1995-02-13: Details And Clarifications


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Scene Title Details and Clarifications
Synopsis Seeking more information, Angelina pays a visit to the Defense Professor
Location Moody's Office
Date Feb 13, 1995
Watch For Invasion of de SPACE BUBBLE
Logger Angelina

This room has always been used to constant change- from Quirrell, to Lockhart. Lupin, to him now. But still much like the classroom the office holds a darker and more goal like quality. Perhaps even more now, as a sneakscope is set at the far end of his massive desk, the large leather backed chair that seems t' go on foreever has been moved to where the professor has a sight on the door and else. Back clearly to the wall, but all else remains unchanged, or so it would appear. Currently now as the hour draws late, Moody sits alone, one eye clearly focused in on papers that are literally scattered and littered over his desk in some form of organized chaos. However, the bright-vibrant electric blue eye swirls about checking here and there. Ever Alert. Ever Vigilant.
A mug, most likely for tea sits off where it has been-most likely cold. The eye stills suddenly straight at the door, and the professor's hand stills at some scribbles. "Miss Johnson." comes that hoarse, bark of a voice. "Y' can come in.." Eerie that, but then Moody sees all.

It has been several weeks since Angelina asked for permission to get into the Restricted Section. It was before the Holidays, after all. She comes to the Professor now a bit nervously. He makes her a little nervous, frankly. She was just standing in the middle of the classroom, gathering herself, when he yells. How DOES he know these things? "Yes Professor."
Angie steps into the room, curled up scrolls in hand. "I'm sorry to bother you so late. I just..needed to talk to you. And I figure now is as good a time as any, if you aren't busy, I mean. I can come back later."

Several weeks, like drops of water in th' can when it comes to such things. And when the professor in question has been busying his mind with other things. However as the door opens and th' girl comes in, Moody's blue eye never wavers. In fact is stares right on through poor Angelina Johnson- and on into the room beyond, or so one might think. Finally, the brown eye swerves up to join the blue as the quill is sat down. "No-not busy enough." does that sound like a complaint? From Moody it could be. All the same he's reaching for the mug and giving it a cursory glance before reaching inside the volumes of his black traveling cloak for a small silver flask. Top twisted open and the contents poured into the mug. "What's on your mind, Miss Johnson?" half grown brow up, to the question.

Angelina clears her throat, shifting her weight a bit before stepping forward to pass over her scrolls. "I wanted your advice on my paper. I did the research, what I could. I didn't really find everything I was looking for. I did a compare and contrast between the rise of Grindelwald and..You Know Who. The tactics and everything. I just…it's flat. I talked to some of the Weasleys over the holidays. The oldest boy was old enough to remember some if it. I don't..capture it well. And I'm not sure why. Its like just reciting the facts."

Moody raises a brow slightly before he is taking a swig of the contents. Face contorting briefly, but then it might even be taken as an improvement to the way it had been before. All the same the Professor clears his throat "Quit a dancin' an dawdling there Miss Johnson an spit it out." harsher sounding than it is meant before he is rubbing his chin. "Flat…" murmurs Moody and it seems as if he is about to add to it, that is till she mentions the Weasleys "Which one, there are a bloody litter of Weasleys about.." though the oldest boy-could be Bill, or Charlie..Unless she is speakin' of the current enrolled then it would be Percy wouldn't it? "Have you tried readin' a book, Miss Johnson?" Ahh yes Acadamia at its finest. "What are you wanting?"

Maybe this was a really big mistake. A big one. She watches him drink, and stands very still when he snaps at her. "Bill. Bill is the oldest. He remembered some things I added to the paper. And yes, I've read some books. But there is … " Angelina stops for a moment, thinking, then starts again. "I don't know what is missing from it. The students, they all say you fought him the first time around. I thought maybe you could read it, and give me some examples to make it not so dull? Not that it should be exciting. It just should be more than facts. There has to be more than what was there in the Restricted Section. Professor Lupin, he said to watch, and I have been. And now two students are missing. People going missing. That is one of the signs. In both of them. And the pull for power."

Maybe? Well there is only one way to find out and really tell that. After all with Moody good ideas can turn into right mucked up situations-on the student's part depending on how the professor is feeling. "William. Good kid." murmurs the Professor as he continues to Eye ball the girl. A sip of his drink and then a tilt of his head. "Something missing from it? You dare think Ministry appropriated historians would make a mistake?" but there is no anger there, but a heavy dose of sarcasm, thus showing what Moody thinks of the current administration. "Have you ever seen a war?" Moody asks casually "And I did fight You Know Who, during the war yes. And many of his followers.." a slight pause. "I can tell you now-Death is not exciting-nor is watchin' loved ones tortured before you.."
As for the signs-She is right there "Alright then.." Perhaps against his better judgement Moody is rising, a swig of his mug "Lets talk about it…" Uh-oh. What did she just get into?

What indeed. It is occurring to her she might have been better off if he had yelled and screamed and kicked her out. Angie steps back when he rises, leaving the scrolls wherever he put them. "No. I've never been in a war. And my parents weren't either. I saw the look on Mister Weasley's face, though, when he found out the Ministry had come here to question Harry and Siobhan. And Mrs. Weasley…she was upset too. The most I've ever had to worry about was if we were going to win a Quidditch game.."

Angelina stands locked in place as he comes around the desk. There is no reason to cower from him, just because he looks rough, right? "I'm not sure what you mean, about bringing this bit up? I was just told to watch for the patterns. And I'm seeing them. The things in the Restricted Section, they talked about how both wizards took their power, and built fear, and killed and tortured. And how people disappeared. I've never been in a war before, or a real fight. I understand those things, and that they are horrible. But the look on the Weasley's faces…it was more than just what the books said. How is it that one wizard could draw so much power? Could bring about so much fear? And I also found it interesting that these men, so obcessed with their legacy and what they were leaving behind and the world they were building…neither of them had any children to leave a legacy to. Their lines ended with them."

"I mean- if you haven't th' bloody foggiest of what you're stepping into, it's a damned of a thing t' bring up. War- an the ways of it." A sip of his drink and the mug is more or less toss onto his desk, empty save for what dregs cling to the bottom and dare not even spill out. The back of his hand runs along his scarred lips, before he is letting the blue eye again rest solely on her. "It is always more-than what books say. After the first war-there were many Aurors who had to seek help at Mungo's for damage not done by a curse- or a wand.." and he leaves it at that. "Now- some wizards come by power naturally. Take a look at our headmaster. One of the most powerful wizards about, and a fair man. Happy and content with what he has." A kiss of his teeth
"Some men, an women crave more than what they are blessed with, and so they surround themselves with those that are like minded, an leech off em.." A brow is up. "You follow?"

"Oh. Right. Right. And it isn't like you can just talk to anyone about it. The Weasleys won't talk about it. Say it isn't for children to hear. But the way I see it, if students are disappearing from Hogwarts, it is for us to hear, and it is our business." Angelina grows a bit more firm as she stands there, certain of her rightness in this situation. She listens then, as the Auror explains, head bobbing. "Yes. I'm following. But You Know Who's followers, they didn't see it as leeching, did they?"

"And there are some aspects I won't talk to you about it-till its that time. Not before" A damned glare right there leaves Moody "You don't want to end up like I am Lassie. And I am not speakin' about m' loverly visage either." A motion dismissive to his face. "No-no. For those followin' He who cannot be named, they see it as a chance to become rich and powerful. So they don't mind aidin' to a cause that puts them above people they think they are better than." A dry laugh that really lacks any properties. "Its a wizard over wizard battle. And there is no winner in that.."

Angelina swallows, then nods. "So, am I thinking right then? The missing students? The breakout from Azkaban?" She folds her arms behind her back. "What can you tell me, then? What should I know that I can't find in those books? Do we run and hide, and just wait for more students to disappear? what are we supposed to do?"

"You might be on the right track, but I won't confirm it-and you must understand why. Its not that I do not trust you, or any of the students. It is that I do not want any panic or such running through th' body. People might question Dumbledore.." Well more than they already do. "…And the safety of hogwarts. You are safe here. All of you." Silence for a moment and Moody looks from her towards the door. "You continue learning, and you continue watching. Our Motto has been Constant Vigilance, for a reason. This is not the time to relax, but at the same time it is not the time to sit back and hide. Live your life-Ms. Johnson." And to that Moody looks back. "Live your life and watch out for your friends. Should something be amiss-lass You go to your nearest teacher or send for me." And with that he pushes up form the desk to lean on his walking stick. "If you stop being who you are? If you live in fear? Then they have you where they want you."

Safe? Safe?! Angie can't help it. It slips out. "How can you say we are safe here, if students are missing? I'm not contradicting you, and I don't doubt Dumbledore, and I don't doubt that we are maybe /safer/ here than out there. But I don't think we are entirely safe. Especially with a Hogsmeade weekend coming up. And the breakout." Seems Ms. Johnson has been doing alot of thinking. "Constant Vigilance. Right. I don't expect you to tell me everything. I know some things are best left unsaid unless they need to be. But we are worried. The students. And no one is saying anything to calm us. I haven't told anyone what I found for my paper. Professor Lupin suggested some I might share my findings with, but with Harry missing.." Her brown gaze drops. Yep. She doesn't wanna incite panic either!

"Because-I know." growls back Moody as he leans in right there looking back towards Angelina. Is he invading her personal space? Yes, and is he going to continue to invade that personal space right there. "But you are safe behind these walls, because every professor here would put themselves between danger and you. Hogwarts is and always has been safe" As for the disappearances with the students he has his own theories and he won't speak out on them now. "Potter, will be fine." re assurance, but don't think for an instant that Moody is taking it lightly. "What you need to do is simply keep you and your school-mates aware. Aware of the times, and of the signs, girl." almost snarled out save that Moody is pulling himself back, with a lurch.
"You know who is out there.." and he grunts- almost one might figure he would feel like a shell of himself, but despite all the time and abuse his body has seen. Moody fights on. "If you could tell your classmates anything-what would it be?"

This time, Angelina can't help herself. He is invading her SPACE BUBBLE, man! She takes two steps back and does her best to appear apologetic. "I appreciate that they would. Protect us, I mean." There is silence then, for a long moment as she considers what she would tell them. "Well, the students, most of us at least, we aren't completely clueless morons. We know something is going on — just not what. If I could tell them anything, I wouldn't mention You Know Who. Because they are likely to not believe it. He's dead, right? I would, instead, show them the patterns. They know something is happening. And if they were shown the patterns instead of coming right out and screaming that the sky is falling…then the idea it might be him, or another Dark Wizard on the rise…it is their own." A quiet shrug.

"As far as I know he is." Moody replies evenly enough before shaking his head. "But the patterns.." is the only thing hat has him worried, but wait this is Moody. It could be snowing outside and he would blame Death Eaters, or something ridiculous right? After all he did imperio a whole class. "I'd say tell them- t' look at the patterns- for history has a way of repeating itself.." And with that the paranoid Professor reaches back into his robes for that flask. "Stress t' be watchful- an wary. Look out for one another." A rueful smile there before he is raising the flask. A silent cheers over towards the girl. "Constant Vigilance."

Angelina has no flask. Instead, she just nods her head and gives a slight smile. "Alright. I'll do what I can. Maybe..maybe I'll accidently leave my paper out in the Common Room." Speaking of the paper, she reaches to retrieve it, intending to take it back with her. "Uhm..just one more question? Do you have room for another student assistant? I know its only a few more months left."

Angelina, does manage to catch Moody offguard even if it is hard to notice. A swig of the Whisky, or whatever might be down in there, before 's looking back to her. That cackle of his etches out slowly, softly. "Well, I can't fault a student if they have an honest mistake." Moody approve of the move? Possibly. "Another assistant though…" He did allow one fellow-"You looking for more information for your 'paper' or are you really interested in learning more?"

Hey! She got him to laugh! That is a start, right? "No. The paper is done. The research for it, anyway. I have some things to add to polish it up." Angie looks around, even leaning to look out the door. "I know I will have to do some study, if they will let me, since I didn't take all the right classes — but Auror — it's one of my backup plans. I know it shouldn't be a backup plan. You should do it because you want to. And I do. If I can't play Quidditch for the rest of my life, I want to do that."

One thing that Angelina might notice, is a small picture frame in the corner of the room. Over by the cabinet and its accompanying counter. The couple in it, youthful and happy. But then after that bit of looky loo'ing about from Angelina, Moody is stepping back into her visual plane. "You could always try for a Hit Wizard and work your way to being an Auror- its not uncommon for one to have been the other at some point.." The professor frowns for a moment. "I'll suggest getting those other classes as soon as you can Miss Johnson." a nod right there. "Give me the weekend to think on it-If after this weekend you still want to be my assistant- and still are thinking of pursuing a job as an Auror-then I will consent for these last few months." There. That settled, Moody begins to stump back over to his chair "Who would you play Quidditch for?" the whirl of the blue eye leaves no question to whom he is speaking to. "If you went professional?"

Her gaze falls upon the picture, but nothing is said. That is for another time, perhaps. "I can give you the weekend, sure." Angie tips her head. "I can't just pick up the classes now, can I? Mid term? I didn't know I could do that." Oh! He asked the magic question. "I'd prefer the Falmouth Falcons. That is the team my father works for, and the team that had me on a broom before I could walk. They let me train with them sometimes, teach me stunts…they are already by team, in a way. But if I have to go somewhere else, and work my way over, then I do."

"We'll see." Moody merely states before with a groan-grunt and a sigh the professor has seated himself and has himself more or less comfortable again in his seat. "Flacons are good this year?" asked and then a shake of his head "I was always a harpies fan m'self." A chuckle and a nod all the same "Well Ms. Johnson, I have some papers to grade-and you a paper to misplace..So I am going to say, t' run along now..And if anyone catches you in th' hall you had my permission to be out." There bases covered. "You have a good night, Miss Johnson."

"Falcons are good every year." Angie actually grins brightly at him. "And thanks. For the talk. And the cover to get back to the common room. I imagine I'll get caught by Snape. Because that is just how my luck rolls." She gives him a quick wave, then heads for the door. "Good night, Professor."

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