1995-04-01: Discussion At Honeyduke's


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Scene Title Discussion at Honeyduke's
Synopsis Bill and Ginny have a serious discussion about what's been going on.
Location High Street and Honeyduke's, Hogsmeade
Date April 1st, 1995
Watch For The serious!
Logger Ginny

Aaah, Hogsmeade weekend. It makes Bill a bit nostalgic, regardless of the fact that he can now pop in whenever he likes. It's just the point of it all. Hogsmeade held a certain charm and a break from school life on those particular weekends. One of which is currently going on in fact! He's milling around on the high street near Honeydukes, waiting for something or someone. Possibly the brood of other gingers he's related to that are still at Hogwarts.

Ginny is free from Hogwarts! It's her first Hogsmeade weekend since That One We Don't Think About, and she's rather glad to be in the fresh air. Spring seems to be on its way, though the cold Scotland wind stubbornly remains. Her hair is tousled, and she pulls her cloak close around her. About to duck into Honeydukes, she spots her brother. With a shriek, she hurls herself at him. "BILL!"

Hogsmeade weekend can be rather either way it seems. On the one hand the sudden liveliness that is suddenly sparked in town is highly infectious and it's a delight to watch the students enjoy themselves on those weekends Emilia can remember awaiting very eagerly for in her days at Hogwarts. On the other hand, you've got those less well behaved kids (not to name Houses) who push in front of lines, are generally rude and make it a challenging experience to get around when it's so crowded. Honeydukes is always risky on a visit weekend, but she heads that way all the same, spotting a familiar face - well semi-familiar, being a few good years apart at school, but it's difficult to forget a Weasley, or fellow Gryffindor, she's just about to offer a brief sort of nod when a loud shriek triggers her to turn suddenly to look only to see with much relief that it is only an exuberant /greeting/ and rather a sweet reunion, causing the Auror to grin.

Bill isn't minding the chill biting air much. He's got on a heavy cloak, that he's all bundled up in and there's a hand knitted scarf from Molly wrapped around his neck. (Not wrapped up so high that it hides his fang earring.) There's a loud 'OOMPH' as he catches Ginny as she hurtles at him. "Hey there! Did you miss me at all?," he asks with a wide grin, putting his arms around his sister in a fierce hug. He's oblivious to any stares Ginny's loud greeting may garner.

Ginny is also bundled up in a scarf and hat, which look to be hand knitted - the occasional dropped stitch marking them as her own work, not Molly's. She grins up at her brother, squeezing him tightly. "It's so good to see you! Are you really back? For good?" Ginny bounces with excitement.

"What makes you think I'd come back to stay?" Bill asks of Ginny in a teasing manner. "I /like/ my tombs and mummies." Although, the bank in London does have its perks.. and views. "Yes, I'm back. Suffering through a boring desk job and everything." He looks past Ginny and around the high street, "No sign of the others. Well, they'll just have to miss out on my treat at Honeydukes."

"But you have all of us here!" Ginny exclaims, her arms still around Bill. "Do you still get to break curses on things, or is it all paperwork?" Glancing around, she nods. "Ron is somewhere with Harry and Hermione. Studying, probably. And the last time I saw the twins, they were snickering about something. Dunno what they're up to."
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"Mostly paperwork, but the goblins have needed me with a rush of items that their in-house curse breakers were overhwelmed with." That's Bill's story and he's sticking to it. "In fact, I need to duck back into the bank in a couple of hours for work. Thought I'd spare a bit of time to see you lot." As for the remaining Weasley's? "Just as well. I came to see my favorite anyway. What are you getting up to anyway? I heard about the trouble a few weeks back.."

Ginny nods thoughtfully. "Well! That's good, I guess." She makes a face. "Leaving so soon? I guess I'll have to make the best of it!" Her face gets serious as he mentions the trouble, and she glances down, scuffing her foot on the road. "Yeah, um.. that wasn't fun. Harry's okay, though, as I guess you heard. He was in the hospital wing for a while, though. Everything's.. sort of going back to normal, but everyone's really scared." Ginny takes this moment to look up at her brother. "Bill, what's going on? No one will tell me anything."

Bill puts an arm around Ginny's shoulders and starts to steer off towards Honeydukes. "Mmmm. I heard some of the particulars." He doesn't think much of Ginny being there, but sometimes, things cannot be helped and she can take care of herself okay. Still.. she /is/ the youngest. "Dunno Ginny. I'm trying to get information myself. Looks like it's all having to come from Potter or Dumbledore. Lot of rumors floating about, and we have had a couple of dark objects confiscated from the bank, but you didn't hear that from me."

Ginny lets herself be steered, but a frown darkens her features. "I don't want to ask Harry, he's.. he's having a hard time. He says he's not, but I can tell. There were.. they were masked people there, Bill, with dark robes and hoods and everything - they looked like.. well.." Ginny lowers her voice. "Like Death Eaters. And Bellatrix Lestrange was there. I recognized her from that article in the Prophet."

"Good call, I'm sure he's got a lot riding on his shoulders." Bill approves that Ginny won't go pestering him. He goes quiet, but his face shows a serious and thoughtful expression. "You shouldn't have been anywhere near all of that.. and don't get me wrong, I'm not about to lecture. You can't help they showed up on a Hogsmeade weekend and put on a show for everyone.." He sounds more resigned to a bitter fact of life. "It's a bit like I remembered of things happening when I was a kid. Hard to believe that lot is still on the loose." Yet, things are being done behind the scenes, not that he divulges this to Ginny. Mum would have kittens.

Ginny looks most decidedly troubled. "What am I supposed to do? What's going to happen now that.. now that he's back?" Her face seems pale underneath her freckles, and she increases her hold on Bill. "I want to be able to defend myself against anything." Determination turns her voice to steel.

"So that's the story then, got it from Potter?" Bill is remaining conversational, despite what he may or may not know through the Order. He hasn't been officially part of it for long, but he was brought in. "There are some things you can't defend yourself from," he says in a concerned manner. His arm tightens around Ginny's shoulders as he feels her hold increase. "Mum will skin us if she knew we were having this talk you know." There's a faint smile down at his sister, before saying, "She likes to try to shield us best she can, doesn't quite always work however." Merlin knows she tried and succeeded only marginally when it came to him and Charlie. And there were just /two/ then.

Ginny lifts her shoulders in a shrug. "He didn't say that in so many words. But.. he mentioned.. him." No, she can't say the name - not with things as they are. "As the one that did.. that.. to him. And with.. with those .." Again her voice lowers, "Death Eaters around, in Hogsmeade? That's the only explanation I can think of. But I don't know for sure. I don't know anything for sure, Bill." Ginny sighs heavily. "Mum worries too much. I'm a big girl."

"Mum's got every right to worry and to act on it. She's afraid to lose any of us after losing.." Bill doesn't seem to want to bring up their deceased uncles, but he's /sure/ Molly's got that fear over her head.. "They had a lot of nerve showing up here, so close to Hogwarts, but that was probably the whole idea of it. Here's where I'm supposed to say that I hope it doesn't happen again, but I know there's going to be that chance." Frowning slightly, he looks around, as if half-expecting another round to show up here. "None of us know anything for sure."

Ginny rubs a frustrated hand over her forehead, letting out a burst of air in another sigh. "I'm sorry, Bill. Such dark talk during your visit." She nods towards the door to Honeydukes. "I think we could both use some chocolate." A smile creeps onto her lips - it's small, but at least it's genuine.

"Don't worry about it," Bill says reassuringly to Ginny. "Just don't tell mum we had this talk and all's well." It's times like this where his personality is most like their father's. He'd like to take Molly's route and shield his siblings, but he knows things just don't work like that. "How are classes treating you anyway?" he asks as he opens up the door for his sister.

"I won't. Believe me, I wouldn't dream of it." Stepping inside Honeyduke's, she inhales the scent of warm sugar. "Pretty well. We have a substitute Potions Professor. She's a little off her rocker, I think, but I'm definitely learning a lot. Exams are coming up soon.. I might have Hermione help me with some flashcards."

Bill looks puzzled as he enters the shop behind Ginny, "Really? That's.. unusual. I don't think Snape's ever missed a day of teaching in his career. I can't recall him missing a lesson my entire time there." He follows along behind Ginny, loosening the scarf around his neck. "Don't forget you can owl me too if you've got some questions. I'll be happy to help out too. Of course having classmates nearby is more handy."

Ginny shrugs, looking a bit thoughtful at this. "I guess so. No one knows why he isn't around, but after the attack, he just.. vanished. There are lots of rumours. The most popular one right now is that he's visiting his lovechild in the countryside." Walking over to a display of brightly coloured lollipops, she grins. "New professor is very interesting, though. For our first class, she had us drink poison don't tell Mum." There's no break for breath between those two sentences.

That makes Bill laugh quite heartily and loudly. "There used to be bets about that sort of thing floating about the common room." Nothing ever came of them of course, but it was all in fun. "Really? It certainly helps you learn a lesson or two.. I hope.. what was it about? Just poison and effects, or also antidotes? Don't worry, I won't tell mum." He doesn't seem too worried, it was in a classroom, controlled environment, and they have to learn somehow, right? Hand's on sometimes is the best way.

Ginny grins again, more widely this time. "Well, yes. It's all very suspicious." She waggles her fingers to underline this point. "Antidotes, too. We were to figure out the first symptoms for each, then take an antidote and see how it effected us. It was fun! Neville was my partner." Picking up a caramel square the size of her two fists, Ginny turns it over in her hands. "Is work fun? Meet anyone interesting?"

"Sounds like my kind of lesson. I would have liked a few others similar." Takes all kinds, eh? Bill eyes large ropes of taffy suspended in air, "Of course I get quite a bit hands on work these days anyway. The experience seems a bit frightening to some, but honestly, you really don't have anything to fear in class, and it's good for learning. Think I found out how to break a lot of curses in class?" He then looks down at Ginny and the caramel square, "Work is a lot less interesting in the bank itself, but it's alright. They keep me busy and I've got no complaints." He sort of glosses over the rest of the question. One normally doesn't write home about interns, right?

Ginny tosses the square in the air, then catches it. Repeating the motion, she nods along to Bill's words. "That's true. Some students really didn't like it, though. There was a bit of a to-do over it all." She leans against the nearest display. "After the attack, I'll take any way to learn." At Bill's words - or lack of them, in this case - her Little Sister Sense tingles. "Meet anyone interesting?" Her voice is perfectly innocent, very perky, as she asks again. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

"Persistent, like mum," Bill says with a faint laugh as he moves along. "How about we set up two bags of Bertie Bott's for Ron.. fake him out with a bag full of the revolting flavors?" Then the good ones to make up for it. Without waiting on Ginny's consent, and since it's /his/ money, he works on picking flavors for the bags. "Just an office intern, nothing major. I also meet a few people at work anyway, well goblins mainly. But with all the international types we can get, you could say I meet a fair few interesting individuals. Why do you ask?"

Ginny looks rather proud at this. One could only hope to turn out like Molly. "Yes. That sounds like a good idea." She walks over to help pick, looking at the various options. "Is she preeetty?" Ginny sing-songs without looking up from the jellybean display. "Are the goblins grumpy to you, too? Or have you made friends with them?"

Bill laughs as he works on the revolting side of the flavors, "Here, you pick out the good ones for him." The bag and scoop is passed over. "You could say that she is, yes. Mmm.. I can't say that I've made friends with the goblins. They really don't see things the same as wizards, so it makes actual friendship difficult. I am however on friendly terms with some of them… This should do it." It's not a large bag that he fills, otherwise it's a waste. There's just enough to get under Ron's skin. "Let's get you some chocolate, then we can go pick up something at Zonko's for Fred and George."

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