1995-02-26: Diabolical Duo


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Scene Title Diabolical Duo
Synopsis Draco and Nia have a chat that turns into a plot.
Location Hogwarts-Slytherin Common Room
Date February 26 1995
Logger Nia

On this lazy Sunday most students who had procrastinated are most likely doing their homework but not this fifth year. Nia is sitting on the couch with her knee's up to her chest and her tiny owl perched on her arm while the girl is reading a letter. Brushing her blood red hair behind her shoulder with a bandaged hand, Nia frowns as she puts down the letter and moves Bran her owl onto her knee.

The tapestry hiding the entrance is flung aside and Draco comes stamping inside. The blond boy does not appear to be in a very good temper. He even kicks one of the chairs as he crosses the room.

Nia's head turns as she hears Draco's loud entrance and she decides to tread lightly. "Galleon for your thought Draco?" She asks tentatively as she puts her letter into her pocket and moves her feet back onto the floor. Bran seems to hop back onto the girl's arm and settle on her shoulder clicking his beak impatiently.

"Not worth that much," grunts Draco. "You got some owl mail?"

"Just a letter from my father." Nia replies as she stands up and shoos her owl politely away and he flies back up to the Owlery. "Is everything alright with you?"

Draco is silent for a moment, then says "I suppose so," in the kind of voice which makes it clear that the speaker is not in fact all right, but wants to be a martyr about it.

Nia nods "I see. Well if you want to talk about it I'm hear to listen. No pressure though." Stretching for a bit the girl glances around the room before looking back at Draco, "Classes going ok?"

"It's not classes," Draco mutters. "It's just something I've been working on that's… well, not working."

"Ahh sounds like you and I are in the same boat," Nia replies with a smirk as she pulls up the sleeve of her robe exposing her bandaged hand and arm. "Though mine is just for fun and possibly extra credit not sure about yours."

Draco gasps. "Whoa! What did you do to yourself! Has Nurse Pomfrey seen that?"

Nia chuckles as she lowers her arm and sleeve back down. "She's the one who bandaged it and I've been trying to turn my owl into a human but mostly I've been ticking off Bran and he's attacked me. I was surprised that he got me my letter today though I guess he's forgiven me."

Draco cocks his head at Nia. "Bran? Who's Bran?"

Nia blinks then smiles "Oh sorry, he's my Owl. May I ask what you are having trouble with?"

Draco chooses to answer the question with a question. "If I'm good at Quidditch I should be… good at other things that involve manual dexterity too, yes?"

Nia hrmms for a moment as her hand idlely plays with her tie and leans slightly on the back of the couch "I would think so yes."

"Me too," growls Draco. "But it doesn't seem that way."

"Well have you tried practicing? I know it sounds stupid but you didn't become such a great seeker overnight…" Nia asks trying to be helpful.

"What do you think I've just been doing?" snaps Draco with the air of a kid who is used to getting exactly what he wants and can't see why he can't have this.

Nia gulps and jumps a bit as Draco snaps at her, "I'm sorry I wasn't thinking of course you would be doing all you could to get it right. I don't know what I was thinking."

"You weren't thinking, evidently," grumps Draco. "And why in Merlin's name are you trying to turn your owl into a human, anyway?"

"I'm testing out a theory of mine" Nia replies as she crosses her arms. "I figure if you can turn a human into an animal with transfigurations why can't you do the reverse?"

Draco snorts irascibly. "Haven't you listened to /any/ of McGonagall's classes? Don't you remember Heckadeck's Law?" He quotes from memory. "Transmutation is easier from a more complex entity to a simpler entity."

Nia shrugs softly but isn't phased that much by Draco's words. "Yes I know but I love a challenge," She smirks out.

"Sounds more to me like you love failure," Draco sneers, "which isn't the Slytherin way. Even that little swot Grainger couldn't turn an owl into a human. I doubt even You Know Who could manage that."

"It's more like a hobby of mine but failure means you are still learning" Nia replies as she lowers her arms. "Though if I actually succeed it could open up some doors for me."

"What do you think a human owl would /do/?" Draco asks. "What /point/ would it have?"

And for the first time Draco seems to approve. "Okay, point taken. But there have to be easier ways…" A foxy look comes over his face. "I take it you don't like the nasty little muggle swot either?"

Nia smirks back as she straightened up. "There is possibly but it's going to take something big for that girl to fall. I can't stand her sometimes. Little miss know it all."

"And Potter too," Draco muses. "Plus that awful Weasley boy and all his brood. They strut around like they're Charlie Potatoes and suck up to the professors and then pretend to look surprised when they get given house points for licking Dumbledore's shoes clean." He leans in towards her. "The professors are never going to give them the kicking they deserve, so we have to."

"Don't get me started on the Potter brat…" Nia groans as she rolls her eyes. "The way people fawn over him like he's a god it just makes me sick. If it wasn't for his fame and blind luck those three would have been expelled a long time ago." As Draco leans in a wicked grin fell on Nia's lips. "I totally agree"

"Right. Now we're getting places," Draco says, his discontent evidently fading. "So. Any ideas how to take them down?"

Nia chuckles "Not at the moment but it has to be a time where no teachers are around and they can be separated easily." Thinking on her last words an idea comes into her head. "What if we can turn them against each other you know break up the threesome then attack?"

Draco blinks at Nia. "Now there's an idea. If we can't make other people hate them, we can make them hate each other… maybe…" He muses a moment. "Potter's just the golden boy. But maybe if we could make Weasley and Swot Girl fall out… What would annoy Swot Girl? What if someone, say… destroyed some work of hers? And we could pin it on Weasley?" He's smiling a very nasty smile now.

"It would be hard but would be worth it." Nia muses as the evil wheels turn in her head. "Weasley doesn't have a lot of smarts to begin with so it'll be hard to destroy her work and make it look so simply done. What if we had him curse the mudblood and mess up her pretty little face and in the process ruin her work?"

"That would mean either tricking him into making the curse," Draco says, "or else doing it ourselves and pinning it on him. I'd love nothing more than to hex Grainger till her ears and nose change places, but it's more dangerous…" He considers a moment. "Hm. Here's a thought. That old lush Moody is always telling us we need constant vigilance in case You Know Who is hiding under our beds or behind the drapes in the great hall… If we could somehow persuade Weasley that You Know Who has taken over Grainger…"

Nia cackles evilly as she leans in a little closer "Oh Draco that's beyond brilliant." Her eyes narrows as the wicked grin grew bigger. "I wonder if maybe we could get Weasley to bend to our will? Perhaps use some feminine wilds to twist that boy's brain."

"Hold that thought," Draco orders her. "Maybe if we could… Transfigure You Know Who's face onto Grainger… no, too difficult and too obvious… Think about it some more," he suggests, "and let's talk soon."

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