1994-07-04: Dark Gossip


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Scene Title Dark Gossip
Synopsis Two friends from Hogwarts catch up, and an interesting delivery turns their catching up into darker waters.
Date 04 July 1994
Watch For None
Chronology N/A
Logger Tonks

Three Broomsticks

The interior of Three Broomsticks Inn is usually very crowded, noisy, warm, and smoky. Flagons and tankards of mulled mead, butterbeer, red currant rum, and other sorts of drinks are poured and served from the polished wooden bar opposite the door by the curvaceous hostess, Madam Rosmerta. A long mirror covers the wall behind the bar, reflecting even the images of patrons tucked into the most shadowy corners. In one corner next to the bar is a large stone fireplace, with a cozy fire burning in it almost all the time. Stools line the bar, and also surround the many tables in the pub in groups of two or four.

After what seemed to be the shift that lasted forever, Reverie heads into the Three Broomsticks with a soft sigh. She's changed out of her usual attire as she wears a simple muggle outfit for now, a pair of snug fitting jeans, and a blue button down blouse. She runs her fingers through her hair, giving Rosmerta a friendly little wave before beelining towards one of the booths near the back. "A bit of red currant rum I think.." she asks before easing on down to relax.

Good gracious, she's been all over the place lately. Good thing Apparation is so handy. But this time, Tonks is here for her own self, and not for any business of the Ministry's. She could use some time off. The death eater attack in Diagon Alley, the still continuing search for Sirius Black (there's a sneer as she passes a wanted poster of the man)…yeah, busy work for the new Auror.

She makes her way towards the bar first. "Oi! Firewhisky please," she requests, placing the cost amount plus tip on the bar. Once that's done, she glances around and spots something unexpected! A familiar face! Downing her whisky she requests another whisky before she ambles towards the back booth, grinning. She doesn't call out just yet. That's because after she downs her second whisky…she trips on a chair leg. Excuse her while she tries to detangle her legs from a chair.

As Rosmerta brings the rum over to her booth, Reverie turns and catches someone at the corner of her eye. She raises her brows and hrmms for a few moments before a bright smile curls onto her lips, snickering softly as she watches the young woman try to free herself from the evil grasp of the wooden chair. She cant help but chuckle softly under her breath before taking a sip of her rum, shivering justa little as the warm liquid goes down her throat.

"I see things don't change much even after all this time.." she quips, waggling her fingers towards Tonks in a friendly wave.

The woman flops on her back, considering she's laid out on the floor, and looks at Reverie upside down. "Wotcher, Reverie." She waves a hand in greeting before she springs to her feet in a much practiced motion. After a quick adjustment of her clothes, it's like she never even just faceplanted on the floor due to a chair. "Y'know me… if there's somethin' my feet can trip over, I'll find it."

Ambling over /without/ taking yet another spill, she gestures, "Mind if I join you?"

"Well, I wasn't planning on leaving any time soon, so go go ahead!" Reverie replies with a warm smile, motioning towards the free spot in front of her. She hrmms for a few moments and calls Rosmerta over, hrmming for a few moments. "You know, I will take you up on that offer for chips..I could use some greasy deliciousness to feel better.." she says, smirking wryly before looking over towards her companion.

"So how have you been? I haven't seen you..in what seems to be ages!" she asks excitedly.

Hooray, a seat! Sitting down means general saftey for the chairs. Removing her long coat, she folds it next to her before she scoots into the booth. "Oooh, that sounds good. Me too. And more whisky. And some water t'go with it." She knows how to curbtail any potential dehydration!

BAck to Reverie, Tonks taps her fingers together in a light clap, acting in a girlish manner that would make her coworkers gawk and wonder if she'd gone mental. "I know! Oh, I've been okay…/really busy/ though. I became an Auror finally! Just…well, I /just/ qualified a month ago." She grins, "How about you? You were interested in healin' stuff right?"

"Oooh! An Auror! I knew you'd eventually get there! Too bad about Jackson.." she muses softly under her breath, shuddering at the thought of her ex gone seriously bad. She takes a deep breath as she nods at the question. "I just finished my mediwitch training. I'm now in the healer program, considering they accepted all my N.E.W.T.s. It's definitely an interesting life style. I suppose we see the same things, just from different angles. You werent one of the aurors that was there when there was an attack at Diagon Alley, were you?" she asks curiously.

The comment about Jackson is just met with a thinning of full lips but Tonks doesn't comment on it. still,s he looks sympathetic, and she hopes that's enough. She shakes her head about her presence in Diagon Alley, but before she can comment, an owl swoops in and makes it's way towards the pair. It lands on the side of the table closest to Tonks and after she just stares at it stupidly for a moment, becomes agitated and looks like it's going to begin pecking at the pink-haired witch.

"Alright alright.." Reaching for the leg, she pulls off the scroll tied there. Digging in one of her pockets, she produces a treat that she keeps for just an occasion. The owl snags it and then zooms off. "I hope it's not a summons, I just got off work," she grumbles.

Unfurling the scroll, Tonks takes only a milisecond before her features scrunch up menacingly and she begins crumpling the scroll into her fist. After it's a nice little ball of paper, she tosses it to the side, allowing it to bounce off the wall and back on the table. "SOooo…" she turns her attention to Reverie again, a smile plastered onto her face. "I'm sure you'll get accepted!" Has her hair gained a bit more…red?

The presence of the owl definitely catches her attention. She tries to reach around her purse for a bit of a treat, but alas she has none and sighs, just petting the owl gently on the head before letting it off once more. Her brows raise at the scroll and she hrmms for a few moments, keeping quiet before the paper is tossed off. Must not be that important.

"Well, I've been accepted already, just doing the training. I just went a roundabout way of doing things, becoming a mediwitch first, but what I've seen is a bit interesting.." she says matter of factly, beaming the entire time. Reverie cants her head, noticing the shade change and hrmms for a few moments. "Is everything all right? I hope that wasnt bad news on the scroll.."

Tonks 'ahhs' slightly, and as she calms, her hair relaxes back to it's preestablished color. "How hard is it? The trainin' I mean?" Auror training is grueling and gruesome, especially considering her own mentor, so she's curious how it is for the other side of the fence, as it were.

The mention of the scroll gets another sour look, but she's not going to get mad again. "Feel free to look for yourself." If Reverie does take the time to open up the crumpled paper, she'll find the drawn and crazed face of Sirius Black screaming at her from his Wanted poster. That seems to be all that it is.

"The training is..well, it's tough. We're on call most of the time, and it's my first day off in what seems like..forever. However, all the other healers are quite nice, though some can be more demanding of others. Still, I was sent out on field work, like when Diagon Alley was attacked and we're still doing clinical rotations to see where we want to specialize, if we do want to specialize.." Reverie replies, as it's obvious she could talk about this the whole day, but alas, she stops for now. She hrmms for a few moments and grabs the crumpled paper and lets out a slight squeal at the angry looking Sirius Black.

"Oh my.." she says, before putting the piece of paper to the side. "You're not..you're not actually trying to capture him again are you? I mean..what he's done and all.." Of course, she doesnt know the truth, just what she's told.

The matter of Sirius black is addressed, "/I'm/ not.. I'm too young, too../new/. Not experienced enough, but you bet there's ministry scouring everywhere for him. They just can't find him." She reaches out to take the wanted paper. Her lips pull, "He's sent this as a taunt, I'm sure. Taunting us about our inability to get him back where he belongs." And why Tonks, specifically? Well, Reverie will probably know that she's a Black, more or less. So, Sirius is sending taunts to his family, it seems. She takes the time to fold the paper up a bit more neatly, hoping she didn't damage any possible evidence. "This'll be goin' straight to Mad-eye I think," is mumbled. He'll know how to interpret it the best.

She tries to shift the conversation away from Black specifically, "Were there anyone injured in that attack?" The question keeps it in line /with/ the subject of Black but she doesn't have to talk about her insane Death-Eater cousin. Seriously, is her /mum/ the only non-nutter in the Black family?

"A family was hurt. A woman had suffered the cruciatus curse, and then there was an unconscious auror, a ruffled and scared young girl, and then another wizard. I didnt get a chance to speak with any of them as I was mainly treating the woman who had suffered the curse, but I know that all the death eaters got away.." Reverie replies, hrmming for a few moments as she looks back over towards the piece of paper. She pauses for a few moments and chews on her bottom lip, "You dont think..he might be involved, do you?"

There's a look of fear on her features for a few moments before she puts it aside, taking a deep cleansing breath. "Fortunately, no one was killed, there was just a lot of damage to Diagon Alley, and I think the ministry took care of it."

Sirius Black part if it? "That's probably what the Prophet's leading people to believe, so…" In other words; she can't really divulge that kind of information right now—even if she knew.

"I wonder what prompted the attack, outside of, well… who and what they are…" The food finally arrives and Tonks is quick to toss back that third shot. Mmm, fiery. "Well, it's well good that nobody was killed. WAs the woman seriously injured?" She's concerned, what with the effects of such a curse, for the tortured woman.

"More than a bit traumatized, but she's still at St. Mungo's. The family is okay too, all the wounds have been treated for the most part. Have you heard about the auror though? I hope he's al right. I just know he was knocked unconscious, I didnt treat him myself.." and she starts to describe Broland a bit before polishing off her rum. Mmm, spicy!

A shake of her head is given. "Doesn't ring a bell, but I'll check into it for you," Tonks offers with a smile. She then wonders if that's the same person that the young witch she met was talking about. she'll have to check that out. "I just hope it gets all resolved. I /hope/ that it's not all connected…"

Then something dawns on her, and she finds herself echoing Lupin's question earlier in a paraphrase, "What do you think about it all? The Death Eaters, the rumors…" She says this casually, but still giving enough of a lowering of her voice so as not to spook anyone.

"It all has to be connected, does it? Death eaters just dont go around causing random violence without a leader of sorts. I always figured they were spineless cowards who wanted to ride on someone more powerful's coat tails.." There's a bit of bitterness in her tone, but that could be because of her own experiences. She runs her fingers through her hair and hrmms for a few moments. "Something wicked this way comes, let's just hope that it doesnt end up like last time.."

Tonks' brows arch up at the tone, and she offers, "Wanna talk about it?" In a sort of 'I'll sit here and listen and you rant' sort of way, which people can generally be good at doing. At her answer, though… Sher eaches down and picks up a chip and nibbles on it absently. "Yeah…" She can only agree. "Only a nutter'd want it to go the way it did before," seh states.

"Jackson is still in Azkaban for all I know, but with Sirius Black on the loose, who knows? maybe more will escape. This could all be a ruse to gather support from former deatheaters to rally behind a new man. There was a power vacuum left after the incident with the Potter boy, and we both know that nature abhors a vacuum.." Reverie whispers in a deadly serious tone now, her eyes shifting as she glance about, not wanting to be heard.

there's a nod, agreeing with the hope her ex doesn't get broken out in another escape. Sirius did certainly give them hope and all, didn't he? And no one's still sure how he got passed the dementors in the first place… "What if it isn't a new leader?" Tonks hesitantly asks, recalling the exact wording of Lupin's question to her now. Her voice is uncharacteristically quiet. Even just a hint might be enough to risk an incident, so yeah, she'd rather not risk it.

"Then we're all in trouble. You're not the first to ask me this..a man..asked me the same thing.." she whispers softly, still continuing to glance around, wrinkling her nose as she coughs a little, covering her mouth in the end. "I..hope for all our sakes it is a new leader.."

The mention of having been asked the same thing causes Tonks to straighten a bit. "On a hunch, did he look like he could /really/ use a vacation? I mean, really tired looking in the face? Not to mention needing a wardrobe overhaul what with the condition of his robes?"

That's when Reverie starts to describe Lupin as she nods to the general description. "Yes, nhe's..well, he's one of my patients.." she says matter of factly.

Patients. "Not mental ones, right?" She hazards. She looks a bit confused, though worried. "We met in the Ministry last night," Tonks explained. "Said he knew my teacher. And he asked if I knew what he," meaning her teacher, "Thought about 'the return'." Who /was/ that guy?

"He's taught at Hogwarts.." Reverie says, not sure what she can really say without breaking patient-mediwitch confidentiality. "He's an expert on the dark wizards and such, I thought he was an auror, isnt he?"
GAME: Save complete.

She nods knowing about the teacher thing. She wouldn't have known had Sio not greeted her. It's obvious she's leery of this man, but she hasn't had a chance to talk with Moody about him yet to confirm his story about their working together. Taking her water she sips it as she shakes her head on the Auror thing. "He fought in the first war, though, he said."

"Which begs the question…which side?" Reverie replies, raising her brows as she chews on her bottom lip and thinks about the potion she's preparing back at St. Mungo's. "He's going to come back..we were suppose to meet up again. I hope..maybe you can be there.."

Instantly, tonks looks apologetic. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause any worry…" Oh dear, she hasn't gone and scared her has she? UGH. "IF you want me there, I can be there." She's who she is, it is absolutely not a problem for her to find some reason to just happen to be there…Ahem. AS for the side, "From what he said, ours." But word is suspect, at least from her point of view. It's also said to hopefully give Reverie a bit of calm, though hopefully common sense reigns and she doesn't take it fully as the truth.

"I will tell you a secret, and I would normally never tell anyone my patient's secrets. But he..he asked me to brew up some wolfsbane potion." and she just waits, letting Tonks take it all in so she can put 2 and 2 together. Hopefully it'll equal 4 and not 5.

A curt nod is given to her friend about the secret. She knows how patient confidentiality goes, so… and if it's something she wants to say then it must be either important, or relevant to the conversation—or both. Considering she /did/ make the grades to even be considered for Auror Training, putting it all together isn't all that hard. The Potion, the haggard appearance…

Tonks just blinks a couple of times. Nothing is said because really, how can you comment to something liek that. But it does put a spin on the whole side thing.

"That's why I want you there, just in case he tries something. I mean, how many werewolves were on our side during the first wizarding war? Though it's possible it occured after, but better safe than sorry, right?" There's a pause, not normally one to be suspicious of people, but considering whathappened before, she hrmms for a few moments. "I didnt even really find him suspicious, he was a nice enough fellow, but if you think he's not on the level.."

Tonks barks a laugh. "Reverie… My teacher, the man I've spent three years with… is Mad-Eye Moody. If I don't think /everyone/ is not on the level…" She'll just let it trail off liek that and hope that her mentor's reputation preceeds him the way she wants it to.

There's a bit of shock on her features as she ahhhs and lets out a soft chuckle of amusement. "Oh, well, I guess that's true. Even some ofthe older healers are quite..well, they're missing a few marbles, or more.." snickering softly as she takes a deep breath. "Then maybe we could give this guy the benefit of the doubt.."

"And in one ear and out the other," Tonks makes a motion with one hand of something flittering near the one ear, then she's pulling 'something' out on the other side. She's referencing the werewolf thing, of course. She might have the charm herself so she can be truthful about it. "He seems harmless enough, but if you even think you're in danger, you come get me." She'll be there in a snap! "That goes for…beyond patients who are about to drop."

"I..should get going. I need to check up on the potion, but it was nice seeing you again. Hopefully you dont end upin St. Mungos too often, but do stop by for a visit!" With that, several coins are left on the table as Reverie eases on up and gives a friendly wave. "Dont be a stranger, okay?" And with that said, she heads off.

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