1995 03-06: Dear Da


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Scene Title Dear Da
Synopsis Amber and Rune plan out a letter to her father.
Location Hufflepuff Common room
Date Mar 06 1995
Watch For Awkward Date asking
Logger Runester

'Dear dad,' she writes on the piece of parchment in front of her.

It's been awhile since Sirius broke into the Great Hall with Harry Potter. Since their new Potions professor arrived carrying the dead body of her friend. Her father - out of touch with the wizarding world by his own choice - doesn't know any of this yet, and Amber doesn't know how to tell him.

The tip of her quill touches the sheet, and she draws it back again, touching the feathered end to her chin. Tap, tap. Comfortably seated on the floor at a low table, she leans forward, one arm slumping down until it's flat on the surface, before she lays her head on it. Geez, you'd think telling your da' that Harry Potter says that You-Know-Who is back would be the easiest thing ever! Ah, the sarcasm that exists in a young witch's brain.

'Everything is fine,' she finally writes, scratches it out, and then drops her head onto the table with a thud.

Ever since that bit of madness, Majora himself has been pretty scarce. He knew Torrington, mainly through her being in the house but never really talked to her all that much. Count that he's been receiving owls from worried parents. Wait-scratch that. More like, a worried mum has written letters and Dad keeps tellin him t' keep the stiff upper lip. Whatever, that bloody means.

Th' thud heard round the commons, is well just noticed as he comes down the stairs from his own dorms. He too has been cooped up with deciding just how much to write. Eyes focus in on the young witch-which he knows, and a smile forms. Albeit, sheepishly. All the same One hand reaches up to rub the back of his neck and tangle through the mess of hair on his head.

"'Lo Amber." comes the soft Welsh voice. He bloody needs to work on his speaking with confidence. "Hope your head didn't take too much of a toss there.."

Amber really should be better at this. She's good at bluffing, and improv is one of her favourite things ever. But writing this letter to her parents is a challenge that would be better fought on a field of battle, she thinks, as her mind continues to draw one long continuous blank.

When someone says her name, she looks up. There is an imprint of scribbled ink on her forehead, and 'Everything is F' can be made out just under that, backwards. "Oh, 'ey," she says, also softly spoken. Lately, she's been more vocal, but she sees that as a necessity, and, Merlin help her, she's getting used to it. Still, old habits die hard, and instead of asking Rune if he wants to sit down, she points to the floor next to her, and pats it. Pull up a seat, mate!

Rune isn't. Every time he tires t' file off a lie back to his mum an dad, whether about: grades, girls, sports, and other such nonsense he might not want them nosin' about in he is usually sniffed out. As if his own bloody ink gives him away. Y'know, he might have t' check in th' quil they keep giving him despite its being hard t' write with.

When she turns back and looks at him there's that grin of his, before its dropping "Um, 'mber.." hand coming up to motion to his forehead in a rubbing gesture as if t' indicate where the bit of ink has smudged itself. Though when the direction of a seat is offered he's coming over to plop himself down next to the 4th year. "Whatareyadoin' ?" rattled off rapid fire, before he's pausing taking a breath an then saying: "What are ya doin' mate?" Least with Amber Rune feels like hisself. She's in Quidditch with him-so it makes it much easier.

Oh. Oh crap.

Amber furiously rubs at her forehead, successfully smudging the ink into what looks like an awesome bruise. Pulling her hand away, she sees the ink there, too. Wonderful. Well, at least she'll have time to wash her face before class. And, hey, prior to that, she can use her giant forehead bruise to get a little sympathy! Because all the world's a stage, and she will not be embarrassed!

"Thanks. Dunnae think I got it all, but, what the 'ell, aye? Gots time b'fore class." In answer to Rune's question, she shows him the parchment with 'dear dad' written at the top, and a scribble over 'everything is fine' under that. "Cannae think what t'write after… You know. Me da's got some issues with wizardin' in general." Stuff she's probably mentioned to Rune in passing, since they're on the Quidditch team. Specifically, her father ran away from Voldemort during the first war, because he's a bit of a coward.

The smile widens at the wee bit of helpfulness done, and then he is absently licking his fingers and rubbing furiously at both of his cheeks. Someone did fall asleep in Muggle Studies today. Was a bloody boring lecture on telephone's which he knows about because they have them at his house. Well they have one that mum uses to call his grams.

A check of fingers. No Ink? Good.

"No problem- I try m' best t' help where I can." On and off the field. Eyes slide over to the parchment and there's a small frown. "I'm nae sure if I am a good person t' ask…Every time-Well, lest put 'er this way. If I says somethin' that isn't rightly true, my mum an da always know an I get a howler th' next morning." Usually it hits him before he makes breakfast, but on occasion he's been a source of amusement at the table. "But-" A grin back "We can try..'ow about…Dear Da'-comma- Everythin' is fine. I canna wait t' play Quidditch next semester, but m' focuses are on m' classes. Oh by th' way classes are goin?" and a brow there is raised "Well?"

Though knowing that her da did run during the first war-Rune's been never one t' judge himself. His da' hid his mother if he remembers what he's been told, rightly. "School is great?" a frown "Though right now it doesn't feel so feckin' great…What class d y' have next?"

"Oi, it ain't contageous ink!" she says with a laugh, leaning back on her hands as she does so. "You coulda asked if yer 'ad ink on yer face, too. Which y'don't, but…" She raises one hand deliberately from the floor, presses a couple fingers against the parchment - where the ink is still slightly wet, and then goes for Rune's face! HAH! Take that!

Whether or not she's successful in inking her Housemate's face, she folds up the parchment and sets it aside. She's not sending her father a letter with 'Everything is fine' scratched out. He'd wonder if she was lying. "Well, I jes' don't want 'em t' pull me outta 'ogwarts," she says. "I dunnae think they will, but mum's a muggle, dad wants to be a muggle, and then there's me, 'oo wants to be either a mediwitch 'r a pr'fessional Quidditch player - good luck on that last one, aye? - and wouldn't leave this stuff be'ind for all the world. So there's ther dilemma." There's a chance that her father will decide that that's enough.

"Hah, you n' those 'owlers," she says, giggling. Pulling another sheet out of her bag, she starts the letter again. 'Dear dad — School is tough lately. I feel like the workload is killing me slowly, but I wouldn't trade it. There's been some excitement around here, but nothing I haven't weathered.' Looking at Rune, she asks, "'ow's that fer a start. Don't give 'im no details, but it aren't a lie, neither."

This time, rather than setting her face down in the ink, she waves her quill over it to dry it. "I got Care of Magical Creatures. I just 'ope I'm not gonna 'ave my fingers bit off t'day."

A fine thing t' say." Rune says with that frown still there. "I coulda had it on me from another time- an imagine if I show up for Transfiguration an' MacGonagall is lookin at me as if I ate a cat. An she says in her warbly voice: ' Master Majora d' ya think y' ken show yerself all rustled an inkfaced in m' class? Do you not take your studies seriously?' An I says : 'Oi, Professor-it is because I show t'much diligence in me studies that m' face has ink. I lack fer sleep', then she would counter: 'Twenty eight points from Hufflepuff.'" A laugh there when the grin picks back up from his rant. Yes he thought that was mildly clever. However in his bit he fails t' notice the ink attack till it comes too late. One hand reachin out t' grab her Amber's wrist to keep from further smudging.

Laughter dies down an he lets her go before now he's really licking his fingers to slightly scrub and smear the ink more. He'll wash later. "I don' wan t'be pulled out either. Cardiff's not the most fun place t' be aye?" A look to her for a second, she'd know his own parentage-bloody hippie mother an his photographer Da-so e gets th' whole mum not quite understanding bit. "Never knew y' wanted t' be a mediwitch. I always figured y' the professional route-'ell you're better than me at th' game." His first time to be first team and Quidditch season is cancelled for the tournament. Bollocks. "I want t' fancy m'self a dragon handler.. Do all that studyin-an flyin. It' be th' real bloody limit.."His father thinks its foolish to get near perfectly good dragons-that one can see in film.

A laugh there "Oi, you try gettin one when y' got sleeps in yer eye still. Worse thing that can 'appen. Specially with th' whole table an all them Ravenclaws an Slytherins starin'..Like bein on a bad variety hour..", but its brushed off for a moment as he listens to the new revised opening to the letter. A nod there, "I approve." said with a grin "D' ye not have any decent gloves? I got a pair of Dragon hide gloves y' could borrow? An th' fingers peel back if you need more touch an grip, but they're sturdy.." Yes he's reaching for his satchel bag to rustle about inside for em. "Jus' give em back before last period-Tha's when I get t' go out there." though this comes with a bit more of a smile. One of the few classes he really loves.

"Hah, well, I'm s'prise more students aren't all inked. This aren't like regular pens, where the ink'll dry right away. Takes a few minutes." She continues waving her quill over the words until the slick black dulls into a more matte finish. "Eh? Why twenty-eight? Weird number. I think th'hourglasses only work in multiples of five!" She doesn't actually know that, but seriously, she hasn't heard many teachers take or give points in numbers other than fives and tens, or twenties in some cases, depending on severity. "'Ey, mate, y'got ink on yer face," she says helpfully as he holds her wrist, and she manages to look completely smug.

Her home town isn't actually too bad, so she shrugs. "Me parents live in a theatre. It's all right. Just…" There's one thing she doesn't tell many people, because she doesn't want anyone to think her parents are cruel. "Ya know 'ow I ever used to talk? An' … an' 'ow I talks funny now?" She looks around, to make sure no one else is listening in. "Me da' got this locket when I was little. It had a curse on it. Preven'ed me from talkin', 'cuz 'e didn't want me involved in this magic stuff. Didnae say a word 'til I was eleven."

She sighs, looking for the positive. "On the plus side, I can beat anyone at charades." It's comfort enough, and it's much easier to look on the sunny side of things. "I really like to 'elp people. 'Specially after that attack in 'ogsmeade, I wanna be able to master healin' charms.

"You think you might move ter like, Romania or sommat with all them dragons?" she asks of his career choice. "That'd be brilliant."

One thing Amber's never gotten is a howler. She got her first detention the other day, though. "Da 'as an owl, but I doubt he'd send an 'owler. Guess I'm lucky that way." With Rune's approval of her letter, she smiles. That's the first paragraph down, at least… But there's still a lot more to go. Somewhere she has to work in that her friend recently died. That's going to be a tough one to sugar-coat. When she looks up from the letter again, he's holding gloves out to her. "Oh, thanks! These'll really make a diff'rence. Maybe I won't 'ave to run to Pomfrey right after class, ha!"

"I jes think MacGonagall doesn' care much fer me.." So the points level of taken was a bit out, but that was th' point of Rune's almighty exaggeration. "T'anks." said back with a small bit of sarcasm-after he's smudged a bit more of the ink about, yeah he'll visit the loo before he dashes off t' class. No need lookin' like someone socked him right in the mouth.

"A theatre? Tha's rich." but, there's no sort-apparently someone is interested still. "So y' get t' watch plays an stuff like that? Seen anythin' good?" His mum takes him t' the theatre ever now an then when he's home for Christmas. However, the rest of the tale makes him frown for a bit. "I didn't know that-jus figured y' were from th' country when y' first came in. Nothin' more." nor did it keep him from making friends as it can plainly be seen. "I might go for a bit-but I'd love t' be stationed here or somewhere close-like a dragon sanctuary-but I'll take work where I can…"He's been working hard for his grades there to land him an internship and such for when he's coming into year seven. But, that is a ways off.

A slight beam there before he nods all the same.."Well if we ever play it one night I'll be on your team." The rest is filed away with a nod-well its always good to know what your friends are interested in.

"They're really not as fun as they look." Rune adds with a grin before he leaning back and well laying on the floor-now that gloves an all are handed over. Fingers lacing underneath his head he listens before tickin' a foot against the table. "Alrigh…Add: Th' professors are takin' real good care of us- an despite it all, it still feels like home?" a raise of the brow before he is waiting for the reaction "I hope not, need your fingers t' play."

"I think th'only pr'fessor tha' doesn't care for students is Snape," Amber says. She's fully of the opinion that everyone else in the school wants their students to succeed. "Then again, there aren't no Snape right now, isser? Y'know Pr'fessor Moldavia yet? She's somethin'. Dunno if I like 'er or no' yet, consid'rin' she made us drink poison n' all." Still, she's reserving judgement. Tiana did bring Perpetua back to the castle, after all.

The theatre is something she likes to talk about! This is evident by the way her eyes light up - hell, how her whole face lights up. "No, mate! Me parents built it. I was in some o' the plays! 'course, it were 'ard with no voice, but you'd be surprised whatcha can do. An' yeah, I watched me share, too. It's jes' a little place. Community theatre. Kinna somethin' people can get involved with t'keep busy n' all. N' it's mostly non-paid, so's people jes' do it for fun. You should come one day. Bet ya'd love it."

Amber never really got too far into any sort of love of magical creatures. She thinks they're cool, but not her forte. And the larger things scare her. Maybe she should voice that! "Dragons scare me a bit. Check that - a lot. I mean, they're perdy in books, but up close? Oi! I think I'd 'ave to run 'r somethin'. Good luck t'you, tho'."

She goes back to looking at the letter, starts to write something, and thinks better of it, drawing her quill away. "Yeah I do. Unfortunately, Pr'fessor 'agrid's critters got other ideas sometimes, they do. An' I think those 'ippogryffs have a taste for fingers sometimes. Ain't lost one yet, but those beaks sure do snap close enough sometimes."

"Oi, he bloody scares me." Rune adds as he looks back over towards Amber. He figures his teachers do want him to ultimately do well, he just gets ridden a little hard by MacGonagall-probably to push him to succeed. "Oi, I heard about that class. I was runnin, late for it so I decided t' bugger off instead of get us into trouble. Went by Pomfrey's t' get a note an all-an this 'ippo walked in!" So yeas the young man did catch some of the hoopla even if he didn't participate. "One of th' Gryffindors if memory serves me-Chaser. JOHNSON!" roared as he sits up.

Yes he's proud of his memory right there.

Th' look of her face makes him smile, a bit wider-infectious when someone really gets to talk about something they like. "Well then, I could try an come durin' one of the breaks if there is something on. I'd love it" Which is true-where as Rune fancies himself not to have the nerves to perform before people-he would watch it in a heartbeat. "I wish I could act, but when I get t' talking to folks in a official settin my tongue gets all bloody stupid, an I trip on m' words.." admitted, but still he would want to see a show.

"I could take pictures for you-you know if I ever get like a..a internship or something. That way you can see 'em an they'll look all up an close, but no worries about the snappin' of fingers eh?" He is out doorsy in those respects. "Trick with them big beasts like 'ippogriffs-is respect. Don' come at em, cause they can be right scared as you. Jus' be nice an show y' mean no harm." But that is a lot easier said-than done. And he draws a little silent-eprhaps a faint bit of awkwardness before his hand's sliding up to rub the back of his head "If you like-I..I." and he pauses for a second "I could help you study for Magical Creatures one day- y' know go through things."

"Snape bloody scares everyone," she says in a low, conspiratorial voice. "Ev'n the ones 'e likes, I think. But with 'im gone and Pr'fessor Moldavia around, well, things r' a li'l different. She seems t'like the students enough. I mean, she came t'see me in ther 'ospital before she game me detention." She pauses. "Story fer another time, I think." Laughter follows as she recalls the image of poor Angelina gallumphing away from the classroom. Poor girl. Amber's glad she didn't try to leave… She was seriously considering it.

"Great! It'll be awesome," she says when Rune agrees to visit the theatre. "There's always somethin' goin' on. At least set design, if not an actual play, n' it's always brill to see be'ind the scenes. That's what I think, any'ow. I won't throw you up in front o' people, though. Promise." There's a wink there. Maybe she's not serious. Maybe she really will make him perform. Run, Rune!

Amber starts to stand, gathering her things. "Best get to the restroom n' wash off me face b'fore class. No' that it won't get all muddy anyway, but, eh. I'll — " See you later, she's about to say, but she doesn't finish, 'cuz he's kind of asking her on a demented sort of study date, where they could very well be killed! It's cute! "Aw, yeah, I think I'd love that, mate!" Amber's not awkward at all. In fact, she's grinning. "We'll set it up! Just as soon as we can. Promise." And now she says, "See you later, Rune!"

He would argue that putting him up on stage was as demented as he offering to teach her stuff with Hagrid's wild beasts. But, still Rune's smile shines on. "Awesome.. Well then we'll figure a time-Yeah." He'll hold to the promise. She's up and running and he simply just sits there. "Later, 'mber!" called out while running a hand long his cheak. "Well…you did it now Rune m'boy." he mutters, but not at all blue about the situation. "An..she did wink…This, is good." A nod to himself before he's checking his hand and a small curse: "Bollocks" ad he is off to the washroom himself. Time to scrub before scurrying into MacGonagall's class.

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