1995-03-26: Dinner At The Ginger's


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Scene Title Dinner At The Ginger's
Synopsis Molly decides it's time for a small supper party at the Burrow.
Location Ottery St. Catchpole - The Burrow
Date Mar 26, 1995
Watch For Hair, a few near misses with Molly..
Logger The Ponytail

Evening has fallen on the Burrow, and it's clearly spring. There are little shoots just popping out of Molly's carefully tended garden, and there are new chicks in the henhouse. Inside, Molly has outdone herself, making two whole baked chickens, surrounded by vegetables. There are other things to eat, of course, bread, biscuits, a pudding… More than twice the invited guests could eat. She bustles about the kitchen finishing up the little things here and there: setting plates out on the table, making sure the tea is warm, and straightening things here and there.

Arthur descends the stairs, having just popped up to run a comb through his thinning hair and wash his hands after playing in the shed. He came back with some sort of dirty grease all over them, whatever that could be about. But now he's focused on the dinner, taking a deep breath as he trods down those last few steps. "Molly, dear, it smells delicious," he remarks upon stepping into the kitchen. "Ah, anything I can do?" Though he seems to expect his usual, all-important task of trying to stay out of the way, judging by how he quickly moves to one side to clear a path.

There's a *POP* from the backgarden before Bill bustles in through the backdoor. He's cradling a new bottle of firewhiskey in his arm, in case a nice drink is wanted after supper. "Mum? Dad? I'm home, sorry I'm late! Work held me up a bit." Yeah, right. Work. For once he's using an excuse in returning a bit later than scheduled. His red ponytail bobs against his back as he quickens his steps and heads into the kitchen.

With a *Pop!* Tonks has apparated close to the Burrow, a gift in her hands. Making her way towards the door,s he makes sure what she's bringing doesn't jostle too much. She's wearing a nice spring dress. Well, it would be nice if her hair wasn't currently neon orange, she was wearing muggle combat boots, and taht infernal long coat that seems to have no end to it's storage space. At least said hair's pulled into a cute ponytail? A knock at the door is given.

There's yet another tell tale *POP* and Lupin apparates in. He, it would appear, is the only one who does not come bearing a gift of some kind or another. But that certainly can be forgiven…right? He makes his way up the path to the home that they call The Burrow just as Tonks makes to knock on the door. "Ah, Hello Dora. How nice it is to see you. Invited for dinner as well I see." He takes a deep breath in. "I sure hope Molly hasn't worked herself ragged preparing the supper."

"Wash up, dear." Molly calls as Bill arrives. She's about to give Arthur the answer he expects when someone knocks on the door. "You could answer the door, Arthur." She gives him a beaming smile, and steps briskly over to peck him on the cheek. "Did you enjoy tinkering, dear? Find out anything interesting?" Bill's excuse of being tied up in work gets a big smile. "That's alright, dear. You've made it in time." She moves to pull the food from the oven to the table. "I do hope they all come." Molly doesn't do this that often.

"Ah yes. That I could do," Arthur remarks, seeming pleased to have a task that's well within his scope, giving Molly's shoulder a fond pat. Bill gets a grin as he comes rushing in. "Just in time, at any rate," he reassures his eldest as he begins making his way for the front door, calling back in a pleased and somewhat proud tone, "Oh yes. I think I've almost figured out these grears that Muggles us. They've got teeth, only they almost never bite. Only when you get your finger in between them." Muttering something about how this is 'fascinating', he finally reaches the front door and pulls it open, greeting the guests with a beaming grin. "Welcome, welcome. Come right on in then," he urges, standing aside to clear the way.

"Yes mum!" Bill calls out dutifully as he puts the bottle of firewhiskey away. He then disappears from the kitchen to go wash up. It just takes him a few minutes, and when he returns, he's scrubbed up, earring swinging as he hurries. "Hey Tonks, Lupin," he calls, shaking his hair from under the collar of the fresh pair of robes he put on.

Lupin showing up seconds after she does earns a bit of a startled expression. She has to look quickly to make sure all remnants of her busted nose are indeed gone before she greets him. "Hey, Remus." And that's when the door opens. "Evenin' Mr. Weasley," she beams a grin to him. She steps in and glances around. "I brought some pudding from Mum. She didn't trust me to cook anything. Where should I put it?" Oh hey, "Bill, you bum." There's a grin. And yes, Tonks gets out of the way so she doesn't obstruct traffic.

Lupin smiles kindly as the door is opened. "Arthur! Nice to see you." He steps in behind Tonks and looks around. "Oh, Bill. Hello." He chuckles. "I have to admit, I didn't bring anything myself. I hope that's fine." He chuckles softly. He sniffs. "Ah, chicken for dinner eh? Mmm. Smells good." He chuckles "Bread too, and biscuits. Mmm. Well, it's always a feast here, isn't it?"

There's not much time between the two before him arriving, and the crack outside the dor that signals another arrival to the usually crowded with ginger kids, burrow. Nor is there even really a look as if Moody will patiently wait for every one to saunter into the warm home-no Moody's trucking along with some dusty bottle in one hand, and his walking stick in the other. But should the door prove to still be open, Arthur might just indeed catch Alastor making his way to push through congregated bodies.

However should the door be shut before he does manage his way in, there will be a resounding bang as its pushed open with some undue force. A grunt though either way, once he's in as that Blue eye is whirling madly from checking his own back to seeing over the Burrow itself. "Ahhh Arthur. How are ya lad?" Well though he is only about one to two years older than Mr. Weasley, the term of endearment still stands. A pointed sniff to the air. "What's cooking?"

Luckily, the door is still mostly open, but the bang makes Molly jump. "Alastor." She smiles a mostly-genuine smile, and turns to greet the other guests. "Hello, dears. Come, make yourselves at home. Thank you, Nymphadora, tell your mother 'thank you' from us, would you, dear?" She takes the pudding and sets it on the counter, perfectly willing to add it to the other offerings. "It's chicken, Alastor. I figured that was a safe bet." She turns to Arthur, commenting on his discoveries. "Really? Teeth that don't bite? That sounds like a riddle from one of those old riddle books you found." She gives him an indulgent smile, and turns toward her son. "Much better, dear. Now, if you would just get rid of that earring…" It's an old argument, but in Molly's mind, it bears repeating. "Come sit down."

"Nymphadora, Remus," Arthur greets with a grin, nodding to each of them in turn - and then having to step a bit lively to clear the way for Moody. "Alastor, hullo. Glad you all could make it!" He lets Molly see to the bustling about the guests, while he takes care of shutting the door behind them all, though to Lupin he gives his head a little shake. "I'm sure we've more than enough to last us through until next Christmas," he assures the other man in a slightly quieter tone. He lights up a bit as Molly addresses his most curious matter of gears, grinning at the memory of those books. "Oh yes. Those were clever weren't they. Wonder where I put those…" The last muttered more to himself as he puzzles on that, trying to recall where he's seen them last… He begins drifting along towards the table, a bit distracted by this.

"Clumsy," is Bill's grinned response at Tonks. Remus's words get a laugh, "Mum always makes a feast, she can't help it." He settles into his usual seat at the table, only to jump back to his feet when Mad-Eye bangs his way in. Seeing the ex-auror has him calming down and settling back into his seat, "Glad you could make it too, Moody… and no mum. The earring stays." So much that there's a glittering color changing stud now at home above it. His dad's curious occupation with muggle objects goes without comment. It's something he's lived with, and does make matters interesting! "I'll help you find them, dad."

Tonks moves to take a seat, shedding her coat in the process. "Smells really good," she says appreciatively. though, she does grin at the whole earring thing, "But Mrs. Weasley, girls like that kind of thing right now. Let him have it, and the sooner you'll have grandkids." She's not sure who she's teasing here, Bill or Molly. She'll probably get looks or throttles somewhere along the line though. Moody showing up /almost/ causes her to groan, as she hadn't just been on the end of a shouting spiel. Ah well.

Lupin grins at everyone, taking a seat down at the table as well. "Well, this is certainly very generous of you, Molly." He jumps only slightly at Moody's entrance. He offers up a wave to the man. "Alastor. How fares it?" He chuckles at Tonks. "Oh, girls like earrings in men now, do they?" He laughs. "Well, you'll get no complaints here." He smiles softly. "It may just be something you'll have to accept, Holly. You know the younger generation these days. They'll do as they wish."

"On my way, Molly." Moody grumbles, more or less, while he remains slightly in the doorway with Arthur and the others-and it seems that Arthur is the one who is lucky to have the present disposed on him. "Its a red wine.." After all Moody is at least nice enough to bring something that other people will drink, as opposed to his usual drink diet of whisky. That blue eye moves over and just stares down Tonks, but it seems Moody is not harping on her case at the moment-so all is safe in that department. "Remus." growled out in a way of a usual Moody greeting before he's looking towards Bill. A slight look over the boyo before his kissing his teeth and clicking his tongue "You're looking sloppy Bill.."added all the same he's stumping his way to go and find a seat. Preferably one where he can keep his eyes on everyone.

"Doesn't mean I have to like it." Molly grumps good-naturedly at those who have voiced the pro-earring sentiment as she moves the rest of the food to the table. "Arthur, would you mind cutting the chicken for us, dear?" She beams at Lupin's praise. "Thank you dear. It was nothing." She starts to pass the bread and the vegetables around, and quiets for a long moment, making sure it's all there. And it is — except for… "Tea, anyone? We do have water, and …" She frowns, trying to remember what else they've got. "Oh, there is some pumpkin juice left, if you'd rather." And that firewhiskey, but she'll not mention that. "See, Alastor knows …" Molly tries one more time, but realizes it's futile. It's a half-hearted attempt, and made with a smile. "Now, then. How are things going with all of you?" She asks a general question to open the dinner conversation.

Bill's offer of help gets an appreciative nod from his father. "Yeah, we'll take a look later. Must be out in the shed somewhere…" Arthur takes the wine as it's 'dumped' on him, offering Moody a grin as he glances down at the bottle. "Thanks Alastor. Sure it'll be grand, just grand," he enthuses, as he brings the wine and his own person to the table now, taking his usual spot. He doesn't sit, since he's given the task of carving, which he sets to without complaint, of course. "Really, dear, I think you may have actually outdone yourself, and that's a feat," he comments with a fond smile for his wife. With that, he goes quiet for the moment, focusing on carving up the chicken and listening to the responses to Molly's inquiry.

"I wear it because I like it, not because it attracts girls. Although, it is a bit of a bonus," Bill says, eying Tonks from across the table. "Also? For the record? I'm not interested in having children just yet." He's got to have his eye on a girl first. "Hey now, I'm not /that/ young." Nor is he all that old yet either. "Thank you sir," he says politely, yet cheekily, in return at Moody as he helps pass the platters around. "Tea's fine, or we can open up the wine that Moody brought?" Best narrow down the choices for his mum, right? She always tries so hard. Even with the army she has to take care of. Since he's pretty open about what goes on at work with his parents, he declines to answer for now. "I'll help with drinks, mum, just have a seat."

There's a blink when Remus chimes in about the earring. "Well, I mean, some of them do… I mean, well…" Oh look, FORK. Tonks decides this is a good thing to focus on and leave the topic of what girls like alone for now. Yes. Fortunately, Bill's response proves even more distracting than the utensil, and Tonks just makes a face at him. How mature. Bill goes to help and Tonks /wants/ to follow suit, but everything's getting laid out so prettily and she knows she'll just trip over her own hands somehow in the process. "Oh, busy, as usual, Mrs. Weasley," Tonks answers the family's matriarch easily, but it's a big vague.

Lupin grins a little. "I'll take your word for it, Dora." He laughs. He looks up at Moody. "So, Alastor. How are the students treating you? I trust the Twins are enjoying your class?" He chuckles, intoning that he only mentioned the Twins because of their location. "How's your extracurricular course doing? If you want me to come in any time, just let me know." He smiles at Molly. "Oh, I'm doing just fine, thank you Molly. I've been doing some traveling. Well…a little bit anyway. I've had much free time lately." He says softly.

There's a chuckle from Moody as he watches Molly with Bill, but nothing more is said for that argument, after all Bill is not his son. There's a nod though over to Arthur as he eases himself with a groan down into a chair at the table. His walking stick leaned up against the wall for the time being. And that twist of lips which may be described as a grin is lowered as he reaches for a glass "Tea'll be fine…But, I'll drink whatever everyone else is drinking.." The wine can be poured if they so like..But does red go with chicken? As one might be able to believe it has been a while since Moody has been invited to a dinner. Busy, of course as opposed to manners. "Everything has been checked?" For poison, curses, etc?

"Oh everything's fine Molly. Right now I am teaching your two youngest the finer points of staying alive." grumbled out in that brogue of his-but it is a pleasure to teach Ron and Ginny, whether the kids think so or not. There's a glance back towards Tonks with a faint grunt. "Aye, she's been busy-" but the way Moody means it, one might take it there is a not too pleasant story behind it. Don't worry dear Nymphadora, that's your story to tell. Not his.

"I hope Ronald and Ginny are not giving you too much trouble, Alastor…" Ever the vigilant mother, Molly asks their professor straight out. "If they are, you have our permission to keep them in line." Not that he really needs it with the school's authority, but it does help to have a cooperative parent. "Extracurricular activities?" Molly arches an inquisitive brow at hearing this. "Nothing too dangerous, I hope?" If she knows her brood of gingers, they'll be right in the thick of it. As a mother, she can read the undercurrents between Tonks and Moody, but leaves it for the moment. "Do you enjoy teaching, Alastor?"

Arthur listens to the various threads of conversation as he finishes carving up the birds, handing off the platter of cut meat to whoever is beside him, before finally sitting down himself. He'll get some when it comes back around. In the meantime, he begins dishing up some veggies. The idea of Ron and Ginny being taught those finer points gets a lift of his brows. "Well, sure there's no one better to be showing them that, Alastor," he grants quite honestly. Even if it's possibly terrifying in the process. His glance flickers over to Tonks as Moody comments on her busy-ness, but Arthur says nothing further for the moment.

Bill remains oblivious to any crushes Tonks may or may not still be harboring. "I have to say, I'm envious of Fred, George, Ron and Ginny. First they got Lupin for a teacher, now you, Moody." Not that he shares his father's respect for the ex-auror. Not at all. Nope. "Is that so? What have you been up to, Tonks?" There's a faint teasing grin on his face now, having a feeling that Moody's holding out on something fun. "Muuum.. Don't worry about Ron and Ginny. It's Fred and George you should be concerned about!" After serving around tea, he then helps pass the platter of chicken around. Once that's handed off, he'll open up and serve glasses of wine.

Oh, Bill, it's so not directed at you. "Just work. Break out's got us pretty busy. Not something I care to talk about over food. Good food at that," and that means she's leaving out any brawls in the Broomsticks as well! "I mean, it's not as glamourous a field as crawling into places people've been dead for thousands of years or anything." She flicks her fingers but gives her old schoolmate a grin. Though, when Bill actually mentions being envious of being taught by Moody, Tonks face gets… an odd expression. Not a bad one. Just odd. Really, these people need to see his teaching methods outside of a classroom! She puts some chicken on her plate then offers it to the next person.

Lupin listens to everybody's conversation with a little smile on his face. "Really, the Twins…you needn't worry about the Twins. They're actually pretty good at school. Or…well, if you engage them properly in the class." He may or may not have been able to. He glances at Bill. "Crawling places people have been dead for years, eh?" He says with a sly grin. "Well, it seems you and I have a little something in common." He says with a little wink, not expanding any more.

Moody chuckles towards Lupin slightly as he shifts in his seat. "The twins.." murmured "are doing fine. they have a knack for hexes among other things, but I think they enjoy class well enough Remus." Though at the mention of the extracurricular class he's nodding slightly "Anytime would be welcomed Remus-I have Sirius lending a hand, and I am trying to talk Nymphadora here into helping me." A slight glance to the ex professor before he is nodding a bit of thanks towards Bill. Hands reach to get some of the chicken, onto his plate before moving to pass over towards the next person in the round robin serving. "Oh Bill, if you ever cut your hair and get rid of your earring, I'll think about it." A joke though hard to tell in Moody's grumble there. "How's work been at the ministry Arthur?" A raise of his brow there. Though that twist of lips comes back towards Molly "Ah, I believe I am ahead of you there.." he runs a tight ship in his class. Ask any child he's cursed or transfigured.

Molly notices her question has been ignored or deflected. However, they've moved on to other things, so she decides to leave it be. She sits, finally allowing herself to get some food and eat. "Thank you dear," she directs at Bill as he takes care of the beverages. Such a good boy. The conversation has moved beyond her small few acres, so she remains silent, letting the others talk and being sure to pass things around again, should people need them.

"Oh, well, you know. They keep us busy," Arthur replies bracingly, as to his work at the Ministry. "Have to be extra careful these days, of course. Muggle baiting is unfortunately popular." He frowns a little at that, but doesn't seem inclined to go into it here and now. "But at least we can make a dent in it." When the chicken finally makes its way back, he finishes loading up his plate and then tucks in. "And can't I'm too surprised they have a knack for hexes," he adds after a moment, smiling indulgently. Oh, those twins.

Bill knows Moody isn't the kind, warm and fuzzy teacher type. It's the man's knowledge and experience he'd like to learn from. "Uh huh. Well, that's not exactly glamorous either." Yet, it does make you popular if you like the brave sort.. Yes sir," he then switches attention to Lupin. "I'm a curse-breaker for Gringotts, well, I was. I now have a desk job. Although they've been a bit backed up on items, so I've been helping with them too." There's a wince, and a faux sigh of regret, "I guess I'll have to miss out then, huh?" Hair and earring, they are staying. "Can't say I'm surprised dad, I remember you saying it was popular years ago. It's a cheap shot and a low tactic."

All Tonks does about her involvement in anything 'school' related is to lift a half hearted grin. She's not sure if it's something to be yapped about over dinner, to be honest. Molly not pressing the issue's fine with her, so she'll just deal with this really yummy food. And listen to the 'grown ups' talk, whatever that may involve.

Lupin leans back and listens before digging in to the food. "Muggle baiting and the like was very popular back during the first war. Unfortunately. As were other tactics involving muggles and muggle borns. Unfortunate, I know." He takes a bite into his food. "Mmm. The food is delicious, Molly. Positively delicious."

"I am surprised they are letting that go through-You'd figure the Minister would be against that given how his predecessor was.." Moody murmurs before starting to tuck into the food. "But, given some of the people the Ministry has decided to keep around, I guess this shouldn't surprise me." A sniff before he's taking another bite and looking back towards Molly Oh..Just a class to ready students against what dangers that are coming." And no, he is pointedly not telling her what it's moniker is. That might not go over so well for her to think her children are all involved in army-esque training. "Wonderful chicken, Molly." muttered with another mouthful.

"Why thank you." Molly listens, taking a few bites herself. "Oh, come now. Let's find something more pleasant to talk about." Surely such a thing exists. She smiles. "Well, that's good. I'm glad my children are learning from the best." And, yes, she would go momma bear should she know what they are really doing. She continues to eat for a long moment, and then turns to Arthur. "What was it you were discovering, dear? Something with Greers?"

Arthur nods darkly a few times as the others elaborate on the Muggle baiting that went on last time around. "Well, we're not going to let it come to that this time," he states resolutely, before letting Molly pull him off-topic with her talk of Muggles. "Ah, yes. Greers. Fascinating, really. They mostly only seem to bite one another. Think perhaps the Muggles use them for very large clocks. Though I did see a diagram that suggested they might have something to do with those bike-cycles of theirs." He shakes his head, clearly just amazed at what they come up with.

"That's an excellent idea, Moody. I would have liked to have had some extra classes like that. Are you just going over further defense, duelling? What about the danger in objects?" As a curse-breaker by trade, Bill would ask about that. Oh wait, mum asked for something more pleasant didn't she? Oops. And oh boy. Thanks mum. You got dad going! He turns and gives Lupin and Moody a faintly apologetic glance.

Lupin furrows his brow. "Greers? What are….greers?" He tries to figure that out. "Sounds interesting, regardless. What exactly are they meant to do? Besides help with the bicycles?"

"Well in the extra class its more defense and all, so that if they are caught by Death Eaters, than can easily defend themselves long enough to run off, and find help." Something he has been stressing this year. Constant Vigilance, and well listening to the teachers, but knowing Moody…that could mean a plethora of things. "I am having a dueling lesson though for my main class coming up in a few days-have a hit witch coming in to help." another bite of his food, before he nodding slightly towards Bill. "Showing them curses and how they work as well.." tac'd on before he is looking towards Arthur with a slight tilt of his head "Greers? What do they look like?"

"They have teeth but they don't bite." Molly was impressed by that. "That's a bit advanced for children so young, isn't it, Alastor?" It's not asked with anger, but her tone is tinged lightly with worry. She watches them eat, and decides that it's time to bring the pudding in. "It's a shame that Nymphadora got called away…" She looks toward the quickly vacated seat as she stands to grab the puddings. "She didn't even get to sample her mother's pudding." She'll have Arthur send some of the leftovers along to her at the Ministry tomorrow. She sets both desserts on the table, hers a mince pie, Andromeda's a chocolate concoction. "Oh, that looks lovely." She settles herself down again. "Do we know this hitwitch, Alastor?"

"Yes, they're round and set all about with little teeth," Arthur explains, still sounding fascinated by the idea. "I'm not entirely sure what they use them for, but you put one next to another, and then when you turn the one, the other goes 'round as well. All without magic! So clever, really. I bet if I could get my hands on a proper Muggle bike-cycle, I could have a real good look," he muses, trailing off to his own thoughts. Though the talk of these lessons does manage to get his attention enough to nod. Sounds rather exciting, really, if you ask him. Assuming it's all done within the safety of Hogwarts and supervision and all, of course!

Bill nods approvingly to what Moody is saying. "Good start. Unfortunately there's a lot that'll have to be learned hands on. Oh nice, I'll have a helping of each." Attention distracted slightly now by pudding. But not for long. He's no longer at the age where food is a complete and total distraction. "Most of the curses I've come across, I had to find out for myself what they did and how to get rid of them. Almost lost my hand once." Or twice.

Lupin bows his head to Bill. "That is quite true. There is much that can't be taught in class." He should know having been a teacher. "Not even for the more advanced courses. The restricted section doesn't exactly appeal to the students. And there's somethings that even the Restricted section books only scratch the surface of." He should know, he's read many of them. Once the desserts make their way to him, he gets a serving of each as well. "This dessert looks delicious by the way, Molly."

"A bit." Moody admits "But, the world is not cutting them any breaks Molly." A look up back towards Molly, as Moody uses his thumb to dig something out of his teeth before he's reaching for his tea, and taking a good gulp right there. "She's had it before I'd suppose.." Though Moody's tact level has never been good, even in school-and since his years of being alone…Well without Evelyn's hand to even him out he's become a bit hardened in his ways. "Dan McThane's daughter-Christina. She's got a level head." he says before he's looking back to Arthur "Huh." murmured "Interesting."

"Oh, well, I suppose that's true." Which particular part of Alastor's words she agrees with, Molly doesn't specify. She graciously overlooks Moody's manners, knowing the reason he's become so set in his ways. "I suppose I can't get over thinking of my little ones as just that…" Sorry Bill, as the only child present, you get graced with a sappy sweet look. "…little ones." She turns to take some of the sweets, and begins eating it slowly, savoring each bite. "Well that's good to hear, then. She sounds like she'll be a grand help."

Arthur serves himself up some pudding as well, listening to the talk, though he's still clearly pondering on how and where he could get his hands on a Muggle bicycle. But at least he's not fully out of it, and follows the flow of the conversation. He clears his throat a bit as Molly goes all sappy, but there's an indulgent smile with it too. "Ah well. They do have to grow up sooner or later," he points out wistfully. "And I'm sure they're in good hands." He nods to Moody then. It is interesting! And then he's back to working on his pudding and dreaming about bicycles.

"Which is just as well. We'd all be in school until our twenties or thirties," Bill says to Lupin. "Just thinking about that gives me the creepy crawlies. I liked school just fine, but the thought of studying, juggling classes and prefect then head boy duties? I think I'd have to pop my clogs… Oh come on Lupin.. There are plenty of students that yearn to get into the restricted section." Not that he wasn't one of them. He just busted a few. Digging into his pudding, he gives Molly a long suffering expression, "Mum. I'm twenty-four, I haven't been little in at least ten years."

Lupin chuckles and nods. "I suppose you're right, Bill. Well, I certainly know what you mean about juggling classes and prefect duties. That's no easy task is it? I was a prefect too, back in my day." He laughs again. "Well, I suppose many do want to see what's in there. I bet you were one of those, weren't you Bill?" He grins. "Not to say I wasn't either….but still…"

Moody nods slightly back towards Molly, as Moody well and does clean his plate. But as the talk rolls to children and such Moody is slowly taking his time to rise up from the table, wiping his features, before he's looking back towards the Weasleys. "'M sorry to call it short-but I need to be running. I have classes.." And all that, and he'll need to apparate back out towards Hogwarts and walk the rest of the way in. A cough and there's a look, an apology? Hard to say before Alastor is excusing himself from the table. "Lovely dinner Molly, and thank you for having me Arthur-" its almost a bit awkward coming from the old friend, but all the same Moody is trying. "If we ever do this again, by all means let me know."

"Oh, you're quite welcome, Alastor. Next time, we'll try to do it when you can spend more time…" Molly smiles, standing to usher the man to the door. "Thank you for coming anyway. We've missed seeing you." Old friends, indeed. "Let us know if you need anything, Alastor. Or…" She gives a sly smile. "Or if any of my children step too far out of line." She knows they're prone to it. Come by that honestly, as well.

"Thank you for coming. You're always welcome, Alastor, of course. Molly's right. We'll do it again sometime when you don't need to be rushing off," Arthur assures the man, giving him an easy Arthur-grin. "And next time you're by the Ministry, do pop by and say hello." He's never too busy for an old friend! Of course, Arthur just grins at Molly's slyness, turning his attention back to his dessert. Well, they certainly don't get it from him, no sir.

Bill pushes his plate aside, now that he's finished. He props one arm on the table, hand raised to toy with his earring, "Can't say that I was. I just caught a few trying to get a sneak peek. If I ever needed anything from there, I always got authorization first." He's not just saying this for Molly's benefit either. There's a bit of disappointment as Moody excuses himself, "It was nice seeing you again Moody. You're still as imposing as when I was a kid." He's grinning at the ex-auror, and meant that as a compliment. "Just for that mum, I'll be telling them to be on the lookout."

Lupin is still eating, slowly. "Of course. Always proper authorization. From professor McGonagal or Professor Dumbledore or some sort. As I would have of course." He looks up at Moody. "I'll keep in touch, Alastor. We've got a few things we need to discuss, I do believe."

Moody smiles to both elder Weasleys before he's looking over his shoulder towards Bill "Cut your hair..Remus." a nod to the other professor, err ex professor, before he's throwing open the door and stalking out without much ado, or more awkwardness fanfare.

Molly watches Moody step out, and then returns to the table, starting to clear things away, wrapping up leftovers to send with Remus, and some with Arthur and Bill for lunches and to share. It's a bit of work, even with the wand flicks involved, so she hums to herself as she bustles around the kitchen. She's filled everyone's tummies, and they've had — mostly — pleasant conversation. It's a good thing.

Arthur gives a little grin as Moody gets in one last dig at Bill's hair, though the Weasley patriarch still wisely has nothing to say on the matter, of course. "Excellent dinner, dear," he commends Molly quite enthusiastically, before she can get too wrapped up in wrapping things up and putting them away. His attention then returns, half to the two remaining, half to his thoughts on bike-cycles and where he could find one…

"Never," Bill calls out good naturedly after Moody. He may even just let it grow longer, and dye in gold streaks for fun. "Hey mum, lemme help," he didn't come back home to freeload! She's a bit quick on divvying up the remains, but he'll assist in cleanup. "Dad, I'll ask around at the bank, see if we can't scrounge up a bike-cycle for you." He's not sure that's the proper name for it, but he's never had one, so..

Lupin nods his head a little. "Yes, quite a good dinner Molly. I quite enjoyed it. Thank you for inviting me." He smiles. "I would very much like to see one of these contraptions myself. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to come over once you've found it yourself."

"Oh, splendid," Arthur responds, rewarding Bill's generosity with a beaming grin. He can look so boyish when he gets in this sort of mood, though at least the years have helped him learn to keep the giddiness in check a bit. "Of course, Remus. I'll send you an owl should I manage to get one. I'm sure we can figure out these greers then!"

"Not a problem dad, got plenty of connections at the bank. Someone's /bound/ to have one they don't need." Or so Bill imagines. Much of his exposure to muggle things are the items littering his dad's shed. Things that should be laying in a dump really. "You two need anything else? I'm gonna go help mum with cleaning. So she doesn't work herself up further."

Lupin smiles softly. "Well, I'd love to stay and help, but I should probably get going myself." But where, one may ask? Who knows for certain except for him. "But this was a pleasant evening, certainly."

"Oh, well, much obliged, all the same. I'll show you how the pedals work," Arthur promises enthusiastically, as if this is a proper reward for managing to find him a bike to play with. "That's a good lad," he adds, as Bill mentions going to help Molly, and there's an approving smile with that, before he looks to Lupin. "Of course, Remus. So glad you could make it. I'll keep you posted about the bike-cycle." He begins to rise, to see the final guest out.

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