1994-10-16: Death Eater Tea


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Scene Title Death Eater Tea
Synopsis It was a civil conversation, until a Death Eater shows up.
Location Undisclosed Location
Date Oct 16, 1994
Watch For Maturity
Logger Bad Dog

The safehouse has been setup with numerous wards against detection from the outside, and to keep muggle solicitors away. There is also a radius around the home that prevents people from Apparating and Disapparating. From the outside, it looks like a nice little suburban home. On the inside? Witches and wizards are in place around the clock. Of the three bedrooms, one has been designated specifically for Sirius Black, the others are in use by Ministry operatives who are assigned more longer term shifts.

All in all, the setup isn't bad. One really can't complain. There is a distinct lack of privacy at times to be had, but it's not Azkaban. At least, that's what Sirius is telling himself. He's trying to look on the bright side of things, even as he is ill at ease and unable to relax. An outward calm is what he attempts to project, even if he wants to cave into pacing and other signs of the agitation that he feels.

Being on the other side of the deal isn't bad either. Almost boring. Addie had excepted something more exciting from one of the highest profile criminals of the decade. And then he just up and turns himself in? What a let down. Addie didn't mind the walk from the aparation zone, and uses a key to get past the magical juju. Once in, her makes small talk with the wizard she's relieving before he leaves.

Thus far, Sirius has been a model prisoner. Of course, it has only been a few days since he was dropped off here, so give him time before he goes stir crazy. Doesn't take long for cabin fever to set in with this one. (Because he's behaving, it's a bit like waiting for someone to drop the dungbomb.) Bored with staring at the ceiling for the umpteenth time today, he steps out of the assigned room, intending on doing something as simple as making a cup of tea. He glances over at Addie as she enters. Another face coming and going. A good look is taken before he just continues to the stocked kitchen. Naturally, he gets a few panicked looks, even as he says, "I'm not going to attack you with the sugar tongs, I just want some tea."

Addie is clapping the wizard she is replacing on the back as Sirius emerges. "So that's him," she murmurs. She was just a kid when he went away the first time, but Merlin willing he'll go back soon. Her eyebrows raise as she meets the man's gaze. Yeah, yeah, you're hot shit. "Sugar tongs, maybe not, but hot water, oooh, you could give some nasty burns with that," she comments, following him in to the kitchen. Tea does sound nice.

Brows raising in faint amusement at Addie, he just continues on to the kitchen. The wizard whom Addie is relieving, gives a nod of affirmation towards the identity. Needless to say, the wizard is now off duty and quite glad to be rushing out the door. In the kitchen area, Sirius is having to do everything by hand, and he doesn't seem to mind. The kettle is put on, and he's rummaging through the tins. Only an assortment of bags can be found, no loose leaf. Beggars can't be choosers, and regardless, he takes his time going over the small selection. "Quite right, you are. Pulled a few pranks in my day with hot water," he says in a quiet voice as he finally decides on some earl grey. As he pulls out a mug from the cabinet, he looks over his shoulder, hand on a second mug, "Want tea as well?"

Addie leans against a counter where she can watch Sirius' hands and still have some space to react if he tries any funny business. Close supervision is a blast, isn't it? "How kind of you to offer," she says with a nod.

Sirius doesn't seem to mind the close supervision. Goes with the territory right? At least he's got the freedom to get up and make a spot of tea here. "Would have been rude of me not to offer with you standing there." He can at least recall that not offering is rude. It's been ages since he's been in polite company. (For the most part.) Thus far, no signs of funny business from him. Seeing no need to introduce himself, he asks, "Got a name? Or do I get to call you Guard number 2?"

Addie is really tempted to leave it at Guard Number 2. Sure, it's not as good as #1 Guard, but at least she wouldn't be first in line should it come to violence. "Well, for offering the tea, I suppose I can give you that much." It will probably come out at the trial, anyway. "Howell. Pity you didn't get Wireless in Azkaban, you'd know me," she says. She used to be kind of a big deal.

"We weren't allowed much of anything there," Sirius says, a mask slipping over his face and his gray eyes dimming. "Pleasure to meet you Miss Howell, or at least, it would be if it weren't under these circumstances." Kettle settling to boil, there's nothing to do but wait for it to reach a proper temperature. He folds his arms across his chest and eyes Addie with an even stare, "What is your claim to fame?"

Addie shrugs, suddenly modest. "Used to be a fair seeker a few years back. Before I took a bludger to the head that put this crazy idea in my head." 'This' meaning watching notorious mass murderers make tea. She still wears a slight smirk, even under Sirius' stare. Her relaxed posture is a front, because her eyes constantly flick from Sirius to the tea to the room where the rest of the guards are, and one arm is casually close to her wand.

"That would do it. Known a few promising Quidditch players in my time." Sirius doesn't want to go into detail about it all. The topic brings forth a pang. Seeing as he's watching Addie as closely as she's watching him, her stance doesn't surprise him any. "So went from catching bludgers in an artful manner to working for the Ministry. Quite a leap."

Addie's smirk flattens. "It's a living." Serves her right, she brought it up. After a few beats of silence spent trying to bite her tongue - honestly! she tried! - but she's been itching to ask the man himself ever since she was put on assignment, "I'm sorry, I have to ask. Did you- you know, do it?" She looks almost apologetic about the question, but SO CURIOUS.

"That's a rather loaded question," Sirius says, a smirk of his own forming. "Did I do what exactly? There's quite a bit that I've done. Could you clarify?" Then to give him something to do, he gets out two teabags, placing one in each mug and rummages for spoons.

Understandable he'd dodge the question. Addie chuckles; wouldn't it have been something if they just asked him and got a confession. "Anything, I guess, anything to deserve this." She indicates the safe house with a sweep of her arm. She doesn't interfere with the tea-making process, or try to help. If he wants to, let him go for it. Addie's never turned down someone doing domestics for her.

Sirius wasn't dodging the question! It was honestly a loaded question. 'It' could pertain to oh so many things. The smirk fades and the shadows creep back into his gaze as he looks around the house. "Maybe.. I don't doubt that my actions led me here." Even though Peter's responsible, he feels incredible guilt for switching places. Instead of a simple whistle to signify the water is ready, the kettle lets out a shriek, "OI! Tea-time! It's not going to make itself!" Not finding this unusual at all, Sirius turns to fetch the kettle and to pour the hot water over the bags.

Interesting. "Hmm." Addie chews over that until the kettle goes off. "Heh. Not a lot of manners, that one. An uncle of mine had one that -would- make the tea for you, until it went rogue and started steeping tea leaves in his loafers."

"Better the kettle than a hateful toe-rag of a house-elf," Sirius says as he lets his teabag steep. Speaking of which.. should he get annoyed enough, he ought to call for Kreacher. That would be enough to liven anyone's day. Not. "Although, one of my aunt's did have a badly tempered tea set. The sugar tongs were a bit on the violent side."

"It seems like no one can afford to purchase working appliances these days," comes a sudden observation from the area of the kitchen doorway, where Edwin Gifford has just appeared with an empty mug of what used to be coffee and is now a stain in the bottom of the tiny ceramic well. "I can't believe how far our society has fallen." The hit wizard smiles and leans against the door frame as he slides the mug onto the counter a few inches away from himself.

"Tsk, can't trust those sugar tongs. The sugar, it gets to them. Drives 'em coocoo." When Edwin comes in she straightens up a little bit and greets her superior with a "Sir," and a smile.

That voice. He's heard it once. Sirius's head snaps up, like a dog that's spotted a squirrel. His grey eyes instantly harden as he recognizes Edwin's face. He may have been color-blind at the time, but he knows what you are. Hands on the counter, they coil into white knuckled fists as he tries to control himself. "You're telling me. Slipping standards all across the place, certain societal clubs that let any scum in." Okay, so maybe he's not doing so good at controlling his temper, what with that dig. "No. More like moronic dungbrains of relatives thinking that charming objects with dark spells is the height of fashion," he says in a very controlled sort of voice as he resists the urge to attack Edwin.

There's an enormous grin from Edwin, who completely fails to recognize Sirius. How could he? It's not as though the resemblance between the man and the canine is that pronounced, although a case could be made for such an analogy given enough time and information. "Since when has the height of fashion not been something ridiculous? I don't think aggressive table silver is on the top of the lists of those who deal in such things. And do try to watch your language, Black. There's no call for crudeness."

"Maybe he wasn't kidding about the sugar tongs," Addie mutters under her breathe, making a mental note to have the safe house's tea set looked over. Just in case. Her critical eye snaps off of the utensils at Black's outburst. That's… a little excessive of a response. Addie shifts her weight a little, keyed up in case is escalates any further. Which is definitely not something she's hoping for. Nope, not even a little.

Sirius bares his teeth in a very canine like grin, that's not remotely a smile, directing it at Edwin. "Of course not," he says through his teeth. "But some things haven't seem to gone out of style, like certain marks." Oh, it could be so easy to transform and attack Edwin there.. Or perhaps attempt to wrest Addie's wand from her. So many options, all of them ill-advised and in no way will assist his situation. Tea forgotten, he's not wanting to remove his gaze from Edwin. Sneaky Death Eater. Now if he can get a name to go with the face, to place back with Septima in Hogsmeade.

"You'd know all about marks, wouldn't you, Black." It's not exactly a question. Edwin's focused gaze snaps briefly over to Addie as if to apologize for the very obvious showing of his ideas about Sirius' innocence - or at least that's what it might be interpreted as. He's very quickly got his eyes back on the convict, though, the smile on his face getting rather wan and less friendly. "I daresay you've had some spectacular first-hand experience with them. Try not to force us to put you down before we can legally toss you right back into your cell, would you?" It's not like that scenario would be much of a pity. Something about the other man is giving Edwin the feeling that Sirius is just a dog dying to be let off his chain, though he can't imagine why. And then, abruptly: "Miss Howell. How has our honored guest been behaving himself?"

"Quiet as a mouse, up 'til this," Addie admits. She is a little baffled at the sudden change, she was enjoying the banter, of sorts, but what should she expect from Black? Sanity? If he hadn't lost it before Azkaban, the wizarding prison certainly didn't do him any favors in the mental stability department.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours? Oh wait, I forgot, I haven't got one." Sirius all but snarls at Edwin. Well, a Dark Mark that is. Tattoos yes, all runic, but no deathy eatey markings. Thus far, he has been behaving best he can. At least he hasn't lunged for Edwin. Once upon a time, he perhaps was able to have a cool head when facing off. Nowadays? Not so much. For behavior? Up until now, he was just fine, except for being mentally unstable. This is what happens when cousins marry cousins. Not exactly ignoring Edwin, oh he's watching you, Black forcibly turns to face Addie, "You played Quidditch then, for what team?"

The only reaction to the nearly-open accusation from Sirius, at least on Edwin's part, is a slightly raised eyebrow and an indulgently amused smile. "One day you'll stop projecting your problems onto others, Black, and then maybe you'll have finally grown up." There really isn't much to be said for Sirius' level of sanity these days, no. And that's why treating him like a dangerous helmet-wearing retard works so very well in front of others. He looks to Addie again, his expression suddenly rather earnest. "-Is that tea you're brewing?" The Big Bad Death Eater definitely wants a cup. Two sugars.

"Couple diff'rent ones," is Addie's terse reply. Gone is the fraternization and smirks from before, Addie has put on her business face. "He was making it," Addie says, indicating Black with a nod. "I was supervising. Should be enough for three." Yes, she sees nothing wrong with accepting supposed Death Eater Tea.

Sirius's answer? Another snarl at Edwin, and a muttered 'just you wait.' As Edwin seems to be fancying tea, the mature thing is done. Sirius dumps the remaining hot water down the sink and claims the mug he poured for himself. "We were brewing tea, yes." Make your own, Death Eater scum. "I see, variety is good. I followed Quidditch a bit. Never played personally, preferred watching. Just tell me you didn't play for the Cannons and I can respect you in the morning."

"Never mind, I'll pass." Edwin was fancying tea until Addie mentioned the maker of said fabulous beverage. He may have gotten contaminated with some horrible rotting prison disease, since Sirius is obviously some sort of plague carrier, and as such he doesn't seem to mind that Sirius has oh-so-maturely gotten rid of the water. As a quiet fan of Quidditch the man already knows what position the woman played and the dark cloud surrounding her career, so instead of engaging in the conversation he chooses to take the course of his own amusement and edges further into the kitchen, leaning back against the section of counter right next to Sirius. If his presence annoys the con so much, then it should be made plentiful!

Hey, she's got tea, so, point. Addie draws her wand and checks for poison in the tea. Not excessively thorough ones, but she just wants something to kill her thirst, not her. "Not the Cannons," Addie says. The day Addica Howell learns to keep her mouth shut is the day the Death Eaters win. "Lost to 'em once though, heheh, that wasn't a good day."

If Sirius is a plague carrier, it's the Ministry's fault for using Azkaban as a dumping ground with no care for what happens after. Swiping up his mug of tea, Sirius drops a few cubes of sugar in, then pointedly moves away from Edwin. He doesn't respond again until he's put distance between himself and Edwin. "Not a source of pride, that. Wonder if they'll ever have decent players." A sharp glance is thrown at Edwin, he really should get the annoyance's name at some point.

The tall Death Eater is not exactly the type to be forthcoming about his identity. He knows who Black is. He knows who his colleagues are. Anyone who doesn't already know him? They don't have to know for him to do his job, and so Edwin just stays in his new lean-spot with a pleasant smile on his face, absently listening to the Quidditch talk being batted around the room. "Unlikely. They're a disgrace to the game."

"Nah, every league needs their eternal underdogs. Some people just honestly like their team not to win." She sniffs her tea one last time before taking a small sip. "Teams like the Cannons give them someone to root for and never actually have to deal with success."

Sirius pointedly ignores Edwin, save for the occasional glance. Just to make sure he's doing nothing sneaky. The sugar is stirred around in his mug before taking a drink. It's a bit of a heavenly taste, tea proper with sugar. The taste is savored, and he tries to not show that he's enjoying it. "Hmmm.. you've a point. For those that like to whinge on endlessly." And.. since Edwin insists on nosing in, "I don't believe I've caught your name." Since he's at least gotten the names of the other guards. "Care to give it? So we can all be on friendly-like terms."

Nothing sneaky is going on at all. Edwin is just as dull and boring as anyone could possibly ask for, just like his name. "You can call me Ed, Black. I hope you plan on washing that mug when you're through with it, by the way. We're not house elves. We're hit wizards." Just in case Sirius has forgotten why he's here. The man then actually winks over at Sirius in a way that's nearly affectionate before returning his attention to the actual conversation at hand. "I'd think they'd want their team to be worth supporting. I fancy Puddlemere United, myself."

"United's pretty good. Nice set of chasers this year." Addie adds. She takes a longer sip of her tea, not that she hasn't died from it. That's always a plus. "Don't think much of their beaters, personally, but what are you going to do?"

Hmm. Ed. Bit of a plain name. No matter. Sirius can get one of his defense team to check the roster. "I'll wash the mug if I damn well please," is the only retort he gives before going back to not speaking with Edwin. The longer he stays in the presence of the Death Eater, the more he's not trusting himself to behave. Mug in hand, he exits the kitchen and lets one of the guards outside the room know he's returning to his assigned space.

Bye-bye, rejected convict blood-traitor. Edwin watches Sirius go with a stern look, his jaw setting itself with disapproval. "You'll wash the mug if you don't want to spend the time from now until your trial doing dishes by hand," he calls after the animagus gruffly. He is totally serious about that threat, too. Mostly because the fallout of such a decree would be vastly entertaining. The man then glances back at Addie, nodding once. "Every team has its weak links, but at least Puddlemere's weakest are still better than most."

Addie downs the rest of her tea in one gulp and takes the step or two to the sink. Rinsing her mug with a quick blast of water from the sink. "He better, I don't want to clean up his crap when he goes back." To Azkaban, preferably, but to freedom is a possibility. "D'you want yours cleaned to or are you just going to let it dry to the bottom of your cup so you can chip it off to eat later?"

"I've got it covered." As he speaks, Edwin draws his wand and aims it directly down into his discarded mug while muttering a simple cleaning spell - and within moments it's good as new, better cleaned than a simple rinsing could ever manage. As if he would ever lower himself to manual labor! "I clean up after myself, unlike that unwashed heathen. I can't imagine why the Ministry's even bothering with a trial."

Addie shrugs. "Give the people something to point at, I guess. It's always good to adhere to the process, even if the outcome is a given." She places the mug on the counter and leans back against it, facing the other hit wizard. "You don't think there's any chance he actually walks away from this, do you?" Sure, the outcome's a given but Addie knows a thing or two about upsets. On the pitch and in the courtroom.

Hah. "If he walks away from it, someone'll take him down within a month, mark my words. He's killed too many people to be allowed to walk free, and there's those living in this country who consider justice a cause worth the risk." If no one mans up to the task, of course, Edwin might just do it himself on the sly. The accusations Black put forward are too close to home to let him just wander around. With that thought lingering in his mind the man pushes off of his spot and offers a shrug. "We'll see. I have faith in the Ministry. Good evening, Miss Howell."

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