David "Davie" McAdam
Portrayed By Preston Bailey
House Unknown
Year -3rd
Position Child
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 8
Place of Birth Hogsmeade
Date of Birth 23 Jan 1986
First Appearance HP:ITF Year 1994
Last Appearance Who knows?

Character History:

Davie McAdam was born in Hogsmeade in 1986- his parents, Martha and William, had felt they'd waited long enough to have a child after the end of the first Wizarding War, not wanting to bring one up in a world full of killing. The family was not very well off, with Martha working as a cook at the Three Broomsticks and William struggling to find any steady work at all due to his rather inept magical skill- they barely managed to get their own home. Davie has always been an energetic and mischievous child (despite his physical fragility), a nature which his parents have done little to suppress, hoping that letting him be himself would help him to do better than they had. And so, when he's not getting basic schooling from his father or others, he's looking at the latest pranks from Zonko's or staring wide-eyed at the latest confection at Honeydukes. As he is currently younger than Hogwarts age, any magic he does is of the accidental sort, though it usually serves his scampish purposes quite well- popping him suddenly out of sight of authority figures, for example. Davie is well aware that he'll be at Hogwarts in three years, and while he's looking forward to being able to do magic he's not quite as interested in the "school" part. He has, however, heard much of the exploits of Fred and George Weasley, and they have become his personal heroes. His pet dog, Abe, has been a constant companion.


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