Dexter Rowland
Portrayed By John de Lancie
House Ravenclaw
Year Graduated
Position Wand Maker
Sex Male
Race Half-Blood
Age 34
Place of Birth Birmingham, Britain
Date of Birth June 3rd, 1960
First Appearance Intelligence Uninterrupted
Last Appearance

Character History:

Dexter Mark Rupert Terrance Horatio Rowland was born the evening of June 3, 1960 to Franklin and Mary Rowland. He was a quiet baby from the start. Both Franklin and Mary wanted to name their new son after their respective fathers. Dexter Mark ended up being from Franklin’s father and grandfather respectively where Rupert Horatio had been Mary’s father and great-grandfather’s names. All of whom they both had great respect for. Mary conceded to have Franklin’s middle name in there as well, Terrance. A long name, but it appeased both sides of the family.

His father was a wizard from a small family that owned a bookshop in Diagon Alley. Dexter spent much time there as a child, and could often be found in the back of the shop reading books on multitudes of subjects from animals, their biology, and how to take care of them and work with them to wand lore and everything else that could be imagined. He was a bright child from the beginning. His father’s family often encouraged this behavior and would often suggest books for him.

Dexter’s mother was a muggle, as was, thus, her whole side of the family. As much time as he spent with his father’s side, he spent with his mother’s side. He learnt much about muggles because of that. It had come as a surprise to his mother when she learned that her husbands side of the family were all wizards, which was something that took her a long time to get used to, but she loved him and as such was willing to push through that shock and stay with him. She felt it important that she stay in contact with her family and that her son, Dexter, got to know them and spend time with them.

He was fairly happy as a child, not having too many complaints. He was encouraged by both sides of his family to have fun as well as to pursue his interests, most of which was reading. When he got the letter of entry to Hogwarts, his father wasn’t surprised at all. He knew his son was a wizard to boot, and would do well in school. At the sorting ceremony he was sorted into Ravenclaw, showing the potential to do very well in his studies as a bookworm.

He excelled in his all his studies. Charms, transfiguration, Defence against the Dark Arts being his best. Anything with wand work was his best, though he still did well in potions and Herbology and went on to take the electives of Arithmancy and Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures. He became a Prefect for Ravenclaw for his year, though he didn’t become Head Boy, which went to the Hufflepuff prefect for his year. He got high OWLs in his subjects and took NEWT courses in all the subjects.

Though he had many options upon graduating from Hogwarts, he decided in the course of his studies that he wished to become a wand maker. Over the next few years after graduation he got hired with a small time wand maker as an apprentice, learning in depth about wand lore, which trees made the best wands and which cores could be used for the wand, including those which are not typically used by many wand makers, including cores that came from beings not local to Britain, but also from all around the world. He started building up a collection of his own, for he aspired to open up his own wand shop. When he decided he’d made enough wands to start up his own business and he’d saved up enough money, he bought an empty shop in Diagon Alley that was a bit off the beaten path, which helped with it’s being cheaper to buy, and called it ‘Wandlore and More’.



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