does because she's called on by Moody. Frowning, she pushes herself up from the desk so that she's standing and gives him a neutral look, unwilling to let him see how nervous she is about someone playing with her mind.

Moody stares evenly back at Hermione and wordlessly puts the Imperius upon her. He's so far been roughest on his own house. Possibly because he's testing their mettle more, and expects more guts and willpower from the younger generation.

Jar lifted out of his hands, Ron gives a thanks in Siobhan's direction, relief spreading over him. He quickly moves back to his seat, glad his turn is over, and he turns his eyes to Hermione as she's called on, nervous for her. Who knows what Moody has planned next.

Zarina glances between Hermione and Siobhan as they share glares, some animosity shared between them apparently, though her attention is pulled back to the Professor as he selects his next volunteer. She frowns a bit in thought, though she looks from Professor Moody to the Gryffindor girl, crossing her slender arms over her stomach as her keeps her concentration on the next brain invasion.

Mei watches Hermione curiously. Smiling she hmms, idly wondering if Moody will pick up where Snape left off and make Hermione kiss Ron. Be fitting really…

When Hermione doesn't give her reason to strike, Siobhan settles back to watch what sadistic whim Moody will satisfy this time. Ron's thanks is acknowledged with a slow nod, but she's in no mood to be smiling anymore.

Unlike poor Ron, Hermione is expecting the Imperius curse, so she's a little more prepared to fight it when it's her turn. When the curse fogs her mind, her brow furrows, as if she's thinking over a really hard problem that needs all her attention to solve. Her fingers twitch at the command she's been given, reaching for her bag. However, what her mind is telling her to do goes against everything she knows and stands by. Frowning, her forehead creases even more. Against her own will, her hand snakes into her bag and takes out her Arithmancy essay, the one she's worked extremely hard on. It's her favorite class, after all, and therefore gets more of her attention. One hand on either edge of the parchment, her hands shake violent as it starts to tear, and then, before the rip goes too far, she stops, her entire body shaking. It's as if she's suddenly been forced to lift a hundred pounds, the weight is too much for her.

Oh now that's not /right/! Ophelia just watches Hermione as she begins laying into some assignment. She has no clue what, but she is sort of astonished considering it's somewhat legendary how Hermione is with her work (there are a few Ravenclaws who bemoan Hermione's placing in Gryffindor instead of their own house).

Siobhan's sadistic streak, normally well-hidden, makes it's appearance when Hermione starts to shred her essay. Eyes glinting with a mean sort of amusement, she manages to still the smile that threatens to twitch her lips, but only just.

Cocking her head to one side, Mei blinks at the action. Sighing softly she drums her fingers on the table, wondering it might seem whether or not the Gryffindor can do it. Her look is one of apparent disbelief, not in the action, but rather hat the Gryffindor will actually rip the thing.

Moody watches Hermione with a straight face, an even expression.. then a grin cracks across his face. "Excellent Miss Granger." He releases his hold on the student then. "All of you did good work in trying to fight off the curse. I'm afraid lesson's almost up here. Don't be surprised if I test you lot with this curse again. I know this seems cruel, but I stand by what I said earlier. YOU'VE GOT TO BE PREPARED." Leaning heavily on his walking stick, he stomps back around behind his desk and stares down the class, "Excellent work, all of you. You'll each have a turn at experiencing the Imperius.. knowing what it feels like, and I may surprise you with it. You'll not have warning outside this classroom if it's coming. For your homework.. study the history of the Imperius, and I want two rolls of parchment on the curse, it's history, why it's been used, how it's fought. Miss Granger, if you'll allow me?" He has his wand ready to repair the parchment if she'll let him.

As soon as the curse is lifted, Hermione slumps slightly, dropping the assignment onto the desk in front of her as if it had burned her. She almost ripped it! She almost destroyed her homework. The thought horrifies her and that's clearly written on her face. Not noticing anyone else's amusement, horror or curiosity, she picks up her wand to fix it - while ripped, it's not completely in two. However, Professor Moody has offered and though she gives him a wary sort of evaluation, she nods her head once in agreement. Better let a Professor do it.

Ophelia packs her things up. Moody's definitely more hands on than Lupin was, but…Yeah, Lupin was better just because he thought like a teacher, not an Auror in teacher's shoes. Hefting her bag over her shoulder, she works on making her way out.

More than a little irritated that she stayed and swallowed her fury only to watch other students fight off the curse, Siobhan no longer even tries to hide her scowl. Moody's yelling doesn't cause her to jump, she's almost expecting it by now and she's too focussed on stuffing her things in her bag to much care. Once everything is settled and sealed, she slings the bag over her shoulder and stands to leave before she snaps and does something truly stupid.

Moody repairs the parchment neatly and just like new before returning it to Hermione. Take that as his way of making it up to her. True to his word though, he hasn't done anything that's hurt a student, or something that wasn't fixable. "Miss Noble? Again, good job," he says. He's not concerned that he hurt the girl's pride or angered her, or whatnot. He's not here to win popularity contests, and he can't help being what he is.

Zarina doesn't seem all that impressed with Hermione's willpower, or the Professor's choice to make her rip her homework up, though does show her approval when he offers to repair the piece of parchment for her after the curse is lifted. When he dismisses the class, her eyes narrows in thought, though she doesn't hesitate to start packing her scrolls, quill, and inkpot. Tying her knapsack closed, she reaches for her wand, her hand disappearing into her left sleeve.

Once her homework is patched up, Hermione slowly rolls it up and carefully puts it away. Much like a wounded animal or something that may actually have feelings. To Hermione, homework does have some feelings, or at least some sort of pain threshold. Once it's clear that everything is put away properly, she packs up and gets ready to go, unsure of how she feels about this past lesson.

Antigone seems relieved that she made it through without being voluntold. By this point, she's practically under her desk, but scooches up cautiously when it seems the current danger has passed. She doesn't waste any time in packing up her things, looking quite anxious about the future threat when she's least expecting it. But she'll put that off as long as possible, thank you.

It's less injured pride and more massive phobia. As protective of her mind as she is, Siobhan managed to forgive the last person to invade it. Moody's short compliment has her glancing at him over one shoulder. She holds his gaze for a long moment, weighing, considering something. She decides - one way or the other - and lowers her head in a short, sharp nod before wriggling between two of the bulkier boys and stepping into the hall. Maybe, just maybe, she can forgive this one too.

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