1995-02-05: Darkness Abound


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Scene Title Darkness Abound
Synopsis The Trio go on a hunt for Peter, whose name has appeared on the Marauder's Map. A new secret area of Hogwarts is discovered, and Harry goes missing.
Location The depths of Hogwarts
Date Feb 05, 1995
Watch For Mention of Spiders, Peruvian Darkness Powder
Logger Harry

With it being early evening on the last day of a weekend for Hogsmeade, a good portion of the student body that are allowed to be there, are just that. Still there. Though a few still straggle back to the castle every now and then. Good thing, as it leaves the castle fairly empty for roaming.

And it's just that which Harry is doing, hoping his friends are right on his heels. "It's just down here. Saw it on the map." he says, holding up said map in front of him as he walks. The seldom used corridors of dungeon number three are only lit just enough to see the map.

Just like Harry assumes, Hermione is right behind him. As they start heading down the more unused parts of the dungeon, she takes out her wand and quickly lights it to give them some illumination. "This is impossible, Harry. How would he ever get inside the castle? We all know what he looks like, we'd have seen him!"

"He can turn into a rat, though, Hermione, remember?" Ron says, pulling out his own wand and lighting up the corridors around them, as well. "Which isn't as easy to see as a full-grown bloke, and no one is going to think twice about a rat down here," he continues, looking around them.

"Any number of ways, I suppose. Though possibly through here." Harry answers back to Hermione, as he rounds the corner to a dead end. Nothing there but a brick wall. Are you sure he's going the right way? "And yeah, while he can turn into a rat, that still doesn't hide the fact that he's a rat missing a toe." A little more light would be helpful, and his wand is retrieved with a quick chant of 'Lumos'. The map is now more brightly illuminated, so that it shows all three of their dots and names standing at the dead end of the corridor.

Finally having stopped, Hermione holds her own illuminated wand high up, casting their shadows into strange shapes behind them. Looking at the dead end of the corridor and then back at the map, she frowns. "I don't see anything, Harry. Not even parts of his name on a dot." Giving Ron a roll of her eyes, she adds, "I know that, Ron. Remember, my cat knew it before any of us. And Crookshanks hasn't been hunting any rats lately."

"You guys asked how he could get in, I'm just trying to help," Ron says, a hint of defiance in his voice. He's just trying to help! When they come around to the dead end, Ron leans over, peering at the map. All he can see are their own dots, and he looks up at the wall. "I don't think this is it, mate."

On the map, above the end of the corridor one word coalesces out of nothingness. 'Innervate'. "That's because the map doesn't show this part of the castle until we get into it. Like the room of requirement." Harry replies, looking up at the and speaking the word. As he finishes, it's like a shower of sand as the wall literally crumbles to the ground revealing a passageway lined with torches that seems to head further downward. His gaze darts sidelong to Ron, with a wide grin. "Still think this isn't it, mate?" he asks, the bit of humor in his voice indicating that maybe he's been down here before.

"You didn't tell us that." Hermione frowns at Harry, not liking him keeping secrets like that from them. "If Peter Pettigrew is back, Harry, that means that Voldemort isn't that far off. You know that." When the wall crumbles like sand, she holds out her lit up wand again downt he darkened passageway. "And how're we supposed to help if you're not letting us know about it?"

"You didn't," Ron says, agreeing with Hermione. Jumping back a few feet as the wall dissolves into the ground, Ron leans in, carefully, wand held high to cast as much light down the corridor as possible. "Well… it could be, but are you sure we should be going down this by ourselves? There could be… things down there."

Harry turns to look at Hermione with an apologetic expression. "Didn't think you'd take too kindly about me sneaking around the castle chasing after this rat." he says, then darting towards Ron. "It's just a storage chamber. Or was the last time I was down here. Come on." Stepping a foot over the line of dust, he starts to move towards the stairs that lead downwards. When he does, on the map the picture of a large chamber appears with two rows of three columns each dividing it. The words 'Miscellaeous Storage' float above it.

"You've been down here before without us?" Hermione's frown just keeps getting more pronounced and maybe even a little hurt. When he starts to move off down the hallway, she reaches forward to grab him by the arm and stop him. "Harry, this isn't some game. Just because you have a Maurader's map doesn't mean that you're invincible. This isn't about being angry at sneaking about, this is about your safety."

"Yeah, what's that about, Harry? You need someone with you in case something goes wrong, or you get hurt, or something," Ron says, still looking down the corridor. Storage or not, there could be bad stuff down here. Like spiders. Big ones. Who knows how long they've had down here to grow and mature and get massive so they can eat all three of them in one gulp. "That, and if you're going to go running around secret places in the castle, you should take your best mate!" For adventure!

"Once, yes. And I would have taken you both but…when I first saw Peter's name, I didn't think you'd believe me." Harry admits, looking back up from the map towards his friends. It's not enough time though to avoid the incoming grab from Hermione. SNAGGED! His eyes drift from the hand around his arm up to Hermione. "I know it's not some game. And I know I'm not invincible. But he got away from us last year. I wasn't about to let that happen this time. And maybe, if we stop him, we stop Voldemort." Or at the least slow him down. "You wouldn't have like it down here the first time, Ron." he adds, glancing at his best mate. "Loads of cobwebs." Though the path looks clear now.

"That doesn't mean you run off on your own!" Hermione is quite firm on this. "If you go off by yourself like that all the time, you're going to get yourself killed. Or expelled. I don't know which one is worse." She's echoing her former first year self, but it's still true. "If it's on the Maruader's Map, we'd have believed you. Or, we'd at least have gone with you to check it out." That piece said, she releases the Boy Who Lived Through Hermione's Speeches and allows him to start down the abandoned passageway again.

Rolling his eyes at Hermione (pretty sure death is worse than expulsion), Ron takes a few steps down the passageway. "I think he gets it now, Hermione," he says, giving Harry a Significant Look over the top of her head. He raises his wand again, eyes searching for even the smallest amount of evidence that a spider is nearby. "I don't think You-Know-Who is going to be down here, anyway. Dumbledore would know if he got into the castle somehow, wouldn't he?"

Harry just stands there for a moment as he's lectured. Hasn't he heard this one before? First year, maybe? They all seem to blend together after a while. "I get it, okay?" he asks, frowning a bit until he's released. "I just…it was an opportunity that I couldn't let pass at that moment." His impulsiveness is something they should know well by now. "And Ron's right, if there was something bad happening, Dumbledore would know." Or so he thinks, as he starts down the small staircase which soon opens up to a cavernous room lit by large torches lining the walls. Along three of the four walls, are large storage chests most which appear to be closed. Save for one on the back wall which is ajar, but only a hair that no would would hardly notice it unless they look closely.

No one else seems to get the magnamity of this situation. "Neither of you get it." Hermione sighs and starts following them anyway. "Of course Voldemort couldn't enter here without Dumbledore knowing, but he has Peter Pettigrew to do that for him. Dumbledore may be the best Wizard in the world, but he isn't everywhere at once. We're sneaking down here without him knowing, after all."

"Well, if Peter Pettigew is down here, we'll just have to stop him, won't we?" Even as he says it, Hermione's words unsettle him a bit, and Ron is a bit slower in walking down to the cavernous room, taking care to make sure there's nothing hiding around corners ready to jump out and curse them. "Bloody hell," he says, taking a look around the room, eyeing the chests. "What do they store down here, anyway?"

Glancing at the map, Harry frowns. "Well, if Peter is doing Voldemort's bidding, he's not here now." he says, shaking his head as he looks around the large chamber. "Nox." he utters, as he kills the lighting that is no longer needed thanks to the torches. "I don't know, Ron. Never bothered to look in them when I was down here the first time. Maybe it's where Snape keeps all the old potions that students brew up?" Yeah, the last bit is an attempt to lighten the mood slightly.

There's a snort from Hermione. "If no one knows about this place, it can't be for anything important." Another roll of her eyes, because though her wand isn't needed to provide light any more, she's wary of this place and doesn't like the fact that they're alone down here where Peter Pettigrew may have been before. "If he was hiding from us on the map already, then it wouldn't be too hard to go back into hiding, now would it?" Does she have to think of everything? Looking about the dusty space, she frowns. "What do we do now?"

"Just because we didn't know about it doesn't mean that no one else does, Hermione," Ron says, dousing the light on his wand and heading over to one of the chests. "The teachers probably know about it— so Snape could store potions down here… or maybe texts on how to torture his students the easier." Reaching down, he grabs one of the lids of the chests, struggling for a moment, but managing to pop it open and lift the lid to reveal the contents inside.

Harry consults the map one more time, shaking his head. "There doesn't look like there's another exit from the room aside from the way we came." he states, tapping it and uttering 'Mischief Managed' before folding it up. "I don't know. If there's no other exit from here, then where did he go?" His gaze looks towards Ron, as the chest is opened.

As the chest that Ron is at is opened, it reveals nothing more than a stack of ancient History of Magic textbooks. Like…a century old. But that's not all. At the same moment the cabinet in the center of the back wall bursts open and a cloud of a black powdery substance blows into the room. Peruvian Darkness Powder. Enough that it almost immediately sets the room into pitch blackness. Anyone with Lumos will only see a foot away from themselves.

With a long suffering sigh, Hermione just gives Ron a look. "There are so many rooms in Hogwarts, not everyone even knows about them all. And this one was hidden." When she sees that he's trying to open one of the containers, she holds out a hand. "Ron!" If they're not supposed to be here, they're not supposed to open old crates, either. "But, if we didn't know this room was here until we were in it, it could be the same for the other rooms about here. Don't put the map away ye—-" Before she can finish, the black powder escapes and she coughs. "Lumos!" Luckily, her wand is already out. "Ron! Harry!" Groping with her hand, she attempts to grab on to either of them.

"Well, they wouldn't just leave anything dangerous lying around would they?" Ron says, glancing into the chest. "See, it's just a bunch off—" Much like Hermione, Ron is cut off by the sudden appearance of the darkness powder, and the room going completely black. "Lumos!" Ron says immediately, stumbling around blindly in an attempt to find one of his friends. "Hermione! Harry!" It's not easy, considering he can only see about a foot in front of him, and inhaling the powder isn't exactly helping either. "Where are you!"

"I'm over here!" Harry shouts, involuntarily expecting the his friends to follow the sound of his voice. The echoing of the room probably doesn't help. His own wand is quickly illuminated though it doesn't do much good. *cough* "Stay where you are. I'll try to feel through the darkness and find you."

There's the sound of doors opening and clattering against the wall followed by the scuffling of feet. Whispered words are heard, but are unintelligible through the powder. Harry's voice sounds out, definite concern in it. "There's others in here. I can't make out the voic…" There's an abrupt cut off as the words 'Locomotor Mortis' are shouted by a raspy female voice. Immediately followed by a gruff male grunting, "Move, the powder will be wearing off in a minute." But nothing else aside from the sound of doors clattering shut.

There are others in the room with them? At the sound of that, Hermione yells out again. "Harry?!" Despite being told to wait, she starts to flounder toward where she heard the voices. Though it's not really the best idea that she can think of, she wings off a spell in that direction. "Expelliarmus!" Hopefully she'll hit whoever the intruder is.

"HARRY!" Ron cries out, pointing his wand into the darkness, ready to cast a spell. He hesitates for a split moment, afraid that Hermione might be doing the same thing (considering he has no idea where she is), and he doesn't want to hit her. "Harry!" he calls out again, blindly feeling his way through the darkness with his hands, hoping that he runs into someone friendly, and not one of the owners of the new voices.

The disarming spell Hermione cast totally misses whoever it was aimed towards, instead resulting in what sounds like a cupboard full of armor spilling open. And as the powder clears, the torches illuminate the room again to show just that. A cabinet on the other side of the room having been knocked open and assorted pieces of rusty armor laying in a pile on the floor. However, there is no sign of the Boy Who Lived, aka Harry. The only evidence he was ever there is the Marauder's Map that is laying half-unfolded in the middle of the room.

"Harry!" Hermione calls out again, disbelieving that he's gone. Swinging around, she's relieved to see that Ron is still here, though. Taking stock of everything, she notices the map on the floor. Running forward, she snatches up the Maurader's Map. "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good!" Tapping the parchment with her wand, she eagerly awaits to see where Harry could have gone. "Come on, come on!" It has to draw itself fast so that they can follow.

Staring in disbelief at the map once the darkness clears, Ron only snaps back to the present at the sound of Hermione's voice. "Where did he go?!" he says, rushing forward to watch the map, shaking his head immediately afterwards. "We have to go tell Dumbledore!" he says, reaching out to grab Hermione's wrist. "We don't know who it was, and we need him! Or someone, one of the teachers, any of them! Come on!"

When the map is unfolded and tapped, it begins it's task of drawing out the layout of the school. Scaled, of course. It doesn't take long for the map to finish and display the location of people. But nowhere does it display Harry. It does however show Dumbledore up in his office.

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