Portrayed By Avril Lavigne
House Gryffindor
Year Fourth
Position None.. yet
Sex Female
Race Pureblood/Metamorphmagus
Age 14
Place of Birth Stone's Wart
Date of Birth April 22, 1980
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Dania Anabell Dextris was born to Lucile and Chase Dextris on April 22, 1980 in a nice home in Stone’s Wart village. From the moment she was born there was just something.. different about her. It could have been the fact that she was born with light blonde hair but the next day, her hair was purple. Or the fact that she had brown eyes would day and then light blue the next. Ah yes, that’s it. It’s because she is a Metamorphmagus. her great-grandmother, Lysan was also according to her parents. It was a great surprise to the whole family when they all were informed, they were all excited to have a Metamorphmagus in the family. Her older sister, Isabelle sometimes acted as if she was so jealous of Dania that she couldn’t stand her but D anni knew that deep down her sister loved her.

Dania’s childhood was as normal a childhood that a wizard can have. She was extremely close with her parents and her family was so close that they frequently got together for dinners and the sort. Due to Dania’s very rare gift, she was sometimes teased and because of this she grew a bit of tough skin to people’s thoughts of her. The teasing also resulted in more than a few fist fights since she couldn’t use a wand yet. People soon learned not to tease Dania too much or she was likely to punch someone in the face. It was a trait that Dania carried with her as she grew older, it didn’t just apply to her. It also went for anyone that was friends with her, she didn’t just protect herself, she defended others when the need be.

When Dania had turned the age of 10, the year before she started Hogwarts. Her parents, Lucile and Chase had gone on a trip abroad leaving her with her grandparents until they got back. Only thing was.. they never did come back. Her older sister Isabelle had also gone with them. For five months, Dania heard nothing from her parents and then one morning an owl brought an envelope to her at her grandparent’s home and in that envelope was a golden chain, that held a ring on it. It was her family’s crest ring. Something her father never took off. The ring was stained with blood as was the envelope. This sent a shock through her system, she didn’t really know how to react.

The Ministry went to search for them but her parents nor her sister were not found. This left Dania in a depressed state and her gift started getting hard to manage and use.

After the summer, Dania began school at Hogwarts. She was still living with her grandparents for her first year there. Dania didn’t talk much to people, though she was sorted into the Gryffindor house. She got along with people but mostly kept to herself. It didn’t take long for people to notice that they had a rare treat in a Metamorphmagi attending Hogwarts. Dania became something of a walking legend. People would sometimes peek from behind corners to see if she had changed her hair color from blonde to black or brown to red. In spite of her depressed state, Dania would often change her hair and eye color rapidly when she knew someone was watching. One teacher that took an instant disliking to Dania was none other than the Potion Master, Snape. The man often started giving Dania detention whenever she decided to change her looks while in his class. Minerva McGonagall, The Gryffindor Head of House and also Dania’s professor in Transfiguration. Offered extra lessons if Dania ever needed help with her gift, though the professor didn’t know much of the girl’s gift, she could at least try to help her out with it. This Dania readily accepted.

Then came her second year, to which the young girl began to be warmer to her house mates. She wouldn’t sit in a corner and draw in her sketchbook all the time like she did her previous year. She began to get involved with the pranks around the school, done by various Gryffindors. Changing her appearance so that she could be used as a distraction to Finch, pointing him and Mrs. Norris in the wrong direction of the pranksters. The effects of the Ballisk petrifying students struck Dania to the core, particularly because one of her roommates was petrified. After Harry saved the students, she was happy again and began to really notice the sort of guy Harry was. She wouldn’t be all over him like everyone else, she much liked to give him his well deserved space. She knew how it felt to have everyone in the room staring at you. In the summer before her third year, it was like she had awakened from a dream. She began to live her life normally again. Her gift stopped being so hard to control and she was getting her life back. She even dated a bboy in her House, Reggie Conalan. But their relationship didn’t last too long, though they remained good friends. As the summer before her Fourth year approached, Dania felt something new. Something she hadn’t felt in a long time.. it was hope for the future.

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