1995-03-20: Day of the Dodos


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Scene Title Day of the Dodos
Synopsis Rune's dragging Amber to Hagrid's place to see the Diricawls!
Location Hogwarts Grounds
Date Mar 20, 1995
Watch For Collars for birds.
Logger Holly

Its a little before dinner and the sun is hanging low, but this could not wait it seems as two bodies are seen making their way down the moors leading to Hagrid's hut. The slightly taller of the two is pushing on down at a rather excitable speed, pausing to turn mid stride "You gotta see this, you're never going to believe-" is all Rune Majora can get out before he's missing a step, tripping, and finally rolling all the way down the rest of the jaunt.

When his body finally comes to a halt Rune just lays there sprawled out. Give him a moment to catch his thoughts, and breath here. After a moment he is slowly setting up, and pulling a bit of grass from his longish mop like hair. "ow-ow.." Nothing is broken though from what he can tell..And shakily he's starting to rise up. "I'm okay!"


Amber's… luckily a bit more graceful than Rune. Still, given that they're both aerial acrobats, so to speak, she's a little surprised when he takes a dive. "Oi! Whad'ja do tha' for!" she calls after him as she picks her way carefully down the rest of the hill to reach him. "Cripes, Are yer 'urt or anythin'! Does I need ta' get Pomfrey?" When she finally reaches him, she has her wand out, and kneels down next to him. "I thinks I c'n manage a minor 'ealing spell, maybe. I read about 'em, but I aren't never tried one. I 'ear this wand's good fer 'ealing, though, so's maybe I'm meant ta. Hang on." She looks him over for bruising are any cuts, and while she does, asks, "What der ya' want t'show me?"


Well on a broom, Rune's a bit more, oh what is the word? Relaxed. Rune's relaxed himself. It's as if once that adrenaline kicks in he is no longer the awkward and quite goofy arsed boy that he is when he's running around in his trainers or his scuffed black shoes. He's brushing some more of the turf off his sweater-before he is looking back, a slight flush of his cheeks and he is looking away only to cough, and smooth the hair out of his face. "Oh I'm fine-I really am, but if.." and he's looking back to her and he wand "If'n y' want y' can check. But I don' think I am injured." and given the welsh going back and forth, as opposed to stammering, means Rune is comfortable with who he is with…Somewhat.

A rub at the back of his neck and he's nodding down towards Hagrid's hut "I thought I would help ya an show you what we will b' learnin tomorrow in our classes. I got t' see Hagrid wrangling em in. Come on they won' bite…I think."


"Well, y'look aw'right," she says, poking his arms and shoulders, feeling no bumps. "N' I s'pose if you was broken, you'd be screamin' r' sommat. Maybe ya jes' fell in yer 'ead." She laughs, reaching up to tap him on the head a couple times. "Like it's made o' stone."

Pulling back her cloak, she puts her wand back into the pocket, safe and sound, where it's exactly where it is if she needs it. That's not likely around here, but it's still possible. After all, Perpetua was on Hogwarts grounds when she was killed. No where's exactly safe anymore. A well-placed stupefy could save their lives. And for some reason, Perpetua stuck around as a ghost, which is, frankly, disturbing. Amber wonders why.

Standing, she holds her hand to help him up. "Y'think they won' bite? I want all me fingers t'morrow, Rune."


"Thanks.." he mutters while avoiding eye contact while she pokes for injuries. A cough and he's looking back to her now only when he is tapped on the head, one hand running over as if feeling for a bit of his head for lumps. "t'anks.." this not as helpful, but he is laughing all the same. A look is given around as if trying to see what she is looking for-apparently someone is not completely constantly, vigilante. A grumble as a bur is pulled off his elbow, before he's looking to her hand.

A swallow as he takes it and well pushes himself up. Letting fingers linger for a seco before he is pulling his hand back "Wel-" and voice is cut off at the squeak, Oh just brilliant Rune, have a bloody voice crack when trying to sound all smart. "Well, I don't think so-they're very nice creatures, but I brought m' gloves in case you wanna share em.." Added as he nods.

And so Rune is walking on ahead to lead her around the back of Hagrid's hut where a huge cage looking thing sits quite alone. Silently berating himself, he stops, before that grin of his is growing "Look-there.." the blue feathered birds stand, just looking around and softly clucking. Huge beeks, and long legs. "Diricawls.."


"No problem," she says, smirking. Amber crosses her arms in front of her after helping Rune up, putting her weight back on one foot as she looks on. So long as he doesn't tumble from the sky on the pitch, he'll be all right. Seems like a tough kid.

They really should start practising, come to think of it. March is almost over already!

She noticed that lingering touch, but she's not gonna say anything about it at the moment. It's fun, this. Whatever it is. Amber's not exactly naive, but she's sure playing that way, at least for the moment.

But! Onto the things that Rune wants to show her. Following along behind in the waning light, she keeps looking over her shoulder, trying to see what it is… "Oh, wow!" she says when they come into view. "Oh, man. I read about these!" Approaching the cage, she notes a couple of them disappearing. Silly things! "Da' always said when I was li'l, not ta b'lieve everythin' was extinct as they said it was. Haha! Dodo birds."


Rune's busy focusing in on the Diricawls for a moment. Mustering his courage for a great big smile as he turns back to look over to Amber, and it almost seems to melt into something goofy, and gooey, if smiles could be as such. His hand's back out reaching for hers again, as he is going to pull it back in. For playing naive she does it well, as Rune is inwardly holding back major, and loud shouts of: YES! THIS IS AWESOME! Instead he's just grinning as he is coming in closer so as to edge nearer to the huge cage. Those acting lessons have paid off as he is none the wiser

"I remember when we first got out books with em innit, m' mum was like 'They're all extinct?!' an me Da said 'Love look at all these pictures I have..' t'at was a fun conversation for my mother..Anyway th' book says they're mainly harmless, but if we spook em, they can disappear.." So hence the slow and rather generally non aggressive movements being made as they move closer, and closer to the cage. "I brought some corn, if you want to feed em…" Don't ask where he knicked it from-that story in and of itself is a long tale all together.

He waits for her answer as he's reaching with his other hand, back and around for th' gloves hanging out of his back pocket, which might cause for an awkward sight. "Y' think we might start practicin' again..Since the tournament an all?" Well it was cancelled wasn't it? "Well..y' know between Moody's stuff-an school, Quidditch has a time righ?"


He's kind of adorable, isn't he? All charm and innocence. It's something in that smile that's attractive on more than just a surface level, too. But, no! It's far too soon in the game. There's a way to play it, or some would say. He's got her hand again, though, and she could pull it away easily, but doesn't. It's still cool outside, and the warmth is welcome, as well as the companionship. It's nice. "Ya really like 'em, huh?" she says as he pulls her closer. To her, she sees… Well. Birds. They're interesting birds, but they don't make her barely hold back squeals of delight.

She crouches down next to the cage, so she can get a better look at the chicken-sized birds. "Well, I were a Muggle 'til I was eleven," Amber says. "'cuz me da didn't want anythin' ta do with wizarding." The diricawls are looking at her expectantly, and she reaches up to take the corn from Rune, holding it through the bars for them. "Oi, they're gentle, aren't they?" she asks, as she notes that none of her fingers have disappeared down the creatures' gullets yet. Aw.

Eventually, she sits down cross-legged on the ground, so she's more comfortable. If it weren't for the lock on the cage, she'd reach in and try to grab one. Then again, they seem easily spooked, and keep vanishing every once in awhile. "Aye, Quidditch gots a time," she says. "We need ter get back on things, now that the pitch is clear."


He thinks he knows how to play the game, but the truth of the matter is that Rune is just guessing and oing off cues as he gets them. For now though the subtle hand holding is working and he is keeping a hold-though not fierce. He's not a creeper. yeah she could easily pull away and that's part of the excitement. Knowin she could go, if she wanted to. However eyes are looking back to those…well..bird. "I like em well enough. They're just interestin' cause y' don't seem em walkin around. They're not like house elves, or goblins..creatures they got down in books that you do know somethin' about."

Rune's not prejudiced, just speaking as it is. A nod and then he's passing on the corn as he crouches down beside her. One hand reached out to feel along one of the smooth beaks. "Oh they're very intelligent too-people seem t' think because of their disappearin' that they were easy to kill an thus very stupid." A shake of his head..And then the one he is petting poofs in a cloud of feathers only to reappear a few meters back. "Hm.." And so he is rocking back t' sit on his bum and hold his knees.

A glance back to her and he's grinning for a second "Yeah, I need t' remember how t' crack the bat-don't want t'lose the spot I worked so hard on.."


"Could take onna these guys 'ome," she says. Looking over at him as the diricawls gobble up the last of the corn, she half-smiles. "Y'know lots abou' these things, don'cha?" And she doesn't even have gloves on! See, she's not terrified of them all the time. Her fingers gently touch the feathered neck of one, and it tilts its head in order to tell her to scratch on top of it - there. That's the spot!

Amber giggles. She has to let go of Rune's hand for the time being, so she can reach into the cage and give the thing all the love it deserves. "D'ya think 'agrid'll let us keep 'em??" she says hopefully, though she's already certain the answer is no.

She looks toward the forest. There's a howl in that direction. "Oi, y'think there really are werewolves in there? Betcha there are. I 'ear it's enchanted, so's if yer a werewolf n' you go in, you're never 'uman again! How wouldja like that!"


"I think it'd make for a fine pet-except you'd lose it in thunderstorms, or when th' milkman or post comes, because they'd hear th' backfire from the truck and POOF." Rune exclaims, with a shwo of jazz fingers to indicate the feathers going all askew. "I'd right lose it, knowing my luck. Haha, an then he'd be wonderin around and would get caught an taken to a zoo." Oh yes Rune apparently has thought this all out before coming down here. As for allowing her t' go her hand slides easily as it seems he's more interested in watching her with em' than worryin on about what he is doin' right or wrong. "I spect some folks would ask, an 'ell say that they blong here, but ask folks t' come and look after em.." And that grin there comes wider as he's looking back over t' watch the Diricawl kicks his leg like a right dog. He's about t' say more nerdy stuff about the birds, when the howl catches his attention and he's looking in the direction of th' forbidden forest "I 'eard all manner of things live in there..Like forest trolls, an vampires.." But, Rune has no need to go exploring to see if it is true..A blink and he's standing up a little bit to watch the woods' edge "Don't think I'd ruddy like that if I was a wolf..You know I'd have to hunt an I like t' sleep..Bloody guts make me a little squeamish.."


"Well…" She ponders this. "I put a collar on it, aye? Then when it dis'pears, I c'n still find it. Like th'invisible man, wearin' an 'at n' gloves n' stuff. I bet it works. 'old on." Turning around, she reaches into her bag for a hair tie. It's one of those scrunchies that's too large to hold someone's hair back with just one twist, and she carefully fits it over the head of one of the diricawls, then makes a small, sudden movement. Several of them disappear, including the one with the scruchie. "Thar. See?" she points to the floating tie. "Collar. It'd work like a charm!" Conclusion: Amber is a genius.

When Rune expresses his worry, Amber shakes her head. "Aw, I wouldnae worry. Just talk. I think rumours are fun, though… Sometimes ya believe 'em for jes' a little while, n' they creep ya out n' stuff. And some rumours 'r for a reason, yeah? I bet— I bet some of 'em are true." Reaching into the cage, she takes her scrunchie back from the diricawl when it reappears, and stands. A couple steps are taken toward the forest, but she stops at a certain point, since it's getting dark.


Rune just blinks, taking his time to look back towards the cage watching as the scrunchy just floats and moves around there for a moment "Well I'll be buggered. Lookatwhatyoudiditsamazing!" comes all roaring out in what big bit of shouting-and partial Amazement. He's even so fascinated he's watching the others as they poof and move about "Bloody genius you are.." said without noticing right off the bat that indeed Amber's trundled on a little past. No, he seems completely enamored in the idea of putting collars on Diricawls.

But, when he goes to say something and see that she has moved, he's moving to catch up and come stand behind her, looking over her shoulder towards the forest. "I am a fan of ghost stories, but they always scare th pis-err bloody daylights outta me. But that doesn't stop me from readin em..I dunno-I jus think we're not allowed all the ways in there for some odd reason. I like t' think trolls." A nod, but as its getting dark. His hand is moving to touch her shoulder. "Startin t' get grub on..Don' wanna be late do we?" Well, not overtly late.


It's kind of adorable the way he's so excited about collaring a diricawl. And, hey, at least he's succeeded in getting her excited about one magical creature, even if they're just dodo birds. They don't seem stupid at all, though, like Rune said. "Could get 'em a nice pink collar with rhinestones!" she says. "R'maybe an 'arness, so it don't slip out of it. I dunno." Maybe she'll talk to Hagrid! "But that's prolly how their owners keep track o' them, I betcha. I wouldn't know what ta' do if River disappeared everytime she were spooked. Can't put a collar onna rat!"

Oh, Amber's certain there's something in the forest. Dangerous creatures, trolls, lions… Whatever. She has no intention of going in there without someone with her, like Hagrid, or one of the other professors. "Maybe dragons," she muses, before their thoughts turn away from the forest. "Yeh, we better get back, 'r someone's gonna come out lookin' for us."


Rune certainly has his moment, and usually they are not so easily compounded as they have been today. It appears the wizards of fate have smiled down on the welsh boy today. However he's staring right at the forest and his other hand is scratching at his chin-as he seems to be in some form of thought-most likely imagining the idea of werewolf getting trapped, and thus having to eat unicorns-or whatever else lives in those woods all the time-like doxies. Oh that would just not be right.."yeah." Rune finally chimes in before he is looking over towards Amber "Yeah, Well, a collar on a rat would have t' be bloody tiny-like a shoelace thick, but smaller so as not .." and he shakes his head "Never mind, I am not going t' try an come up with rat collars..Don' think they'd sell."

And for a moment it looks though right after she offers dragons, that he's tilting his head in to come in for a snog, however Rune thinks different of it, and looks away sheepishly before offering his hand. Not yet, there mate. Play it slow, but not too slow. "Come on then-lets go, I'll even sit next to ya." and ot down a couple of seat with a few other blokes from the team.

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