1995-04-03: Detention For Wrackspurt Detector Take Two


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Scene Title Detention For Wrackspurt Detector — Take Two
Synopsis More work on the wrackspurt detector.
Location DADA Classroom
Date Apr 03, 1995
Watch For Nothing special
Logger Angelina

How Luna had found the hoop, only she could tell. And the person she got it from, of course. It was large, quite large, in fact, made of wrought iron and looking as though it belonged upon a barrel once upon a time. Setting her backpack of knickknacks upon the table as well, Luna hums to herself, rolling the broken remembrall over and up the iron band, to bounce about freely inside its confines. They were in the very same room that they had had detention in - although Luna didn't quite seem bothered about the implications of staying there.

Angie walks into the room. Though one might think it was Hermione — as she walks, she has a book open before her, reading as she slowly walks along. Good thing she didn't run into anyone from the Army in the hall, or she'd have been zapped. After walking right into a table, which will surely leave a bruise on her shin, the book is finally lowered. "Lovegood. Good to see you. Oh! You found a hoop! Good!"

Looking up from the rolling remembrall, Luna treats Angelina with a vague grin. The little bump upon the table shifts the positioning of the hoop a bit to one side, which Luna readjusts to a more center spot upon the table. "Oh, yes - I did. And you were looking for the charms that daddy used to hold it together, yes?" Luna says in a distant voice, looking and smiling towards Angelina, but her eyes were like focused on the wall behind her.

"Yeah. I got a book from the library. Professor Lupin recommended it. Oh! And I have a new drawing too. This is how Professor Lupin thinks it might have looked." Angie's bag is dropped onto the floor with a sigh and she fishes through before pulling out a crumpled parchment. Laying it upon the table, she tries to smooth out the wrinkles. "Alright. Now remember your old drawing had a hoop? Okay, its not a hoop. It is the outer rim of a sphere." She has sketched the globe lightly on the paper around the outside of the items. "The items, they are enclosed in a magical sphere. They have to be broken items because it releases the magic. When you enclose them within the sphere, and the magic all mingles…that is the connection between them. They share the magic from each other."

Luna glances down at the parchment as it is unfurled, making an airy sound in the back of her throat. Leaning forward over the table, a hand lifts to brush her hair out of her eyes, a wide smile touching her lips. "That all sounds rather lovely." says Luna. "And yes - it was more a sphere, now that I think about it." she says, leaning back in her chair and setting her index finger upon her lips, her features suggesting thought. "…did you figure out how to get them together?"

"How to make them share their magic, you mean? I think so." Angie turns to her bag once again, pulling out a thick book. "This is a pretty advanced charms book, but Professor Lupin thought it might be this charm right here." The correct page is flipped to, then the book turned right way up for Luna before being slid before her. "And I know how to make the sphere, I think. We just have to figure out how to do it. If we use my charm to make the sphere, I don't think we can do the other charm through it to make the items communicate. But we don't want to break the items and use the other charm without protection around the outside…."

"Tran.. kil… itatus." reads Luna, smoothly lifting a hand to pluck her wand from behind her ear. Glancing up towards Angelina as she explains, about midway through, Luna's eyes grow a bit more distracted and faraway. "This sounds terribly complicated - no wonder a wrackspurt detector has never been invented before daddy figured it out." she says serenely. Turning towards her bag, she starts to both pull out of her bag, and arrange the ingredients in what she considered the appropriate places inside the hoop. Of course, they rolled apart, but… "We can always find more items should we mess up - there are very many broken items in the garbages. You just need to ask the house elves about it." she says.

"Whoa!" Angelina reaches out to put her hands over the items. "You aren't going to try it now are you? We don't have the sphere up or anything yet. If you break them and try that spell, you release their magic out into the air. That is what the sphere is for. Like a ..shield, almost. To keep it contained and away from us."

Luna lifts the wand up and away, looking up towards Angelina with a look of some confusion over her face. "Well, they are already broken - do we need to find a new remembrall then?" Luna asks, canting her head to one side. A pause, then, her brow furrowing. "… this could be difficult. A spell to break them, but we also need a spell to shield them?" she asks.

"Uhhhm." Angelina pauses, then turns to her bag once more. She pulls out one parchment, reads it, shoves it back in. It takes her four tries to get the correct one. "No. They are already broken. So we need one to make the shield, and one to make them release and share their magic. I think."

Waiting patiently as Angelina roots through the various parchments that the girl stores in her backpack, Luna sits back in her seat, her demeanor a bit upon the passive side. Nodding her head along with what she says, Luna scoots her chair about so that she faces away from the table, giving her wand a little flick. "Tranquilatius." she says, a wide smile touching her lips as the tip of her wand glows. "Tranquilitatius."

This log picks up in Bird is the Word, with the entrance of Neville.

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